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  1. Top Gun 2 is the first movie to get an A+ CinemaScore since the most recent Spider-Man, suggesting it will have a very very good weekend. It should escape the Memorial Day weekend curse (it seems to happen fairly often that Mem Day openers are notorious under performers vs. expections: Solo, Tomorrowland, Pirates 4, Prince of Persia, a few others)
  2. I love all the obvious matte paintings and "TV lookin" sets. All the seams make it more endearing to me.
  3. I don’t like everything. You know I’ll complain all day about how dreadfully boring Clone Wars is. Bail Organa: “Have the girl’s memory wiped”
  4. Guys, I just really freakin’ love The Search for Spock
  5. As long as I'm digging character and story, I'm pretty easy to please with the rest.
  6. The Mando one works as cool logo music (sorry I just like it) while this new one just sounds like the beginning of a longer cue, doesn’t feel natural to me
  7. Relistened to the Willow OST by watching my old isolated score videos. I love it so much, over-used Hornerisms and all! There's really only a few minutes missing (barring alternates/unused score) but I would just love to have this score "checked off the list." I'm guessing there's really not much to be done about the very long cues, though.
  8. I am very happy for them to not attempt to emulate Williams.
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