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  1. I think TFA's first teaser was sort of a special case. Rogue One waited until April which was also when we got the first longer TFA trailer, so I guess that's the marketing pattern now. There are a handful of set photos out there, from paparazzi and random stuff that Rian Johnson puts on Instagram. There was that shot of the "Last Jedi" title in the crawl from the editing bay. I don't remember getting too much more about TFA at this point, but I might be wrong. I feel like the first official info we got about the story and characters was the Star Wars Celebration panel. I don't recall any production videos, really.
  2. I doubt they're going to officially confirm the trailer showing at Celebration beforehand. They're going to want to save it as a "surprise" but there's really no way they're not debuting it with Kennedy, Johnson, and the cast assembled in front of the most rabid SW fans imaginable.
  3. That's Not Mr. Big to you! Wait...
  4. Yeah, I don't mean to get all Chicken Little about it haha. But just from the perspective of somebody who saw a beloved forum fall away, it happened pretty naturally and it's sorta heartbreaking but also understandable. People just get bored. Sometimes this place can feel like a few different communities going on at once except when it comes to Williams who is the one current thing everybody shares. Even the crusty members who don't like his recent stuff still seem to hold out some hope! That's something I've wondered about is if there's anything JWFan could really bond much over without Williams beyond certain "cliques"....there's often so much disagreement on everything else.
  5. We all have our pet threads that we like to check but they're different for each of us and it doesn't mean everybody will continue to visit the forum just for the off-topic discussion. The really wonderful thing that we all have in common is that the #1 best thing about JWFan is sharing the release of a new John Williams score together, yes? Am I wrong about that? That's what I love and I check the JW board every day for news on his projects. There's nothing else that brings the whole community so close....we are the only people in the world who love John Williams so fucking much that we just couldn't find anybody within arm's length who could talk about him on our level, so we went online. I love this place, I like reading everybody's thoughts on here on various things, but the thing that gets me really excited to hear from each and every member, uniquely, is what they think about the new score. When John Williams is finally done writing music for any reason, it will leave a huge hole in my life, I am sure of that. And I know that for awhile I am going to rely on this board more than ever, because you are the only people who will understand. We're all going to count on each other for that. The board will keep its usual activity for awhile after the final Williams score but on a day to day level, I just know how tedious it can honestly be when a forum gets to like 10 posts a day and the member you would have most wanted to hear from on a recent news item hasn't been around in a year. Most people are probably not going to continue dropping in like clockwork to post at length about Trump's latest soundbite or which score they happened to listen to for the fiftieth time. Again, aside from a handful of people who really connect outside of Williams, I dunno if we will all gather around every day. We'll always have JW, but we're going to have our own lives and relationships to maintain without constantly checking on JWFan to say hi!
  6. In 2005 I started hanging out on a Harry Potter forum with many active members from around the world and all sorts of off-topic discussion. Potter seemed like it was pretty tangential but that place whittled down pretty fast after the last book in the last movie in 2011 I had moved over to a private forum on Activeboard with about 10 friends. It still exists, last post there was in November. I don't really visit there anymore but I do keep in touch with one person pretty regularly via text. She hasn't gotten around to Cursed Child or Fantastic Beasts by the way. The reality is that we are all different people from different places at different stages of our lives, with not actually that many (any?) common interests between the entire lot of us except for an enormous amount of passion for this site's namesake. Even our interests in film music differ wildly aside from the old or dead guys. Some of us hardly even follow current film music at all aside from Williams and not all of us buy every LLL set or compilation that comes out. The one thing that ties all of us together is the promise of new John Williams music. I think we are all much more willing to tolerate those who we have nothing else in common with -- even when those disagreements get aggressive -- because in the back of our minds we know that person is here for John Williams. That's what is sort of beautiful about it. When there is no more new John Williams music, it'll be different. There's only so much we can really say all at once about his existing output. Even now we've run in circles repeating discussions. There are groups of people here who actually do have much in common with each other and have formed real lasting friendships and those will continue, but who's to say that it will remain on this board instead of a free private forum where they don't have to be anonymous? Would they always continue airing their opinions and grievances on a public forum under an avatar and screenname? I dunno. There might not be enough donations after awhile to keep this thing going, but maybe the site will take a new shape and flourish. That would be nice to see. Most of us will eventually splinter off, move on to other communities and interests. Just how it many people did you keep in touch with after graduating school when there was suddenly no reason for you to go back and see those people in that building every day? But you still remember many of those people from your class. I think it's okay.
