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  1. I feel the same way about all the Star Trek Voyager CDs and their inexplicable hatred of The Thaw.
  2. The real nightmare is figuring out how to arrange Celt Battle to get the movie version.
  3. That is a dream I still want to come true one of these years. But that doesnt seem like something LLL would do.
  4. I dont think that's an insert. I think thats just the strings from the same track but they removed the final leg of the Imperial March for some god knows reason. I also hear the bit of 0:20-0:26 buried under tons of ridiculous soundeffects.
  5. Man Gideons theme is going backwards. I never noticed that before.
  6. My tastes are terrible, so I started liking the GOT score more the worse the show got. The Lannister theme is one of the best for sure.
  7. 13 Tracks is not a lot, but Ill take what i can get.
  8. Rogue One had a lot of its funner themes not released and it could have used an expanded edition yeah. I do like the Solo score more tho.
  9. I apologize for the phrasing. You are sorta correct about how Foraging for Food goes song-wise. But after the music for 'Cera and the Bones' you get the music for the Cera/Sharptooth scene. Except the last part of that scene is replaced with music tracked from Sharptooth and the Earthquake (2:30-3:12 ish) and then Separate Paths (3:03-3:21). I was just curious because the actual scene that comes after 'Cera and the Bones' is unscored and has Cera recall how that encounter went. And because the last few seconds of Foraging for Food still plays at the end of that scene, I wo
  10. Separation of Paths is pretty nice. The track that came before it I cannot really remember much yet tho.
  11. I for one like the music (though I cant eloquently explain why). But I can imagine that after a while people need to come up with something new. (though I also cannot imagine what) Also, sorry you had to see Homes&Watson.
  12. I recently saw the movie again as well just to match it up with the music And what I find slightly interesting (which I should have already realized before since the track was already released) is how 'Foraging for Food' seems to have rearranged itself The third section for the scene where Cera recalls about seeing Sharptooth is instead used earlier for her actual meeting with Sharptooth (complete with tracked music at the end for his reawakening), leaving the later scene unscored. It cant be that the scenes were shifted around, since that wouldnt make sense chronologically.
  13. Ha I'd assume that the horn overlay recordings were lost to time much like the cut scenes I like it more without them anyway.
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