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  1. There is always one action cue per disc isnt there. (3 if you count Mando season 2 disc 2)
  2. Huh, I didnt know about that. I only heard about a leak with the fixed choir and the filmversion of Nero's final scene.
  3. Luckily there was also a leak of the music for the first 2 movies (the second right before Varese announced their STID expansion too) Of course, I dont think the sessions would ever have been able to contain those additional drum overlays
  4. Arrival on Arrakis at least can sorta be replaced by the Sketchbook suites (mostly the 1st parts)
  5. It better be one of the undoubtedly few tracks this episode gets for the soundtrack.
  6. I hope I am not the only who keeps thinking of Invader Zim while listening to this. (Especially for the Film within the Film tracks)
  7. Yelena's theme is also heard in the Arrival and Return around 0:16 and 2:40 (and a bit in Wreck the Halls around 3:15) While I like Bafle's version... I guess it does indeed sound a little ill-fitting in his way.
  8. Most of these FYCs already barely do anything new anyway.. At least not on purpose.
  9. Its a damn shame that the Mandalorian season2 treatment seems to be the MO now.
  10. I also think Hawkeye was deaf already in the comics. At least in more recent years.
  11. I also noticed the Fighting for Toys track played for a bit in the last episode (right after the Give Em Hell track) Makes me wonder if anything else got repurposed here and there
  12. Yuletide Fray and Barton funk also have a slighly bigger leadin in the show, but nothing significant (like 20 seconds or so)
  13. Unless I am missing something due to an nonchronological order, it seems like most of the tracks will just play in the last episode (That sadly also cuts out half of the Yelena themes. Which would be a pity)
  14. The score is probably the 2nd best thing about that movie. (the main actors being the 1st) I will accept a 5second nod for Electro. But I understand using the Horner theme over the Zimmer one.
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