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  1. Yes, Eastwick was amazing! That one, along with "Hedwig" and a few others, really represent interesting departures from the originals, as if Williams is remodeling the house rather than just rearranging the furniture. Another volume would be amazing, but I'd also love to see him do a similar project with Gloria Cheng on the piano, or maybe one with a flutist.
  2. "Leia" sounds lovely, but this is no reinvention a la "Han Solo and the Princess." It's basically a slow, reverent, violin-focused take on the concert version. There's some nice slow-motion noodling around the edges of the opening ostinato, but to my ear, that's about it.
  3. Oh, man, four-hand arrangements of film scores are just the bomb. I've been a superfan of the Cheng/Lau Harry Potter medley for years, but I just stumbled on this playlist today. What a shame they didn't keep going! I'm glad Cheng and Tamayo have posted a few more, but I could listen to these all day and watch them all night!
  4. Hmm, I knew there was a Ronald Reagan reference in this movie, but that sounds more like Sophie Meets Lincoln...
  5. In my opinion, the main theme of BFG is one of the happiest, sweetest, most classic melodies JW has written since the '80s. The rest of the score suffers from a lot of the flaws described here, but that main theme, in a better movie, with a slightly prouder and more bombastic concert suite, would be top-drawer JW. As it is, I kept waiting for the music to hit a real crescendo in the film and it never quite came. Honestly, I'll bet Williams was thinking the same thing about the film itself when he scored it. For the record, I think parts of BFG are absolutely charming, and Mark Rylance is worth the price of admission. I just wish I could have seen the version they would have made 30 years ago. Book Thief is awesome for what it is, similarities to AA notwithstanding, and the ending has brought me to tears every time I've watched it, thanks in part to the score. Haven't seen The Post. Love "The Presses Roll." Waiting for a good used CD deal so I can get that album-only finale track, which I also like. B-)
  6. I'm liking it, not loving it, so far. If Helbock wound back his harmonic preferences by a decade or two, I think I'd like it better. Coincidentally, I picked up a used copy of Checkmate/Rhythm in Motion today, and as I started to dig into the back half, I was thinking how incredible it would be if Williams decided to do a full-on big band album, either of his movie material or of more pop standards and show tunes. For someone capable of the exuberant arrangements on that 1960 album, I'd be curious to see how much he could revive those chops today. Maybe we can at least hope for something for the next Capitol Fourth?
  7. At least Williams didn't try to build a musical empire around it, but yes.
  8. I was recently thinking again about this fantastic movie (yes!) and score (of course) after revisiting "Marauders Arrive" to find the amazing hidden droid motif quote referenced by @PoggoAOTS— —and it occurred to me that it's strange that Powell, so nerdy in so many ways with incorporations of previous Star Wars material, didn't touch the "Lando's Palace" theme at all. Is it that it's more of a Cloud City theme than a personal theme for him? I guess that's borne out by its disappearance in ROTJ, but I certainly found it amusing when his playable character in Battlefront entered to a fanfare treatment of that theme: What I'm saying is, we can all use more of that theme in our lives and our movies, and I'm a little surprised Powell didn't even nod at it. At the same time, it took a year and a half for the droid motif to crop up. Has anyone found anything on this front?
  9. Just want to add my continued adulation for this podcast. You guys are one of the best. And it sounds like Ramin Djawadi has even more 'splaining to do at 6:01 in the Sibelius concerto. It's a dangerous business, writing franchise "themes" that are only five notes long. You never know where they might have turned up before...
  10. I don't know what's more unbelievable: that someone affiliated with the production sneaked a recording device into a session, that said someone used a recording device that could make a live orchestra and chorus come through at sub-dumbphone quality in 2019...or that Williams wrote a full minute of Star Wars music without referencing a single existing theme, chord pattern, or technique from the saga. Pretty tune, but not Williams.
  11. Ah, the one that got away... I too was reminiscing about this the other day. I still wish this had been legit, even if that string run is a little too far into the realm of Imperial pastiche. In a film that provided appallingly few opportunities for great new character/setpiece themes from the Maestro, a proper First Order theme is the one real missed opportunity in the score.
  12. How about Fawkes the Phoenix? Or virtually anything from War Horse? I’d be curious to hear some instrumental arrangements that switch out one solo instrument for another. How would The Book Thief sound on violin? Or The Tale of Viktor Navorski?
  13. Hang on. Assuming he's going to recycle some old-school theme for the final shot of the movie, wouldn't it be amazing if Williams (and J.J.) pulled the rug out and ended the film with a new variant of "The Throne Room"? Then he can Force-theme it up all he wants in the credits suite (which HAS to be new and through-composed for this one).
  14. AND it's the version with that awesome re-arranged ending, the best Star Wars finale since 1980!
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