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  1. We know.
  2. I've never come across it in stores, and for years now it's been on my list of scores that surely will be re-released before long, so there was no need to pick up the old release. I haven't heard a single note of it so far. I've come to really appreciate The River over the years.
  3. Not surprising, is it? After this and Towering Inferno are released, Earthquake and an original copy of Always should be the last gaps in my collection of actually released original Williams scores.
  4. The Trump thing reminds me of another new up and coming star from Austria. He used to paint postcards.
  5. The LSO tracks should be from this album: I never picked up the Greatest Hits thing, but I have all the tracks in their original releases.
  6. Completely forgot about that. I should listen to it again. I think it was my second Holdridge.
  7. Two great scores. But I like Elfman's Batman theme, too.
  8. Really? You would have waited one month to get the booklet with teeth? Hey, that happened to me too! Final disc in something like season 5 I believe. Naturally, I only noticed it months after I got it. Still got replaced without problems by the store I ordered it from.
  9. That's a brilliant performance. Much more exciting than the OST cue.
  10. I don't think I ever expected the plane thing to be real. Or if real, at least very different from how it seemed. Only I didn't even understand the resolution. True, that too. Eurus faked the gravestones when they were still children, long enough before murdering her brother so that Sherlock remembers the inscriptions even though he severely changed most of his other childhood memories related to her? Not to mention that Mycroft conveniently mentions the plot critical tombstones early in the episode, when they don't really have any relevance at that point at all. It just all so extremely surreal. Thinking about any aspect of it logically leads straight to the conclusion that it has to be a dream. I'd even applaud them if they followed it up with another series that reveals it was just that (and gives it a deeper meaning). But that's just wishful thinking.
  11. That's not what I meant though. Williams sometimes chooses different tempi, but he usually keeps the metre quite strict througout a cue. No doubt it's useful for film sessions to be able to keep a strict tempo so reliably, but for some pieces (especially the more "symphonic" ones), I prefer more liberal rubati, like Gerhardt used to do them (and Strobel did with the LSO last November).
  12. Well, this was crap, wasn't it? It didn't just stretch believability... it didn't make any sense at all. There were almost more plot holes than plot connections. Or I simply completely failed to see the concept. But the only way this can make anything close to sense to me is if it all turns out to be a(nother) drug induced hallucination on Sherlock's part. Which obviously isn't the case. I wasn't happy with the first episode in this series, and at least partly not happy with the second, but this, at least after one viewing, is clearly the worst thing by far I've seen by Moffat. We keep disagreeing about this. Specifically, in this case, because it didn't seem clever to me. Bits and pieces were (and bits and pieces were strong), but the thing as a whole was decidedly non-clever in that whenever it would have required a strong connection between plot elements, there was just a whole. So Eurus shot Watson with a tranquilizer dart only to shortly after send a drone bomb to Baker Street which would kill both Holmeses and Watson, only they escape by jumping out of a first floor window unharmed, which is also exactly what Eurus intended, because it's all just a ploy to get them to her, for whatever reason since she can leave anytime anyway? Oh, and she has a superpower an can completely reprogram any human being (except the three heroes) by just talking to them for 5 minutes. Which is why Mycroft arranged a meeting between her and Moriarty. Who then within these five minutes recorded tons of small video messages for her to project in her Sherlock trap maze. But that doesn't work out the way she wanted, so she knocks them out again, transports them to the supposedly burnt down ancestral home, still apparently connected by in ear wireless radio, chains Watson into a well and waits for Sherlock to finally remember his childhood and hug her and then rescue the chained Watson with a rope. Seriously, it still seems like a bad parody. I don't understand how and why something like this happens. With some reasonable explanations you can turn it into a decent Doctor Who episode, but the whole point of Sherlock is that is has to make sense in the (mostly) real world.