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  1. Jesus do you not think that if John Williams wanted to retire he would've done it years ago?
  2. Watching POA Live to Picture and then going home to find I couldn’t get the Womping Willow 3rd Act action cue anywhere made me sad, so I’ll be glad for full releases
  3. I know I’m not the only one looking for him - trying not to let it disappoint me too much. Have a great concert!
  4. For us poor souls in the Albert Hall who can’t listen to the broadcast on Classic FM ( ) , do post if they say anything interesting.
  5. There will be 3 encores tonight! And a piece at the beginning not listed on the programme! Let’s speculate! ... I have reason to believe the first piece performed tonight will be the Star Wars Main Title - which is quite thrilling!
  6. Unlike many of you on this forum, it will be my first time listening to the music of John Williams performed live in concert. As I begin my 6 hour journey to London, I feel slightly melancholic due to the lack of the Maestro, but find comfort in the idea that I will hear his own handiwork, his own spirit and musical language in the most crystal and uplifting way; the way music was meant to be listened to. The added bonus that is the London Symphony Orchestra is a fine one, having never seen the prestigious orchestra perform before. What better introduction to them than 2 hours of wonderful, emotional music. As well as this, any excuse to visit the Royal Albert Hall is a good enough one for me, so what was going to be a historic concert in such a historic venue makes up for the fact that this is now just another concert in the historic venue. But I still dream. Time alone on public transport allows one to drift their mind to beautiful places. The dream of a surprise appearance from Williams to conduct The Imperial March seems further away than it ever did. In my head I imagine scenario after scenario: glancing up to see Williams in one of the boxes, his big trademark glasses and turtleneck, bopping his head to the adventurous rhythms of Adventures on Earth, a small, despondent smile etched across his face; Williams making a sudden appearance at the end of the concert to slowly but triumphantly wave to his fans, basking in the appreciation for his musical soul; or even Williams conducting one piece, just one: “The Imperial March”, a short but powerful and resonant piece with easy, steady 4/4 time. But as much as I dream (like I am sure many others are doing who are tenaciously travelling today with their heads held high), I must come back down to reality at some point, understanding and coming to terms with the fact that I will never see my musical hero in the flesh. But how I long to applaud him while we can still lock eyes, to show him how much emotional impact he has had on my life, and on everybody else’s there tonight. Not only because his music is so rich and delicate, but because of the humble man that he is, and my desire, among many, to show how he needn’t be so humble, and show him how far around the world the pencil etching the score in his home in Los Angeles can be heard. I still will look forward to this evening very much, a night of warmth, character and delicious music. Among others, I wish Mr Williams a speedy recovery, and as he recovers I will be reminiscing on the time I was telling my friends I was going to see John Williams - composer - conductor - hero. I encourage many others to share their travelling thoughts today, as I will listen closely to the forum to maximise my enjoyment of the concert. See you guys there.
  7. I don’t think there would ever be a rescheduling - I strongly believe Mr Williams will be put off of travelling outside the US for life. Which is very saddening but understandable given his grand age
  8. What a pissed off looking bunch of musos. Poor them. This does not mean to say Brossè is a terrible replacement - no way. Just the chance for them to be conducted under the baton of Williams being ripped away from them the morning of their rehearsal must be gutting. Get well soon Mr Williams!
  9. John Williams has a lot of life left in him yet! The power of music and good health is a strong thing!
  10. My friend suggested that perhaps “he got so gurney at a pre-show party that his jaw fell off and they’re trying to reattach it” (...)
  11. For myself, having not heard much Williams music performed live as a young whippersnapper, I am consoling myself with the fact that the concert is still going ahead and I get to hear Adventures on Earth performed live by the LSO. But I am still majorly disappointed and we are all entitled to vent and be upset. Tickets are reappearing on the official Albert Hall box office btw.
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