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  1. Probably because half of those were literally pasted into the movie by editors after the music was already done. I think all the actual OST instances are unique in their own right.
  2. It at least tried, which is more than I can say for other videogame movies of that era. Anyway its nice that they're so directly referencing the first movie's soundtrack.
  3. There's a lot of longer tracks I wish could get this same treatment from disney's records. But this is nice.
  4. That does make sense. Considering the length and feel of this show, it comes across more of a movie OST release. The score is also entirely chronological this time.. except the endcredits theme is the first track, and the starter music for episode 2 (for the new cap) is used as the last track.
  5. Why couldnt Mandalorian get this treatment again? Listening to it, it seems like it covers most of the episodes' music, though some of the longer tracks are microedited here and there. Its also missing the music for when Sam visits his family oddly enough. (and the spoiler character scene from the end of episode 3)
  6. I still think his work on ZSJL was pretty great in places. Though I dont buy that not using the Godzilla theme was a deliberate choice instead of a choice forced upon them.
  7. the WW theme usage is not the only time it seems like the movie deviates from the album presentation Though I've heard it theorized that some parts of the movie were not scored in time and they just tracked music in to cover up for that (most noticably during the start of the final battle)
  8. Plays twice as often compared to the 4hourOST too.
  9. I am just happy I finally got to hear all parts of the Winter Soldier theme again. (and the civil war theme is used for Zemo now I guess)
  10. I think Tom also knows what one of his better works is. (I like the mix here more than the album version as well)
  11. I'll have to take your word for it. Never watched much of the Millennium era.
  12. The score is at least a lot more synthy at times than I am used to with godzilla scores.
  13. So now Tom uses Junkie XL again for the Godzilla VS Kong score? Dont confuse me so, Tom!
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