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  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IaVeDNtAWBkJjC1VMpLFTxV9IM9CA3bx/view?usp=sharing Here's a very simple tune, and clocking in at under a minute...no development at all. Think of it as one statement of a simple theme. Instrument: celeste I imagined being in an airport, alone, looking out the window as silent cars pass by. Maybe the flight got cancelled and I'll be late for Christmas. Anyway, that's the mood.
  2. If Williams declines, they should give it to Joe Kraemer
  3. Williams, once they cast Daisy Ridley as Indy's long lost daughter, because no one else is allowed to write her theme.
  4. huh, if Ridley gets involved, it will be called D A V I D
  5. Huh, some of these productions could be fun and interesting, but they should have announced that they're handing over their entire music vault to Mike Matessino for him to have his way with to really get people excited.
  6. Yeah, just meaning that I can understand that viewpoint. It's not my preference though. My preference would be just having cues overlap as composer originally intended them to.
  7. Thanks for those @Thor, I'd been wanting to check out Daddy's Gone A-Hunting as I'd only heard the title song before. You're right, there's some interesting music there (I briefly scanned through it, I might devote more time to listening later. I have listened to that iso score for The Killers, if I remember right I think it is an music&SFX track, but the music is able to be heard pretty well and I enjoyed it. Really, I'd welcome any release of the scores in this period.
  8. Interesting about Heartbeeps...I have the FSM release, and I think it sounds good. I wonder if/what could be improved.
  9. It just can't compete with those four, regardless of how nice a score it is. I'll be interested to see how Mike assembles it if it eventually is expanded. There are quite a few very short cues. It might prove an interesting challenge to choose which ones to place together to find a nice listenable presentation. I don't think doing strictly chronological would end up providing a good enough flow.
  10. I understand the appeal of wanting to hear a film score in a 'recording sessions' style, where each cue is separate. However, it's true that many of Williams' cues were written to overlap onto each other and so in that way, when a release presents them as such, it's 'as intended' by the composer.
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