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  1. Gurkensalat

    Sony Music no longer dealing with soundtrack labels

    I vehemently disagree concerning Memoirs, War Horse and especially Tintin with its 2 separate recording sessions.
  2. I am not sure that I would call the movie great, but it is nice and entertaining. I agree that the score IS great, I often listen to it.
  3. Great, but again a concerto where there are already good recordings available. Patiently waiting for clarinet and viola concertos (and Scherzo for piano and orchestra).
  4. Gurkensalat

    New Podcast! The Baton: A John Williams Musical Journey

    Just finished the episode about The secret Ways. Very interesting and informative, and the music in this movie is already starting to sound like early 70s Williams. I especially hear Images in the main theme, but also shadows of the Desaster movies and Eiger Sanction. The association to Jaws was a bit far fetched for me, but also nice. Keep up, the podcast is great!
  5. Gurkensalat

    Harry Potter 7CD Collection - MUSIC discussion

    No, definetly not. I would not have any problem with that if I where a composer.
  6. Gurkensalat

    Harry Potter 7CD Collection - MUSIC discussion

    Ok, as „the other guy“ I really did not want to start a discussion about boots, but about sound quality. And since I bought the set (I always buy the commercial available release, when it is released, if I got something from a not official source), I do not see that I am doing anything morally doubtful. My actions do not lead to any monetary loss for anybody, so i definitely do not steal from anybody. The latter were the case, if I would download boots instead of buying them, but this is not my mode of operations. So I really do not understand your issue in this case. And by the way, there is no such thing as karma... 🙂
  7. Gurkensalat

    Harry Potter 7CD Collection - MUSIC discussion

    As I said, try listening to the Troll fight at the end of Disc 1 for a minute or so (it is played very loudly, full force), and then switch to the beginning of track 1 or 2 which is played very softly, but sounds almost as loud.
  8. Gurkensalat

    Harry Potter 7CD Collection - MUSIC discussion

    You mean, it is better to stay uninformed, so you would gladly accept compromised quality as „superior sound“ (as many are raving here about the severely dynamically compressed mastering of the box)?? i dońt think so. @Jay, I dońt want to nag too much about this, but if you could perhaps shed light on the matter, why it was decided to hamper the dynamic range so much, I would be grateful. I mean, I know that some compression is often deemed necessary, but I think in this case it has been turned on far too much. Was a box like this really made for customers with no interest in quality hi-fi playback? I am really puzzled.
  9. Gurkensalat

    Harry Potter 7CD Collection - MUSIC discussion

    Finally got the box and started listening to HP1. The box and presentation is great, and its good that we finally can legally have the complete music. But I am very disappointed in one respect: The dynamic range is severely reduced compared to the session leaks. The session sound like a large orchestras should sound (and does e.g. during HP live in concert!), while the Box has crushed the dynamic range to almost pop music likeness. Just compare the fight against the troll, stop after 1 minute or so and then start the first or second track of Disc 1. The music sounds almost as loud as the troll music! Unfortunately this seems to be another victim to the loudness wars. For listening in the background or during driving this is ok, even helpful. But when I want to hear the true orchestral sound at home on the stereo, I will go back to the session (which I planned to delete after purchase of the box). A Pity.
  10. Today a letter arrived that the post could not process the customs, so they sent it to the customs office where I have it fetch it and pay customs for it. Will call there on Monday but fear that they will not be open because of Christmas 😭
  11. Gurkensalat

    THE POST - SCORE Thread

    Finally got around to listening to this. While some have mentioned similiarities of Nixon, Sleepers and Presumed innocent, I was much reminded of Black Sunday, with the short repeated Motivs and low staccato flute tones generating suspense. By the way, has anybody listened to the FYC for comparison? Are there any leaks?
  12. I was from the beginning a fan of the score to Tintin, even when I felt that I was in a minority. As often, with time perspective changes and more people now seem to appreciate this score.
  13. I don´t see why there could not be a JW score. Assuming they will in fact produce a script in 2019 and film Mocap in late 2019/2020, Williams could write the music to the Mocap cut in less than 2 years from now. He seemed to have enjoyed his work on Tintin judging from the interviews and making of. And I am sure, Spielberg will urge Jackson to use Williams if possible.
  14. Gurkensalat

    The Lion King (Jon Favreau)

    I like Atlantis a lot. Its more of an adventure film, not typical Disney.