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  1. Apparently the End Titles will contain several themes from all the films. It most likely starts out with a Binary Sunset arrangement because why break the mold now? Possibly why it's not here is the reuse of those themes.
  2. I have to say, just from this, I think this is definitely the best Williams score of the new Trilogy, for sure.
  3. Most likely the case. With no finale, I think that Williams is using Binary Sunset to end the film again (which will make 4 of his Star Wars scores in a row)
  4. It is interesting that there's no version of the End Credits arrangement, though, whereas both the TFA and TLJ FYCs had them. Perhaps it's another Binary Sunset arrangement followed by the TFA End Credits opening and every theme in the End Credits Suite is a reprisal of themes from the entire Saga. I wonder if it'll be like ROTS in that respect.
  5. I've wanted to have complete Prequel scores for a very, very long time. Sorry, TROS, but it's no contest.
  6. They said that about the first film after Logan came out.
  7. from what I heard, he didn't want to do the 2016 film either but Sony stuck him with the threat of being sued if he didn't as apparently it was in his Ghostbusters 2 contract. No such restrictions here, he'd be free to walk away entirely. I bet it's nothing as sinister as 'Harold Ramis is dead', but I'd definitely think 'Bill Murray wants the money'.
  8. There's nothing on it yet, but WB have put up the Score page for It Chapter 2. https://www.wbawards.com/score/?film=it2
  9. Pretty much what I was thinking of too.
  10. Godzilla vs Kong has been delayed until November 20, 2020. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/godzilla-vs-kong-delayed-8-months/1100-6471713/
  11. Well, at least we get to see what the finished Enterprise-A looks like from more than one angle.
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