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  1. Everywhere I go there is always someone using the word Wailing Woman. As if every time a woman sings in a song, its the same one when this sounds way different from what I am used to.
  2. The sketchbooks are always nice.. but I have that fear as well. The WW84 release was pretty comprehensive, but Dune is sounding like a way longer movie.
  3. Oh I do have a correction to make Pruned is actually the last song of episode 5, including the first part of the end credits. What plays in episode 4 sounds a little like it, but not much.
  4. Meanwhile the electric guitar reminds me a lot of his Xperiments album from the Dark Phoenix
  5. Too many headless things in the show The decapitated fake Timekeeper, those weird birds, the statue in episode 5, the 4th statue inside the citadel of episode 6. Makes me think... I am surprised they didnt give us the music for the fake timekeeper showdown, but other than that this was a much more comprehensive release.
  6. That seems about right yeah. Aside from the Prune confusion.
  7. God of Outcasts should be right before Alligator Bite when he motivates the other Lokis Lokius plays after Time Looped, when he talks with Mobius Btw apparently Dangerous Variant plays at the start of episode 4 instead. Or at least most of it does. edit: also unless I misplaced this track, I feel like Pruned sounds remarkably different in the show.
  8. Geez those are some angry vocals. I love it.
  9. Well I have episode 6 in my memory the most, so I can cut down your guessing list by about 10 tracks Which are these in order. 14. Time 2. Temptation 4. Wild 18. Ohio, 2018 Part 1 16. Ravonna's Mission 21. Be 19. Fibbed 18. Ohio, 2018 Part 2 20. Stop 22. Back in the TVA 23. He Who Remains This episode is also nearly complete aside from 3 or so minor tracks (one of which is in the end credits)
  10. 8 tracks dont appear in the movie? What the hell happened?
  11. Thats about right. Though I think 2 tracks are split up in the show (Curse of the Black Sun's 2nd part from 4:00 and beyond plays in Episode 3 instead, after 'Giltane the Artist', You Lost Your Chance to Be Beautiful's 1st part plays in Episode 6 before 'Her Sweet Kiss').
  12. I like what they did with the end credits in context of what happened.
  13. Very well 101 Louisiana Hero Tough Act to Follow Airborne Operation Smithsonian Tribute Nightmares What Do You Want? Pluck Up the Nerve New Agitators The Wrong Guy 102 Star Spangled Man America's Sweetheart No Parachute Stakeout Outmatched Safe House Someone You Should Meet Overlooked For Promotion Warranted Attention Fraying Edges Take One For the Team 103 Unnecessary Use of Force Prison Break A Marriage of Convenience A Pure Heart Low
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