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  2. dougie


    Well now that Mueller isn't telling Democrats what they want to hear, will they want him investigated now?
  3. dougie

    FILM: The Dark Knight (2008)

    I suppose geeks in the 2000s were demanding to know how Bruce Wayne became such a skilled fighter.
  4. Kasey Kockroach

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Creation by Christopher Young Murder in the First by Chris Young The Monkey King by mister Young
  5. Knox Harrington

    What can a scientist in my Star Wars fan fic be working on?

    But dear Lord, do you think we're intelligent enough to...suppose...what if this thing were used where life already exists?
  6. Ghostbusters II

    What can a scientist in my Star Wars fan fic be working on?

    Perhaps a top secret device that can be deposited on a lifeless moon and create a class M planet. Maybe call it something like the Genesis Project.
  7. Ghostbusters II

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Casino Royale is great! Catwoman Maybe they should have called it Catwoman Begins? Fuck me. This is a massive pile of shit, obviously. All that can be positively said about it is that the lady who played Ms. Swan on Mad TV (Yes, she's in this) was in her prime here. Only old black guys seem to like this movie and I can't even bring myself to enjoy it ironically. We need Max Shreck to shoot this cat broad at point blank range over and over again. She's fired!
  8. I’m looking for something highly advanced
  9. dougie

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Batman Begins and Casino Royale were the beginning of the post-9/11 realistic/relatable/dark/disturbing craze.
  10. So is the Kritzerland 2cd set the better sounding than the new Intrada redux? I have both sets but have not opened the Intrada set.
  11. Today
  12. SteveMc

    What is the last piece of classical music you listened to?

    A plausible theory, yes.
  13. Huh, I'll have to give some of those a spin!
  14. A. A. Ron

    Anyone else sick of Disney?

    Similarly messy, yeah.
  15. TheMagicFlute

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    The Naked Island (1960) 9/10. Poetic. Beauty.
  16. Romão

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    It hasn't aged well, I think. In my view is clearly the worst of the trilogy. Gotham feels quite small. The scene that really irks me is Thomas Wayne exposition while riding the train. And Nolan did the death of Bruce's parents much more impressively
  17. Shazam! Caught the early preview tonight and it plays out like a slightly darker Marvel Studios film. The stakes are real and it gets quite scary in places, but it's also quite funny and pokes fun at superhero tropes. Zachary Levi is hilarious in the titular role, and is ably supported by a great supporting cast-- including Asher Angel as his teen counterpart. Mark Strong does a typically solid job as the antagonist, but he's played the bad guy so much he could do it in his sleep. There's a Spielbergian vibe running throughout the film that sets it apart from other superhero films, like the foster home setting during Christmastime. And it's a rare film where the best scenes are in the actual film and not spoiled in countless trailers. I honestly want to see this again.
  18. The Departed, The Departed, The Departed.
  19. JoeinAR

    The Netherlands

    Whats sad is there is a numerical terror alert.
  20. Manakin Skywalker

    The Complete Cue Lists Thread

    Peter Bernstein - Ewoks: Caravan of Courage & The Battle for Endor (Incomplete / Unsorted) Source: BMI / SABAM Alone Bad Lands Borra Part 1 Borra Part 2 Caged Chukka's Song Cloak and Stagger Dragon End Credits (Ewoks: Battle for Endor) Endor Jig Escape Ewok Adventure Ewok Main Title Ewok Party Farewells Getting Out Good Bye Izrina Gore Axed Gorax House In the Gorax Chamber Pt. 1 Izrina Mace's Surprize Main Title (Ewoks: Battle for Endor) More Escape More Medicine Morning of the Trek Moving Out Night Before Noa and Terak Noa's Ark Noa Whistles Pixie Prologue Pulga Chase Pursuit Remembering Teek To the Cruiser Walking Talking Wreckage
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