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  1. And yet the home releases balancing the music to be almost inaudible in certain scenes is a whole new crime.
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy 3 here ya go 01. Kits Radiohead - Creep (Acoustic) Heart - Crazy on You 02. Warlock VS The Guardians 03. That Hurts 04. Batch 89 Rainbow - Since You Been Gone 05. Orgoscope 06. Mo Ergaste Forn Spacehog - In the Meantime Lyrics 07. Orgoscope Elevator Earth, Wind & Fire - Reasons 08. Naming The Flaming Lips - Do You Realize?? 09. Dido's Lament Faith No More - We Care A Lot Ehamic - Koinu No Carnival Lyrics Alice Cooper - I'm Always Chasing Rainbows 10. Hooray Time Forever 11. It Really Is Good to Have Friends The Mowgli's - San Francisco (for like 5 seconds) 12. Exploding Planet 13. Face Off 14. Into the Light X - Poor Girl The The - This Is the Day 15. Guardians VS Hellspawn 16. Mantis VS the Abilisk 17. Use Your Heart Boy 18. The High Evolutionary (sorta. Its more of a suite) Beastie Boys - No Sleep Till Brooklyn 19. Domo! Domo! 20. Who We Are 21. Stampede 22. Did That Look Cool? 23. On the Spaceport 24. I Love You Guys Florence + The Machine - Dog Days Are Over Bruce Springsteen - Badlands Redbone - Come and Get Your Love The Replacements - I Will Dare (Plenty of score missing here sadly, almost everything from the Orgoscope and even the last scene with the High Evolutionary)
  3. If you cant watch it to laugh at the ridiculous parts as well as enjoying the good songs then I understand why its suffering for you.
  4. Where have you been the last decade?
  5. I have already forgotten most songs, but I did like Sweden and Portugal (and sorta Estonia, but thats more because thursday's singers were so much blander than tuesday's... except for Austria)
  6. You should be glad then that they didnt even play that song until the second to last episode of the whole show.
  7. Tastes differ thats all. Nobody is wrong in the end. Though you are probably right that context does help. And I liked the score more because of the movie.
  8. I imagine thats why they released the track on this volume even though it was almost entirely tracked material
  9. OH MY GOD This is exactly the news I wanted to hear when I saw the topic update. I can only assume it was delayed because execs were like "Lol the show is done, why would anyone want more music?" It was very telling that the 7th volume came out during the 4th seasons because Mac Quayle probably wouldnt have been able to release it in a timely manner at all if he waited too long. edit: Its so long as well. Which is fair since it covers 7 episodes.
  10. Oh yeah that definitely feels like a bit of tracking was involved But worthwhile tracking.
  11. I dont think Shore believes virtually everyone is happy with the scores as released though.
  12. I myself recall a rumor that supposedly had the rebel fleet all fly off into the distance at the ending... for some reason.
  13. The app must be missing something if its saying there's a cue of just 5 seconds.
  14. Knowing our luck though, its just gonna be 3 tracks per episode again.
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