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  1. She did a lot of voice acting, and was in the Disney movie Snow Dogs, which I saw a lot as a kid. Also I recall her guest stint on Heroes. RIP and respect!
  2. For me it was probably the worst Star Wars, until maybe Rise of Skywalker - I go back and forth to be honest. It has some genuinely impressive sequences, even now, but it's the service of a lot of more melodramatic elements, and Lucas just isn't the kind of writer / director to bring that to life. It does feel way more creative, then most of the Disney movies, I'll give it that. I do have fond memories of seeing it in the cinemas back in the day with my friends, though. I'm pretty sure we lost it at the climatic Yoda sequence at the end, and I specifically remember one of my friends going "I guess that's why him the jedi master", when he started using his lighstaber.
  3. Very sad news. One of the pioneers of electronic film music, and music in general. Loved his work in 1492, and Blade Runner. May he RIP!
  4. John Williams music has helped me through some tiring times. Happy birthday to one of the all-time greats.
  5. I actually find Silvestri's work overall fairly underrated, at least in certain circles. There's actually some interesting thematic work in a lot of his scores, beyond the bang and clang loud action scores he often gets known for, however I have a soft spot for a lot of Horner's work too. Dude practically helped define my childhood, and his music is still incredibly resonate today. Bit of a draw, but I guess I'll go with Silvestri 1, and Horner 2, in that order.
  6. No, but I do like the movie a lot, and think that a lot of the additions that Jackson and co added were really good. I just wish the movie wasn't so indulgent and three hours long. A good forty minutes could have been trimmed at least. JNH's score on the other hand is just excellent. I have fond memories of seeing the film in the theater with my family in 2005, too, which probably helps to add to my enjoyment of the film.
  7. It's nearly 12 PM on the eastern border over here, so happy 2021 JWfan, here's to next year being better (though probably not). My New Years Resolution is to stop eating so much.
  8. RIP to one of the most charismatic performers who ever lived. Also had a great career outside of Bond, his reinvention later as an elder badass was fabulous. He'll be missed.
  9. Mark Mothersbaugh. Was quite surprised when I learned he wasn't scoring it myself.
  10. Intriguing weird choice. I wouldn't lose respect for Jenkins over this, though. This is clearly him trying to do a studio project so he can get some of that sweet Disney cash to fund for own projects. That's just how the film industry works these days. I more depressed that Disney is making Lion King live-action sequel period, even though it was obviously inevitable, because of how much money it made.
  11. What the hell??? This is so shocking and heartbreaking. I had no idea how he had cancer, he was one of the best actors of his generation, and it just felt like his career was really taking off too. RIP Mr. Boseman, it's incredible what he was able to do while battling his own body.
  12. Really interesting, if a bit overlong, still it was great that Bulk was willing to talk with you that long. A lot of great stories relating to putting Goldsmith on CD, but I especially enjoyed the Star Trek Animated Series CD discussion. That sounds like it would have been a challenge, not just for the stock library aspect of it, but also because of how much it was repeated every episode.
  13. From my understanding Bernstein was asked back, but turned it down because he was tired of scoring comedy films by that point. Edelman who had worked with Reitman on Twins the previous year got the job instead as result.
  14. It really is an incredibly rich cue. I love how it starts silently, and then builds to the sudden slight feeling of dread and drama. I appreciated it so much more after listening to it on its own several times on the CD too. Just one of those great touches that Williams generally brings to his work. Great analysis too.
  15. This is huge, one of the last golden age relics is gone. Just turned 104 a couple of weeks ago too. RIP to an acting legend, her performances in The Snake Pit and The Heiress are incredible.
  16. Oh, wow. 91 is a good age to pass away at, but at the same time, this is so unexpected, especially since he was active until his death. One of the first films composers I really remember paying to attention, when I was much younger. RIP Mr. Morricone, his music will live on forever.
  17. The Walk was greenlit, because it was following in the footsteps of Flight, which was a very successful low-budgeted drama starring Denzel Washington, and considered a reasonable return for Zemeckis to live-action, after his aborted attempt of a mo-cap trilogy. Plus he's also generally good at keeping budgets down, and in on time. Both The Walk, and Welcome to Marwen only cost around 40m, and while Allied was pricier then both, that was probably due to star salaries and shooting locations, not to mention it's overall a bit more ambitious in terms of scope. Until recently Zemeckis movies were at least hugely profitable or reasonable attended. Even something like A Christmas Carol made over 300m worldwide in 2009, it just lost a lot of money because the Mo-Cap technology was so expensive, and not really there yet. However his last three films though have all been massive money losers, and nobody's going to see them, so I'm not sure how much longer he has before he's forced to turn to streaming. It's very possible his remake of The Witches gets dumped on HBO MAX for example, especially given the current Coronavirus situation.
  18. Legends of The Fall By James Horner Glory By James Horner Sneakers By James Horner Total Recall By Jerry Goldsmith The Post By John Williams The Patriot By John Williams Nixon By John Williams
  19. Parasite is easily the most deserving best picture nomination in years. I love that it won.
  20. One of the most intense performers to ever come out of the golden age of Hollywood with so many classics to his name (Ace in The Hole, Paths of Glory etc...). RIP to a legend.
  21. I was a big fan of it as well. I raved about it in my review. I think it's Tarantino's best since Basterds, and my first or second favorite of the Best Picture nominees.
  22. I enjoyed this, probably more then most, but I still had a lot of issues, particularly with how they handled The Last Jedi stuff. I also thought that Palpatine's return thematically didn't make as much sense as it could have. I will say that the last scene got to me, it helps that most of the performances were pretty good, and John Williams's score was fantastic as ever, but it's clear that they should have had properly plotted out this trilogy from the start. In the long run, it really felt all disconnected.
  23. Because simple put especially for me, they're better. Sure the prequels were groundbreaking in terms of technology, but even as someone who grew up with all films (The Phantom Menace was everything for me in 1999), I find myself more drawn to rewatch the recent TFA and TLJ much more. Better fleshed-out characters, and lightsaber battle too. Plus the movies don't have the burden of having to set up a massive world and characters that we were already attached to beforehand, the way the prequels did.
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