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  1. No, I want to hear how Kubrick destroys his own movies by randomly needle dropping.
  2. Examples in, let's say 2001: ASO, where, according to you, the music has no effect and feels unrelated to the images.
  3. Sadly enough, the pre-existing Sakamoto piece was the only thing in this movie I could relate to.
  4. Well, if you think all those things aren't any good, then I understand why you don't like it, because that's what makes this TV series. I do agree with that TFTL doesn't pose the viewer deep & meaningful questions but I have no issues with that. I do connect to it emotionally. In Tales Of The Loop, the 'occurrences' have a personal effect on the characters and the show lets us experience that, just like the whole Scandinavian/Americana aesthetic and everything else is part of the experience. Every night I was looking forward to revisit the town of Tales Of The Loop, mainly to drench in its world, its atmosphere. Music is an experience, we get an emotion from it, it doesn't make us think. Tales is like music. BTW, and I hate to draw a comparison with Black Mirror, but that show doesn't make me think either. Anyway, I still think you're watching Tales from a 'wrong' angle. It's not Black Mirror, it's the anti-Black Mirror.
  5. Tales From The Loop is the anti-Black Mirror: https://www.digitalspy.com/tv/ustv/a32053784/tales-from-the-loop-black-mirror-amazon/
  6. That's easily the most negative, oddest reaction I've seen so far. I don't think I can relate to anything you've said here. Cringey? Written by teens? Huh?! Black Mirror? It did not make me think of Black Mirror at all. Tales Of The Loop is much more personal, serene, literary, artsy, painterly, slow, moody and mysterious. It's like we have seen a different show altogether, KK. BTW, nobody thinks Tales Of The Loop feels like it's written by teens, I can guarantee that. It actually feels like it's SF written from a female perspective and is therefore different from the other shows.
  7. My favorite TV series of 2020 so far. Doesn't feel like TV but more like you're watching a series of indie movies. It reminds me of certain SF literature that deals with the little things, not the big epic stuff.
  8. The Crown will be extended to a sixth and final season. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/09/arts/television/the-crown-season-6.html
  9. Did I say 85 deaths? I meant 85 new cases per day.
  10. I need to watch The Last Emperor again. So many, many visually incredible scenes. I bought and checked the European Blu-ray, but I didn't like the way it looked, so I refuse to watch it.
  11. You can't enter any shop or store without wearing a mask. The reason? For a while now, the number of daily deaths is stagnating at around 85. That number needs to go down. Of course, the real reason is that the Lizard People find us hideous to look at.
  12. It seems the Lizard People have found Belgium. As of today, masks are mandatory when shopping.
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