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  1. Great lighting in the middle one.
  2. If I've noticed it I can't remember it. But one-time artifacts or flubs are one thing. I even get used to them (I don't know if it was just my disc or the whole pressing, but one of the action tracks on the orginal Star Trek: The Final Frontier album had a pop. I still expect to hear that whenever I play the new release. But recurring artifacts can drive me really mad.
  3. This is what I hear in the track Plans. That's a screenshot that friend made for me two years ago when I first discovered the issue (I've never learned how to do that kind of stuff with Audacity, and don't have other tools). The very thin vertical lines match the clicks I get on both my original and replacement discs.
  4. It reoccurs throughout many tracks or the whole disc with a fixed interval, and it's not there on the old release. Certainly not a studio noise or anything actually recorded. It must be an artifact of the remastering or production process.
  5. Yes, I've been told to have some patience with it.
  6. Finished my Gilmore Girls rewatch a few days ago. Still great. The first few seasons must be some of the wittiest stuff ever put on TV, and the rest still holds up, too. Even the last season, when the creator and original show runner had left, seemed was fine this time around. Lauren Graham is outstanding both for the comedy stuff and the occasional heartbreak. Can't wait for the revival. Since then, I've seen Stranger Things. Really enjoyable, very well acted and admirably sincere in its 80s-ness. Except, to some degree, for the music. On its own, the synth score is nice and authentic enough, but given the series' closeness to films like E.T., CE3K and Poltergeist in particular, it's the one element that seems off, and not half as effective as I imagine an all out 80s style lush orchestral score would have been. Bonus points for mentioning Sagan's Cosmos in one episode. I didn't think Winona Ryder was bad in the first episodes, by the way. I've encountered people like that. They make me uneasy and nervous, and so did her performance, but that doesn't make it bad. It annoyed me, but in doing that it seemed genuine to me. We'll see if the story is strong enough to carry another season - the cast and crew certainly are. Next up: Another go at Black Sails. I watched the first few episodes when it first aired and then lost track.
  7. It didn't seem like my pops are the same issue that they discovered in the first pressing, and it would be quite odd if they sent me the wrong disc as a replacement. I'd be happy to be proven wrong though - could anyone send me or link me to a lossless clip of one track from this release? (And if that sounds fine, I'll just look around for a rip of the full album - should be cheaper for Intrada than if they'd sent me another replacement, too).
  8. No, no that. There's a periodic clicking noise every 10 or 20 seconds or so throughout at least many tracks, perhaps the entire disc (I've never listened to the whole thing concentrating on it, because I don't want to be even more aware of it than I already am). Probably not noticeable via speakers, but when listening to headphones, once you've heard it it's pretty hard to ignore. Doing a frequency analysis shows spikes where these pops occur. I contacted Intrada about it when I got my disc, they said they couldn't confirm it but sent me a replacement disc in any case. The replacement has the same issue, which leads me to assume that every disc has it. I sent a friend a few clips and he confirmed it. He was going to try and clean them up, but never finished it, which in turn led me to forget about getting back to Intrada and notifying them that the issue persists. Apparently nobody else noticed it, so I didn't make too big a thing of it. It bothers me every time I play it via headphones, so I don't listen to it often. It's a shame, because it's one of the great Goldsmith scores, and in all other regards the release is great, and sounds better than the old one, except for the pops, obviously.
  9. Perhaps one day we'll get another release with fixed audio. Although they never acknowledged the audio issues in the first place.
  10. Yes to everything.
  11. Some 8 months ago I think.
  12. Has this actually been confirmed (or refuted) in any way?