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  1. Copland FACT CHECK https://www.classical-music.com/features/recordings/a-guide-to-coplands-appalachian-spring-and-its-best-recordings/ The above BBC Classical article on Appalachian Spring says the following: This is FALSE There have in fact been TWO recordings of the actual complete original ballet for 13 instruments from the Graham company's parts: First, in 1990 is one conducted by Andrew Schenck for the Koch record label: https://www.discogs.com/release/8938627-Copland-Barber-Andrew-SchenckAtlantic-Sinfonietta-Music-For-Martha-Graham-The-Original-Versions Second, in 1991, conducted by Hugh Wolff for the Teldec label: https://www.discogs.com/release/6585156-Copland-The-Saint-Paul-Chamber-Orchestra-Hugh-Wolff-Appalachian-Spring-Original-Chamber-Version-Musi Of these two, I vastly prefer the 1990 album by Schenck. What we do not yet have is an official commercial recording of the complete ballet for full orchestra that was prepared by David Newman and the Copland Fund back in 2016. There have been various versions for orchestra over the years that have claimed the "complete" label, but this 2016 edition is the first that can pass the best definition for complete: it is the first orchestral version for which the original Martha Graham choreography can be performed with no changes or abridgments. I do however have a radio broadcast of a wonderful performance of this version by the Philadelphia Orchestra with Cristian Măcelaru conducting
  2. In terms of completely unreleased scores that I dearly wish I could listen to whenever I want, the biggest for me is: Geoffrey Burgon's scores for the BBC Narnia series. I won't pretend this is essential film/television music that everyone should want, but these cues are so ingrained in me for so many years. I wants it!
  3. RIP, one of the great fixtures of the LA studio musician scene.
  4. Yes, the snow camp escape is for sure the biggest highlight missing.
  5. Why is Silvestri attending the concert Lol-worthy? Pretty cool if you ask me!
  6. I am very very very very very excited that Louis Cole has announced a new album is coming soon (love the artwork lol). I honestly think Cole is the most talented and interesting younger/up-and-coming pop singer/songwriter working today. It's been 4 years since his last album, Time, which is my favorite pop album of the last 5 years. It's a masterpiece
  7. I didn't realize Score had taken their podcast to paid sub only. Ha! Yeah no thanks.
  8. People were referring to Mike teasing a big non-Williams release earlier in the thread, so Indy would not be that.
  9. If Indy 5 really is his last film, we're gonna have to get them to 30 on technicality anyway. So pick your technicality!
  10. I very strongly feel that Ludwig's music in general does not sound like cookie cutter RCP. Using synthetic sounds does not automatically = RCP. He has his own voice and approach that sounds nothing like Balfe & co.
  11. So I guess the real question is: is Indy 5 their 31st or 32nd collaboration?
  12. Indy 5 is something of a gray area, as I do believe this is the first time JW is scoring a film produced but not directed by Spielberg.
  13. I was first aware of it when it was mentioned in the NY Times profile back in February, there was some discussion of it then in the thread for that article.
  14. LOL did Williams just announce Ford's retirement for him?
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