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  1. Very cheeky bit of foreshadowing. By the way, just noticed they're possibly doing a trilogy and not just one film?? I'm thinking no way Daniel Radcliffe or Emma Watson commit to that (Rupert Grint, debatable, he hasn't had much else going on) unless they really minimize their roles. Not sure about Maggie Smith either.
  2. I was being facetious, I just remember that being a big gripe for people.
  3. Just wait, there'll be another perfect opportunity for Luke/Leia and Williams will miss it like ROTS! I agree that I think 8 probably won't kill Luke or Leia. I think the major characters (Luke, Leia, Rey, Kylo, Finn, Poe, Chewie and the droids) will survive, but somebody's bound to end up in mortal peril by the end of it. Not saying that I'm expecting an Empire "remake" but I think they'll stick with that template. For 9, my feeling for now is that Luke will die and Leia will survive. Of course it may change depending on 8, whether one of them dies or it looks like the story's going another way.
  4. I'm sure the play is very well-produced and entertaining -- I would like to see how they pulled off some of the things in there onstage -- but just as a reading experience and continuation of Potter it was fairly disappointing and a little irritating to me in how much it contradicted the books, mostly in small ways but a few big ones as well. Just didn't really convince me overall that it was written by somebody who really knew those books, the characters and the "rules" of that world inside and out, and some of the new ideas and developments cheapened the original stories for me instead of enhancing them. Felt like it was geared more to casual fans, which is fine, I don't mean that in a condescending way but it's easy to see why most people who read the series more than once seem to be dismissing it. Surprising given JKR's involvement but there it is. So I'm not really looking forward to a potential adaptation. Part of me kind of hopes there'll be some major recastings so it'll be easier to ignore altogether although funnily enough, the story would probably make more sense as a sequel to the movies. There are things about the play that you really have to stretch to actually incorporate into the books, but the films have a lot more wiggle room in that regard.
  5. FYI: Daisy's heard a title but imagines the official one isn't coming for awhile
  6. It just occurred to me to look that up haha. I don't think anybody ever brought him up before.
  7. Pretty good movie, would add that there's also a lot of Starman in there. Doesn't reach the same lofty heights as its inspirations but it's a fairly confident and interesting take on the genre all the same. Shannon is probably my favorite working actor at the moment and it's refreshing to see him in a role like this. Definitely think that its writer/director Jeff Nichols is worth keeping an eye on. He's got another one coming out this year about the Richard and Mildred Loving story, hopefully a worthwhile entry in the "historical issue movie" genre. For me Take Shelter is still his best so far, which also stars Shannon in a great, great lead role and performance. Have to say, though, that my biggest takeaway from Midnight Special was just how much the actor Bill Camp resembles Hansu... Even when he was younger!
  8. Plus croc's comment wasn't even necessarily a direct quote. Even if it was DD probably would have added "badly" as a witty afterthought. Hard to always say exactly what you mean in real time.
  9. Sad news: Construction worker killed in an accident while dismantling a set
  10. The designs are a little more grotesque than I was expecting which is a good thing.
  11. Try this one for luminosity. Probably the most soulful melody I've heard out of Monsieur.
  12. It's slightly forced but not bad really. I kinda like the "Dreaming of Bag End" one. Obviously indulgent but the whole project is fan service, anyway. There are worse music edits in the actual trilogy so I think the guy is allowed a little wiggle room...