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  1. This is me noticing that the filmversion of Bloody Christmas is still missing a a bit of percussion which must be a late insert I guess I have ruined everyone's holidays now over a few bloody seconds.
  2. TND has caught my attention. Though I guess Spiderman is big news too.
  3. And dont forget that those 40 seconds arent even the full opening cue.
  4. A bit delayed but the track also plays (in a more complete form) for the conversation between Mysaria and Otto. They just placed it earlier chronologically because the 1:50-end bit from episode 8 was tacked on at the end.
  5. How many illegal or legal releases of Sneakers have there been by now?
  6. I assume the score is intermixed with the song. The first movie did that too.
  7. I see they included the film mixes of the insert songs this time. (Little too late for the Busan Car Chase)
  8. I'd hope for either of those to have some film versions Though the JP2 filmversions would be hard to recreate.
  9. Leave it to a soulless corporation to see a season ending with the death of all humanity and be happy to let that be the final note.
  10. Samuel Kim is alright for doing covers of tracks that aren't released to the public, but I haven't listened to much else of his.
  11. Her theme is. But its not the variant released on the album
  12. I am not fond of the War Horse score... but only because I have seen how the movie uses it.
  13. Yes even in the original book I found it a bit odd but telling that she would send both her sons on separate missions like that. Overconfidence in the dragons as well I guess.
  14. Honestly Power of Prophecy feels like a suite. At the very least the first part uses the Rhaenyra theme we hear in Episode 3, not 2.
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