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  2. crocodile

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Creed II by Ludwig Goransson Karol
  3. Didn’t know Grindlewald was out on CD today!
  4. Fargo

    FilmStruck Shuts Down

    Quickly read the thread title, thought it was about Filmtracks. Now that's a place I haven't visited in a few years.
  5. And having more spaces would spoil the fact that there are multiscore releases when they've already confirmed there are 5 items coming.
  6. Not necessarily true, they have only one space for Superman II and III
  7. Holko

    Wheels for my truck

    The wheels on the truck go round and round...
  8. Today
  9. First, click on the "Reveal hidden contents" text below the First Man entry to reveal the links. Next, you can either highlight all of the links and copy/paste them into a download manager (e.g., I use JDownloader 2) OR you can copy each link individually and paste it into a separate browser window. Your browser will either begin to play the audio (in which case you should be able to "Save Page As" to save the audio file), OR your browser will directly prompt you to save the audio file. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or issues.
  10. We expect a full report of the nights jovialities!
  11. Stefancos

    Wheels for my truck

    Rally Bronze!
  12. Stefancos

    Brexit: The Official Thread

  13. Jay

    Wheels for my truck

    There isn't a lot of car guys on this forum I don't think
  14. bolt84

    Wheels for my truck

    I plan to purchase a set of new rims for my black 2011 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor SuperCrew. Should I go for this Rally bronze Method Race Wheels?
  15. I haven't had a chance to listen yet but is it mentioned why mono tapes of the score exist in the first place? Is there a purpose for having them in mono? Was the film only mixed in mono for its original release or something?
  16. Looks like a little road trip to Tanglewood to see SW live. Since I hadn’t had the chance to see it yet.
  17. Well this was unexpected! Don't think I've ever seen any of these sets in stores before.
  18. That would indeed make 2018 one for the books
  19. So i'm new here and i tried to get the download for First Man and the links did not do anything can anyone help so i understand this for future fyc scores?
  20. bollemanneke

    HARRY POTTER 1-3 Complete Score Releases Confirmed

    But isn't SM different? Couldn't the reasoning be, people only really care about SM1 (as it's JW) so we'll do the others first? I don't think there are any people who aren't interested in the slightest in HP1 and apparently not even half his, or HP fans for that matter, fans know about the sessions being around.
  21. Hopefully they follow the Superman trend and work backwards, starting with Azkaban (because clearly it's the most coveted). But I still think they'll go HP1-2-3 plus SL and SM1.
  22. bollemanneke

    HARRY POTTER 1-3 Complete Score Releases Confirmed

    I don't even think I'd explode if it only turned out to be HP1. (Please don't remind of that promise on Friday.)
  23. Hey there's an unboxing video on youtube
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