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  2. If I can get my Superman copy one day I'll be happy. SAE still out of stock Missing Jaws 2 of the major expansions. Not sure why I skipped it but I keep putting it off . I have the OST that was nearly complete.
  3. John Williams' Superman - I really like Leaving Home, The Planet Kyrpton, March of the Villains and also [of course] the main title theme.
  4. The Planets is the classical work I am most familiar with and I found this article that actually picks the best recordings by each movement, which I don't like because I prefer one good recording with one orchestra and one conductor to listen to at a time. All the same it shows some other recordings that are out there (I.e. Boult, Rattle, etc) and to check out. http://www.classical-music.com/article/best-recordings-holsts-planets I think I will listen to this one the next time. Thanks.
  5. Watched the Back to the Future trilogy over the course of a couple of nights a while back. Had a lot of fun. The first one is a icon while the next two kind of feel like more of the same, yet somehow they don't quite get all that old by the end of it. Plus, between each of the movies we explore three important periods in human time- the past, the future, and the Wild West. Cheers to Silvestri! Also went through The Mummy and The Mummy Returns. You know, these have there charm, but I just can't quite warm up to them. They lack the quality of the Indiana Jones series, which they clearly ride off of at times, but still hold up as decent adventure flicks that work for a rainy Sunday afternoon and a bucket of popcorn. Probably will never watch them again. Digging Goldsmith's score.
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  7. Just use the four note theme from STV that got recycled ad nauseum in FC and once twice in Nemesis.
  8. I'm sorry Jerry/Justin for your loss.
  9. Tidings of comfort and peace to you and your family, Drax. I offer my condolences.
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  11. https://www.npr.org/ and click on the "Daily News Email — Get the latest headlines and unique NPR stories, sent every weekday." where you enter your email address to subscribe.
  12. Now that Picard is so elderly, they should use JW's really slow underwhelming rendition of ST:TMP as the theme.
  13. Actually the BTTF track is played during the whole sequence - even during the cutaways to the supermarket. I loved that!
  14. I like his work on Fargo and Legion but I haven't watched or heard Discovery
  15. The Discovery theme (after the opening fanfare part) is so clearly modeled on the Game of Thrones theme that it borders on parody.
  16. Agreed. I don't have the blue box set but I bet it looks nice on the shelf. I did get the book that came with the blue box set from Lucas Kendall's kick-starter campaign which I donated, primarily for Mike Matessino's extensive liner notes! Back on the original topic, I've got Jaws I & II, and all three LLL Superman releases from the last year.
  17. We'll just get these sets eventually and they will be near perfect. Where's the catch? - There won't be a catch!* *literal translation from German: Where's the hook? - There won't be a hook!
  18. I love The Ancestral Home. What else is top 5 Williams from the 80s?
  19. @Alexcremers, I love you for this purchase.
  20. I like to look at airforce bases and navel bases using google maps to look at ship and planes from above. For some reason they erase the USS JFK being constructed. Yes you get clear views of the USS Ford.
  21. Come to think of it, the break between the two cues--the end credits and the love theme--should be 45 to 60 seconds, instead of 23 seconds. The extra time will serve these purposes: 1) Audience members who would come to the venue in cars can leave during that break so that they can have a head-start in exiting the venue's parking lot. I've been to auditoriums like the Kennedy Center in DC and Wolf Trap in Vienna, VA where during the night, the lights on the road glimmer like a Christmas tree, but upon a closer look, getting out of a concert parking lot at the same time is chaotic. 2) The names in the dedication-clip can move-up slower so that the remaining audience members can have a chance to read all the names on the screen and take them all in.
  22. There was some cool stuff in the second STD season. But much of it is all over the place, just like much of the show itself.
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