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  1. What's with him? Are there any rumors he's taking over the concert like in London?
  2. Perhaps to note that the playlist was created by a young John Williams fan, who knows the newer films and thus also pays more attention to them, which may be reflected here. I want the playlist to be a comprehensive overview of his best works, but not only the standard hits, but also the more complicated and / or lesser known works. And that's why I uploaded the playlist. Feel free to change it.
  3. Hey! I want to create a Spotify playlist for myself with the most epic or emotional hits from (mostly) John Williams. This is my current draft. I don't think it's perfect (in terms of content and dramaturgy), so I would like to hear additions to the most beautiful tracks that fit the playlist (no Hans Zimmer; preferably orchestral music) You are also invited to share your playlists! (no time limit) I don't know if it works but I have made the playlist public. Can you change / add the content in it?
  4. Yes, so I wouldn't find it at all unlikely that it will be conducted by him for the first time, I think he likes his work for this movie. What he thinks about the movie is a other question, but I think it is not that important for this issue.
  5. Is there any information yet if or when John Williams has started/will start working on this and when the music will be recorded? (Sorry if it has already occurred here, have not read through).
  6. Let's hope that Universal Music doesn't find this here as well...
  7. Interestingly, Matessino even comes along, being part of Williams' infamous "inner circle."
  8. Well, originally, Germany was behind because it forgot to order vaccine (together with the EU). But now I think we've reached a level that's not going to go up very much. I admire the Scandinavian countries because they are always so progressive, which is shown among other things in the vaccination rates. Well, in two weeks we have federal elections, and it looks like the emergence of a left-wing government (hope that does not violate the forum rules).
  9. Too bad ( @Falstaft then has a problem.) https://www.jwfan.com/forums/index.php?/topic/34037-analysis-of-john-williams-violin-concerto-no-2/&tab=comments#comment-1833133
  10. @Jurassic SharkCould you please check if the link works outside Germany? https://www.arte.tv/de/videos/104491-000-A/anne-sophie-mutter-und-john-williams-mit-einer-urauffuehrung/ 66.5%
  11. Of course not, but the question is firstly whether there will be one at all and secondly whether this also applies to those who have recovered and those who have been vaccinated. If vaccinated and recovered people were not allowed to attend the concert, my understanding of fundamental rights would definitely raise doubts.
  12. I think Arte (https://www.arte.tv/de/videos/104491-000-A/anne-sophie-mutter-und-john-williams-mit-einer-urauffuehrung/) is the only free and official video source then, right? Edit: The link seems to work only in Germany and France, because Arte as public owner has only acquired the rights for the German-French area. So good news for all Germans and French and bad news for everyone else @Miguel Andrade @Manakin Skywalker Is there perhaps a way to get around the barrier?
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