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Conversations - New Chamber (piano solo) by John Williams


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15 hours ago, Disco Stu said:

He might not know the history of this website community being instrumental in funding the project!


Fantastic report, David.  I'm so jealous!

Thank you Disco Stu! You're right, I did not realize that, I am new here :)
JWFan is probably the most knowledgeable and generous music site on the web, thanks to all who made the music possible!

Gloria is touring the US and Canada with the program. http://www.gloriachengpiano.com/gloria_cheng_performances.html

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On 10/18/2016 at 5:36 PM, Stefancos said:


"Gentleman, Don Williams has called all the heads of the film score families together to decide what to do about Mikey muscling in on Alexandre's job. Our friends from Europe are not pleased about these developments. Don Ennio from the old country has even threatened to pull out Herr Zimmer and all of the German family. The heirs of Jarre and Delerue demand retribution!" Don Bruce Broughton.


"Look, we all love Mikey. He's like a son to me. But I promised the gig to Alexandre myself. How could this have happened?" - Don Williams


"With all due respect Don Williams, but i say fuck em'! We don't need those Europeans. If Don Ennio pulls back Zimmer and his goons we can reclaim the scoring stages in Hollywood and Canada! I've spoken to Don Shore, he will support us of a war breaks out." - Don Bruce


"What good is the support of a man who starts one chapter of a trilogy on his own, and then has to bring in an orchestrator?" - Don Williams


"But Don Williams, even you...with The Force Awa..." - Don Bruce


"That was different. At the time I could not divulge the truth, so I told Stevie to cook up some story about me getting a pacemaker. But they nearly got me, my friend." - Don Williams


"Who would dare this?" - Don Bruce


"Mikey...it was Mikey Giacchino. I asked him to swallow his pride and accept that I would score this one JJ  Abrams film. He hugged me and kissed my head. But in his eyes I could see the hatred. Thats why he tried to kill me. Thats why he muscled out Alexandre." - Don Williams


"My apologies Don Williams. But then we must deal with Mikey...tonight! The whole Newman family has pledged itself to you!" - Don Randy


"Thank you, my friend. But I fear for the moment Mikey is beyond our reach. Disney needs him to finish some projects. We can't upset them and risk losing them to Herr Zimmer. I'm using all my influence to keep him away from the new Lion King." - Don Williams


"Damn that fucking kraut stealing some of the best jobs. His Superman was a travesty. And a personal insult to you!" - John Ottman


"Business is business. But our agent has been planted in the Zimmer family long ago. When the time comes our friend Mr. Holkenborg will deal with the German." - Don Williams


"I swear it Don Williams! I hate those krauts! They stole my grandfathers bicycle in the war. And in 1974 they took the World Championship Football throphy from us, and never let us forget it!" - Don Holkenborg


"Your loyalty means a lot to me, my friend. Go back to the Germans. But first visit Don Ennio and give him my regards, and apologies for what happened with Alexandre. Once we take care if Mikey, you will be the future of film music!" - Don Williams.






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  • 1 month later...

Oh great find Thor! :)


Looking forward to watching this after I get back home from work.

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“Mr. Williams, you referred in the film to how arduous and painstaking writing can be and how much it takes out of you. At this stage in your career what gets you fired up in the morning — what get’s you excited about what you do?”




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4 hours ago, Thor said:

Geezes, the search engine of this place is so dreadful. How come no relevant hits when searching for 'montage' or even 'gloria cheng'? I know there was a previous thread on this, so feel free to "merge", Jay.


In any case, the Montage discussion panel is now finally online for all to see! Check it out:




Oh fuck, I'm watching this on my lunch break for sure.

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Loving it so far.  It's not surprising Newman is so funny, he's written some of the most abrasively funny songs of all time ("Rednecks" being the prime example).


Randy Newman:


"I went to see Lincoln...which John did, and I thought 'Well shit, I can write this kinda stuff.'  Straight vanilla Americana and I said I could do this as well as anyone there is...and then at the end of the picture, it's got this end title that's really goddamn fancy and I couldn't have done that. It's like a guy holding a full house when you've got a flush."



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That was a really terrific talk. All the composers were in a good mood and gave great commentary. Randy Newman of course was on fire with his wit but Williams got some nice little jokes (oh the "Coffee" quip was funny) in as well as some interesting rather poetic insights on the music making and Gloria Cheng's art.

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2 hours ago, The Psycho Pianist said:

Just seen that the original documentary can now be viewed on Vimeo at this link, with the password "breakwater" :)




Thank you for that! I've been waiting to see that for quite a while now. Wish there were more footage of Williams working with Gloria rather than interview voiceovers, but there you go.

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Is Conversations published yet?


I would have left this in an older thread, but I couldn't find it. Does anyone know anything about that? I know the Broughton and Davis pieces were released briefly if you emailed them, but all the other pieces in the collection never seemed to have been published, and Williams music is really kind of hit and miss, with the majority of the concert music never having been published at all.

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