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  1. I liked the score for Fallen Kingdom more, to be honest. Even if the movie itself is far worse.
  2. I honestly think Giacchino should just stay for the rest of the series.
  3. It doesnt sound like anything from the sessions to me.
  4. Projections seems to be straight from the sessions. (as track 3: Extraction) Dont think About Elephants is a heavily edited down version of another unreleased session track: Its a Trap (neither of which use the film edit)
  5. Why do people keep doing this to Desplat (if true) Incoming Michael Giacchino
  6. Isnt Zimmer an official Boomer? (Not that being a millennial is much better)
  7. I am affraid the newer generation has come and taken over... (No idea where that leaves Zimmer tho)
  8. God forbid a man has different tastes from what is deemed the superior taste.
  9. TASM2 is still a score I can greatly enjoy. Now if only the same could be said about the movie. DP I didnt really gel with until that Xperiments album came out. And how can I hate MI2 when its too cheesy to not be fun?
  10. Mentions in Dispatches is after. The Gehanna sequence goes on for 7/8 minutes instead of 3/4. I think that the 'Up the Down Trench' starts with some very soft tense underscore (basically the first 20 seconds extended to a couple of minutes) Ditto with 'Sixteen Hundred Men', except the ending goes on for another 3 minutes that I didnt even notice the first time around. Also I think the Trench Sequence itself is generally longer than whats on the album (like a full 2 minutes were cut or so) There may be some minor edits as well, but I didnt catch those. All else I can think of is a short bit of music that would go between Bit of Tin and Lockhouse. Though that might have been non-score music. Finally I am pretty sure the Milk-track is different from whats heard in the movie. The scene doesnt start out the same way (maybe some music was tracked in from earlier though)
  11. See each letter is a sand dune
  12. Having seen the movie again, I can at least definitely say the Gehenna track (for the No Mans Land scene) is a lot longer in the film. But the OST basically trimmed the fat of the moody first half. Mentions in Dispatches does indeed play at the end, instead of the scene where that line is used.
  13. I could have sworn it did play in the Blaviken Inn Then again I also think Bonfire played in episode 1 instead in that Inn, now that I think about it. I also at the time felt like the 2nd part of Four Marks played in episode 2 when Ciri meets Dara, just edited slightly But now I am not so sure anymore.
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