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  1. It has more Golden Globe nominations than any other movie, including The Irishman. In fact, Netflix has received more nominations than the traditional film studios. Eat that Disney, Sony, etc!
  2. Because the previous one was such a big hit, they probably are not going to deviate all that much from it. Same movie, but with a different wallpaper.
  3. But, yeah, a very far-fetched premise. I hope his next movie will be entirely different because he clearly has talent.
  4. I didn't even want to watch this trailer because the first one was so plain & dull. I would be surprised if this one is better since it's made by the same people.
  5. My problem with Us that it flirts with two genres, horror and comedy. To be fair to Jordan Peele, I don't think I've ever liked a Horror Comedy movie in my life.
  6. I stick to RT, since their score of Genisys represents my feelings towards the movie. JWFan Pro is another great truthful source.
  7. Only at JWFan, or so it appears: Rotten Tomatoes: Terminator Genisys: 27%
  8. Due to huge success, they probably have a bigger budget now.
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