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  1. Only among filmmusic fans, other SWfans (non trolls just fans) seemto find it rather weak from what I have read online They have but should we even take into account their opinions? Their tastes are far enough from ours that there's no point using them as a frame of reference. It's like asking a Kei$hia fan what they thought of Black Sunday. I think there is something to be said for the enduring popularity of the SW scores, and how they were always different from your average film score. It was always neat how much Joe 6-Pack loved a John Williams adventure score as much as your hardcore s
  2. To be able to craft a piece of art, that evokes so many diverse reactions is a pretty remarkable achievement by Mr. Williams in itself, I guess Only among filmmusic fans, other SWfans (non trolls just fans) seemto find it rather weak from what I have read online
  3. I absolutely agree. "Nothing hummable" seems to be all people care about and well, I kind of get what they mean. A simple, catchy melody can be the easiest connection between the story, its characters and the general audience. And Williams is pretty much known for his mastery in making these connections, so they have expectations. Williams' writing has definitly gotten more and more refined in the last 15 years and it's not that he isn't as melodic as in the 1970s/80s, but his style has evolved and the themes have a "complex simplistic" quality, as opposed to a simple simplicity.. Don't know i
  4. No.. not really - only for a limited amount of posts, Ten maybe, which means... seven remaining!
  5. Just great how different opinions and tastes can be... easily one of my favourite tracks from the Album (up there with the top 5..) I love Williams in "NaziTheme" - "Meet the Press" - Fugal Mode - I cannot understand a bit how poeple can call it weak. I think it does what it's supposed to do very well: being a sort of revoltuionary, militaristic protest march! Daam da dadada... I PERSONALLY prefer it to for example... Battle of the Heroes..AND to almost EVERYTHING from Indy 4.. just my two cenrts
  6. That major variation of the Imperial March was a cheaply made mock-up version and sounded like spoof/ridiculous... no way that's something written by Williams - you guys are funny..
  7. seems, that Sony has exactly THAT version planned for release!! http://www.thelincol...com/?soundtrack Scroll down..... there's a 22track Version of the Lincoln soundtrack.......
  8. Well in the FOTR EE Director's Commentary mentions that the guys from Plan 9 are his friends (am I right they also did the Hobbit Party music + A elbereth..) So I guess he wanted to give them the chance for a breakthrough?
  9. Sounds just great, like rejected LotR Material but... Sampled choir, really??? ("Brass Buttons") The fake singers have an issue wenn it comes to "s" or "Sh" that really jumps out and is recognizable (like in Angels & Demons)
  10. That is very true, and ultimately the reason why I edited my initial post - which was neither constructing nor necessary.
  11. I guess because of having to compose War of the Worlds?
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