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If Potter isn't announced on Friday, I'm going to buy 30 bags of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Jelly Beans, go through them each assiduously picking out just the vomit flavored beans, and mail them to La

Not to mention that very significant milestone anniversary in 2021........   It's so obvious now!                          

Holy crap guys, it's finally happening!!!1!  

Back from a yummy turkey day with the Fam. Hope all you stateside had a delicious one as well. As for those over seas, you don't know what you are missing.

Well, I have to say all this guessing has been cracking us up. You guys have certainly guessed 2 of the titles and got one of the themes correct, but man oh man -- are you WAAAAAAAAAAAAY off on the other theme. Not even close. Looking forward to the face palms once we drop these bad boys. lol

See ya back here in 4 hours.


I'm thinking Christmas is the theme that is right and monkeys, superheros, and whatever else has all been wrong for theme 2

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I'm not going to lie... that's a little disappointing Yeah, Die Hard's nice and Scrooged has a good theme, but I fully admit that after throwing around titles like Batman Forever and Hook (yeah, that wasn't going to happen this year, I know) it's kind of a comedown.

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Tora! Tora! Tora! is a short score, isn't it? I'm really fond of the suite from on the Varese's Patton re-recording CD so it might be worth it. It has a kick-ass theme and some really cool orchestration choices. Top form Goldsmith.

Die Hard, definitely!


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For those that are ticked about Hook missing in the batch. Boo Hoo. I'm definitely purchasing Scrooged and Die Hard . Maybe Fatman and the Little Boy in the near future. Though Goldenthal's Batman Forever, Barry's King Kong, and Goldsmith's Congo would've been nice too. But what's in the batch is better than nothing..

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I am inclined to get Tora Tora Tora just because of its cover art... and the name "Jerry Goldsmith."

For those who don't care much for gritty scores it may be a toughie, but it's on par with PATTON from JG's top-creative period. La-La Land may be the Apple Inc of soundtracks, though. When FSM released their fine edition, there wasn't a tenth of the anticipation and now a few years later it's one of the most anticipated releases of 2011.

As for the other releases, the lack of any HOOK makes this a subject of feverish disdain for me. :(

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Over the past few years we have had a lot of fun with this announcement. It started in 2008 when we did a batch that included Batman: The Animated Series, Millennium and Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles. 

In 2009, we unveiled Innerspace, The Fugitive and Panic in the Year Zero.

Then, in 2010, we upped the 3 to 4 and called it our FINAL FOUR, letting all of you know these will be the last 4 titles we release that year. Star Trek V, Batman Returns, Home Alone and Jade were part of this group.

The day after this last batch came out Matt and I thought, “Crap, how do we top this in 2011?” 

We narrowed the field down to 10 titles that we felt were timely and appropriate for this release date. As time passed and we started to approach our deadline, we kept saying to ourselves, “Stay on Target!” “Stay on Target!” Some titles veered off to the side and got delayed for one reason or another, while others were staying on course, but they just didn’t seem to scream BLACK FRIDAY. As Labor Day hit, we locked down our FINAL FOUR.

The FINAL FOUR titles coming out in 2011 were real labors of love. All have great stories behind them and all have been treated with the TLC we try to give all of our releases.

Without further ado I present . . .


First up:


Music by Jerry Goldsmith

LLLCD 1197

Limited Edition of 2000 units

Retail Price: $19.98

Produced by Lukas Kendall and Nick Redman

Mastered by Daniel Hersch and Mike Matessino

Liner Notes by Julie Kirgo

Art Direction by Jim Titus

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, La-La Land Records presents two important WWII-themed scores from two giant composers that expertly and thoughtfully examine two landmark events that changed the world forever – the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the completion of the atom bomb.

La-La Land Records and FOX Music commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack with a special re-issue of legendary composer Jerry Goldsmith’s (PATTON, THE OMEN, BASIC INSTINCT, THE EDGE) original score to 20th Century Fox’s 1970 Pearl Harbor docudrama feature TORA! TORA! TORA!, starring Martin Balsam, Joseph Cotten, E.G. Marshall, So Yamamura and Tatsuya Mihashi -- directed by Richard Fleischer, Kinji Fukasaku and Toshio Masuda. Mr. Goldsmith tackles this film’s serious examination of Pearl Harbor with a rich orchestral score that exemplifies his trademark musical genius, fierce intelligence and sympathetic understanding. In depth liner notes by Julie Kirgo and spectacular art direction by Jim Titus focusing on the original art of Robert McCall are a highlight!

Continuing with our WWII theme. . .


Music by Ennio Morricone

LLLCD 1196

Limited Edition of 3000 units

Retail Price: $19.98

Produced by Dan Goldwasser

Mastered by Mike Matessino

Liner Notes by Daniel Schweiger

Art Direction by Dan Goldwasser

We still can’t believe it – after nearly 200 releases we finally have The Maestro on our label. Even more, it’s a never released and, for most of it, HEARD score by him! When we cracked opened the masters we discovered a wealth of material that was completely cut from the 1989 film. Working with Mike Matessino, producer Dan Goldwasser was able to ID all the music that is not heard in the final film to assemble a magnificent soundtrack unheard by most until now. If the movie released in 1989 had all this gorgeous music in it, viewers may have felt differently about the end product. I sure hope you fall in love with this score as much as we did.

