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  1. I'm a little in between. I've always enjoyed it and remember having fun listening to it a lot when it first came out, but I also think compositionally it's a tad on the clumsy side for Williams...not the biggest fan of the repeating "rapidly descending scale" thing that finishes the intro and pops up here and there motivically. The piece does pretty much keep up its manic energy for 3 minutes, though, and a lot of the orchestrations are fun in and of themselves of course. I like the basic nuts and bolts of the theme but it does wind up still feeling unfinished, like an unused sketch from his Hook notes that he always liked and was just messing around with. I guess he was going for spontaneity, maybe? It sorta works, but something's missing.
  2. Netflix will release the film in 2019 Apparently a deal with Paramount was deemed too risky and fell through. Pretty huge news, really does seem to be where the film industry is pointing for auteurs.
  3. I'm sure a lot of it will feel familiar in terms of following the "hero's journey" beats and where they take characters like Rey and Kylo Ren, thematically. But I'm at least hoping for some unique world-building and locales compared to TFA, which deliberately covered a lot of the same ground as the OT. And hopefully a more interesting objective for the villains than yet another doomsday device.
  4. We're not totally sure he hasn't begun Ready Player One are we? Isn't it possible that he's been doing that concurrently with SW?
  5. They're gone!
  6. Slash Film claimed it was cut "late in the process" though who knows if that means the writing process, pre-production, or post-production. Would be interesting to know for sure how long it stuck around. You could be right, though.
  7. Well, we do know for sure the beginning was edited down because the film was originally going to open after the crawl with Anakin's lightsaber tumbling through space. I always assumed that's what the unused descending string gliss was for that we got from the beginning of the 60 Minutes special.
  8. I was about to post this in the "favorite short moments" thread but decided maybe it deserved a thread of its own. I feel like we have had one of these before, actually, but couldn't find anything recent and couldn't really narrow it down to a thread with the right search phrases... Anyway, you all know what I'm talking about. Those addictive little bastards that come completely out of nowhere, steal the show for a fleeting moment, and then you never hear from them again. I was reminded of this recently as I was listening to the KOTCS sessions for the first time and that random 15-second Ruskie miniature came up in the first half of the Jungle Chase. It's one of my favorite things about Williams and no other film composer does it with this kind of frequency and panache, really. It's such a great technique for energizing a section of a cue or giving a film moment a little identity of its own, and even in a way resets my attention span during listening. Especially when these show up in the middle of a frantic action cue or some atmospheric bit of underscore, I guess it's his way of re-establishing a more conventional tonal language to easily catch the ear without always having to fall back on a theme or motif. It's just this simple trick that never fails to grab me, make me smile, or tap along. Hook's red carpet descent is another favorite that pops to mind. I'm not necessarily talking about notable setpiece-specific themes like "Out to Sea," "The Basket Chase," or even the "Asteroid Field" fanfare, though I guess that's borderline. I'd argue even that feels a little bit more like a centerpiece than what I'm thinking of, same with a few others like "Jedi Steps". Rule of thumb might be the easier it is to give a name to, the less it qualifies! But it's those blink-and-you-miss-it cameos, the minor minor leaguers, supporting the supporting players. Almost feels like it comes from the spirit of vaudeville or musical revues, at least with the blockbuster scores. They're like these rookie performers who come out in between the bigger acts, tell a quick joke, do a little tap dance or maybe a magic trick, and then they're whisked off stage. Love it! Or on the opposite end of the spectrum, it can also be a completely isolated, non-thematic moment of melodic beauty. The opening flute solo for Rey's first close-up in "The Scavenger," for example, or this: Any thoughts on this aspect of Williams's approach to scoring? What are your favorites? Does anybody else really compare to Williams as far as this goes? Examples from those folks are welcome too. Go!
  9. My dream is that after all this fussing and fretting over whether or not Williams will be able to realize a healthy and productive 2019, that after he completes his epic 42 year long masterpiece, he wipes his hands and cranks out another few (or several!) years' worth of music for film and concert hall. I think that would be the ultimate testament to his longevity, humble work ethic, and love of music. That the supposed big career-topper we anxiously wrung our hands over was simply another stepping stone to more good work. Also I want more John Williams scores, dammit.
  10. Every time this gets bumped I still can't believe we're getting another one of these scores so soon, shit. New director, new approach, same old Johnny. Kinda weird to think that we're now closer in time to Last Jedi's release date than to Force Awakens'....
  11. Interestingly in the making-of, Spielberg said that scene had always been left out of the script but DiCaprio loved that scene so much from the book (wonder why!) that he convinced them to put it back in. I do think it's a pretty funny scene, for once Frank never gets the upper hand, as opposed to everyone else he meets who he just charms the pants off and they do whatever he wants. But there's just not really much of a payoff, it just ends with a young rich dude paying $1000 for sex lol.
  12. Grammys eligibility schedule is weird, the cutoff is like September or something so TFA had to wait a year.
  13. He conducted the pit orchestra at the ceremony and (I presume) rehearsed and worked on selecting the snippets of music they would perform throughout the show. Also that was the year he conducted that tribute arrangement to classic scores as part of the ceremony.
  14. Where were those? Didn't see any on his board or on Film Art/Cinematography. Anyway, the forums on his official website probably cover a lot of the same questions. It's awesome that that guy has such a generous online presence, really invaluable. There definitely wasn't one large IMDb community to speak of, but lots of mini-communities flourished on the site. The general boards and some of the more popular running series and franchises would often have around 100 active regulars with off-topic discussions and the usual forum banter. I've made a few real-life friends through IMDb, seen a few marriages come out of the forums. And a lot of the different communities are setting up their own forums now to stay in touch.