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  1. Martin Stempel's 'The John Williams Song Book'

    I've mentioned it a couple of times on this board, but neither of us reads all the threads. I had no idea you sing, either (how/what/where?). I don't remember much of what we talked about other than photographing Horner... but these film music concert/symposium/people meeting events always seem like a blur anyway. Speaking of which, Varese have just announced to release a Blu-ray of that Horner concert.
  2. Martin Stempel's 'The John Williams Song Book'

    And I'm not the only one I think. Thor, did you mean any kind of singing, or solo singing?
  3. The Quick Question Thread

    Better than an angel grinder I guess...
  4. The Classical Music Recommendation Thread

    When watching that Böhm video, It's nice to see that the Philharmonic are (or were) not that much more disciplined than our amateur choir when it comes to shutting up during rehearsals. Here's another fun Strauss rehearsal, though unfortunately without subtitles and with horrible VHS quality:
  5. The Classical Music Recommendation Thread

    Korngold's swashbuckling music owes quite a bit to Strauss (there's also some great stuff like this in Rosenkavalier) and Puccini.
  6. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Newer films)

    Give him four more years, than he's allowed to sound dated, too.
  7. The Classical Music Recommendation Thread

    That antiquated Hans Zimmer wannabe!
  8. The Classical Music Recommendation Thread

    Nah. Also, Williams just needed lyrics for a song and happened to choose Shakespeare, but the text doesn't really have a lot of impact. Mäntyjärvi specifically set the text to music, with lots of matching effects.
  9. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    I actually think it's the finale where it drags a bit. That and the long unreleased stuff between drydock and the V'ger stuff. But The Cloud, V'Ger Flyover and Spock Walk? Those are what makes the score so special!
  10. The Great Logo Music Showdown of 2016

    Probably my favourite of them all.
  11. Where is Bloodboal?

    Tell me, where is BloodBoal? For I much desire to speak with him.
  12. The seasons are not what they seem.
  13. Blu-ray News and Bargains

    Finally. What an ugly cover though. Is that the official cover art?