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  2. Like I said, Williams did not conduct the score. William Ross did. I don't know why you drag up all the other stuff.
  3. What is the last Television series you watched?

    It illustrates weedy, geeky guys for what they really are - deceitful, jealous, malicious and simmering with explosive self-loathing. The opposite to the cutesy, superficial and fantastical portrayal of nerds in TBBT repackaged and romanticised for the ignorant masses.
  4. Ross conducted CoS. Stefancos, you still think that Ross composed major sections of the score and various cues by himself because you don't like that score and something bothers you about it and that's the only explanation you hang on to to confuse others after all these years .You STILL base yourself on the original press conference of Williams saying he'd composed about 40 minutes of new music before he started writing it. Over the years overwhelming proof has come out that Williams composed much more than 40 minutes and probably all the cues in the score based on the handwriting and credits on the sheet music, that article saying Williams kept writing new cues until the last minute and other stuff I can't recall now, and NOW the OFFICIAL CoS Programme crediting Williams with all the individual cues. Ross still has a credit of "doing something on the score" but it's getting pretty clear it wasn't much besides taking the Williams cues and maybe editing them to the movie
  5. Raj would never be shown doing this in Big Bang! Is Bates Motel the ultimate antidote to the offensively implausible Big Bang Theory?
  6. Harry Potter - Live to Projection Concerts

    Is it true they didn't play the entire credits?
  7. Which are your Top 5 comedies?

    Speaking of James L Brooks, I couldn't stand Terms of Endearment, aside from Jack Nicholson's role. Something about Debra Winger just rubs me the wrong way.
  8. Which are your Top 5 comedies?

    Why wouldn't Broadcast News be a comedy?
  9. What is the Last Cue You Listened To?

    My favourite Barry score, from my 3rd favourite Bond film. Magnificent.
  10. Which are your Top 5 comedies?

    I'm not sure if it's billed as a comedy, but I think that BROADCAST NEWS is funny. My list was based on laugh-out-loud moments, and for sheer goofy fun, it doesn't get better than Peter Sellers menacing a housemaid, and a parrot, with a vacuum cleaner
  11. Would you like me to leave JWFan?

    Oooooh dissen gonna be messy. Me no watchin!
  12. Rate Sleepers!

    SAYING THE ROSARY, and THE TRIP TO WILKINSON, are as good as anything he wrote in the mid-90s, and it was a privilege to hear HELL'S KITCHEN performed as an encore, at Barbican, in 1998.
  13. Rate Sleepers!

    I don't rate Sleepers.
  14. OMG! That's just the worrst thing thats ever happened!
  15. Rate Sleepers!

    I don't love it, personally. Definition of a three-star score for me; nothing that turns me off, but nothing that sticks with me, either.
  16. Describe your last toilet visit with a movie title!

    The Temple of Doom Downfall Die Hard Inside Out
  17. Today
  18. Describe your sex life with a movie title!

    12 Angry Men Léon: The Professional The Dark Knight Rises Toy Story
  19. Just to add a bit to the confusion: the Chamber of Secrets bonus disk shows about 3 shots of Williams conducting (in a loose shirt instead of his signature turtleneck, nonetheless!), probably 3 different cues, but they are too short for me to recognize them. Or maybe the footage is stolen from the Philosopher's Stone sessions? Anyway, they play over the Moaning Myrtle cue.
  20. Would you like me to leave JWFan?

    NOOOOOOO!!!!! What have you done!!!???
  21. FSM Board?

    It is not even adapted for mobile phones.
  22. Would you like me to leave JWFan?

    Let's invoke him: @Thor
  23. FSM Board?

    The site is incredibly unhandy, JWFan is way more up to date and easier to handle!
  24. NEW | John Williams: The Conductor, 20 CD box

    Haha, yeah, I know, it’s crazy!
  25. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Lights, Camera, Music by John Williams Capricorn One by Jerry Goldsmith Lionheart by Jerry Goldsmith E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial 35th Anniversary Edition by John Williams War of the Worlds by John Williams Eastern Promises by Howard Shore Ghost Writer by Alexandre Desplat
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