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  1. thanks ha, just gave me thinking of mixing it with the original Main Title from 1977! πŸ˜„ EDIT: meh, doesn't sound that good.
  2. I'm not actually a massive fan of the SW Main Title. That being said I really enjoyed assembling my personal playlist of TLJ which starts with The Rebellion is Reborn, which then leads to... well, here you go. πŸ˜„ https://drive.google.com/file/d/1c7_drpSdTytWvespnxgWYuCLO0AU2stc/view?usp=sharing
  3. lemoncurd

    John Williams - La-La Land Records: 2019

    No, the Piano solo from the theatre prologue is incomplete, too! 😞
  4. sure, but are they performing? Thanks Stefancos!
  5. lemoncurd

    Under The Silver Lake

    no the score was really a treat, too! Full symphony orchestra, very Herrmannesque
  6. lemoncurd

    Under The Silver Lake

    saw it yesterday, was absolutely amazed about the movie! but what's really interesting: first movie I've seen where the end credits list all the musicians from the studio orchestra! I always wondered why they are not shown. Is it a (new) union thing or just a really decent nod?
  7. another try: am I the only one who thinks Hymn To The Fallen wasn't played live?
  8. nice. when do you get to watch 4 US presidents and 4 first ladies listening to a John Williams piece? πŸ˜‰ but hang on.... I'm 99,9% sure that what we hear is the OST track. Also, couldn't see any brass player except one tube. Weird. speaking of music for state funerals: At the state funeral of Helmut Schmidt (German chancellor 1974–1982) they performed a very classic German lullaby. Very solemnly, highly recommended.
  9. lemoncurd

    The Birthday Thread

  10. lemoncurd

    The Birthday Thread

    Oh, thanks! It's also Kate Winslet's birthday.... 😍
  11. lemoncurd

    Has the score to Titanic aged well?

    that's kind of the point. TAlthough Simon Franglen said they used synth choir for financial reasons. But James Horner stated: The synthesizing aspect causes time to fade, like in The Name of The Rose. Music has to be timeless, like a painting. If a painting is too rooted in its own time, it loses some of its universality. It’s the same with music. Between 1997 and 1912 there is just an image, a reduced space of time. I'm back to unity again. A linear dimension, one that is anachronistic because it is atypical, particularly here in the States. A desire to lose one's reference points, too, of course. http://jameshorner-filmmusic.com/words-james-horner-3-titanic/ So the synthesizers clearly mark it as a 90s movie but also timeless. Imagine the 1912 scenes with lush strings and heroic brass fanfares, horrible....
  12. lemoncurd

    Across the Stars for Anne-Sophie Mutter

    I dare to say that German to English works better than Norwegian to English for Google Translate. πŸ˜‰
  13. lemoncurd

    Across the Stars for Anne-Sophie Mutter

    google translation from https://www.frankenpost.de/region/feuilleton/Anne-Sophie-Mutter-spielt-bei-Openair-Filmmusik-aus-Star-Wars;art6787,6327968 On September 14, 2019, she will be playing specially arranged pieces of famous film music by multiple Oscar winner John Williams at the KΓΆnigsplatz in Munich on her first really great Open-Air. "This is a risk for me," said the exceptional artist on Friday - exactly one year before the concert - in front of journalists in Munich. Mutter called the compositions of her friend Williams "heroic-majestic music". Most of the works performed at the open air, among others from "Schindler's List" or "The Geisha" are currently being rewritten for violin. Next spring, Mother will record the arrangements on CD together with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of David Newman - titled "Across The Stars". Mutter, who persistently refuses mainstream music in the classical music market and appears almost exclusively in concert halls, spoke of "great concern" that at an open-air festival because of the electronic amplification "the subtlety and intimacy" of the violin sound could be lost. On the other hand, film music is being written for reinforced spaces. She wants to play the concert on her precious Stradivari violin if possible. Peter Schwenkow from the organizer DEAG classics explained that the stage is covered with a barely visible curtain to keep the wind and rain from the musicians. German Television ZDF will send the Openair.
  14. Just listening to a complete version of the score, don't know if it's a DVD rip, a session leak of even a leak from the upcoming LLL release ... but it sounds so good and I can't wait for the actual release! Especially the extended Mole Hunt is just awesome, even if it's just a few seconds more horror. And yeah, Silvestri's score on Disc 2 would be the icing on the cake but I can't imagine this happening.
  15. I like studio noises, especially breathing of brass and woodwind players.