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  1. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

    Nicholas Hooper was confirmed awhile ago.
  2. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Also the Sydow character does give that first hint of Kylo Ren's backstory, so it's possible that he could have some importance to that storyline moving forward. I wouldn't like it if we got all the way to 9 and you still had to read a comic book to find out what this guy's deal was, but the little that was revealed about him in that scene connects him to pretty much every major character, so I hope it was a set-up of some kind.
  3. Star Wars: Rogue One (Gareth Edwards 2016)

    Yeah, there was a rumor about Christopher McQuarrie doing secret rewrites.
  4. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    I hope that that's not the last we ever see or hear about the character in this trilogy, but I do think there's something about being able to very quickly and efficiently communicate that this is a character of some dignity and importance. Definitely a cheat, especially if it's the only purpose he ever serves in three episodes, but movies don't exist in a vacuum and Star Wars has always thrived on cinematic shorthand. You get an instant familiarity and curiosity about Sydow than you would have with somebody random, which brings more weight to Kylo Ren's villainy when he kills the guy just as soon as you meet him. It was an effective way to show what a big bad he is in his first 2 minutes of screentime.
  5. Yeah, that's true. Actually now that you mention it, isn't that just the same Gringotts cue from the first film adapted by William Ross? So that might be the only instance there as well.
  6. Are you circumcised?

  7. Yeah it is, the ghosts just pass by in the background. You get about 5 seconds of the song, it'd be pointless to perform live. About the Voldemort cues possibly having male voices, "The Blue Forest" and "The Mirror Scene" both specify women's chorus in the sheets, so I actually think that it is pretty much just the gals in the first one. I know POA has mixed chorus for sure but I'm trying to remember if COS does at all....
  8. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

    I guess we can assume that the magical community didn't have the same history with racism since it was never really addressed. Distinctions between bloodlines and species always seemed like the more significant genetic prejudices in that universe. There were black characters in the books, including one of Malfoy's friends, and their skin color was interestingly never an issue.
  9. Your favorite John Williams pictures

    Has Williams spoken much about his time with Hitch in interviews?
  10. I suppose I agree but funnily enough, I actually liked it more than just about everything else that was nominated for an Oscar last year. Probably after Mad Max and Room.
  11. At least where Williams is concerned, when it comes to alternate artistic interpretations of a film score for an abridged "pure" listening experience, I place a lot more value on his theme/cue arrangements and suites for end credits and concerts. I always feel like more is communicated about his thought process and his feelings on the scores from the material he chooses for those and how they're adapted and presented for listening. The OST arrangements, I guess there's a certain amount of artistry there but I can't remember any time where I felt like a track order or a micro-edit was making much of a statement. Sometimes the choices are interesting, what's left in, what's left out, which cues are paired together, but I've never found it very inspiring to ruminate on. The reasoning when things start moving out of chronology usually strikes me as fairly technical or superficial, sometimes clever, occasionally silly, once in awhile totally confusing, but profound? I I couldn't really compare a soundtrack to a pop/rock album where the process of ordering disparate tracks is much more variable. Except for concept albums, where the music is of course conceived in a certain order and strangely enough also presented in that order.
  12. What does everyone think of 'March of the Resistance'?

    Even though I like the Scherzo, I would have liked to see him use the Resistance theme and/or Poe's theme for the Starkiller attack and trench run. In a funny way, throwing the main title all over that sequence only made it all the more obvious that it was little more than a big nostalgic throwback.
  13. Favorite short musical moments in Williams scores?

    I think it was Michael who posted that COS excerpt some time ago and said that it sounded like some kind of Russian dance on cocaine. I loved that haha.