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  1. Man of Steel is way more than a drum inferno. Besides the best MCU movie score is clearly Winter Soldier
  2. I missed 2 big action cues for the Indorex in the first JW soundtrack, but other than that they were both very well put together yeah.
  3. In the digital age people just expect you to eliminate what you dont like yourself. And I dont mind at all, but I can see the other side as fair as well.
  4. Sounds like Obi Wan is also getting the Moonknight treatment
  5. Delacourt/Dance is the track I have replayed the most yeah.
  6. Besides the main theme (which gets used a lot) and the predator themes from that released clip (which would be in track 21: Gigantosaurus On Your Life), I dont recall much else. No Lost World references at least. Then again I am bad at recognizing stuff like that. Also it seems like the Fallen Kingdom theme has become Wu's theme for the film.
  7. Honestly I remember only 2 tracks from the Toto score. (even if those 2 are glorious)
  8. Honestly Fallen Kingdom was quite comprehensive already. I just liked having the added minimal horror stuff. (and the restored chorus for one track) I also listened to whats out there and find myself not enjoying it as much as the last outing. But there is still some good stuff in here... and a few tracks that remind me of JP3 surprisingly. I am just missing a strong new theme.
  9. Pretty sure its already chronological, outside of the main title track needing to go after track 6
  10. Well lets not go crazy here. As much as I love it, I still prefer TLW.
  11. Overscored for the movie, sure. Fun to listen to on its own? Heck yeah.
  12. That also does sound like the Indorex theme, though slightly modified.
  13. I dont recall what Chris Young sounds like, but all I know is I dug the vibe of FK's soundtrack way more than the first movie. JW1 just felt... flatter somehow.
  14. Even then he usually gives the track one title like in The Batman or Spiderman Homecoming. He must be proud of his puns I guess.
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