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  1. Confused
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to Yavar Moradi in The Alan Silvestri Thread   
    Musical legends on both sides. Why the need to denigrate Taylor Swift, an artist who writes most of her own songs?
  2. Haha
    Unlucky Bastard got a reaction from Martinland in SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE - 3CD Set from La-La Land Records   
    Jar Jar Binks, he's a funnier character than Clark Kent.
  3. Haha
    Unlucky Bastard got a reaction from Martinland in SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE - 3CD Set from La-La Land Records   
    The prequels are superior to the originals.
  4. Haha
    Unlucky Bastard got a reaction from JTN in Star Wars is better than everything   
    These people must have walked out pretty disappointed and were probably thinking about how much better it would look with more advanced special effects from the future.
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    Unlucky Bastard got a reaction from bruce marshall in John Ottman - X2: X-Men United (Expanded La-La Land Release)   
    Happy with the OST on this one.
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    Unlucky Bastard got a reaction from Cindylover1969 in Rank The Indiana Jones Films   
    Never got the Temple of Doom dislike from a lot of people. Did it scar ya'll?
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    Unlucky Bastard got a reaction from Cindylover1969 in Rank The Indiana Jones Films   
    1. Raiders
    2. Temple of Doom
    3. Last Crusade
    4. Kingdom of the
  8. Haha
  9. Confused
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to Yavar Moradi in James Horner's THE MASK OF ZORRO (1998) - 2023 2-CD Expanded Edition from La La Land Records, produced by Neil S. Bulk   
    Seriously? You're going to say that about the entire AFM? I'm sure it was just one AFM lawyer or somebody who screwed up, not making it a sliding date.
    @Jean-Baptiste Martin do you happen to know the recording dates for The Legend of Zorro?
  10. Confused
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to A. A. Ron in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (Disney Records Original Soundtrack Album) - NO FILM SPOILERS!   
    I hear this all the time, but it’s not really true that people in general are getting more sensitive. They are getting better at voicing their feelings and their needs. Western societies in general are also just doing a better job of understanding various viewpoints and respecting some of them. That said, I have no sympathy for the people who get upset when fascism is called out. Fuck ‘em. Indy had the right approach for dealing with Nazis.
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    Unlucky Bastard reacted to Trope in HOOK (1991) - NEW! 2023 3-CD Ultimate Edition Produced, Edited, and Mastered by Mike Matessino featuring all Williams/Bricusse songs   
    Fellow Australian here! I ordered minutes after it became available. It took a week to ship, has currently been in transit for 10 days, and estimated time of delivery is December 22-27.
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    Unlucky Bastard reacted to Docteur Qui in HOOK (1991) - NEW! 2023 3-CD Ultimate Edition Produced, Edited, and Mastered by Mike Matessino featuring all Williams/Bricusse songs   
    Has anyone from Australia received theirs yet? I ordered within hours of it being available from the LLL website; it’s been shipped and the USPS tracking site says it arrived at an origin transfer airport on December 9th but hasn’t moved since, still “in transit”.
    I’m getting a little antsy as last year when I ordered TND it never arrived at all, I checked the status in early Jan and it said “delivered” but never got it. I was eventually sent a replacement but that took another month.
  13. Thanks
    Unlucky Bastard got a reaction from QuartalHarmony in Remaster vs original master   
    Generally the original master has better dynamics, but people here hate that because their sound systems suck, so they prefer the brighter and louder remasters. Generally they prefer it brickwalled so they can hear it in the subway.
  14. Confused
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to Yavar Moradi in Jerry Goldsmith's MACARTHUR (1977) - NEW! 2023 Intrada 2-CD   
    Pretty sure it had unique takes. Anyhow, I’m sorry you find it so difficult to enjoy that release Brundlefly. I readily admit it’s not perfect, but I quite enjoyed it myself. Maybe one day the score will be revisited again in a more definitive edition. LLL just rectified their earlier Hook expansion after all, and that 2CD expansion had far more noticeable issues with it than Hollow Man, IMO.
  15. Confused
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to GerateWohl in Anyone here succumbed to 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray?   
    Watched True Lies again two days ago and became aware again, that you very clearly see, that in about 60% of the movie Schwarzenegger is replaced by a stunt double. I guess, in a 4K version this becomes even more obvious. So, I don't think, that this movie will benefit from a 4k edtion.
    And the movie has less sexist than rather racist issues. It was obviously a time, when it was fun to kill arabs on screen.
  16. Confused
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to Bayesian in Anyone here succumbed to 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray?   
    Wow. The details about the James Cameron 4K releases are a lot to take in. (After LLL's BF drop, I'm going to have to wait until well into next year to buy any of these releases, so I'm hoping they pressed a damn bunch of them.)
    True Lies is the one movie in the group I don't think aged very well. It's also uncomfortably sexist in parts, if memory serves, so I'm ok skipping that one. Abyss, Aliens, though, are straight-up sci-fi classics and must-owns, and the Abyss 4K trailer makes the restoration look amazing.
    Titanic... man, I dunno. I don't know how many more times in my life I'd feel the need to watch that movie. During its initial theatrical release, Titanic had an incredible scale, a vastness, that I remember had me spellbound both times I saw it on the big screen. However, a big part of that was the film grain, or filmic "look," that simply vanished after the movie got upscaled or restored or whatever for blu-ray. Suddenly, the mesmerizing pan from stern to bow of the sinking ship, with people running away from the freezing water in real time, no longer looked as impressive. It looked instead like it was shot on a set. And the upward pan and pause on a frame filled with hundreds of doomed people flailing in the sea after the ship has disappeared into the inky abyss and the camera has pulled back away from Rose... that moment, in the theater, hit me like a ton of bricks. In the cleaned-up, higher def version, though, it's just not as impressive. If the 4K brings back the filmic look, I'd be tempted one day to get it mostly for the bonus material.
    Avatar and Avatar 2... well, here's another couple of examples of "how often am I really going to want to rewatch this?" On the other hand, I desperately want to see any and all deleted scenes showing life on dystopian Earth, and there's at least one such scene in the forthcoming 4K. My interest in this may seem weirdly specific, but I always like seeing realistic or thoughtful portrayals of potential futures (e.g. Minority Report) and obviously Cameron would have done his portrayal as plausible as possible. Also, given the lead time to make Avatar, it's likely that any such scenes were storyboarded or visualized in 2006 or 2007, meaning we're now approaching twenty years since this visioning occurred. It's a little bit like a time capsule, a nugget of futurecasting from the Inconvenient Truth era.
  17. Confused
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to Erik Woods in Godzilla Cinematic Universe Thread   
    I've been listening to the score all week, and it's easily the best score of the year!

