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  1. Is there something wrong?
  2. Some Like It Hot, often called one of the best comedies ever made, must be a total failure at 120 minutes then. Also Arsenic and Old Lace at 118. Even A Fish Called Wanda sucks at 108. Heavenly, not Beautiful. "Upcoming"? 108 actually. Even the extended cut is way too short for a drama! Should have made it a romance by dropping the ending... but then it would have been too short for a romance.
  3. Which one? I love his Berlin recording from 1981, but the Vienna Philharmonic's playing on his 1961 version is so dirty it hurts my ears. Apparently, Karajan had a strong part in bringing this work to continental Europe. Perhaps the traditionally conservative Philharmonic were too appalled by the idea of playing modern British music to give a damn.
  4. I dug out Dogma, which I hadn't listened to in years. Great fun!
  5. I saw it twice in the theatre in 3D, and both times I was mesmerised. I watched it once on 2D Blu-ray and it was fine, but obviously nowhere near the 3D experience. I still thought it has as much story as it needs. It's a simple story executed very well.
  6. Label Threads

    Is there a good reason to assume it might be Dracula?
  7. Bravo for including Cosmos.
  8. Perhaps they'll do that next year. Yep, the "theme", i.e. Godzilla! (perhaps with a little bit of another cue tacked on, I don't know it well enough to be sure now). The strings were hard to hear because the drums were turned up to 11+ in the mix (plus the stereo separation from the original recording was missing due to the stage setup), and they didn't have those screamy synth overlays, but it was still powerful and fun. They played it in the middle of the second half, but I still had it stuck in my head after the concert was over.
  9. Of course. Naturally it's not proof of anything, but his response seemed genuine enough. And repeated changes of schedule can of course lead to a situation where a composer (especially one like Desplat, who's always keeping busy with numerous projects) will no longer commit to it at the expense of his other projects.
  10. Word's can't describe it adequately. The concert will be broadcast on TV soon, I'll share a link if this gets uploaded to YouTube.
  11. Regarding the Desplat situation, let me repeat what he said about it at yesterday's film music symposium in Vienna (or see my whole thread about it here). Asked about what caused him to drop out of Rogue One, he explained that the recording sessions where originally scheduled for early August, but then moved repeatedly, first to September, and then further, and he was already commited to another project that clashed with the changed schedule.