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  1. Those look nearly identical... The constant insistence that portrait is by definition wrong gets on my nerves. It's wrong only if the intended display is a non-portait display, e.g. a computer screen or TV. If it's meant to be viewed on a phone, and a portrait ratio fits the filmed scene better, than portrait as the intended ratio is the logical choice. There are plenty of portrait oriented photographs and nobody ever (to my knowledge) called those wrong.
  2. It's expensive, but it's Total Recall. I need it.
  3. There are tools to simply demux and rip the audio tracks from a Blu-ray, which I imagine should preserve the original encoding and compression. Only last time I read about them, I didn't have any free space on my disk, and by now I've forgotten the tools, so I'll have to look them up again.
  4. I didn't recognise him in TFA.
  5. My first thought.
  6. I remember not being convinced by the Dudamel version either, and having similar thoughts about it. But I've only played that Blu-ray once. I should figure out how to rip the audio track and put it in my playlist.
  7. Fixed. Apparently I'm the only one who likes The Dialogue. The Hook selections never grabbed me much, though. Lost World and War of the Worlds are sorely missed, in my book. Mutt really is more fun on this album than I'd expected. Still not a lot, but some at least. I'm still not convinced by this version of Dry Your Tears, Afrika that everyone is raving about. Amistad has become one of my most frequently played Williams scores, but the new recording sounds a bit too operatic/bombastic for the piece's character. Generally, it's a nice album. The sound is great, the selections and performances are nice. And yet it doesn't do too much for me, and most pieces don't seem to offer anything that the OST versions don't have, and slightly better. It might be because Williams, during the era represented here, has already consistently been writing the concert versions as part of the soundtrack, using them for credits and the albums. Not only does this mean that the album doesn't have a lot of new material to offer, but Williams' interpretations also seem to have been fully refined at the time of the original recordings, with little to distinguish these interpretations from the OST recordings.
  8. There's also the continuous shot where Ellie runs from the parking lot into the research centre, which is actually a digital composite of two shots.
  9. The TPM UE sounds great (other shortcomings aside), but the regular album doesn't.
  10. From Seven Years in Tibet and A.I. awful even. He was great before that, and he's often great again now (the turning point seems to have been HPPOA). Curiously, his Horner and JNH recordings in between are also fine. His dark period seems to apply only to Williams.
  11. One of my favourite bits from the cycle. I wish there were a concert version of it - I often put it on without bothering with the other 15 hours, but since it leads straight into Wotan's "Wache, Wala!", it lacks an ending and the track just stops abruptly. (The same also goes for the rousing interlude from the final act of Lohengrin.)
  12. I once, years ago, decided I had to finish some programming task drunk. Couldn't get it to work and gave up after a while, but left the PC running. Looking through the undo history the next day was hilarious.
  13. Wouldn't put it past Lynch. Well, Steef *is* a spambot...
  14. You're drunk at work?