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  1. And if you were to ask me, that is simply not the case. There were a handful of interesting tracks from MoS that neither release got to. Admittedly the deluxe edition didnt do its score any favors by just adding some of the lesser tracks and a lot of massive suites. (ASM2 did the same) In general Zimmer releases were kinda terribly filled out at the start of that decade. (Up until Interstellar)
  2. I mean I know people like to blame Zimmer for everything. But this does not sound like something he would do. This feels more like a studio mandate or something.
  3. Dont correlate the terrible quality of the movie itself with the score. The music fits for the weird tone they wanted to make and it sounds fine at that, if you ask me.
  4. I cant really rank the scores myself, but I will also throw my hat in with the 'MI2's score is so ridiculous I keep listening to it'
  5. I have to say the soundtrack to FF7R costing more than the game makes a lot of sense.
  6. Perhaps she simply prefers to judge a soundtrack by how its used in the movie. Not by how listenable it is to the common ear. (Also the Shining score is still a film score!)
  7. That guy has done more interesting videos, I can give him that at least. (I liked his stuff about Avatars disappointing soundtrack) He's far from the worst youtubers.
  8. Irulan, for this version of the movie we have replaced you with the technical god of this universe.
  9. Now that there's snazzy capes involved, bring it on!
  10. I liked the score for Fallen Kingdom more, to be honest. Even if the movie itself is far worse.
  11. I honestly think Giacchino should just stay for the rest of the series.
  12. It doesnt sound like anything from the sessions to me.
  13. Projections seems to be straight from the sessions. (as track 3: Extraction) Dont think About Elephants is a heavily edited down version of another unreleased session track: Its a Trap (neither of which use the film edit)
  14. Why do people keep doing this to Desplat (if true) Incoming Michael Giacchino
  15. Isnt Zimmer an official Boomer? (Not that being a millennial is much better)
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