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  2. They should legit use de-aging technology on Harrison Ford throughout the entirety of the next Indiana Jones movie.
  3. NEW SCORE AVAILABLE Universal Pictures Us (Michael Abels) [30 cues, 59:48]
  4. What, Brooklyn 99? It's great!
  5. Judging by the JWFan analysis, looks like JW excluded quite a lot of small bits of score and put concert versions on instead.
  6. Who was the dill who decided to build a city over water?
  7. How much unreleased music on this? I thought the album had more music than the film in this case
  8. It's mostly rock and pop music from the period (as usual with Scorsese), but there are a few stretches -- montage-type -- that have a bit of Robbie Robertson score. Not terribly exciting; some shuffling percussion and a groove, as expected from the The Band main guy (his score to COLOR OF MONEY is in the same territory, although perhaps a bit more melodic). It reminded me a bit of Mark Streitenfeld's AMERICAN GANGSTER theme.
  9. Just came back from this. I really liked it; the 3 1/2 hours fly by; it feels much shorter. The 'de-aging' thing works perfectly. You take notice at first, but then you quickly forget it (the war scenes with a young De Niro are so short, and from such a distance, that it's of no consequence whether it's believable or not). If I have any qualm, it's perhaps that it's a tad "dry" -- it doesn't have the mythological 'rise-to-power' aspect of, say, GOODFELLAS. But then I guess that's not its intention either. This definitely needs to be seen on the big screen, if you have the chance. Some great, De Palma-ish one-takes and whatnot.
  10. You can lean back in your chair and still see everything clearly.
  11. Today
  12. Nobody gives a fuck about an Uncharted movie anymore, that train wreck waiting to happen left the station years ago.
  13. Yes it's gonna be bigger than a microchip. Alex, I'm very excited...
  14. If the concept art is anything to go by this could be worth a watch.
  15. Everything is bigger now on youtube.
  16. It's the first bushfire we've ever had.
  17. Notice her arms, the dear probably has to spend a lot of time preening herself.
  18. Right now Australia is on fire.
  19. Time off work, an excuse to eat/drink too much, maybe be a little more charitable than usual, you get and give gifts, hopefully some decent TV ... eh, there are worse things than Christmas. Sure, the start of the corporate side of it seems to begin even before Hallowe'en's over but I guess I'm just used to that by now.
  20. Like it? I love it! It's cold and people stay home and watch TV. These idiots are gonna be at home watching TV for me tonight. I'm the biggest fan that Christmas ever had!
  21. As I've grown older I've realised the Christmas season is the biggest corporate swindle in history. It's a time to fork out a fortune, to deck the halls, buy gifts, buy useless things that next year they can sell to you again. There's something artificial about the time that bugs me, and instead of seeming like a celebration of another year, it's a stark reminder of another year gone because the Christmas cracker toys are still floating around from last Christmas that it all feels like it happened yesterday. For children, I suspect it's wonderful and in my own experience, I loved it as a child, however the repetitive nature of the festive season has grown irritating. Each year I've noticed that stores, businesses, restaurants, schools try and push the season out as much as they can hoping that Christmas begins sooner and ends later. I'm convinced some people want year-long festivities. It's a sad thing that the act of families coming together is hijacked by the corporations, coupled with the fact that we must work all year round and this is the only time some people can afford to take time to see their loved ones; it's a vicious, demeaning cycle. I'm not excited for Christmas these last few years, my thoughts are instead aimed towards what I can do in the year that follows...
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