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  1. I don't think it ever fully convinces me, but there's a lot about it that I like. The part where all the murder plot strains come together, especially the cinematography and editing, seem very De Palma-ish to me.
  2. You should have moved it back when it was new!
  3. Yes, but you'd have to erase the teeth from them to match this release. On the original JP album, the CD case teeth were shaped like actual predator teeth. I've never seen that in any other case. Anyone know if it was special made for JP?
  4. I never really expected it to arrive before Christmas anyway, very likely not until January. SAE have never been fast at shipping, and over the years have gotten rather worse at it in my experience.
  5. Yes. I think I'll avoid this thread when S2 starts and only come back when I've seen it all. Just finished the first season. Fine end, and I think it leaves enough potential for a second one. Even without Hopkins and Harris, there's enough story lines and character motivations to resolve yet. I'll definitely get this season on Blu-ray for a rewatch, too. I did get quite lost at times with all these timeline and memory shifts. I'm quite impressed how they kept the AI and cognitive science stuff serious and believable throughout.
  6. Unless you zip it. Then it's compressed. But still takes more space than FLAC.
  7. Yes, British dog kennel manufacturers are far more versatile.
  8. Vaughan was absolutely wonderful in The Legend of 1900: (His scene starts at about 5:00)
  9. The question is pretty pointless. Content-wise, both formats are exactly the same, so that they have the exact same quality is a fact, not an opinion. FLAC is "better" because it saves space. WAV is "better" if you want to save CPU cycles.
  10. In Stuttgart seeing Jurassic Park with live score, last I heard.
  11. I did, on the 29th. It's still pending, although I also included the two Blue Lagoons and the Moby Dick Blu-ray, so who knows which of these is responsible for the holdup. Perhaps all of them. SAE is a shipping black box. What is your coffee table doing in the Netherlands?
  12. They should really re-release this one. I never picked it up because I have the original album, which is quite lame. How was I to know that the unreleased material was really good!
  13. I don't use iTunes. My mpd server directly accesses the music folder on my NAS. Whenever I rip a CD, it goes directly into that folder. When I buy music online, I move it over there straight away.