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  1. I am glad the most striking moment (to me) is on here: the whole 9minute Strigga fight juxtaposed with Yennefer's transformation.
  2. Looks like a lot of tracks here were slightly shortened for the album release.
  3. Scrap of Ribbon is a reference to them talking about what a medal is.
  4. I think the Jagged Violin also makes an appearance in The Gang at 0:36 and Tracking Beacon at 2:17. I really liked the overall sound of this episode too.
  5. Its definitely for the first scene. The second scene already has its own music track. Having just seen the movie I also have to say I really enjoyed the build-up for Gehenna.
  6. Lets face it, zimmer will never get respect in these parts.
  7. Because I do? Then again Choice is an illusion anyway or some such rubbish.
  8. I too rather enjoy it. Terrible use of a 2nd disc notwithstanding. Also I know about Eilish, but I have never taken the time to listen to her.
  9. Interesting how this seems to go by the in-episode music, seeing as how 'Warm or Cold' is only 5 seconds long (like how it was in the episode: 95 % muted for no good reason)
  10. I enjoy Winter Soldier, but I understand why its not liked. It'd be funny if Jackman had gone from Kingsman to James Bond too.
  11. I dont hate Jackman. But Kong was definitely one of his weakest works (well that and Civil War)
  12. I liked enough of Zimmers work this decade to have at least 65 % hope for this.
  13. I'd add at least one more track from episode 6 myself, since that was a really fun score to me.
  14. Gideons motif is cool Guess Ludwig wanted to get some Killmonger back in the show.
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