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  2. I thought Kylo would wait to go a separate path from the Jedi or the Sith?
  3. Incanus

    BSO360 ep 3: Boston Pops retrospective

    Thanks for sharing this Miguel! Shame that Williams himself wasn't interviewed for these documentaries. I would have loved to hear about his time and experiences with the Boston Pops.
  4. I played since the game came out, countless hours. I still think the best piece of the music was the release trailer.
  5. Well luckily the package now shows up in Finnish postal service's tracking so it has arrived in the country. I might get it by the end of the week if the postal service in their magnanimous grace deem it worthy of being delivered in three days from the airport to me 16 km away. Fingers crossed the replacement box hasn't been damaged during its grand tour through Europe. I would hate to demand a replacement for the second time from LLL.
  6. Trump orchestrated the axing of a lady GB sequel!
  7. How To Get Yourself Fired. Chapter 1. Seriously, though, did she not get the memo about them wanting a sequel for their film too?
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  9. Incanus

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Waxman is one of those Golden Age composers who constantly impresses me with each new score I listen to from him. Signs by James Newton Howard: A carefully constructed and intelligent score from JNH with a central three-note cyclical idea at its center representing the main mystery of the story and also at the same time musically painting us the form of the alien crop circles, that goes through myriad variations and gradually expands and culminates in the powerful Hand of Fate during the finale. To the composer's credit he gets a lot of mileage out of this central motif without it becoming too repetitive during the running time of the score and does give smaller moments of pure melody to counterweight the almost Jaws-like obsessiveness of the three-note cycle. Among the most effective of all the JNH/Shyamalan collaborations that nearly all sport such strong and evocative musical concepts.
  10. I'm convinced there's a VFX intensive planet in the plot that we're not privy to (ala Crait in TLJ, Mustafar in ROTS, whatever the junk world in Solo was). Otherwise it's just Then again, maybe the tighter schedule forced their hands. I'll be happy if the Wadi Rum location is Korriban. It would be fitting to have the final showdown there, with Kylo seeking out the wisdom of the Sith elders on their origin planet.
  11. I've quit better jobs than this... JOHNBUSTERS, waddya want?
  12. JTWfan77

    When will we get a new album release of Home Alone 2?

    Did Labson master the Varese DE?
  13. Horner's Dynamic Range

    New Ghostbusters film ("Ghostbusters 3" - Jason Reitman, 2020)

    Oh, it's you. Okay, but I didn't know you had your license.
  14. Horner's Dynamic Range

    New Ghostbusters film ("Ghostbusters 3" - Jason Reitman, 2020)

    Smells like somebody took a big...Aaaaaahhh!!!
  15. Slimer poo... there's an image.
  16. Horner's Dynamic Range

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Batman did all those things for me
  17. Looks like Naxos Portara records is releasing their 5th John Williams Concerto on February 8, 2019 - the Maestro's 87th birthday. Leonard Slatkin once again leads the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, this time with Dennis Nulty on Tuba. Amazon is showing the digital-only release for $2.67 as a pre-order and Apple Music has the third movement available now as a preview (which is an odd choice as it is supposed to be continuous with the 2nd movement). (Have not checked Spotify or other sites.) Sometimes sites like eclassics.com sells uncompressed versions of these. (They have 2 of the older ones.) I know this piece was performed in 2014 in Detroit (along with the Flute Concerto), but I am not sure if this is that same playing. Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MG56GK1/ref=pe_385040_112047530_TE_DP Apple Music preview: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/john-williams-tuba-concerto-single/1449279307 Interestingly, when I added this to my library, the other two movements are visible but grayed out (presumably they will become active on Feb 8). I believe this will be the 8th recording released of this work (including the Charles Vernon bass trombone rendition from 2005). The artwork continues the style of the other concerti in this series: FYI - they have previously released: Horn concerto, 2010 Violin concerto (revised version), 2011 Cello concerto (2012 revision), 2015 Five Sacred Trees (bassoon concerto), 2015 On Feb 9 and 10, 2019, the Detroit Symphony is playing the Williams Oboe Concerto (with a live web stream on the 10th). So, I guess we will get this as an official digital release in the next few years. Link: https://www.dso.org/ShowEventsView.aspx?id=4915&prod=4914
  18. You have misguided feelings about the importance of watching fictional movies. Fundamental would be anything that helps someone get a good job, house and love life. Your silly movie isn't that.
  19. I just use iheartradio and YouTube.
  20. If the thirty minutes that I spent checking wikipedia articles to test a few theories got something close, but not exact, then this proves this isn't a reasonably fun question to ask people. Not if it involves 26 women who are not all American, not all the same race, didn't all meet, and all still aren't alive. This is research. You may as well say the answer is that they all released a third movie that debuted on the same day in Tokyo, or they all had a second husband named Steve. It's not fun based on what people are reasonably supposed to know or remember. You're just too smart for us, Mensa boy.
  21. Horner's Dynamic Range

    Who is the sexiest young celebrity these days?

    I gotta go watch the news.
  22. Horner's Dynamic Range

    New Ghostbusters film ("Ghostbusters 3" - Jason Reitman, 2020)

    Women! Seriously though, what's wrong with these people? Their movie was a complete and total disaster, as Trump would say. They would never get a sequel. As for redoing it, if it was with the original cast then yes, it would be huge. It's just smart business. I don't remotely like Trump as a president or even as a person anymore, really, although I did vote for him. But I respect that he was in the Bobby Brown Ghostbusters II music video. That was some real g shit. This bitch doesn't deserve to smell Slimer's shit. I'm just keeping it real. Remember, I'm not even excited for this movie.
  23. W0$

    Why don't we ever see Wilson's mouth on Home Improvement?

    Who was just a continuation of Vera Peterson.
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