    The opening few cues blur the lines between music and sound effects. I don't like it when scores do this, but what Sato is doing is more musical than trying to completely mimic a sound effect. I can hear basses sounding like air raid sirens and/or Godzilla's roar/growl. A there's something electronic as well that sounds like an atomic charge before Godzilla breathes hell's fire over everything!  

    The score is perfectly mixed with the rest of the atmospherics so that Sato isn't confusing sound effects/sound design and music. The "bending" of certain sounds is cool to hear as well. This is shit lesser composers try to do and fail at miserably.

    The cue "Divine" is Goldenthalesque goodness!  Again, the low end in this recording is beautiful!!!! Clean, deep and powerful! I can't recall anyone else but Zimmer who uses basses this prominently in a film score. I love hearing them at the beginning of "Elegy" as well. 

    There's also stuff in here that reminds me of the unsettling and conflicting emotions of calm and horror in Bobby Krlic's brilliant score to MIDSOMMAR. The cue "Pain" is heartbreaking in it's simplicity. And John Adams' influences are felt in the brilliant cue "Resolution". Actually, nothing can really prepare your emotions for the one/two punch of "Pain" and "Resolution."  Holy F__k was all that came to mind while I was listening to them, so hold tight. It's a wallop! 

    The only downside are the irresponsibly placed Godzilla suites, which absolutely kills the tone of the rest of the score. They are completely unnecessary and should really be deleted from the play list. If you want a true and proper first experience with this score, skip those suites.  Actually, never listen to them. They aren't needed! They are far too jaunty and whimsical for this score. This score is dark, bleak, foreboding, and deeply emotional.  It's a serious, dramatic score unlike anything you've ever heard in the Godzilla film. If you come to this score expecting to hear an Ifukube clone, then you'll be greatly disappointed!

