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    Bofur01 reacted to Holko in John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)   
    You're perfectly allowed to not click the thread and shut up if you don't care, you know.
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    Bofur01 reacted to Jay in John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)   
    The album will always exist for those who love that presentation, but it is great that the entire score will also be available to the public as well, for those who are interested
    Every score should follow this release pattern
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    Bofur01 reacted to Jay in John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)   
    Anybody else amused that Powell's score gets an expanded release before Giacchino's score?
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    Bofur01 reacted to The Illustrious Jerry in John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)   
    Powell said in the comments that it's coming out in November:

    It seems like something Powell really wanted to make happen, so I'm guessing that has a lot to do with it.
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    Bofur01 reacted to PrayodiBA in John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)   
    This is a pretty awesome news , THE DELUXE EDITION!!
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    Bofur01 reacted to Arpy in "Farewell" from Ep. 9 Appreciation   
    I love that horn chorale more, but that goes for the others in the film - especially when Ben throws his Saber into the sea. Where else in a modern score do you hear brass writing like that! 
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    Bofur01 reacted to Jay in Hans Zimmer Appreciation Thread   
    Hey @gkgyver, this is an appreciation thread.  If you want to bash Zimmer, do it in literally any other thread.  Stay out of this one if you have nothing nice to say, or get a ban
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    Bofur01 reacted to Marian Schedenig in What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Newer films)   
    We're all waiting for the pandemic to be under control so we can get back to our normal lives, and have orchestras and bands perform live concerts again (and thus survive), and have cinemas showing films regularly to large crowds again (and thus survive).  Or at least in the meantime for the spread being under enough control to at least go about our daily lives and meet friends and family once in a while. With egotistic people "accidentally" taking off their masks because they're inconvenient, it's all going to take much longer. And in regions where things are still bad enough for hospitals to be overburdened, they can count additional deaths among their achievements, too.
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    Bofur01 reacted to Brundlefly in What Is The Good Vs Evil Ratio Inside Your Brain?   
    JWFan has so loose forum rules and meek administration that it basically serves as a site for refugees that got banned from all the other forums.
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    Bofur01 reacted to Docteur Qui in What Is The Good Vs Evil Ratio Inside Your Brain?   
    Good luck getting the mods here to do anything when it comes to homophobia. I complained when a user here was using the word "faggot" to describe an openly gay actor who had been abused as a young teenager and went public with it. It sent me right back to high school and the horrendous use of that word. Nothing happened, not even an acknowledgement.
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    Bofur01 reacted to Falstaft in What Is The Good Vs Evil Ratio Inside Your Brain?   
    Can we not play this game? You played dumb the last time you were called out on this. A lisp is absolutely a vocal stereotype for gay men. And he way you're using it here, it's obviously intended to hurt and mock. Like a bully in grade-school. Heck, you yourself came right out and said you're using it to ridicule "camp effeminate" progressives. So good job combining both queer-bashing, liberal-bashing, and woman-hating into a single username, I guess. Mods?
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    Bofur01 reacted to Falstaft in What Is The Good Vs Evil Ratio Inside Your Brain?   
    This is shameful. Childish, misogynistic and I'm pretty sure against forum rules against bringing up politics. Mods?
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    Bofur01 reacted to Quintus in GAME OF THRONES   
    Imagine being a blustery big mouth who loves taking the piss out of others but then having unconditional Game of Thrones adulation as an achilles heel 😂
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    Bofur01 reacted to MaxTheHouseelf in John Williams & the Vienna Philharmonic: January 18/19 2020 w/ CD & Blu-ray coming August 14 2020   
    I agree. I find some of the comments here a bit hilarious. Most of the tracks are fantastic performances with a phenomenal sound. The mix is superior to anything I've heard, (especially compared to the cruel Dudamel album) and very well balanced. I see no point nagging on every opportunity where someone in the orchestra might've been a milisecond late or whatever. Some of the things mentioned here is beyond fair and serious criticism. These were two live performances with a top orchestra which never played most of Williams music before, not recording sessions with various opportunities for correction. Rehearsal time might indeed have been a bit short with 3 rehearsals for 19 pieces?!!
    I guess nobody in the audience cared about little mistakes, I certainly didn't. The audience, orchestra and Williams seemed to have tremendous fun, it could not have been better. On top, we now have some great recordings to choose from.
    The brass timing in the beginning of Star Wars is indeed a bit unlucky, considering this is probably Williams most well known piece, but otherwise, I like this performance very much. The blockade runner section is superior to anything from LSO or else IMO, the slower tempo makes these chords sound so grand and powerful, like an army marching. The brass section was breathtaking. Devils Dance is fantastic (the best of all pieces featuring ASM), Luke and Leia amazing, same with Adventures on Earth, Jurassic Park... I prefer the Boston Pops version of Flight to Neverland. Not sure about Rebellion is Reborn, I guess if you're used to the OST, then this sounds a bit strange.
    Overall, I find this album very enjoyable and we were so lucky that this once-in-a-lifetime event has been recorded and filmed, right before god damn Coronavirus hit Europe.
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    Bofur01 reacted to Pando in The Rise of Skywalker - COMPLETE SCORE Discussion - SPOILERS ALLOWED!   
    Here's the original composition of The Speeder Chase cue before it was cut to pieces. It's over four and a half minutes long.
