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  1. Andrè Previn scolds Williams (once again)

    I still hold a grudge from when 4 Harry Potter movies came out in 5 years and Williams did pretty much fuck-all that whole time instead. So I'm not jinxing anything.
  2. The Post (2017) FILM Discussion

    The first-time screenwriter whose spec script launched an Oscar campaign
  3. Anticipating a new JW score

    Of course that depends a lot on if the film tends to emphasize more of a thriller/espionage tone or sentimental "against all odds" type Americana. It'd be cool to get the dark intensity of the Stone scores but I think I'd be pretty satisfied with something like Catch Me If You Can crossed with Munich.
  4. Anticipating a new JW score

    I feel less impatient now that the trailer's out. With so little info on the film or score all year, I was always hoping to get some little tidbit and most weeks it's been tumbleweeds with not much to go on for ongoing speculation. Now that there's finally some sense of the imagery and hints of what a few of the dramatic opportunities will actually be for Williams, I'm more relaxed in my excitement and should be able to just enjoy the rest of the hype. Two months to go! Also I too keep forgetting about The Post, and whenever I'm reminded of it, it's like a pleasant surprise. Aw yeah, another one! And I've enjoyed his recent dramatic scores. Looking forward to a trailer for that to get a better guess what he could do with it. In my mind I pretty much just keep thinking piano and strings, which is fine by me but it'd be nice to get something different too.
  5. What to expect from Episode VIII's Score?

    Amazon fucked up and sent the digital pre-orders three days early. We all had it by the next day.
  6. Some neat, non-spoilery comments from Rian Johnson On porgs: On Carrie Fisher: On his "no fly list" of spoilers for the trailer: No mention of Williams but there is this
  7. What to expect from Episode VIII's Score?

    "That Girl with the Staff" was the one that made me question the TFA track titles initially.
  8. Brief mention of the Bowl concert from this profile on Daisy Ridley
  9. Screen names on JWFan: VOTE NOW!

    I actually never have much of a problem with who's who. Most of the regulars who change their names, I realize who they are pretty quickly just by their posts, and I've found Jay's been good about updating the name change thread whenever I'm confused.
  10. The only thing that the TFA trailers really had over this was the whole "return to classic Star Wars" vibe. They weren't just selling us the movie but the whole concept of Star Wars. They played on our nostalgic familiarity and you got the warm fuzzies seeing the world of the OT recreated so faithfully, especially since most people were optimistic about it being really great. There's no way to really replicate that now that everyone has their own opinions on the Disney Star Wars movies so far, so the hype for this and the effectiveness of the trailer is naturally going to be more dependent on exactly how interested you are in a sequel to The Force Awakens.
  11. What to expect from Episode VIII's Score?

    Watch it go unscored like the Finn/TR8R fight. I'm excited for the tone of this score. Doesn't seem like it could be very similar at all to TFA, probably will require more aggressive music than anything he's written since 2005. Bring it on!
  12. I think it's gonna happen relatively early in the film (notice how he has that black bandage over his wound from TFA in some scenes like that one, but not in other scenes where presumably it's healed over). He'll let her live and it'll become part of his ongoing conflict and intrigue. He killed his father, but can't bring himself to kill his mother.
  13. My random guess: there will be a TV spot with clips from the Canto Bight casino scene and that'll be the first actual Williams music we get.
  14. Yeah, I'm enjoying all this red in the promotional material, and seems like it's motivated by the film's color scheme with Crait and some of the new First Order designs like the guards and Snoke's throne room. Seems pretty deliberate, red tends to stick out to me as pretty aggressive in film. Would be cool to see this movie setting itself apart visually through strong color choices.