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  1. One track that has really shot to the top of my favorites knowing the context is "Lesson One." That last minute is fantastically overblown in the film in a great dramatic way.
  2. Yeah it's New Alliance. Probably my biggest disappointment with the score, that sequence really did deserve something much more distinctive and I think he kinda let it down. Maybe the best sequence of his career to have the most anonymous music? That and the chase through the Crait mines really felt like big missed opportunities for some bold new material. One unreleased bit I noticed and liked was some pretty cool fluttering underscore as Rey's pod landed to meet Kylo.
  3. It's so simple but I'm finding it kinda addictive. The thing I've actually been going around humming is the related motif at around 1:30 of "Rebellion is Reborn". I really like that the rhythm makes it something of a cousin of the Rebel fanfare as well as hearing a similarity to March of the Resistance's B theme which are both neat connections, and brings more of a melancholy, uncertain tone to it. I like the way it hushes everything, has this cool, covert quality. Maybe I'm off track, haven't seen the film yet but just makes me wonder what it might contribute to the film's mood or whatever the story of the Rebellion/Resistance is.
  4. So that use of "Superstructure Chase" was a double bluff!
  5. And really there's probably no way it doesn't close IX so it's disappointing they didn't take their chance to go another way this time.
  6. There's something that Justin (ET/Selina/Rose etc) would point out a lot that I really agreed with which was that in Williams's classic blockbuster adventure scores, you have the iconic themes that are always composed brilliantly with the best hooks and arrangements to become iconic signatures, but those scores are also loaded with so many great tunes and motifs that any one of them could be used to anchor whole other scores, albeit probably slightly lesser ones. I sorta feel like we're basically getting those scores now. The themes are wonderful and it all works, but sure there's some missing X factor and the "embarrassment of riches" feel in terms of the wealth of melody and cues with airtight structure to really fill out this massive musical picture that goes far beyond other film music. I suppose it's fair to say that John Williams is running a little lower on genius juice these days. As a currently working composer he's "merely" writing some of the best film music of each year. But that said, familiarity still breeds contentment. The TFA themes feel right at home in this score and their bolder statements consistently put a smile on my face, and I'm guessing by the end of the trilogy they'll have had a nice effect on kids growing up with these things.
  7. Ok I'm totally loving "The Fathiers". Rose's theme at 1:26-1:48 is a great Williams moment. And I love that weird chord in the trumpets at 1:38.
  8. They are similar enough, to be fair. I remember in 2015 a lot of us thinking that was Rey's theme in "I Can Fly Anything". And yeah, the orchestration in "Peace and Purpose" is similar to how he usually treats Rey's theme. But unmistakably Poe's once you're listening for it.
  9. Yes it is! "Peace and Purpose" at 1:54. And as somebody else said, I think there's a hint of it coming out of that first new Resistance March statement in "Main Title and Escape" but a little more arguable. Those 4 notes at 3:09 just remind me of it in "The Resistance", but it's a weird one because it also follows a similar shape to how the Resistance March melody continues....but not exactly. I think it's closer to Poe's Theme. So if it's a Poe moment, then I think it could be Williams finding a very subtle little connection there between both.
  10. I think I like it just as much if not more than the end of "Jedi Steps and Finale". Quite satisfied by this. With one listen and no cinematic context yet (plus all the unreleased stuff) I do feel like this is less cohesive than TFA but with an overall richer and more powerful sound. I do kinda wonder now if the rewrites or Williams' health in 2015 contributed to that sounding a little leaner and more stripped down, but this brings back a lot of the prequel bells and whistles that I missed in that one. Love a lot of the callbacks, particularly think Resistance March and Leia's Theme are better than ever. But the lack of new material to really center the album is missed. Rose's Theme is nice but short, the action stuff is mostly anonymous with just very brief and simple identities like the horn rips in The Fathiers. I actually kinda like that new militaristic Holdo (?) motif from Rebellion is Reborn, it's dime a dozen stuff but sort of catchy in its way. Anyway, I assume more listens and seeing the film a couple times will bring out some clearer structure. It's a fun album, worth the wait!
  11. And another positive from someone who was not much a fan of TFA's score (or The Post's for that matter): What he wrote about TFA:
  12. THE POST - Score Thread

    I like it! Cool vibe, bit CMIYC-esque.