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  1. That's what you were licking between takes I guess.
  2. We are made of starstuff.
  3. They didn't even ask me!
  4. This has to be the weirdest thing JWFan has ever caused to exist. Hilarious, too.
  5. No Man's Land from War Horse is great, too.
  6. Absolutely! I'll probably go see No Man's Land on Friday.
  7. The second best of the Treks.
  8. And:
  9. While I didn't actually mention the piano in relation to the thread topic above, I love it when Williams uses it as a percussion instrument, e.g. the "piano slam" in Lost World's The Hunt.
  10. As John Takis said on Facebook: That's not good enough for Trump. Only Oscar-nominated Goldsmith does him justice.
  11. It's Robin Hood I - I want.
  12. Not to forget his fabulous timpani solos, like the one in The Battle of Yavin. And the antiphonal timpanis in War of the Worlds. Aside from the obvious one: The piano.
  13. Not available in my region. But good to know of one more Daugherty I haven't heard yet. I'll keep a lookout for the album.
  14. Many years ago, I went to see Dennis Russel Davies conduct Holst's Planets. That was a solid performance, but what really stood out that evening was the first Daugherty I ever heard (no, this is not that performance):