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  1. I once, years ago, decided I had to finish some programming task drunk. Couldn't get it to work and gave up after a while, but left the PC running. Looking through the undo history the next day was hilarious.
  2. Wouldn't put it past Lynch. Well, Steef *is* a spambot...
  3. You're drunk at work?
  4. Haven't gotten one from them in years.
  5. My favourite John Williams song is Theme from Jaws!!!1 Yes, there's hardly any categorisable difference between those. And seriously, the only plain *songs* by Williams I'd call favourites are the Rosewood ones. But since they're included as well, I'll add Star of Bethlehem and Dry Your Tears, Afrika.
  6. Is it also the only one you know?
  7. More than complete, no? Isn't there music on the album that wasn't even written for the film? At least I remember reading that in a late 90s FSM magazine. The Japanese single disc release runs 77 minutes and is missing a couple of tracks from the two separate volumes. I'll take the former two, since they're still two gaps in my Goldsmith collection. But I'd be happy with the other two as well, as they're my two favourites from Goldsmith's last period.
  8. Lousy interpretation.
  9. The album first struck me as having a vague Starship Troopers vibe to it, but due to the reason I just mentioned, it never left a lasting impression. That said, I caved and ordered it, if only because the same reasoning made me miss Die Hard 2, which I still regret.
  10. Poledouris' specialty was finding the lyrical moments in between the action, which is why he couldn't shine much with dumb action fare.
  11. Don't... tempt me, Stefan.
  12. I used to love the waltz, so I was excited when the Intrada came out, but it turns out I never listened to it a lot.
  13. Magic and The Boys from Brazil aren't top shelf Goldsmith for me, so there's room for a third great Goldsmith score in 1978 in my book.