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  1. If you're the only person in the elevator, or if something blocked the doors and they just re-opened, it saves you a few seconds of waiting. More importantly, those few seconds can mean the difference between going up right away and being blocked by another bunch of people seeing your open elevator door and running in. If you're in a hurry, or in an office building that has multiple elevators anyway, that's significant. My office is on the 8th floor, the four elevators for the lower half of the building only go up to 11 (ha-ha), so having other people in your car usually means making several additional stops along the way. I'm generally annoyed when an elevator does NOT have a close button. (Some even have TWO open buttons - which are indeed quite pointless - but no open button) That doesn't show anything that https://t.17track.net/ doesn't show - basically, it just combines the tracking of USPS with that of the Austrian post. But the labels are slightly different, and that worries me even more - because the (earlier) Intrada package only shows "Postaufgabe im Ausland" under the Post.at info, while the LLL order also has "Send item abroad (Export)". But the latter was 5 days ago, so if tracking is supposed to be continuous, that's not exactly reassuring either...
  2. Marian Schedenig

    The Doctor Who Thread.....

    Capaldi's theme is the Zimmer version of a Doctor theme, and repeated endlessly on the soundtracks. It's nice enough for what it is, but there's only so much you can do with it, and it shows. As for the new series... I think Whittaker is great, and the writing succeeds in giving here a quirky and distinct persona. The companions are nice enough, too, or at least they have potential - there's just too many of them to really give them a chance to shine, at least without better/more focused writing. In fact, the trio (and the constant need to split the plot into separate threads to give them all something to do) also means too little plot time for the Doctor herself. The stories are mostly on par with Chibnall's previous scripts for the show - not bad, but nothing to write home about, and mostly lacking in something to get the viewer invested in. Too little focus on the Doctor, too little focus on too many characters, no notable arc to bind the stories together or to provide room for some character development, and you end up with a collection of individual stories that never get a chance to draw you in. Demons of the Punjab and, to a considerably lesser extent, Rosa are exceptions because they have scope, and their basic setup and historical background give you something to care about right from the start. In a way, the big emphasis on making a series "for the whole family", with no convoluted arcs (I like those) and no backstory that you "should" see before watching the next episode, resulted in an endless string of monster of the week episodes (and I never liked those). The scores were fine, really, and always appropriate - but they always restrain themselves to merely service what's already there on screen (which, as I just explained, mostly isn't enough). Gold often went beyond that and made the music an important part in what hooked you. Manipulative? Perhaps, but it works, so why should I care? That said, Capaldi's first series was also troubled by a lack of focus due to the Doctor/Clara antagonism, and they ended up being a fine duo in the end. But I half hoped that Graham would lose his cool against Tim Shaw and die as a (direct or indirect) result of it, just to reduce the number of characters the next series has to handle. I'd much rather have more focus on the Doctor and some character development (and backstory) for Yaz than the full set of four characters that constantly get in each other's (and the story's) way.
  3. Marian Schedenig

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    It's first rate, but it's the only bit of music from the film I remember liking.
  4. Marian Schedenig

    Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection

    Probably his most underrated, and possibly my favourite. Much neglected movie also. Perhaps too witty for the general Disney crowd?
  5. Did you get full tracking? If both my USPS packages have full tracking, my Intrada package has been stationary in San Francisco for a full week now. I hope it's just the tracking that's off... I keep reading that they're often not connected, but I've never seen one that didn't work in Austria.
  6. A friend of mine is getting status updates again. His package was shipped shortly before mine and arrived at the LA distribution centre 7 hours before mine. His arrived in Austria today, and if our tracking works the same way, that would indicate that mine is still idling around at the LA airport. What's worse, applying the same logic to my Intrada order would imply that that has been lying around at the SF airport for a week now...
  7. Marian Schedenig

    Best Christmas Music

    Here's a lovely carol I've recently rediscovered. Based on a traditional carol from Tyrol (that I'm not familiar with), arranged by a university colleague of our choir director:
  8. I suppose they could have hired additional personnel to ship more packages in less time. And priced the Potter set at $200 to pay them.
  9. The tracking for both my USPS packages seems to have stopped a few days ago. The LLL order, shipped on the 8th, has been stuck on "Processed Through Regional Facility LOS ANGELES CA INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER" since the 9th at 21:33, and the Intrada order, shipped on the 6th, has been giving me nothing but new entries of "In Transit to Next Facility" every midnight since the 8th (it "Departed USPS Regional Facility SAN FRANCISCO CA INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER" on the 7th). I guess they'll just show up here without warning sooner or later.
  10. Marian Schedenig

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    But why did they put your face on the poster?
  11. Marian Schedenig

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Can't say I have. On the list it goes.
  12. The plane itself doesn't take long, obviously. It's just local handling that takes more or less time depending on circumstances and prioritisation (which you can influence by paying extra for faster shipping). I just ordered a Christmas present at Amazon.com earlier this week that I need to have by the end of next week, so I paid $10 for express shipping (for a $5 item). It was in a DHL van in Austria within 2.5 days. Only DHL never delivered it and now the new delivery windows is Monday to Thursday...
  13. Marian Schedenig

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Haven't seen it in years, but I finally got it on Blu-ray and have a Die Hard/Love Actually double feature scheduled for the 22nd. If you count at least some of the Potter films as well, Alan Rickman truly was the King of Christmas movies.