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  1. 5+ new themes for J.J., 1.5 for Johnson. I think we know where the Maestro's loyalties lie. 😎
  2. The brief Coke ad featured a new version of the main theme, and the sizzle reel of new shots from the park seemed, if I heard correctly, to feature a couple of other sections of what was still pretty clearly the original concert suite we heard in November. This seems to corroborate the theory that we still haven’t heard that whole suite as written. This has to be the strangest debut of a concert piece ever...
  3. igger6

    Williams' manliest most testosterone-fuelled music?

    Duel of the Freakin' Fates! Also, how has no one mentioned Superman yet? My vote is the alternate Main Title, where even the Love Theme gets a macho brass reading:
  4. Is the "Throne Room" recording on this album the first time that that piece's concert extension has come before the end title music? I'm referring to the little "reset" that happens at the 2:00 mark on this recording. On the Episode III OST, it's a tag after the "Princess Leia" and "Battle of the Heroes" reprises, almost the last thing we hear if I recall. Is this earlier placement where it's always been in concert recordings of "The Throne Room"?
  5. igger6

    John Williams YouTube tributes thread

    Well, this is new: It sounds weirdly processed and echo-y at times, and she seems to be just singing over the OST, but it's certainly an original take!
  6. @Trumpeteer's The Baton podcast has lit up a few neat Johnny albums in the last few months. "The Secret Ways" main theme is great! But I'd almost rather see a Lockhart-style highlights album of the best of those.
  7. I'm generally not a headphone listener, so maybe this is a lost cause, but I've done side-by-side listens between my Blue Box CD and the samples on the LLL site, and I just don't hear much difference. Am I just not capable of hearing the increase in quality with these ears and these speakers (Bose Companion 20), or can someone who owns the new set chime in on the extent to which the online samples represent the actual audio quality of the release? I love my Blue Box and certainly won't complain if this release is essentially unnecessary for me, but I'm just curious if there's something I'm not hearing.
  8. Interesting. Well, thanks for the info. That certainly hoses my theory. But I agree with @Arpy. There's one very similar phrase, but Haab's music remains a snow cone to me—mildly refreshing, but ultimately devoid of flavor or nourishment. Everything tastes a little like something better you've had before, and nothing quite sticks with you. The sturm und drang of the action gets the blood going, but the melodic flourishes never last more than a few seconds. I don't think a movie soundtrack would favor him.
  9. @Laserschwert What's your source on that timeline? When I played the (excellent) Kessel level in BF2 I was positive I could hear Solo's theme in the underscore, which I just chalked up to really great synergy by EA/Disney and unusually faithful theme adaptation by Haab. (Listening to it now, I only hear one phrase that resembles the closing phrase of the Han A theme.) To my ear, it sounds much more likely that Haab was mimicking what he'd been given for the Solo downloadable content (which dropped about nine months after the release of BF2, coinciding with the movie's release). From Variety, we know that Powell was signed for Solo in summer 2017 and Williams composed his theme in December 2017. But the "Han's Kessel Run" music only plays in the Kessel level, which was not a part of the game until the release of the DLC in May. Its inclusion on the soundtrack playlist on Haab's SoundCloud is likely just for the listening experience, not an indication of its presence on the "original" soundtrack.
  10. OK, let's program it right now with album tracks! I say: I. The Planet Krypton II. The Trip to Earth III. Leaving Home IV. The Fortress of Solitude V. March of the Villains VI. The Flying Sequence (or just the Love Theme...how much time do you have?) VII. Prelude and Main Title March (or just Theme from Superman) Encore: Nuclear Man Theme <-- (that, of course, is the sun)
  11. Just found this fresh take on "Can You Read My Mind?" while wandering through the LSO's back catalog. I love the improvisational sound.
  12. How did criterion #1 not disqualify TLJ, by the way? That's the only Star Wars score where I would say there's a legitimate chance the new melodies are outweighed by the reused ones.
  13. Love this podcast to death, love these episodes especially! You guys have added so much joy to my life this past year or two. Now that @PoggoAOTS is on the forum, I can finally ask the question that's been bugging me since the beginning: what is the AOTS theme music? It's right up there with Underscore, Cinematic Sound, and The Soundtrack Show for melodic quality, but it blows them out of the water in sound quality. Is that an actual orchestra playing it? If so, is it performed under the buc-ton of Maestro Nicholas Buc himself? And where did it come from, or is it original to your show? Keep up the great work!
  14. Maybe this is stretching the definition of "non-concert works," but the deluxe re-release (pause to boo/hiss at this exploitative development in the pop music industry) of Lindsey Stirling's year-old Christmas album contains a decent reading of the Home Alone Main Title. It's novel in Stirling's typical manner, noodling around with the melody in generally pleasant ways. Enjoy!
  15. igger6

    JW on the CSO

    I wonder if this was recorded on his visit in April. That definitely sounds like his 2018 voice.