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  1. Minus One had the best talky bits in decades Also the new score IS good. I even would argue the classic tributes detract from the movie... at least the first time Godzilla's theme appears. But I get what they were going for. (and the second appearance is well deserved)
  2. I did like the fact that GvK had an actual daylight battle. But thats about it for how the movie looked.
  3. Oh in that sense yeah its a top contender. Baldurs Gate 3 was good too tho (just terrible at releasing music)
  4. Its gonna be hard to top FF7 Rebirth. But this one is at least complete. (Not that I dont blame the FF7 soundtrack, since the game has enough music to fill 15 discs) And yeah CDJapan is quite good.
  5. My top 1. The Prestige 2. Oppenheimer 3. Memento 4. The Dark Knight 5. Interstellar 6. Batman Begins 7. Inception 8. Dunkirk 9. The Dark Knight Rises 10. Tenet (didnt see The Following or Insomnia)
  6. Yeah Eclipse and Harkonnen Arena were also edited around. Though its possible that the film mixes came first and the soundtrack album just pasted together better sounding edits. Dont forget how the film version of 'Ripples in the Sand' got the organ blasting at the end instead of the guitar. So glad we got that in the FYC.
  7. Honestly half of that track felt different. I could not even hear any of the vocals in the movie. The sound mixing for the music wasnt as good as the first movie to be honest.
  8. I honestly didnt hear any difference in The Arrival myself. I did hear them in a lot of other tracks though. Plus a lot of microedits in some tracks like Eclipse.
  9. Ah yeah diegetic music always seems to be missing from these.
  10. Apparently that 8minute long track at the start is not even from the movie. I really wish that space could have been used for something else.
  11. I do like the Emperors theme. And the twists on the Harkonnen/Arrakis/Holywar themes.
  12. Zimmer at least always finds a way to give us the most popular missing tracks on his FYC releases. Pity that wont be for a long time now.
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