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  1. First shot received, Pfizer it is. The second one in July.
  2. Yes. The Book Thief is second best. But you knew that.
  3. 1. Jaws for the film. 2 and 3 CE3K Jaws is such a perfect movie with wonferful score. Out of the film it is almost unlistenable. CE3K is also wonderful film and the score is Williams' greatest ever, in the film and without it.
  4. Definitely the Spielberg film. I hope it's another The Book Thief or BFG.
  5. I voted for fanfare for Hollywood Bowl and that VPO piece hands down. I really hope that indy 5 won't happen. Thanks
  6. I think it is too late for philip so it must be my wife. Or the ridiculous countries that still have monarchy...
  7. Funny thing that so much news(well in the media I do not care) about a dude I never knew. My wife told who he is/was but totally BS for me. Seriously, get a life.
  8. I think you are absolutely right. Lets hope it will be good.
  9. Wait!? It's not directed by Spielberg. So there will be no ugly embarrassing Spielberg moments(always 30% too much of everything, Meryl Streep school) so this might end up well. Cool.
  10. Well there isn't anything cynical if you think this will be nothing special, the previous one wasn't. Give me some Book Thief situation.
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