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  1. Yes Sarah was so happy to play with John and said her lips are gone!! The sixth horn is from the academy, played with her in Helsinki PO last week where she said he might be playing with John next week. I told her 'I hate you'
  2. Yes, the tempo in Jurassic Park was ridiculous!! I usually hate too slow tempos but that was too much, the piece lost its religious touch I think.
  3. Indeed!! There were also many other musicians of Orchestra hanging there in the street bar outside of the Philharmonie and they all praised John as a musician and also as a human beeing, they had a wonderful week together!!
  4. I was hanging with the horn section after the Saturday concert. First horn Chris said that Johnny came to him and said that nothing wrong with his playing but John was too tired to conduct Leia's theme as an encore!!
  5. Jesus..get some help!! I liked Vienna more, but this was still amazing!! Love JW.
  6. They are all amazing scores, love them. TBT most important for me.
  7. On Thursday morning they are having an audition for solo horn.
  8. And the orchestra, the performance, it is so perfectly in balance!!
  9. ASM in Berlin? Somebody must stop her sending those damn cookies to John!!!
  10. I definitely will visit those beer gardens!!
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