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  1. The suite is great, but the rest of Maleficent (what's on the CD, never heard the rest) isn't really memorable for me.
  2. The full score badly needs a good remaster, and I imagine the great sound of the LP programme could also be cleaned up a bit. I have the three existing releases and I'd happily pick up a new one for both these reasons.
  3. The only ones I have an active interest in are Rogue One and Fantastic Beasts, and I suppose Doctor Strange because I've liked what Giacchino has done recently. A JNH fantasy score always has tons of potential, but modern JNH in general is hit and miss depending on whether he writes a melodic score or just droning underscore. So Rogue One is the one I'm most looking forward to.
  4. More to watch than can ever be watched.
  5. As with all living things, each according to his gifts.
  6. Still a bit more expensive here last time I checked. But I'm sure I'll pick it up eventually.
  7. Binged through both series of Broadchurch (or as Tennant says, "Brawdchech") over the past week. Compelling stuff and an excellent cast. Can't wait for the final series. Meanwhile it seems I'm about to give Outlander another try, after picking up both soundtrack CDs for cheap.
  8. As I said: I believe most people simply didn't notice the score. Hence little demand to have something similar for something like it in more films.
  9. It has a great theme, but that's pretty much it. Goldenthal still reigns supreme as the composer of Batman film scores.
  10. Wasn't LOTR extensively copied for a while? By Shore himself (A History of Violence) but others too - parts of Stardust were clearly temped with it, and JNH's King Kong finale also always seemed like a LOTR pastiche to me. The Matrix (great as it is) was, on the one hand, not quite as unique as it sounds. Take Adams and Kernis and Glass and you have many of the building blocks of the first score. The orchestra/techno fusion of the sequels might, to my knowledge, be more original. But more importantly, when the first film came out, people kept mentioning how great the music is - and they meant the songs. Sad as it is, I fear the general public actually didn't notice the score very much, so nobody thought of putting the same stuff in other films.
  11. It's part of the fabric, of fantasy in general, and of Who even more so. Even Tolkien has it - yes, he does ultimately banish Morgoth, but Sauron keeps being defeated and reappearing. In Who, the Daleks alternate between an unstoppable massive force, a last lone survivor, a small group, a huge army, etc. The Master keeps showing up again and again. And as I've said before, personally I don't feel a later resurrection of a character makes a previous farewell less poignant. As long as it originally was genuine and the character (in this case, the Doctor) believes it was indeed a farewell. Whether a later reappearance is lame or welcome depends, for me, entirely on whether it's done well. And I wouldn't mine Maisie Williams showing up again at some point.
  12. The best of the classic Bond films.
  13. I only know the Sedares recording on Koch, which is fine, and most importantly has a brilliant suite from The Hallelujah Trail.
  14. Hm. After the previous two, I was just assuming this one would get an expansion as well for sure. I didn't even consider picking up the standard release. I'm also surprised that the film didn't do well, after all the praise I've read about it online. I'm not complaining, mind you. It wasn't a good film.