    Naoki Sato has always been one of my favorites (BATTLESHIP YAMATO, HEROIC AGE, MASQURADE HOTEL. MORIBITO: GUARDIAN OF THE SPIRIT,PRICELESS, etc) and his quality hasn't diminished. This is easily one of his best scores, and that's saying a lot because he has so many incredible, timeless scores attached to his name. I hope you all enjoy this score as much as I do and I cannot wait to hear this score in context when the film comes out!
  18. Like
    Unlucky Bastard got a reaction from DarthDementous in Anyone else over the spoiler hysteria?   
    It seems we've reached peak "spoiler" hysteria, where people break out into a frenzy if someone reveals not only plot points of a movie or show, but even minute and inconsequential details. It's almost become some kind of creepy weirdo cult-like phenomenon where people's enjoyment of media hinges on the element of surprise, as if they think every movie could potentially feature some ESB-type revelation, and if that surprise is no longer there, they don't want to watch it anymore. Isn't the experience of a movie more than just critical story points and turns?
    This is perplexing to me because I find that my enjoyment levels significantly increase if I know more about the movie before seeing it. Much of the time I find movies difficult to follow, especially modern movies with their unnecessarily complex and convoluted narratives and technobabble exposition. So so-called spoilers help me follow it better. And if I find out someone dies, well I'm even more excited to see how it unfolds! But other people seem to go suicidal if they somehow find this out before seeing it - maybe I'm just out of touch with the fundamentals of geek culture!
    And what even constitutes a "spoiler" these days? My narrow definition of the term is limited to things with big revelations like The Sixth Sense, where the whole intention was to trick the audience. But other people's definition seems so broad you'd think even the title was a spoiler! I'll never forget the the lead up to the relesse of TFA, a set photo of Mark Hamill in costume leaked online, leading a lot of people who saw it to cry in melodramatic despair because they thought seeing him in costume before they saw the movie destroyed the movie for them! How could something like this distress people so much? Isn't that what you'd expect Luke to be wearing anyway?
    And another incident I recall on another forum back in 2000 was when some fan was in a state of panic because they read the cast list for AotC and saw the name of some inconsequential background character and was begging for reassurance that the movie hadn't been ruined for them. I ribbed this fella a bit and said he should calm down, but then a moderator scolded me saying "People getting spoiled is not funny, Drax."
    It's getting a bit ridiculous that we can't talk about movies before other people see them. Loosen up! If you don't let it bother you, you might even become immune to this rigid spoiler cult.
  19. Thanks
  20. Confused
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to crocodile in Anyone here succumbed to 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray?   
    Watched the new release of Cutthroat Island last night. I've only seen the second half of it before on TV many years ago. I remember not minding it then and, to be honest, I didn't think it was terrible this time either. To be quite frank, it is a better movie than something like Independence Day. Cheesy, over the top, but quite charming for the most part. I see nothing really wrong with it. It looks and sounds really good too on the 4K disc. And has a bunch of interesting extras.
    John Debney gets a 30-minute featurette in which he talks about his experiences. There's no archival footage of recording or anything like that but still quite interesting. 
    Quality release actually.
  21. Confused
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to mstrox in Terrible album covers   
    Well sure, but they were contractually obligated to put that asshole’s face on the cover
  22. Confused
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to Schilkeman in Did anyone else ever hide the fact you listened to film scores or were embarrassed to admit it to friends?   
    Well, this is where using words for abstract concepts like music can come up short, so forgive me if I don't articulate it clearly.
    I feel with Goldsmith that he has large buttons he presses, with labels on them like Big, Happy, Sad, Love, Cute, Dark, Mysterious and Harsh. Western and Jazz get their own buttons. They feel broad, and can be applied to any situation where they feel appropriate.
    Williams does this too, especially with action music, but when it gets time to get emotionally specific, like, my only friend in life is leaving in a spaceship, or, I'm finally meeting the jazz hero my father loved (just two examples), he can deliver music that both transcendentally pierces the heart, and is existential to the film. Despite all the examples that get shared, or scores I listen to, I never get this from Jerry. There's probably something wrong with me, but there it is.
  23. Love
    Unlucky Bastard got a reaction from GlastoEls in What's so great about Jerry Goldsmith?   
    Mr Baseball
  24. Like
    Unlucky Bastard got a reaction from shockwave in Wing Commander (Arnold/Kiner) 20th anniversary   
    Kiner was sort of Arnold-lite, so naturally he scored some early eps of Stargate SG-1.
  25. Confused
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to mstrox in SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE - 3CD Set from La-La Land Records   
    We were all over the moon about the Rhino set back in the day.  The problem is, you never know how much better archival audio can get until somebody gives it to you!
    The sound of the Superman OST on CD was dreadful, and Rhino was huge.
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