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  1. The last bit of the theme reminded me of Golden Axe:
  2. But usually, Disney tends to hire actresses who actually can sing.
  3. I'm glad the autotuners didn't.
  4. You mean the autotune plugin?
  5. Solid episode. I like Bill. The basic plot concept seems like something that could also have ended up as a Black Mirror episode. Or rather, bits of it already have.
  6. As far as I recall, it's pretty faithful to the novel. Never liked the song, but the score is excellent of course. Is there a decent Blu-ray transfer yet?
  7. Please don't post Silvestri in the JW sub forum.
  8. Don't forget George Bruns.
  9. He looks like Jeff, and he's his replacement as the group's weirdo. The fact that his core character is different (and not very funny) doesn't help since he's clearly there to fill the hole left by Jeff.
  10. Why, you speak treason!
  11. Revivified.
  12. No, but it had an episode that was told backwards and another one that was told in split screen, with one half of the screen being one minute behind the other at one point. Those were at the end of the 2nd and beginning of the 3rd series if I remember correctly. I wonder if that was around the time he discovered The Time Traveller's Wife - I'm actually reading that right now and it's really not just the basis for River Song but also a lot of the Pond stuff, really. Never heard of it. I shall put it on my list. I only know Sawalha from Chicken Run, I think.
  13. Probably. Can't say I ever noticed the music in this show, except for the end credits song (which always seemed somewhat out of place). That's what I've heard, even before I saw Broadchurch. I'd kinda be interested to see just how Tennant does it, but then again, what's the point without the Scottish accent? Can't be as bad as the US Coupling though, which is in fact quite amazing for being pretty much exactly the same yet completely not funny at all.
  14. Finished Broadchurch on Monday. It's all nice, to be sure, and the cast is great as always (with Tennant in particular good form), but it's also a bit irrelevant. I don't understand why this has to be the final series - not because I desparately want more, but rather because if you make this, you could just as well make more. The logical thing would have been to end after the brilliant first series. The second series handled the aftermath of the first one, and as such was relevant - and involving, since we still cared about those characters from before. The third series has a new, entirely unrelated case. The stakes seem lowered (and they shouldn't be, or not much, just because it's a rape instead of a murder case this time), and while it has a certain purpose in bringing a bit of closure to the Latimer story, it's also done with hardly any connection to the main plot. It's all rather unfocused, and doesn't build a lot of tension. I enjoyed watching it, but I was never hooked by this series as I was by the previous two, and I don't mind that it's all over now. Hopefully Chibnall starts his Doctor Who tenure with fresher ideas.