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  1. Yes. it was.  Wajda asked Pendercki if he could write the score for "Katyn" and he agreed at first, but when he saw the movie, some shots seemed too drastic and emotional to him. And this is because his uncle, chief of military staff, was among the more than twenty-one thousand Polish officers murdered by the Russians in 1940. The composer gave Andrzej Wajda full freedom in choosing fragments of his work. Wajda used "The Awakening of Jakub", Symphony No. 2 "Christmas" and  Agnus Dei, Lux Aeterna and Ciaccona from "Polish Requiem" .


    The only movie for which Penderecki composed the score, apart from short experimental productions from the late 1950s and early 1960s, was indeed Wojciech Jerzy Has's "The Saragossa Manuscript" from 1965.

  2. On 1/15/2020 at 6:45 PM, Martinland said:

    Anyway - will we see each other after the concert?


    In any case, I like your avatar, Pawel - it was one of my earlier, treasured albums; listened to it over and over again right after it came out - and I adore the cover artwork by Drew, my favourite poster artist; even did a blow-up/poster of sorts from it, right in the early 90s. ;)




    Thank you Martinland! :)


    It was my first CD, bought in 1996 - previously I had a few Williams' soundtracks on cassettes :) As for the meeting, as I use the hospitality of my cousin and his family, I don't plan any meetings after the concerts - it wouldn't be too elegant on my part to leave them like that on Saturday. And on Sunday I'm leaving Vienna very soon after the concert. Although I'm sure JWFan Vienna meeting will be wonderful! :)


    I wish you and everyone present the most beautiful concert in your life! :)




    7 hours ago, St0rMl0rD said:

    I'm sure it will be audio recorded, as Anne-Sophie confirmed that.



    Anne-Sophie confirmed in interview two months ago that the concerts will also be filmed. I hope it wasn't her wishful thinking and she knew what she was saying. :)


    Yes, I will be his guest artist. That’s so amazing, isn’t it? I mean, this is John Williams’ European debut! Other than in London, he has never conducted in the Old World. Everything will be filmed and recorded, it’s going to be spectacular.


  3. 10 minutes ago, Thor said:

    Ah, I see the John Williams cameo has already been mentioned here. It just blew my mind when I saw him in those 4-5 seconds. His name is actually credited as Oma Tres, not Trek, in the end credits. I'm wondering if the 'Tres' is a reference to the 'three trilogies' he's now done. 'Oma' can have several meanings; it's slang for 'grandmother' in German, for example.


    There are other spoiler elements I want to discuss not mentioned here by others, but I'll save that for tomorrow after 9 AM.


    Oma Tres, Yes! ! Thanks for the correction.

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