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  1. A really great survey of Rota between them even if there is a fairly healthy amount of competition from classical labels but the selections tend to be more samey than those on silva.
  2. Funnily enough I had that experience with Die Another Day which I always regarded as the runt of the Arnold scores for Pierce Brosnan but I love the expanded version and now rate it much closer to the other two. I even like the Madonna song these days… I still love that one of the action motifs from TWINE is basically Dr Evil’s theme from Austin Powers. Having not been grabbed last year I can safely say that I’ll be acquiring all five of these releases. I’ve not listened to Amistad in ages and while I’ve always enjoyed Dry Your Tears, Afrika, it always felt a bit clunky compared to (for example) Hans’ African stuff. But then he knew who to collaborate with for a more authentic sound. I wonder if Mike managed to remove the fairly audible noise on the opening vocal solo of DYTA at about 26 seconds in. I seem to recall someone speculated that it was Shawn Murphy tapping the microphone… Having been a bit underwhelmed by some of the other Rota expansions (sorry Rota fans) I have dutifully picked up, I’m very much looking forward to the Godfather. A classic score that sorely needed a top class restoration. I was quite surprised to find I didn’t actually own the Burbs (I think someone sent me a CD-R years ago during its many years of being out of print) so I’lol be glad to pick it up legitimately and in improved sound. It’s funny how the view on Elfman’s Spider-Man has changed over the years. Everyone complaining that it didn’t have any themes (it does, several in fact) and wasn’t as good as Batman. While the latter may still hold true, I’m glad it’s gone up so much in popularity. There’s a really great old FSM podcast which talks about Elfman’s score and some of their observations are very astute. Notably that the themes are more blocky and a lot of the movement is in the arrangement. Unlike Batman where the theme is very agile.
  3. Disenchanted (Alan Menken) - Well, that was... disenchanting. Having seen the film on Disney+ and listened to the album a couple of times, I would still find it challenging to hum any of the songs, fun though they are. It feels like Menken has lost some of that effortlessness of his older works (even if I'm sure they weren't effortless to write, it sounds like they were), the songs from Disenchanted never quite land where you expect, but not in a good way. I'm sure I'll give them a few more goes but can't help be a bit disappointed (especially compared with the glory that is Aladdin in its expanded edition). The film itself was something of a let down; a decent and clever idea that just kinda falls flat and goes on far too long. Oh well, roll on live action Little Mermaid (fingers crossed they don't make a hash of it). Matilda (Tim Minchin, score by Christopher Nightingale) - As someone who saw the original production in Stratford by the RSC and absolutely loved it, I'm pleased that the translation of the songs for the screen has been done very effectively, especially Emma Thompson who seems to be have a wail of a time as Miss Trunchbull. The new song, Still Holding My Hand, is lovely and fits in really well alongside the existing songs (something that isn't always the case... I'm looking at you Speechless from the live action Aladdin which sounds like it's from a totally different show/film/score). Christopher Nightingale isn't a name I know, but seems to have some MCU additional music credits and adapts some of the song melodies effectively for the few snippets of underscore that are sprinkled across the album. It's a shame that Tim Minchin's musical film for Dreamworks was buried, and shame on them for not only cancelling it but also not letting him take his work somewhere else. Corporate bullshit and its most shitty.
  4. Underrated.... Heidi. Absolutely lovely early TV score, with a cracking main theme. Overrated... pass. Anything I might consider overrated would likely be due to over-saturation than being genuinely overrated.
  5. Nice, includes the fine original album alongside the expanded programme. As I'll buy more or less anything Jerry related, that's a must buy. I always think he was probably in with a better than average chance of a Oscar with LA Confidential, but had the misfortune for it to come out the same year as the sinking ship movie...
  6. Blimey, I was getting a "you aren't authorised to view this topic" message... think it was because @BB-8deleted their response and not because I have slandered (or is it libel because it's typed? Eh, who cares) my own peoples via the Patriot lol.
  7. He probably rewatched the Patriot and decided the British were the worst people ever.
  8. To Kill a Mockingbird by Elmer, RSNO version. Beautiful performance of a gorgeous, seminal score. Random thoughts, there’s a danger motif (for want of a better description) that’s almost the raptor motif from Jurassic Park (the final note is different). Motifs like it seem to pop up all over once you start listening. It’s almost film music’s own dies irae… On a more serious note, did Elmer effectively invent the gentle drama score? I don’t know if this was his first such score, but it’s one of his finest and best known. Before that, dramas were rather durm and strang instead of delicate and sensitive. It reminds me that it’s astounding that Elmer never won a best score Oscar. Definitely robbed. Several times.
  9. I’m inclined to agree. I don’t think m/any people would have thought much of it. Aha well, I can’t get too worked up about someone being a little too sensitive than the opposite and it makes no difference to the show. I’d be amazed if RTD didn’t come up with some clever in-show reason for it (the TARDIS detected the tenth doctor and provided appropriate clothing automatically, that kinda thing).
  10. Having seen the Rite of Spring live under Edward Gardner in London this week, I can see myself having a Stravinsky kick (I have at least 15 recordings of the rite of spring!) but wanted to add my appreciation for Symphony in C, as well as the Symphony in Three Movements. I think I discovered them on a BBC Music Magazine cover disc and was thrilled to discover some new and super enjoyable Stravinsky outside the well known ballets. I don’t have the MTT album but might have to pick it up.
  11. I’ve not heard the Fabelmans yet but very much looking forward to it. However, like others, I loved the use of Chopin in Empire of the Sun and JW is too good a composer to hamfistedly shoehorn in a classical quote and I imagine the same would be true here. However, I would note that for Home Alone, it’s more a paraphrase of Tchaikovsky than a quote. He takes the overall architecture of the of Russian Dance and writes his own melody over a very similar backing. (I have to admit that I think Tchaikovsky’s original tune is actually much more memorable than JW’s but that’s a different debate!). It’s clearly meant to evoke the Nutcracker but it’s not a direct quote… more a subtle rewrite.
  12. Agreed. Having said that, while I understand RTD’s reasoning and tactfulness, I probably would have invented an in-universe explanation or put out a “you’ll have to find out when it goes out” kind of tease rather than making point of flagging the “real” reason (although I imagine he might have one up be sleeve anyway). While I’d generally consider myself a pretty woke person, even I was a bit surprised at that level of sensitivity around something like this, especially, as has been noted, given that Jodie Whittaker’s costume was essentially baggy trousers/dungarees. I guess in the past, her outfit would have been considered fairly tomboy-ish rather than specifically feminine. It’s some distance from “David Tennant in a dress” which might have seemed a bit crass and insensitive (even if entirely consistent within the logic of the show).
  13. I shall give Steve McQueen another listen then!
  14. Well I guess he released what he wanted/was able. However the opening and closing cues are worth the price of an expanded release alone. The suite is fun but adds nothing new.
  15. Holiday update! I’m still on holiday… However, at a Oxfam bookshop yesterday, I saw two different books about the Ring and took a couple of pictures. I can’t vouch for how good they are, but on a brief look through, they appear to be very detailed with lots of musical excerpts of the various themes and motifs with detailed descriptions. I don’t actually think either of these books is the book my friend has! The one with the rainbow cover was longer and more detailed from what I could tell and seemed more what you’re after but hopefully a useful starting point.
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