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  1. I was from the beginning a fan of the score to Tintin, even when I felt that I was in a minority. As often, with time perspective changes and more people now seem to appreciate this score.
  2. I don´t see why there could not be a JW score. Assuming they will in fact produce a script in 2019 and film Mocap in late 2019/2020, Williams could write the music to the Mocap cut in less than 2 years from now. He seemed to have enjoyed his work on Tintin judging from the interviews and making of. And I am sure, Spielberg will urge Jackson to use Williams if possible.
  3. Gurkensalat

    The Lion King (Jon Favreau)

    I like Atlantis a lot. Its more of an adventure film, not typical Disney.
  4. As I wrote in the Interview thread, It would have been nice to get the music in high resolution 5.1, too, since it is already prepared as such. LOTR did it by including a DVD audio/BLu-ray Audio. Even as a download option it would have been nice for multichannel fans like me.
  5. Great interview! But as happy I am to get this box and all the music, I am a bit saddened to hear that Mike prepared high Rez 5.1 sources, only to not release this level of quality. I know that I am in a small minority, but I am an avid fan of multichannel music on SACD, DVD Audio or Blu-ray Audio. It would have been perfect if they would have included the 5.1. tracks, like the LOTR recordings did. @Jay do you know if this was discussed at some point during the preparation of the release? Or if there might be a possibilty of a later release? Even as download only that would be great.
  6. 166829 included Close Encounters (finally!) in the order
  7. Gurkensalat

    How do you listen to The Last Jedi the most?

    I can’t believe that, that would be absurd.
  8. Gurkensalat

    How do you listen to The Last Jedi the most?

    Why do you need a MacBook for that?
  9. Gurkensalat

    John Williams' Inspirations

    Definitely Stravinsky and Prokofiev, also Elgar, Walton, Bernstein, Tchaikovsky to name few others. I guess he knows the major classical composers very well and uses styles and techniques that seem appropriate to him.
  10. consider yourself stoned 😎
  11. Gurkensalat

    The official Smart Phones and Tablets thread

    Well, you know, Germany and The Netherlands and all that But at least we can meet here!
  12. Gurkensalat

    The official Smart Phones and Tablets thread

    Thats why I included a youtube video, so you can see it.
  13. Gurkensalat

    The official Smart Phones and Tablets thread

    My personal reasons: After 15 years of frustration with various Windows systems at home, and having never a problem with my Mac on the job, I finally switched in 2012 to a base Mac mini for 550 Euro (plus 70 Euro for more RAM) and never looked back. Its a no hassle, it just works experience that is very relaxing and a marked difference to my earlier computer experiences. Using a computer at home changed from being a chore to being fun, and I started doing much more like cutting family movies, putting the time I previously needed to fix Windows problems to a more productive and interesting use. I also bought a refurbished iPad 2 for 350 Euro from 2011, which runs nicely on iOS 7 (probably slower than iOS6, but very acceptable for such an old tablet; remember, technological progress was much more dramatic in mobile devices in the last 8 years than on PCs). This is now working as the family tablet, still fully functional despite being a 7 year old device, and I have now an iPad Pro 10.5 which is lighting fast and offers a lot of functionality with iOS11. So, despite I would not call myself a typical Apple fan and I don´t give a shit about status symbols, I am very content with the devices. My Mac mini works better and faster than ever after changing the HDD to an SSD, and still does everything I want from it. By the way, I don´t own a smartphone, because they are not worth it to me. I have a cheap standard cell phone without contract, and all the smart aspects are done by my iPad. This is just an additional version of the 2018 phone to boost sales mid cycle. The 2019 iPhones will like every year arrive in September. I think that is not true anymore. Apple heard the criticism and pledged to improve iOS performance on older devices with iOS 12. and this is the first beta of 12 compared to the final version of 11!
  14. Gurkensalat

    The official Smart Phones and Tablets thread

    This is just an additional version of the 2017 phone to boost sales mid cycle. The 2018 iPhones will like every year arrive in September and will be different/upgraded.
  15. Gurkensalat

    Far and Away being released on Blu-Ray on March 4

    I find Rosewood not a weak film, I like it quite a bit. A kind of Schindlers List on diet for Blacks (SL being the superior film).