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  1. Check out "La Era De La Oscuridad" from MIEL DE NARANJAS. I had the pleasure of working with Nuno, orchestrating a little for him, and was amazed with the depth of emotion in his music. This track was the End Credits and it's gorgeous:
  2. What makes Jerry Goldsmith's music so great? Think of Jerry Goldsmith as a more ambitious Bernard Herrmann. If Herrmann pushed the boundaries of cinematic harmony and orchestral color, Goldsmith destroyed those boundaries. He had no limitations as a composer and he was not afraid to take risks and try something new with each project. His early scores show a tendency toward a modernistic approach like the music of Boulez (Planet of the Apes), but there are also clear influences of Bartok, Stravinsky, and especially the French composers. There are passages in Poltergeist and Star Trek: The Motion Picture which are very impressionistic. After Star Trek: The Motion Picture ("The Two Jerry's"), he tended to lean more toward late Romanticism, but there are still scores like Total Recall whose harmony is influenced by the augmented scale that Bartok used. In the end, his scores through the 90s tended to be less complex than earlier efforts because of changing tastes of moviegoers.
  3. "Goat Bait" and "The Menace Dennis" from Jurassic Park are two that stand out. Both well-written cues.
  4. The horn chords in "Dennis Steals the Embryos" are minor with major seventh on the bottom. They're mixed in with that first chord: a Bb min/maj ninth. The Bb is in the bass (not shown below).
  5. Willow is an international release. I haven't sought after rights for the poster artwork yet, but if it's possible, then I'll use whatever Sony provides. Cover artwork is the furthest thing from my mind. I'm more focused on getting the music inputted. Thanks for the enthusiasm.
  6. Hi All, Omni Music owner/editor here. Just released the third print run for Batman, and felt it wise to include in the announcement that Willow is in the works. Felt people could use some good news about Horner. It's sad he won't be able to see the finished product. All the other releases were given to the composers, sometimes personally. It seems by the posts that some of you are curious about the music, since this will be the first Omni release that doesn't have a complete soundtrack. Here's a list of the music you can expect to be included. Keep in mind that Horner never titled his compositions. In fact, only one had an official title, so I had to make them up based on the scene: 1m1 Elora's Birth / Titles (CD Elora Danan) -missing village festival source- -missing High Aldwin fanfare- 2m5 Village Attack (Not on CD) 3m1 Saying Goodbye (Not on CD) 3m2 Bavmorda & Kael (Not on CD) 3m3 Search / Travel Montage (some material contained in Willow's Journey Begins) 4m2 Crossroads (some material contained in Willow's Journey Begins) 4m3 The Brownies (Not on CD) -missing tavern source- -dust of broken heart tracked in from 7m2-3 / 8m1- 5m2 Escape From The Tavern (same as CD) 6m0 Bavmorda Slaps Kael (Not on CD) -missing Willow's first use of the wand (improv shakuhachi)- -missing arrival at the island- -missing meeting Fin Razel (Fairlight pad and pan flute)- 7m0 Sorsha Arrives (Not on CD) 7m1 The Trek (Not on CD) 7m2-3 / 8m1 Snowy Escape (Not on CD) 8m2 Canyon Of Mazes (same as CD) 9m1 Tir Asleen Battle Pt. 1 9m2 Tir Asleen Battle Pt. 2 (combined for the CD as Tir Asleen) 10m1 Spell / Razel Transforms (first half of Bavmorda's Spell Is Cast) 11m1 / 2 Nockmaar Battle Pt. 1 (second half of Bavmorda's Spell Is Cast) (NOTE: Bavmorda's Spell Is Cast is broken in two at the 09:13 mark) 12m1 / 2 Nockmaar Battle Pt.2 12m4 End Credits 12m1-2-4 are Willow The Sorcerer on the CD. The tune lead-in to the end credits has no written music, improvised based on charts, however the orchestra starts with pizz. before the statement of the adventure theme starting at 07:33. Some of this may require takedowns, which is nothing new. I had to transcribe the cue from Edward "Picking The Lock." Same with "Picture Fades" from BTTF. Based on time stamps of the files, I've been working since March 28th. There are 3 more left to engrave, then it's a matter of proofing to the recording, and printing. This one should be ready in a month, early August is realistic.
  7. Alright all . . . Just dropped off files to the printer. Cover looks great!! Wish this could be an international release . . . !!
  8. Still waiting on approval from Amblin to use the poster artwork on the cover. This was supposed to be released in July, and it was completely ready, but because of politics it's still awaiting a release. Furiously working on Silverado, though, and I've submitted a request for another real good one, so, fingers crossed . . . Oh, and if anyone wants to contact me directly, please do so at info@omnimusicpublishing.com
  9. Hi All, Omni Music owner here. Yes, there's been some upset over the increased international shipping cost. Here's the reason: Batman shipped outside the US under a 1st class shipping rate, the lowest rate available, which does not include tracking, nor insurance. I went with this rate to be as accommodating as possible. As a consequence, MANY books were lost or reported undeliverable, with no ability to recoup cost. I didn't want the same problem that occurred for Batman to present itself for The Matrix.
  10. I just dropped off the files at the printer yesterday, so it will take probably a week. Yes, this will be an international release.
  11. Price is $75.00. Just like The Matrix, this will also contain an analysis of the main theme, secondary themes, motives, and Silvestri's use of the symmetrical diminished scale, all with music examples.
  12. Hi All, Omni Music Publishing editor here. I couldn't legally advertise this until now (long story), but the full score to Back To The Future is soon to be released, probably mid-July. Unfortunately, this will be a North America release ONLY, so far. I'm trying to get print permission for world ex. N. America, but to no avail. This has been a tough one, plagued with all sorts of permission issues, and there's a issue with the cover that hasn't been resolved. In the end, it's about the contents, and this is a great score that has some genuine moments of classic film music! Stay tuned . . .
  13. Hey All, Publisher of Omni Music here. Thanks for all the positive feedback, this has been a huge success. Yes, there was a mistake on page 3 of the main title. The rest of the score should be in concert pitch. You'll notice how the staves on page 3 appear smaller, this is because page 3 was a separate score file, to accommodate all the material. It's possible that transposing got turned on and I just didn't notice it, probably after the final proof. There's bound to be more mistakes here and there, it's a massive score. You can email any mistakes you find through Omni's website. Hopefully this small mistake won't diminish from the quality of the rest of the book. You all might be excited to hear that Omni just got permission to make the score to "The Matrix" available. Starting on it now, not sure when it will be finished, but if you've signed up to the newsletter you'll be notified when it's ready for purchase. And, there's another one coming in July. Again, thanks for all the feedback and support!
  14. Hi, Yes, the book is being printed right now. It's 364 pages, so it takes some time to print 200 copies. The print shop indicates that they'll be ready by next Wednesday. If that's the case, the book will be available the following day, February 6th. If you've subscribed to the Omni Music newsletter, you will be getting an email notifying as soon it's available for purchase. Stay tuned . . .
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