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  1. That's an album then though, isn't it? Or is that some bootleg release? Is it actually, properly live? Because Karajan, more than anyone, is also famous for tinkering with his "live" videos, to the point where at least the video is entirely re-done, with only parts of the orchestra filmed for certain angles to get specific effects. I'm not sure now what, if anything, he did to the audio part.
  2. Hercules then. It's not an easy choice, and with Menken I'm mainly in for the songs (instrumental score-wise, Tangled is possibly my favourite). Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and Pocahontas are all strong contenders. But Hercules is definitely underrated. The lyrics are brilliant (sorry, Howard Ashman), the gospel muses are stroke of genius, and on top of that it's got what may be the best love song in the Disney canon.
  3. Aside from the few bits and pieces mentioned above, I've hardly found time to listen to any music in the past two weeks. I should be able to start catching up beginning with Thursday.
  4. By "score", we're referring to the whole package in this case, songs & score?
  5. Of course, no Christmas season is complete without Kate Miller-Heidke's Christmas song:
  6. Ace in the Hole is one of the Wilders I still haven't seen, and I realise that until reading this, I didn't even know anything about it (save the title, director/writer, and actor). I really should catch up with it. I loved Nightcrawler.
  7. Take down the Patriarchy! We'll fix that sexist best movie list for you. I'm not sure which of my two options you're arguing (against): a) The previous voters group mostly restricted to white males isn't necessarily representative or b) Non-white males in larger numbers cannot be trusted to vote on best movies lists?
  8. I'm confident I'll have it before I get to see The Fabelmans. Possibly even before I get the OST CD for that (and listen to that for the first time).
  9. Even before that, he showed up in some of Lucas Arts' own SW video games. TIE Fighter at the very least. I always figured that would be enough to make him canon.
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