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  1. I could see them going either way with it....either mostly a new score with probably at least a few token nods to Zimmer's themes and Elton John's melodies, or essentially adapting and re-recording the original score in full (which is what I'm guessing they're doing with Beauty and the Beast ). But yeah, I would be pretty surprised if Hansu himself returned.
  2. They did last time he was there, in 2013.
  3. They might offer the Disc 4 video as an "album only" purchase.
  4. The Emoji Movie is coming this summer starring Sir Patrick Stewart as Poop Is it a new cinematic low or a new high? You decide!
  5. I wonder if Kobe's had the animators bumped off.
  6. I wonder if this thread will ever be bumped again with actual news.
  7. Still nuts to think that we waited 10 years (8 of which we didn't even know we were waiting) for a new Star Wars score by John Williams, now it's been barely a year since we had TFA and he's already composing another one. By April he'll have apparently recorded most of it and before we know it we'll have the CD in our grubby mitts...
  8. Somebody paused The Phantom Menace at just the right spot:
  9. The Coen Brothers' next project will be a Western mini-series called The Ballad of Buster Scruggs I hope it's this same screenplay they mentioned back in 2007.
  10. This was all an elaborate hoax by Kobe to get John Williams to write him a personal fanfare which will never be released, and to get invited to the Episode 8 sessions so he could steal the recordings and keep them to himself. Kobe betrayed us! He is not our friend!
  11. Everybody Wants Some!!
  12. Ultra passionate fans, his pet name for SW fans.