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Expanded Harry Potter albums in the works?


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If we go by LLL's track record (Jurassic collection), recreated film edits should end up in the bonus section. Except for Chamber where the tracked cues were intended and don't replace anything.

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I should clarify that in any case the composer's intention should always be there, but that if the film has a revised version then that version should be in the main program.


I'm also trying to highlight that wanting tracked film edits shouldn't be viewed as betraying the composer's original intentions. If it's been done for a creative reason then I may want to hear the result of that. I think the most notable bits of tracking in this score were well judged and work better than what JW wrote.

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Not everybody reads ironic so fluently here. Especially when such things as complete John Williams scores are concerned. We take our Williams seriously. Very seriously.

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