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  1. I still think Thomas Newman did an okay job with the action music for Skyfall, though he does reuse a lot of it in both movies.
  2. Some interesting music to set the movie's mood I am sure. But I can see why it got left on the cutting room floor.
  3. No The World is Not Enough is an insult to Garbage.
  4. Its random. We still havent seen the full score of Dunkirk (and Inferno/Chappie for that matter)
  5. https://www.juno.co.uk/products/hans-zimmer-no-time-to-die-soundtrack/767130-01/ It seems like the extra 4 tracks do exist, so I am affraid you got bamboozled Antovolk.
  6. I can tell you that the OST is almost completely chronological. The only discrepancy is Track 03: Bene Gesserit, because its 2 tracks combined into one. The first part plays before the Gom Jabbar scene. The 2nd part plays after. (I dont remember where the split is exactly though)
  7. Looks like they just wanted to keep the album version of Topsy Turvy intact in that instance... for reasons.
  8. I assume Zimmer had to follow some ideas from higher up. Like quoting OHMSS
  9. I noticed it the first time around because the Bloody Palms track stood out to me.. and then it came back during Premonition. Calling it an 'identity' does sound more correct. I also like Burning Palms, but I wouldnt have minded it being replaced with two of the smaller unreleased cues.
  10. I say the opposite! Release all music everywhere in the world!
  11. I think if the OST is in chronological order, then you can safely rearrange it however you want and not have to fear the wrath of Zimmer.
  12. If Last Crusade is considered to be not great, then I dont want to live on this planet anymore.
  13. Just dont expect the world to all be in agreeance. (Not sure if thats even being stated here, its hard to tell)
  14. Me too. (Of course the movie didnt use most of those!)
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