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  1. It's rather like the film in that case, though. Plenty of good individual bits, weakened by the way they're put together. I still look forward to the sequels, both films and scores.
  2. And that's why Williams integrated it so subtly that nobody noticed it at first.
  3. Bilingual. I had Italian in school for three or four years, but barely anything stuck - I can understand bits and pieces, but probably more than half of those are due to what traces of Latin I remember. Also helps a (tiny) bit with French, which I never learned at all.
  4. Has anyone told them that the point of using an orchestra is to not restrict yourself to a single featured instrument? Even if it's a concerto with a soloist, there's a reason it's usually called "Concerto for XY and orchestra".
  5. Interesting. Because quite often they hire people to reconstruct the scores from the films/CDs.
  6. Label Threads

    If your name is Sarah.
  7. You really do consider it improper then...
  8. Nice try, Harrison Ford!
  9. Calling his first Oscar improper...