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Hal Leonard Signature Editions


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3 hours ago, ricsim88 said:

Where from?





3 hours ago, filmmusic said:

What pieces does it include?


It has The Rise of Skywalker, Psalm of the Sith, Rey and Ben, and Speeder Chase. 

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Since there's a suite for the rise of skywalker, which signature edition study should be next?


A) Soundings

B) tributes (for seiji)

C) suite from the fabelmans

D) Helena's theme and others from Indiana Jones trilogy

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The concert pieces are actually in the HL rental library, but as of fall 2022 (when I emailed them to ask about it) they only have the "solo with orchestra" works, which had a lot but not all of them, including Highwood. You can rent the full score from them for 100 bucks, but you may need to have a reason for it I can't remember. Scherzo for piano was not included at that time, and neither the second violin concerto, but the first was. The cello concerto and elegy were also included, but no heartwood. no clarinet concerto either actually.

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