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  1. No, he always implied Imperial March as his best work in his humble words. He said of the SW Main Titles that they were a bit too 'overdone'.
  2. Hmm. The only time I've gotten chills from the music while listening to the album is during the Force Theme.... Indeed! "No Further Use" is one of my favorite tracks on the album, it also has subtle references to the opening scene. But does this Imperial March reference also appear in the series? And as I understand it, Ross, not Holt, wrote the new Vader theme, only he actually uses it in his tracks. I think Ross should get a co-composer credit, he didn't just adapt the Obi-Wan theme by far.
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/CfL3OATuScW/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= Alan Silvestri was a guest. Lol
  4. These 3.5 minutes are worth your time. John Williams got a birthday song and there are piano sketches of the Obi-Wan Theme played by JW himself. What I would give to hear this....
  5. Yes, yes, yes!!! DIES IRAE, IMPERIAL MARCH, LEIA and FORCE! We did it folks! Although the statements somehow lacked some 'performance power', I'm still very happy to hear them. I would have liked Luke's Theme somehow, that would have closed the circle of OT Themes perfectly. The Force Theme statement had a lot in common with the one during Leia and Rey's hug in TROS https://youtu.be/xOGiyALRe3o (0:14). (Oh, it's so nice that both scenes feature Leia!) However, I liked the statement of Leia's Theme the most, which touched me the most emotionally. I think Carrie Fisher would be very pleased to see young Leia played so beautifully.
  6. Is there a good quote from John Williams where he talks about the epic nature of his work?
  7. The music was so good!! It sounded like Star Wars in so many places. I think we had our first small but clear hint of original Star Wars music at 26:15. Those dissonant chords are from the beginning of Episode 4 (copied by John Williams from Holst's The Planets XD)
  8. watching clone wars right now and heard that XD (15:27) nice coincidence :) (s6/e11 01:12) lol it also appears in this episode (s6 e11) at timestamp 4:21 and in other spots it seems to be for Kevin Kiner not the theme for Obi-Wan, but the theme for Qui-Gon
  9. I think, the theme for Vader itself sounds very good, the problem is that there is already a better one.
  10. If you mean 33:28 no, that's a statement of Obi-Wan's theme . original in c minor at 33:28 it was transposed to Ab minor
  11. Will we hear any original Star Wars themes on the Obi-Wan show in the next few episodes?
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