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  1. John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)

    Help!!!! Horn motif in Train Heist, 2:18 - 2:25. I've heard it before. Don't know where. Not saying it's an intentional quote. But it's something. I can't put my finger on it. Anyone???? Thanks!!!!!
  2. yes, there are!!! It does! A shame actually.
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elbphilharmonie it's the river Elbe.
  4. seriously, there ARE other languages than English. Look it up.
  5. I'm kinda freaking out right now... WHAT A SOUND! WHAT A PERFORMANCE! magnificent. Even the Imperial March sounded so fresh and powerful. And what about the Cantina Band, right??!?!!! I never heard a concert version that gets so real to the original. I didnt know that there is actually such an arrangement. Also, how nice to include Luke and Leia and The Forest Battle! And by the way, that's how I like filmmusic to be performed: no film clips, no light effects, no costumes, no stormtroopers, no silly presentation by the conductor or host... just the f****** glorious music.
  6. The re-arrangement of the Theme of Schindler's List for Cello is a novelty and I'm so surprised that almost nobody here mentioned it yet. IMHO, it sounds so different and nice(r)!
  7. When I ordered Elfman's The Unknown Known from LLL it took more than 4 weeks to arrive here in Berlin. What an odd surprise when I read the credits and found out that the score was recorded in Berlin.
  8. oh yeah, true. Then it indeed doesn't make any sense. Then again, in a time where big studios pay good money to create a viral marketing campaign about a fictional dinosaur protection group I think nothing has to make any sense as long as it makes money.
  9. Has someone already thought of the idea that maybe MM and LLL are indeed working on the OSTs right now (and maybe the Prequels, too) and that Disney knew about this and just wanted to make quick money beforehand? So maybe Shawn Murphy was kind of trying to sabotaging it, in favor for the upcoming edition of MM. lol, just thinking. I'm very tired rn. ;-)
  10. I'd like to describe my impression. First of all I know nothing about sound mixing but I play several instruments and would describe myself as an audiophile. ;-) and yes, some edits are really terrible, no doubt about that. But moving on to sound mixing: It's my strong believe that one's taste regarding sound mixing is heavily shaped by one's listening experience. To put it simply: you tend to like what you hear the most or what you grew up with. Well, maybe just kitchen sink philosophy. But I noticed that speaking of sound mixing / sound quality (not necessarily musical quality) my favorite John Williams OSTs are Hook, Home Alone 2 and Jurassic Park. I dont think it's a coincidence that they are all from the early 90s. The sound quality and mixing changed over the years (obviously) and for example I really dont like the sound of TinTin and KOTCS. So in the end, to me, it's really a question of taste and personal preferences. That being said, I don't like this new mixing, especially TPM. It sounds very crisp, very pure, but also quite steril. Feels like they deconstructed the whole thing and put it back together, track by track. Feels like you can hear every single track very clear now, with every little details. Which CAN be quite interesting, but I miss a good blending. Call it a certain muddyness that I'd prefer. It's gone. To me it sounds too perfect. The choir in Duel of the fates sounds clearer, more crisp, but also less voluminous.
  11. That's not quite correct. He didn't add new bars, that's true, but of course it's not simply a transposed version. If you rearrange a violin concert piece for cello you can't just transpose every other instrument, certain (maybe subtle) changes in the orchestration have to be made. Just saying. ;-) I personally love this version very much. It really hit me. Not a huge fan of solo violin anyway, to confess.
  12. Rescored!

  13. Rescored!

  14. Rescored!

    btw I'd be thankful for any help how to embed that video so one doesn't have to download it.
  15. Rescored!

    I always thought he final part of Rescuing Sarah from TLW sounds soooo heroic, it certainly would fit other heroic rescue scenes. Well here we go. ROTJ rescored.mp4