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  2. Is there not some levity, though, that we should permit to works of fiction. We can look back retrospectively and see that perhaps for a group of people, the film could be perceived as portraying racist or problematic views, however, we must also see that there's no way to appease the sensitivity of everyone who receives these works of fiction. I had heard of the displeasure of Indians who believed the film had alienated their culture further to western audiences, although, I don't think anyone with a modicum of respect or decency, or half a brain cell ruminated for more than a second that Indian delicacy was as ludicrous as it is portrayed in the film, though a ploy to show the culture shock for Willie and Short Round. At that moment in the film, it felt to me like it was meant to be a fakeout, a moment to unsettle the protagonists and the audience. Just like in the world of gaming, we can commit to acts of extraordinary violence, acts that could be demeaning to a race or a culture and we can come away from the experience of playing those games recognizing that the representations of race, ethnicity, gender etc. and the violence perpetrated against them are fictional and nothing more. Problematic, but fictional. How do we go about gauging and policing how people are to respond to works of fiction? If someone is offended, how do we produce films that tiptoe around those issues, where expressions of culture can't be anything other than accurate and inoffensive?
  3. Why not look? I had the old release on CDr, it sounds awful.
  4. Today
  5. If a track is unreleased, as far as I'm concerned, it doesn't exist.
  6. So...you've just got your brand spanking-new Expanded/C+C/Special Edition of one of your favourite scores. Which track(s) are you looking forward to hearing, the most? Think back; which track(s) gave you that frisson, that chill, that told you that you'd soon be listening to a longed-for cue? How did you feel after hearing it, and was it worth it?
  7. Well there's an overreaction if I ever saw one. Yes, those kids are suffering from racial bias, because it's a scientifically established fact that most people do. It's often subtle, unintentional, and not something we have conscious awareness of, but it shows up in measurable ways. Generally speaking, it's cool if we find ways to reduce that, rather than increase it. But the perspective you're arguing against - that these nefarious filmmakers have singlehandedly ruined the lives of generations across the globe through this one film - is nowhere to be seen in this thread. Life isn't so black-and-white. These filmmakers surely meant well overall, and there's plenty in the film to enjoy. That doesn't preclude us from disagreeing with the social wrongs you yourself admit are also present. People aren't cleanly divided into completely non-racist paragons and awful racist bigots. Generally good people do bad shit sometimes. In the grand scheme of things, making a film that has the potential for contributing a bit to existing biases is far from the worst thing a person could do. But it still can cause some hurt. This isn't just retrospective, either. There was significant contemporary consternation from a lot of Indian people when this film was released. When people get hurt, it seems to me like the first thing you do is listen and try to understand their perspective.
  8. So we're not going to see things like: "I bought loads of Libras when 1 Libra was 20 dollars. Today 1 Libra is worth 10,000 dollars! Suckers!" Right?!
  9. Tanglewood on Parade program won't include any Williams piece this year. Not a first since 1980, but surely a rare thing to happen: And as noted before, Williams won't be conducting either.
  10. This isn’t a complete list. In the last seconds of the show, Feige mentioned other phase 4 things in the works (Including “Mutants” and Fantastic Four, Captain Marvel 2, Black Panther 2). As far as I know, not a peep about Guardians of the Galaxy 3, although we all know it’s coming. I’m sure there will be another Avengers movie in this phase, and Sony isn’t just going to ignore spider-man.
  11. Well it's money that's made just for the website... And it works just like regular money, but it's, er..."fun".
  12. I have far fewer complaints about the last season of GoT than the rest of you, maybe because I gave up the ghost completely in previous seasons or maybe because it was never a top favorite of mine - but if anyone deserved an acting award for GoT’s last season, it was probably Christie. She nailed the emotion in the knighting scene, the bedding and ill-advised abandonment scenes, her wrap-up in the finale
  13. I’ve been waiting for SDCC panel news on this movie, but apparently there isn’t one? What the hell
  14. If I understand correctly (haven't seen and don't have any plans to see it), the main draw of Avatar in the first place was the 3D (again... this time done correctly and here to stay, we swear, it's not another dumb phase, just give us your money, please please) and the vast CG world and characters. The sequels shouldn't float solely on this again in 2019.
  15. I like the bit where the clown goes all crazy and shit
  16. Can he ever direct a movie that doesn't begin with an A or a T?
  17. I don't hear people talking about it, either. But they know what it is. If you say Avatar, they'll know its "that film with the blue aliens". It doesn't sound like much, but it does mean that people recognise this film. As for Alita, it wasn't a James Cameron directed film, and that reflects both in the film itself and its box office. Avatar 2 isn't going to be Alita.
  18. I never cared for the 80s/90s TV miniseries (especially the adult half), but we really liked the theatrical Part 1, so we will see this and hope it lives up to that.
  19. SANDwiches followed by MUD pie.
  20. There'll be plenty of clowns who fall over themselves to make use of this no doubt.
  21. He's at home, washing his tights So...The Mouse now owns 20thCF. What next? I'd like to see it buy itself, so it can chase its own serpent's tail, and end-up disappearing up its own ass.
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