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  1. There's some good stuff in the already known cues too actually. Like the (full) chorus in Shock and Auction.
  2. We survived Goldeneye, we can survive RCP.
  3. Figured that Scoorge McWB would still not shell out anything more than the OSTs
  4. I will be honest and say I find the score far less enjoyable and too overbearing when I watch the movie. So its nice to know it exists in pure sound form.
  5. I have seen many session leaks that lack alternates or film edits.
  6. I'd like to see the science behind this statement.
  7. It was. But a few music pieces stuck with me regardless, even though I cant even remember who did the score.
  8. That was one of the highlights for sure. Lorne Balfe didnt do that bad either. At the very least he kept my interest mostly. (I somehow love that bizarre pirate track) This music also reminds me of Alien Covenant's score.
  9. Pasting an entire 21minute track from Richters previous work doent help.
  10. Only 36 minutes? Is the movie that sparse on music?
  11. I tried to make sense of the music heard in the movie, but I gave up 30 minutes in because I realized it used so much material from Avengers 1, and that score was not that memorable to begin with!
  12. His score for that season4 Black Mirror episode was also quite interesting (and not just Star Trek TOS Pastiches, which he did mimic admirably)
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