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Obi vs. Centennial


The Two New Ones  

30 members have voted

  1. 1. Which do you prefer and why?

    • Obi-Wan Theme
    • Centennial Overture

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Yes, one is Star Wars.  Yes, we like them both.  Yes, they can be compared, even though they are different.


As there are 58 threads on Obi-Wan, I know it wins.   I really like Benny's theme and suite--a strong theme on its own (though no masterpiece) and even better as part of the tapesty of SW music. However, my vote is for the overture. I love this style of Williams and have not heard it in a long, long time.  Celebratory, fun (yet not relying on whimsy, like an adventures of Mutt), complex, inventive, and the best ending of any Williams' piece (IMO)--it has it all.

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Its a very difficult comparison to make.


The Obi-Wan piece benefits from being part of a much, much larger construction of themes, so that hearing it in 2022, we hear a lot of other things in it and it reminds us of a myriad things from the Star Wars films. It has an accumulative associative power that the overture does not (indeed, cannot) have.

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I don't know the whole history of the Hollywood Bowl, but I think JW's Overture tries to capture all the important music that was played there, the different style of music played in 100 years of history, the famous conductors who conducted there, etc.


I'm sure it's plenty of references unfortunately I can't get because of my lack of culture regarding the main subject.

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