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  2. I think it's curious how all of us - all super fans of JW if I may say so - appreciate different parts of his music. From the Lockhart album my favorites are the selections from Heidi, ET, Sabrina (such a great performance). i'm sure other pieces will grow on me, such as the selection from Dracula (sounds so much better than the CD), The Terminal (is it the best recording?) or Sleepers (previously unknown to me).
  3. I had my first cup of coffee ever the day of my junior prom when I was 16, then never touched it again until I had a GF that drank a lot of Dunkin Donuts ice coffees and I would try sips occasionally. Then somewhere in my early 30s I began to occasionally buy ice coffees myself, basically for the (heavily flavored/sugared) flavor more than anything else at that time. Sometime around I guess 32, 33, 34, whatever it was, I began to actually enjoy the taste of plain coffee and since 34ish I've been a daily drinker, basically have some every morning of my life... not always on weekend mornings though. Definitely every day I work, though.
  4. Me too. I used to literally drink a "sippy cup" of coffee on the way to school in the mornings.
  5. Covenant cost under $100m so its break-even threshold isn't particularly high. $300m worldwide should be profitable for Fox, not including streaming and home video revenue. The series has always been a money maker. In this case, keeping the series ongoing and part of pop culture is probably more important for Fox than any individual film being a mega-hit, because of all the residuals these franchises provide long-term.
  6. I love this album and I'm really glad it exists, but it is almost by definition made up mostly of Williams "also rans." Lots of great music, but not even close to as good as pieces like "With Malice Toward None," "A New Beginning," or "Escapades." But I get it. For hardcore fans like us, these lesser known pieces are a novelty and we're so grateful they've been recorded at all.
  7. Same here. Similarly, I don't prefer their recording of The Imperial March, but their rendition of The Asteroid Field IS my favorite! Funny how these things work out sometimes.
  8. Give Peter Jackson an Alien movie. Who doesn't want to see a farting xenomorph?
  9. And my son, future owner and moderator of JWFan, was born May 14th. He's named after Elliott in E.T.! It is his destiny! JWFan shall be his! May the Fourteenth Be With You!!!!
  10. I get the sense that I love S/W III more than most of JWFan but this album doesn't even come close, not within a hundred miles, of being as good for me.
  11. Ive been drinking coffee since I was 5.
  12. NIGHT CROSSING is an absolute underrated classic!
  13. Wow lots of May birthdays around here! Happy birthday to all of you!
  14. Yea, I never touched the stuff until I was... I dunno, 33 or 34 I guess? Maybe a little earlier.
  15. Given the box office returns for Covenant, FOX's dreams of an Alien franchise might prove to be as short lived as a Hadley's Hope colonist. I wish they would have just made the Bloomkamp film.
  16. Our little Jay is growing up. I remember reading posts from you when you said you never touched coffee.
  17. Jason, please delete Stiff.
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  19. Memoirs of a Geisha by John Williams: Classy. Very classy indeed. Night Crossing by Jerry Goldsmith: Soaring. Very irresistible rhythms but mostly wonderfully soaring. Star Trek: First Contact by Jerry (and Joel) Goldsmith: A person favourite Trek score. I really dig all the suspense music in this one and of course the hymn theme for the first contact is ace.
  20. Tomorrowland isn't exactly worth the 500$ it's going for on Amazon, alas...
  21. Oh, thanks! I searched but didn't see it there, so didn't bother to try 7digital or qobuz. Updated my post!
  22. Oh, thanks! I searched but didn't see it there, so didn't bother to try 7digital or qobuz. Updated my post!
  23. Jason please delete Stiff's postcount.
  24. Every time I hear Hannity's name, all I can think about is this:
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