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  2. Twin Peaks will be over soon so we already started up Mad Men as the "shared" watch in our house. Working out rather well, but we do also need to get back to Fargo (S2) at some point.
  3. They probably haven't (we don't know exactly what the terms of that alliance would have been). But the Long Night was a very long time ago. There could well have been a period of millennia, in its aftermath, when the Men remembered it well enough and stuck to their side of whatever bargain was struck. In the era of the story, of course, the Long Night is largely forgotten by much of Westeros, and no longer thought of as cause for concern even in the North. It doesn't, except in that they're using the same basic tactic again. The Children of the Forest are on their way out. There are hardly any of them left, and they seem to be resigned to extinction in the not-too-distant future (from their perspective), with Men being the inheritors of their homeland. But the world that Men have created is itself one of perpetual warfare, destruction and suffering. The feudal power structure is never robustly stable. Before they bow out once and for all, the Children are harnessing their old magics for one last push, and using the same deceptive ploy that worked for them in the original Long Night: creating a terrible, greater enemy that will force the humans into a state of cooperation - not, this time, with the Children of the Forest, but with themselves. There are lots of forms that this state of cooperation should take (after the conflict), but it would likely be some combination of principles that emerged in Europe as its nations gradually transitioned from feudal times into the Enlightenment era - separation of powers, constitutions, regional representation, a greater voice for the common folk, less emphasis on hereditary power, etc. In general, a state of organisation and government designed to make the whole thing less vulnerable to conflict and collapse.
  4. Wow! That sounds really ridiculous.
  5. He is essentially a Dark Lord, and that's part of why the show has gone of the rails. It's pretty much just a typical fantasy show now, with typical fantasy tropes. More than anything, this season is REALLY making me want to go back and watch the first four.
  6. Yeah, I've struggled to find any reason for these honorary degrees beyond the institution just wanting some attention.
  7. Well I didn't even think of "Oh this is Apple! Product placement, product placement! Please no! This ruined the whole movie ;(" but more like "Oh look at this computer, this means the scene is happening years later, in 21st century". I don't understand how it bugged you all that much to see that specific logo...
  8. Breaking convention for the sake of breaking convention? I remember the last time an old dude wanted to be The Doctor's companion. The Doctor said he traveled alone. Next piece of ass that came along was ushered into the TARDIS...
  9. Been meaning to since we subscribed to HBO Now for GOT Season 7, but with that ending Sunday I dunno if its in the cards. The problem is that its summertime, and we are spending most of our freetime enjoying the summer and not really watching a lot of TV
  10. OK, but how have the men been sticking to the terms of their alliance with the Children since the end of the Long Night? And also, how does this tie into the Walkers marching south now in the endgame of the whole tale?
  11. To fool them, yes, though not simply into thinking that they'd won. The Children and the Men had been in a state of perpetual war for, apparently, thousands of years because of their incompatible ways of life and the lack of restraint on the side of the humans. My hypothesis is that the Children, as a last resort, gathered all of their powers to create the appearance of a greater enemy, something that would frighten the bejeezus out of the Men, necessitate (in their minds) an alliance with the Children, and give them a genuine, lasting incentive to stick to the terms of that alliance long after the immediate conflict had ended. That's why the human myths don't say "So there were these White Walkers created by the Children of the Forest..." I know! That's why I don't buy the popular interpretation of what he's up to. It goes against Martin's well-known attitude to fantasy stories. Everyone in the "A Song of Ice and Fire" connoisseur community knows this quote of Martin's, and yet almost everyone explains it away in some manner, as though he didn't mean it to apply to the White Walkers!
  12. Right. Sorry, bad last minute edit. You should check out The Leftovers Jay. That's the beauty of his character. He really pushed the show's themes of expectations, faith and reality. Loved him and his cameo in season 2. And I wasn't a huge fan of Liv Tyler in the second season, but thought she had a marvellous sensitivity in the first season.
  13. It's great and its an anthology show, meaning each new season is a completely different story with completely different characters. They are all set in the same "universe" as each other and the movie, so there are some references to each other and some characters appear in multiple seasons, but nothing majorly so. Great score by Jeff Russo, too
  14. Well, that's another example. But MR goes farther.
  15. The Joker's origin story was already done back in 1989. If you compare that to what they did in "the comics" as everyone is such a big fan of these days, I don't see why the hell you wouldn't prefer Jack Napier killing Bruce Wayne's parents. The comics version is fucking atrocious.
  16. A trick Spielberg took from Blade Runner of course.
  17. I was actually thinking of making this my next show as well. Didn't know she was in it. Thanks for the tip! I felt satisfied with the GR conclusion. I wasn't a huge fan of Liv Tyler's performance anyway. I'm glad they found a way to bring back Ann Dowd though, she's great once she's able to really let loose. Holy Wayne was another character thread that I thought was really interesting, but I guess he was just a fraud in the end.
  18. It's important to keep product placement subtle, especially in historical films it just doesn't fit. However there are exceptions. "Minority Report" for example has extremely obvious product placement which is cleverly used to depict the future world. It is part of the utopia there, so it finances the movie and improves the futuristic design. Of course it has also a critical message, so it's like a combination of promotion and anti-promotion.
  19. But that's exactly what the Night King is! At least in the show, I'm not a book reader.
  20. The originals don't matter. Star Wars (1977) isn't even canon after watching the prequels.
  21. Yeah, I guess that's what we're supposed to assume, but it doesn't quite ring true for me. Apart from the fact that none of the human stories have any mention of the Children being responsible for the White Walkers, there's also the fact that the one myth that does incorporate the two races says that the "Last Hero" set out into the dead lands to find the Children and seek their help...which then apparently worked. Most of all though, that interpretation fails the most important test: it's not compatible with Martin's mantra "We don't need any more Dark Lords"!
  22. I'm not sure I understand what you're getting at, then. What are you not saying? If the White Walkers are acting as the Children intended, then what is the Children's ultimate plan? Simply to fool the humans into thinking they won for 800 years until ultimately being defeated by them when they grew in numbers?
  23. Today
  24. But the ending of Rogue One was supposed to take place hours or minutes before the start of the original Star Wars. Why did Vader go from a berserk killing machine to a more subdued and calm person who simply tosses people. Hmmm. If that's how he ends up after the battle, it would have been wiser to not create a massive battle in the first place and tack it on.
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