  7. Well, exactly. It's the same thing that started the "M. Night Shyamalan is the new Steven Spielberg" trend after The Sixth Sense. Eventually these guys either carve out their own identity or they fade away. But there's never been a "new _______" who stayed that way and left any sort of legacy. The kinda weird issue with Giacchino is that he was dubbed "the new John Williams" 15-20 years ago as an up-and-comer and we're still hearing about it even though he's an established 50 year old professional and a quite successful one....I mean, it's kinda condescending to him too at this point, but he's brought it on himself by riding on the back of so much retro stuff and inviting comparisons to so many great composers. First Barry, then Jerry, Jerry again, Johnny, Johnny again. Fuck's sake, he can never be anything but "the new John Williams" if this is how he's gonna spend the rest of his career. I doubt he really wants that either. When it comes to Star Wars specifically, I don't know why there has to be a "next John Williams" anyway when there is no such talk of a "next George Lucas." The whole excitement right now should be in opening up the playground. Williams's role in Star Wars, like Lucas's, is completely singular, so how could anybody hope to replicate it? Why is there this assumption that just because Williams has had sole authorship over the music up to this point (because duh!) that the franchise is obliged to go to a new permanent boy king? "The passing of the baton!" It's so arbitrary. I get that right now it's mostly just fretting about the potential need for a sub on Episode 9 (although judging by a lot of comments I've seen, most people seem to think Williams is Mozart at the end of Amadeus, dictating from his sick bed) but just the idea that there has to be a new "official" Star Wars guy simply because John Williams is that for his own damn creation? That's pretty boring. Giacchino is not that special, neither is Desplat, nor JNH, nor anybody else who might take a crack. Nobody is going to be able to just pick up wherever Williams leaves off. They are ALL starting from scratch in their own voice, and really less than that because his shadow looms so large. The truly successful ones will find a way to escape being perceived as the new John Williams because their work will contribute something vital on its own terms, rendering the label irrelevant. Good luck to them.
  8. Graham Piro, author of the article:
  9. It's really unfortunate what it did to his career but I think basically worth it for the reasons you stated. If only every filmmaker who committed career suicide did it with so much style and intelligence. Still have to finish going through that last gasp of films he made afterward. I actually just watched Age of Consent the other day, not really a great film but typically entertaining in his sort of eccentric way and pretty to look at. And Helen Mirren!
  10. I noticed that about him when he was on Graham Norton a year or so ago.
  11. I would say to start at Season's 2 penultimate episode ("The Master Plan") and not the finale since that's when Rob Lowe/Adam Scott come in. There are some inside jokes and minor characters introduced in the rest of 2 that might get missed here and there like the Ron's ex-wife thing and April becoming Ron's assistant, but yeah, Season 3 was when I really warmed to it. I was liking it fine but Scott and especially Lowe changed the whole energy for the better imo. Pretty much the instant they showed up and that bland Mark guy left, the show felt like it found its sweet spot, tonally and comically. They finished a couple years ago. The quality jumps from Season 1 to 2 to 3 were pretty noticeable to me. Laughs suddenly got harder and more frequent, characters became more well-rounded, situations more inspired (the second episode of 3 where they all get the flu is widely considered peak P&R, probably the first great episode, may not get better for you if you don't love that one). I think it held on reasonably well til the end, it never became terrible but in typical fashion the later seasons regressed a bit. But that middle stretch has some golden episodes if you're enjoying the characters. Of the recent sitcoms I stuck with all the way through their runs (the others being The Office US, How I Met Your Mother, Community) P&R was easily the most consistent and least outstayed its welcome, and had the most fitting series finale.
  12. I'm assuming Fire Walk With Me is the one you consider not a real movie? Or did you miscount?
  13. The Lincoln pieces really struck me the most for some reason. Hadn't listened to that score in awhile, it really is quite emotional in spite of its surface austerity.
  14. Seems like those would be pretty neat, if for nothing else than to gain some insight into the specific artist's thoughts and processes. I would probably try a few out if I could afford to splurge. I see Steve Martin's got one coming on comedy...that would probably be super interesting, actually. Let us know what you think of Z's class when you finish!
  15. Nice little interview with Zimmer for Inverse promoting his Master Class online lessons Some quotes I found interesting: