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  1. All is fine except for the overuse of the force theme ("just use less force theme" was not a poll option)
  2. Did you compose a new main title for Episode I and was it recorded? Why don´t you write a piano concerto? What do you feel is you first important/mature score?
  3. What are you talking about? What corner do you mean? I am quite sure that the main story, including the horcruxes, was planned. Book 2 already used one of them, the diary. not called horcrux there, but already depicted as a strangely powerful magical object without definite explanation. Of course in theory it could have been retconned, but I do not believe that without clear evidence.
  4. I have the Herrmann SACD, and it is brilliant! A great selection from various soundtracks, the playing is excellent and the sound as if it were a recent recording. Especially impressive is the multichannel sound with special instruments in the surround, e.g harps in 7 mile reef and drums in white witch doctor. The Rosza is next on my list.
  5. So Williams quickly stitched together some themes for this solo medley the night before? Nice!
  6. I enjoy the podcast still very much; it gives me a new appreciation, how John Williams found and developed his mature sound between Heidi in 1968 and Poseidon Adventure in 1972.
  7. A bit more detail here at 4:15 time:
  8. You have to realize that this is a piece of industrial engineering that cannot be compared to consumer monitors. The mechanics they hinted at to have always the perfect height an angle may be overengineered, but in the industry may be its money worth if you use it daily 10h for years. I use a LG monitor for 100 Euro, but it wobbles each time I come into contact with the desk :-)
  9. Not in the PC sense. But I think the Files App has some new capabilities and you can also use mass storage via USB port which shows up in the Files App
  10. Yes, it´s a head scratcher , isn't it? With all the available unreleased material at the time….
  11. Gerhardts TESB was a nice expansion at the time to the 1 disc OST. Some sloppy playing, e.g. the hectic asteroid field. Gerhardts ROTJ is strange since one of the few expanded areas is The Ewok Battle which is the film version of The Forest Battle, which is also on the disc. Choosing this repetition instead of anything other out of close to 2 h of unreleased music was mind boggling. On the other hand I like the orchestral version of YubYub. Kojian is nice, good recording quality. Some tracks are a bit slow. Again, the few expansions are not those I would have chosen, but so what. When I bought it in 1988 I was happy for every additional bit of music and played it quite often. Skywalker recording is a nice round package of the concert suites, played well, although a bit slow sometimes. Don't like the electronic sounding Cantina band.
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