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  1. Spielberg claims he toned down his own references, so we'll see. I kinda hope Williams doesn't play it too straight, it could be really fun for him to throw a few easter eggs into the score. I hear a DeLorean plays a role in the book...imagine JW riffing on Silvestri.
  2. From Comic-Con: I really liked this trailer, definitely the best one yet. A little bit of Desplat's DH2 at the beginning, and "Hedwig's Theme" again. Starting to think JNH will be obliged to include at least one statement.....I guess we'll see how that turns out.
  3. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Obviously this was a change for the movies, but I'm fine with just saying that the connection became more potent with Voldemort's return. There are a handful of moments where I wish they had indulged a little more with the music, but both of those examples I think work perfectly without score.
  4. 2:12, I already stamped it in the video.
  5. TPM also added this cool little tag (at least I don't think it was in the OT)
  6. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Partly why I find ballet scores more familiar and accessible as a film score fan. I feel like there's more leeway with the get a little breather of some mild accompaniment for every moment of wild or dark expressivity, and greater variety in style, technique, orchestration, phrasing, since the music isn't obliged to the human voice. I don't know, I'm not an expert on either but in my limited listening experience I've never found opera reminded me much of film music, even apart from the singing. It's like opera is always the go-to comparison there but in terms of modern film scoring sensibilities, ballet music feels more like home to me.
  7. It's funny, I haven't listened to it since it came out but I was surprised that I could remember that "Homecoming" theme instantly when nightscape brought it up. I assume that's what he was talking about, it is rather nice. Maybe I'll have to listen to this one again too.
  8. Haha it almost reads that way. I admit it took me a second.
  9. I think you've misinterpreted the post. They're not talking about a familiar neighborhood visit, they're talking about fans, strangers. Even so, it's not like I go around knocking on my neighbors doors unannounced, and this is a pretty unorthodox way of doing so... Who knows what the actual story is behind this. Doubt it's a stalking thing where they tracked down his address and drove 3 hours. I imagine these kids probably live somewhere in the neighborhood and maybe are acquainted with the lady who lives down the street from JW. Say she's the 13-year-old's aunt or something, and he loves trumpet and John Williams and she told him he's her neighbor. So the kid wants to do this and the older one (trumpet teacher?) humors him because what could it hurt. Yes, it's kind of obnoxious but it was a friendly prank and Williams seemed to enjoy it as a random occurrence. They probably laughed over it for a minute, hopefully they apologized for bothering him, and they all went home. It's fine. What I don't love is that now it's on YouTube -- with or without his permission -- and footage of John Williams at his home is now quickly circling around as a popular viral video. This thing went super mainstream, articles on Yahoo, People Magazine, Billboard. I see local news people posting in the comments wanting to do a story with the feels sorta gross, especially with how modest and low-security the place looks. I can't really think of any examples where something like this was seen as a positive thing, even paparazzi shots never show the celebs at their houses. I don't want this to turn into a circus, I don't want to see these guys doing interviews or dancing on the fucking Ellen DeGeneres show with that still of Johnny waving in his doorway up on a big screen. I don't want reporters hounding Williams for a quote about the incident. He's not Kim and Kanye, he didn't ask for this. EDIT: Looks like it was the older guy's idea, actually.
  10. Well, we don't know that they didn't ask him if they could upload it. But yeah, I really hope it doesn't inspire copycats.