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Fal J. M. Skywalker

Howard Shore's 王者荣耀 (Honor of Kings / King of Glory)

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Here's some more info on the game




Zimmer & Balfe worked on it too






More info:




Google translation of this page:




Creation of the world's top art masters

The super-large orchestra of 96 top performers participated in the recording

60 singers' top choirs

Abbey Road Studios in the world's hall-level recording studio recorded...

The eternal Chang'an City melody undulating, the king's most prosperous city on the mainland - Chang'an, stands in front of you.

Want to know how this epic music was created? Click and watch the "Forever Changan City" music documentary ~



Artist profile

Howard Shore: One of Hollywood's best film musicians, the Oscar winner, the "Lord of the Rings" series, the "Hobbit" series and other classic film music composers.



GIF: Composer Howard Shaw

[Chimes + bamboo flute + drums = thick Chinese elements]

Chang'an City is located on the central plain of the king's mainland. Under the leadership of the female emperor, there is an unprecedented prosperity and prosperity , all the people are prosperous, and the people are thriving. The travellers and products from all over the world come to Chang'an and let the time flies. The beauty of this oriental fantasy city will never die.

In order to present a mysterious and graceful oriental city in the melody. In the choice of musical instruments, Howard used the representative instrument of China, the flute, to play the main melody lines with the orchestra. The melody is clearly distinguishable and has a strong Chinese color.



GIF: Orchestra live performance




GIF: Flute player Tu Huabing


At the same time, Howard also used chimes. The chime was a large-scale percussion instrument in ancient China. It was born in the Western Zhou Dynasty and flourished in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States to the Qin and Han Dynasties. It is also one of the most representative instruments of the Tang Dynasty in China. Cooperate with the Chinese drums to create a magnificent oriental rhythm ~


Picture 1.png

Chime (picture from the network)


[Crossing the dialogue between China and the West]

According to the description of the audio big Sean, before the creation of Mr. Howard Shaw's "Forever Chang'an City", he only came to Hong Kong, China. China is a unique and mysterious oriental capital in his eyes. Because China's Tang Dynasty is a world-famous historical dynasty, including the music of the Tang Dynasty, the impact on the world is very far-reaching. For the sake of music creation, Mr. Howard deliberately watched a large number of Chinese documentaries, as well as the historical background of the Tang Dynasty and the folk music, costumes, etc., and recorded the characteristics of many Chinese music in detail. The Sagamons now hear the "Forever Chang'an City". The reason why there is a Chinese musical sense is that the melody uses five-tone music, and also uses the rhythm of China's four-stable. Taking the Chinese melody as the root and integrating into the Western concept of music creation, this game of dialogue across the Chinese and Western music presents the unparalleled Chang'an City in the minds of each summoner ~


Picture 2.png

GIF: "Forever Changan City" sheet music


Xiao Xiaoji : The audio is big. I want to ask what is the most memorable thing in the process of creating music with Howard Shaw~

Sean : Actually , when I was recording on Abbey Road Studios, everyone was a little nervous, because at the moment when the last music was played, all we had was music. When all the musicians were seated and ready to record, Mr. Howard appeared, with white hair, but his eyes were wide, and all the musicians, conductors and staff were enthusiastic applause and hugs. When the conductor began the first instruction to play, the music came out from the studio. Everyone present, including myself, was very excited. Our domestic photography teacher told me that at that moment, I was in tears. Hey.



There are a thousand Hamlet in the eyes of a thousand readers. I believe that the summoners with both value and talent have their own understanding of "Forever Changan City" ~

Regarding this music, what do you want to say , please tell your baby in the comment area, and share with you the prosperous Changan in your eyes ~


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Regarding this music, what do you want to say , please tell your baby in the comment area, and share with you the prosperous Changan in your eyes ~



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So did Shore compose a whole soundtrack for the game or just contributed a few pieces to it?


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The Wikipedia article says Zimmer & Co worked on the original 2015 soundtrack:


The game's music was composed by Hans Zimmer, Jeff Broadbent, Lorne Balfe and Duncan Watt,[21] and was performed and recorded by The Chamber Orchestra of London at Abbey Road Studios in London.


So perhaps some new music is composed by Howard Shore, Thomas Parisch and Marcin Przybylowicz?

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It's a mobile game that gets continuous updates as time goes on. It seems Shore contributed some pieces to a big 2018 update that was pushed out, but had nothing to do with any of the music that was in the game for its first 3 years. 

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3 hours ago, Fabulin said:

I hope that Chinese money, ambition and competitiveness will result in a surge of commissions from top composers in the next couple of decades. Every time in history such increased demand occured, excellence followed.


2 hours ago, KK said:


Hmm. Shame. Sounds like a generic RC "oriental" video game anthem. It's even missing Shore's staple flairs in orchestration. Clearly a paycheck gig.



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