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  1. Well, it is common knowledge that in Mos Espa illegal trade, gambling and slavery are flourishing! Street fights are probably the most normal thing for the Espians
  2. Wow, you could almost call that plagiarism! The 4 essential aspects instrumentation (male chanting voice), rhythm (dance-like 3/4 time), melody and harmony were taken over more or less exactly. Great composers steal...
  3. I have to say, I liked this episode much better than the first one. Furthermore, the storyline is expanded to his time with the tuskens, I think this is done very well. My concern about the current storyline as New Jabba got even bigger now, I don't know, it all just doesn't add up. The music seemed a bit more classically orchestral this episode, I liked it a lot, expectedly I liked the cue where he was dressed and building his cane the best. Shirley plays really nice with the theme there, the chord progression is also just really nice. Now I'm happily waiting for the music to come out in the albums!
  4. I'm not deep into your topic, but I just saw Cue No.40. WOW, that was great music. It made me cry watching Dumbledore's death. I think you are really getting close to Williams as far as I can tell in this cue. Will listen to the whole thing soon now. Great. Thanks @Potter Scoring Project
  5. I think in a forum called "JOHNWILLIAMSFan" it is legitimate to write in his "style", but just imitating him requires some advanced musical knowledge, thats why I think Josh is rightly the winner of this competition.
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CYKZRTAvak3/?utm_medium=copy_link JKMS shared a few sheet music parts. Looks interesting. Can anyone imagine what "Buccaneer 101" means?
  7. Short assessment on my part. I chose the piece from @MrJosh. 1. I know, don't judge by the sound, I didn't do that either, but it really sounds very good, just getting the sound right (what vst instruments did you use??) is a small effort. 2. The composition itself is of course a much bigger effort, that was my main criterion too. I think this classic Hollywood sound you created is very successful, the piece is also closest to JW-style of all IMO. Minor criticisms: The transition from the "beginning" to playing the main theme (around sec 19) could be a bit better elaborated. And then ist could work better when playing the middle section a bit faster, but none of that is considerable. I really love the ending from 1:25 on! You could have sustained the last note a bit longer, or even included a little "crash" (sorry, don't know the English term), as one is used to from John Williams (see Superman ...and everything else.) Very good work!!!
  8. I'm browsing ancestry.com right now. Amazingly, there is a lot of information about John Williams' family (in contrast to mine)!
  9. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tGWIhQp7CM3QgPMptsFrDzyKgXGpkgE_/view?usp=drivesdk sorry, revised it a bit. Thought I uploaded the folder Access, but I onyl gave it for the file.
  10. "Superman March" has been released already (digitally), still have to wait for the full album, as you know. sounds perfect so far! Question: How did they manage to make the applause at the end inaudible? I read somewhere here that they didn't make any re-recordings because JW was too "tired". Is that true, or what was it like?
  11. There was an article once about John WIlliams reinforcing western, racist and similar stereotypes in his music. I really can't find the article right now, does anyone have a link?
  12. short (actually infinitely complex) question: what is the worst, what is the best recording of the Beethoven Symphony Circle? For me it is Karajan 1984 as the best, Harnoncourt 1991 as the worst, an absolute failure...(Rattle still disputes this place with him for me), but please give your opinion about this issue...
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