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  1. The Official Future Films Thread

    Release date for Terrence Malick'sVoyage of Time isOctober 7! Funnily enough, the announcement was buried inside IMAX's first quarter report.
  2. Star Wars Episode VIII (Rian Johnson 2017)

    Maybe the AFI awardwill give them an excuse to announce it. Still drives me nuts that press release from a few months ago confirmed everybody but him.
  3. The Force Awakens Disney Records OST

    Could you give an example of that?
  4. Where is Bloodboal?

    Browsing through thatsite does make me feel like I'm exploring some deepunderground lair.
  5. Star Wars: Rogue One (Gareth Edwards 2016)

    In unrelatednews, Mads Mikkelsen's head can nowbe viewedon displayatDisneyland.
  6. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    I mean, this is all corroborated by anyarticle orinterview on Nightmare's production history that you could ever read, but okay. More than anything it's just not possible thathe could have directed a stop-motion feature at exactly the same time that he was making two other movies.
  7. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    He didn't get directing credit because he didn't direct it. Obviously it's his brand and he was certainly responsible for the concept and roughstory outline, surelywas involved quite a bitin the early stages but it's not really thatclear how involved hewasinpre-productionand by all accounts he simplywas notaround when they were actually makingthe thing.Batman Returns and Ed Wood were both happeningduring that 2 year timespan, it's a group of people doing their best Tim Burton imitation.
  8. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Should probably be noted Nightmare was directed byHenry Selick, not Burton. I would add Big Fish which is one of my favorites of his. Really I enjoy most of his output through Sweeney Todd, butAlice in Wonderland was so appallingthat I haven't even bothered with his live action stuff since. I did see Frankenweenie, though, which was okay.
  9. I got ya That's neat. I always wish more screenplays would be published.
  10. STAR WARS general thread

    It's a cuteway to look at the music. Omnipresent, coversa broademotional spectrum,commentson the narrative, empathizeswith specific characters....yeah, why not?Johnny Baby =The Force. The only thing that annoys me about fan theories is that they'vebecome so mainstream thatmajor outlets reporton them. Now Isee thesedumb Tumblr posts by 14-year-oldsqualifyingas top entertainment stories, but I guess I prefer it to a few years ago when Kardashian headlineswereshowingup in my newsfeedevery week....
  11. Awesome. Nice to see Russ Tamblyn on the list, I seem to remember hearing there was some uncertainty awhile backif he'd be able to return.
  12. R.I.P. Prince

    Cool video of Prince playing at an afterparty for the SNL 40th anniversary show last year:
  13. Goodbye JWfan2234