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  1. How did criterion #1 not disqualify TLJ, by the way? That's the only Star Wars score where I would say there's a legitimate chance the new melodies are outweighed by the reused ones.
  2. Love this podcast to death, love these episodes especially! You guys have added so much joy to my life this past year or two. Now that @PoggoAOTS is on the forum, I can finally ask the question that's been bugging me since the beginning: what is the AOTS theme music? It's right up there with Underscore, Cinematic Sound, and The Soundtrack Show for melodic quality, but it blows them out of the water in sound quality. Is that an actual orchestra playing it? If so, is it performed under the buc-ton of Maestro Nicholas Buc himself? And where did it come from, or is it original to your show? Keep up the great work!
  3. Maybe this is stretching the definition of "non-concert works," but the deluxe re-release (pause to boo/hiss at this exploitative development in the pop music industry) of Lindsey Stirling's year-old Christmas album contains a decent reading of the Home Alone Main Title. It's novel in Stirling's typical manner, noodling around with the melody in generally pleasant ways. Enjoy!
  4. igger6

    JW on the CSO

    I wonder if this was recorded on his visit in April. That definitely sounds like his 2018 voice.
  5. igger6

    New JW Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Music!!

    Is it fair to say now that 2017-18 is the Year of the Major-Key Star Wars Theme? Eighteen years since The Phantom Menace with nothing but a few seconds of Poe's Theme to tide us over, and now we get Rose, Solo, and Edge all in a row!
  6. igger6

    New JW Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Music!!

    The video is almost exactly two minutes long, which is probably some kind of limit mandated by EW’s web editors to increase its viral potential. (Wouldn’t want the rubes to get bored...) I’m betting there’s more to it than this.
  7. igger6

    New JW Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Music!!

    This is fantastic! And—ahem—not totally out of the blue... It's not OT- or TFA-level stuff, to be sure, but I agree, it beats much of The Last Jedi and stands pretty comfortably alongside "The Adventures of Han," which it resembles in places. The high-strings ostinato sounds very contemporary and threw me at first, but actually has some roots in the Hook "Prologue", I think, and no matter what, it works brilliantly to build anticipation, as does that opening engine rumble from the percussion. That's something I haven't heard from Williams before. The real Star Wars sound kicks in with the low strings at :49, as @Nick Parker pointed out, and from the 1:00 mark on. I also heard hints of "March of the Resistance" in the fugue-y buildup around 1:30. What glorious times indeed for a JWFan, that we can hear and analyze new Star Wars music in high quality and compare it to other new Star Wars music that, as recently as six years ago, we never thought we'd get.
  8. igger6

    Across the Stars for Anne-Sophie Mutter

    This is stunning. I honestly prefer it to the other two reworked Star Wars suites (and let's throw in the Jedi Steps concert arrangement, too, while we're at it). If this sort of thing is all the Maestro does after Episode IX, I'll consider us richly blessed. It would sure be re-arranging West Side Story for Spielberg at any rate...
  9. Take this with a huge grain of salt, as it's totally anonymous and unattributed, but MakingStarWars doesn't usually publish absolute nonsense, and in the wake of Solo, anything seems possible. It also doesn't technically violate Williams' "retirement" from Star Wars after Episode IX, since this area will open in Disneyland six months before IX hits theaters. https://makingstarwars.net/2018/08/rumor-john-williams-michael-giacchino-to-score-new-music-and-themes-for-star-wars-galaxys-edge/
  10. Just saw this on Spotify: Apparently Sony is following up their similar Zimmer (Zimilar?) album with a Horner tribute on Aug. 10. First of all, GREAT!! This is way more intriguing to me than the first one. I'm all for more unusual and/or solo versions of film music, especially when recorded professionally with a budget. Second of all, how in blazes has Sony released two of these and not touched the biggest golden goose in their catalog? Are they seriously waiting to make it a funeral present??
  11. igger6

    Williams Video Appearance at Capitol Fourth Concert

    The opening was rough, but they pulled it off by the end. I'm just surprised they didn't have a greeting from Hans and a celebrity drum circle performing "Flight"... 😉
  12. Am I crazy, or does Val (Thandie Newton's character) have a motif in "Train Heist"? It appears twice in a row beginning at 2:18, and I'm sure I heard it in the theater several times during that sequence. To my ear, it sounds a lot like Paul Smith's main theme to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (a.k.a. "Deep is the mighty ocean," which also works as lyrics to both themes).
  13. It's woven into plenty of cues. But Lennertz's main theme also bears some passing intervalic resemblance to it, particularly when being twisted into a minor key and so on, so it can be hard to distinguish them unless you're paying full attention.
  14. Underscore finally finished their series on the first movie this month, and it really elevated my already high opinion of the score. As the Brueggeman brothers pointed out, hardly a measure goes by that isn’t touched by the score’s jazz texture, no matter the emotional content of the scene. I agree that it barely even sounds like Giacchino—and I like Giacchino’s regular tropes, too!
  15. Has anyone attempted a comprehensive listing with YouTube links of the big statements of Powell's major themes? I ask because I have yet to identify L3's theme at all. Also, does that awesome, eminently Williamsy military motif in "Mine Mission" and "Break Out" have an official association, or is that a one-off Kessel melody?