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  1. Jaws 2 re-recordings

    oh my, this is soooo hilarious!
  2. on the keyboard it is, but for string player it's a difference. at least in old school it is. Like a violinist would play a G flat a bit different than an F sharp. That it sounds the same on the keyboard is because a certain tuning had to be invented in the 17th century. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Well_temperament It feels like it's not SUCH a big thing in amercian music theory. I saw sheet music of John Williams' score where an F minor chord had a G sharp (instead of A flat)
  3. I have not followed the reception of this film very closely but I'm aware that there are apparently many disappointed fans, especially people who experienced the original trilogy in cinemas. Which seems odd to me. Disappointment means you had expectations and in this case I just can't imagine how anyone could live up to that. We're talking about movies that have been made 42, 39 and 36 years ago, becoming one of the biggest pop culture phenomenon and releasing a never before seen hype and merchandise. I think it's impossible to create a new movie that is original and in the same "spirit" as the old ones at the same time. You can go retro like TFA and please the fans but then it's not really original, right? TLJ also drew heavily from original storylines but in my opinion the best thing that couldve happen is indeed a film that doesnt take itself too seriously.
  4. I think it's a good example for this film not taking itself too seriously, which is great.
  5. just saw the movie for the 2nd time. I realized that the flatiron scene is introduced by the death star motif from ANH!
  6. Yoda: I'd say CGI at the beginning, then puppet, which was a nice surprise. that being said, I don't think I've ever seen a better CGI / stop-motion character than Snoke in this movie. Or was he a puppet too? Read about that....
  7. got you. but I'm not a native speaker. (actual) source music then.
  8. Actually, there's still one cue missing.... Eternal Father, Strong To Save. I take it for anglo-american audiences it's a well known if not mundane song. But I heard it in this movie for the first time (I was 11 back then...). I really like the film's version, especially Kate Winslet's last words.
  9. THE POST - SCORE Thread

    haha, true!
  10. Just put Leaving Port (Alternate) against the picture. It fits perfectly, from beginning to end. sooo interesting!
  11. awesome, he looks so healthy and well!