La-La Land Records is proud to present the world premiere release of acclaimed composer Ennio Morricone’s (THE MAN WITH NO NAME TRILOGY, THE THING, ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA, THE MISSION, THE UNTOUCHABLES) original score to Paramount Pictures’ 1989 docudrama FAT MAN AND LITTLE BOY, starring Paul Newman, Dwight Schultz and John Cusack, and directed by Roland Joffe. Never before released in any format, Mr. Morricone’s hauntingly beautiful and complex orchestral score receives a definitive, 2-CD treatment that demonstrates the composer’s notable skill in emotionally interpreting what is at once an amazing and tragic chapter in mankind’s history – the birth of the atom bomb. Full of dramatic suspense, passion, sadness and gravitas, this is a notable, major Hollywood work by Morricone that is ripe for discovery. This special 2-CD release includes source cues, alternates and exclusive, in-depth liner notes by film music writer Daniel Schweiger. 

Now we go from the horrors of War to the horrors of the Holiday season. 

DIE HARD – 2 cd set

Music by Michael Kamen

LLLCD 1188

Limited Edition of 3500 units

Retail Price: $29.98

Produced by Eric Lichtenfeld and Nick Redman

Mastered by Daniel Hersch at D2 Mastering and restored by Mike Matessino

Liner Notes by Eric Lichtenfeld and Jeff Bond

Art Direction by Mark Banning

This is one of those dream come true projects – the kind where you hope and pray, if given the opportunity of producing it one day, you get to do it right. While the previous release of this classic score was good, it lacked in a few key areas – sound quality and “Coolness.” Yeah, that’s right – it was not “Cool.” Die Hard is a cool movie with “Cool” Characters, “Cool” Cinematography and “Cool” Music. In order to best the previous release we had to go all out. We spent nearly 2 years on this bad boy looking for all the best elements we could find, any lost music, and, most importantly, looking for those cool needle drops – the exact ones featured in the film. Well, I’m happy to report that this Die Hard release has COOL written all over it. 

La-La Land Records and FOX Music present a remastered 2-CD SET of the original motion picture score to 20th Century Fox’s classic 1988 action blockbuster DIE HARD, starring Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman and Bonnie Bedelia, and directed by John McTiernan. Kamen’s score masterfully builds suspense, propelling all the plot’s high-octane action while enriching the characterizations. The DIE HARD experience is rounded out in this presentation with source cues and bonus tracks such as Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”, Vaughn Monroe’s “Let It Snow”, Run DMC’s “Christmas in Hollis,” John Scott’s “We’ve Got Each Other” and more (sadly, we were not able to clear the ALIENS cue or the Stevie Wonder song Argyle rocks out to in the back of the limo)! Yippie-Kay-Yay!

The final title for La-La Land this year is one that has a great history for the label. Back in July, 2008, Dan Goldwasser, Matt and I had a meeting at Paramount Pictures where we laid out what we wanted to do with their music catalog. Impressed with the pitch, we were asked to come up with a wish list of titles we wanted to release. That night the 3 of us emailed each other our respective lists of Paramount Dream Projects. At the top of each of our list was the same title – SCROOGED. This is perhaps Mr Elfman’s “birth film”. . . and by that I mean the movie that gave him the opportunity to create that sound we all know and love today. It’s gothic, haunting, magical and thematic. It has everything you want out of an Elfman score and more! Hints of Batman, Black Beauty, Edward Scissorhands and “Nightmare” can be heard.

When given back the list, Paramount seemed to love the idea of La-La Land releasing Airplane, Dragonslayer, Seconds, Breakdown etc. . . but Scrooged was a bit more difficult at the time. We happily went forth producing all these wonderful Paramount projects, but we always wondered if we would ever work out the legal kinks on Scrooged. Then, one day, a miracle happened by the name of Lukas Kendall. Through his dealings with UMG (on GREMLINS), he managed to work out a deal to allow us to get the rights we needed to produce Scrooged for Paramount through UMG. 

Three and a half years later, I am proud to present to you. . . 


Music by Danny Elfman

LLLCD 1195

Limited Edition of 3000 units

Retail Price: $19.98

Produced by Dan Goldwasser

Mastered by Mike Matessino

Liner Notes by Jeff Bond

Art Direction by Dan Goldwasser

An important score in Elfman’s cannon, SCROOGED was the composer’s first big-budget Hollywood score – and one that clearly anticipates his next, and most iconic work, BATMAN. For this wickedly funny and inventive update of the immortal Dickens Christmas classic, Elfman fashions a robust, sophisticated musical tapestry that expertly weaves together the film’s varied tones, which runs the gambit from wildly broad comedy and holiday cheer to gothic horror and emotional drama. Produced by Dan Goldwasser and mastered by Mike Matessino, this special release features bonus tracks, source cues and exclusive liner notes from film music writer Jeff Bond, with new comments from Director Richard Donner and others. 

Well, there you have it. We hope these releases appealed more to your Yippie-Kay-Yay than Humbug! 

See you next Tuesday November 29, 2011 at 1 pm PST when these bad boys go on sale. Full track listings, sound clips and artwork will be posted then as well.

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Some of you guys need to get over Hook already. I'm sure it'll get a reissue some day. Stop raining on peoples parade b/c it wasn't in the batch. Also stay away from guns , any sharp objects, windows, roofs, prescription pills, and any other things that can cause suicide.

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Some of you guys need to get over Hook already. I'm sure it'll get a reissue some day. Stop raining on peoples parade b/c it wasn't in the batch. Also stay away from guns , any sharp objects, windows, roofs, prescription pills, and any other things that can cause suicide.

Some are disappointed, sure, but is anybody here seriously upset?

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