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  1. I'm trying to read it for the second time* at the moment (on and off), so I thought the comment was spot on. Would be easier if all the rambling seemed to have a clear purpose. *) *trying to* for the second time, that is. Got to somewhere near the middle the first time, some 15+ years ago.
  2. I watched the whole series twice and found it mostly consistently good. There's a few weak spots here and there, which is not surprising since the show shifted its game every once in a while (e.g. planet bound for a couple of eps). And I have no complaints about the finale. The Plan was perhaps not necessary, but nice enough for what it is, and quite cleverly done. Blood & Chrome on the other hand probably ranks among the worst, and worst-made, things I've seen.
  3. It does look like Capaldi is about to go out with the bang he deserves, yes.
  4. It's more uneven than the other two, but its strengths are very strong.
  5. It has Brent Spiner.
  6. Elfman's scores usually go, "I'm Elfman". Perhaps that's why his Batman theme is so good. The rest of the score though...
  7. But the long Gerhardt suite of CE3K has all that wonderful post-Strauss rumbling and cluster stuff that might pass as "serious" more easily than the directly accessible and melodic Star Wars suite.
  8. Fun episode. Lots of fun, actually. Easily the best of this series so far for me, without a weaker second half like last week. And I like how the series arc is slowly taking shape. Yes, the score for the Capaldi era in general has taken an approach that's a mix of noble Zimmer heroism for the Doctor and less noticeable background music for the rest. S9 had a larger share of refreshing exceptions, as far as I remember (where's the CD release!?), but on the whole, I'm hoping for a fresher approach for Chibnall's first Doctor.
  9. CE3K. The 20 minute Gerhardt suite. Comes with the best Star Wars interpretation as a bonus.
  10. I'll keep it in my backlog.
  11. I saw the first episode and found something about it totally off. Had no interest in watching more, but the repeated mentions here make me wonder if I should give it another try. Local Netflix finally has the second season of Helix, so I've been watching that (about halfway through now). Don't remember what exactly I ended up thinking about the first one except that it had some goofy parts but generally enough good ideas to make me see season 2. Looks like this one might leave me with similar thoughts (except that it's the last one).
  12. I've never been particularly fond of Dark Side. I like The Wall - it's not a favourite, but I don't play it often enough, and I'm always positively surprised by what I've forgotten about it, plus it has Comfortably Numb (and The Trial, too). I'll absolutely take Meddle and Wish You Were Here above both, though.
  13. You're an inanimate fuckin' object!
  14. Definitely the best for me so far. I loved the first half, even thought it was reminiscent of The Haunting in that it derived all its terror from strange noises. Unfortunately, the second half was highly formulaic. Suchet (whom I didn't know before) was great. I already miss Capaldi.