    (Edit: corrected bass note at 1:49)
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    Bofur01 reacted to Albus Percival Wulfric in Opinion on Jonn Powell's work for Solo   
    Apparently it is not against Giacchino's programming to impersonate a deity.
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    Bofur01 reacted to blondheim in Opinion on Jonn Powell's work for Solo   
    This conversation has become depressingly elitist. Music is for everyone. Humming in a field? Music. Comparisons of music, sure, but no-one is unsuited to it.
    To say film music has to be at a certain level of education and harmony and construction is myopic in the extreme. Wagner once made these arguments as well, that simplifiying and folking up music, making it 'pop' was going to be the death of music. That paper was rife with Anti-Semitism, but still, his argument: That when composers stop writing complicated music and instead write simple music to please the people, the listeners will get dumber and appreciate only simple music, until only simple music is demanded, and then only simple music is made. A fragile point that doesn't hold up to history. Music is extending in all directions, forwards and backwards, and that is okay.
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    Bofur01 reacted to Chen G. in Howard Shore's The Desolation Of Smaug (Hobbit Part 2)   
    Whether or not Shore wrote the theme is irrelevant to me: it’s a bloody cool tune. To say it refers to the Misty Mountains just because they’re mentioned in one of the verses is missing the point. It’s clearly for the company, and it should have been maintained.
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    Bofur01 reacted to Monoverantus in Howard Shore's The Battle of the Five Armies (Hobbit Part 3)   
    Thanks! And yes, I know the demand is there. The passion and enthusiasm of Doug and Jim are so infectious, that I almost feel guilty for not liking the Hobbit. It's just so emotionally taxing to keep an interest in the legitimately good themes like Tauriel and Azog, when the same characters' existence bloats the story.
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    Bofur01 got a reaction from Monoverantus in Howard Shore's The Battle of the Five Armies (Hobbit Part 3)   
    I hope so, your videos are amazing, and I would love to have similar ones for the Hobbit (though recognise it’s just a fool’s hope...)
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    Bofur01 got a reaction from Chen G. in Howard Shore's The Battle of the Five Armies (Hobbit Part 3)   
    I hope so, your videos are amazing, and I would love to have similar ones for the Hobbit (though recognise it’s just a fool’s hope...)
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    Bofur01 reacted to SilverTrumpet in Poll: Your favourite/best SW score(s)   
    Tons of great points in this post, but this is something I feel is overlooked. One of the best parts of an otherwise disappointing credits suite is that big, almost march version of the Anthem of Evil. I don't remember many other uses like that in the film at all. That, plus probably most of the deeper Sith stuff got lost in having to make two movies and a finale to 9 parts in one film.
    That's why I chose Revenge of the Sith this time. 
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    Bofur01 reacted to Ludwig in Poll: Your favourite/best SW score(s)   
    A great assessment of the ST! I would agree with it as well. I think the most damaging aspect of the film to the score is how much the film must have changed in the month before release. It really seems that Williams wrote a score for a very different movie, so it seems that Williams' conception of the score remained scattered and fractured at best in the end. Things like the reordering of scenes, cutting of scenes, substantial edits to scenes, etc. make it very hard to hear Williams' intended arc for the score.
    And yet... the new themes, especially the three for the good guys (Friendship, Victory, Heroics) are all quite strong, the underscore for action scenes is top-notch (we even get an old-style thematic action cue in the Speeder Chase), and somehow, instead of feeling like the thematically-attractive-but-less-interesting-underscore-type score for TFA or the emotionally-exciting-but-low-density-of-new-themes-type score for TLJ, the score for TROS manages to be both attractive in its themes and exciting in its underscore and still hang together in the film. The prominence and frequency of the Friendship theme throughout certainly helps, as does seemingly not overdoing it on temp track references / old themes.
    Even so, an expanded score I think would be the most revealing of any in the ST because of how much the film seemed to have changed. The Anthem of Evil, for example, I would guess had a larger and/or more important role in the original film than it ended up having - was the choral bit ever part of the film, for example? And as @Falstaft pointed out when the film was released, the Speeder Chase motif is a kind of variant of the Heroics theme, and Ben Solo's theme (aka the Kylo Ren redeemed theme) was foreshadowed near the start of the film. So it seems that Williams had a more overarching conception of the score and how the themes would appear throughout, creating a more unified score than what we heard in the final film.
    But I love the score, too, even with its current frustrations, and likewise consider it the best of the ST for all the above reasons.
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    Bofur01 reacted to Falstaft in Poll: Your favourite/best SW score(s)   
    I really dislike that the discourse around TROS's score has been so negatively focused on the reuse of Yoda & The Force, as if 35 seconds of returning music was more salient than the 2 1/2+ hours of new material.
    I also regret that I contributed to this discourse by criticizing the scene in a podcast earlier this year. Though my point was not so much the music, which is obvious and fitting enough, but the unearned nostalgia of the scene proper. Oh well.
    Any way, my opinion on the ST scores continues to evolve, but I'm pretty comfortable saying I think TROS is my favorite of the bunch now. TLJ has the most satisfying dramatic highlights but weakest new themes. TFA the best themes and finale, but its underscore is the least interesting to me. TROS, messy and frustrating as it is, is overall the most impressive. I love it.
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    Bofur01 reacted to Arpy in Poll: Your favourite/best SW score(s)   
    Can't stand that video, obnoxious bullshit galore that fails to take into account the difference between composer and editor. 
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