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  1. I've heard that if people like Drax & Co can't stir up the forums with their radical views they quickly lose interest. And forums with like-minded people are boring to them. So I guess you can find him (them) doing his (their) thing on facebook or JWFan 'Private'.
  2. Traditional IMAX 70mm film, yes. But these days it's usually 4K digital projection. Though I admit I haven't seen it yet.
  3. Some say The Last Duel features the best sword fights ever, not in a Marvel way, but in a realistic way. I want to compare it to The Duellists, which is known for the exact same reason. Other than that, while The Duellists is truly an amazing looking film (from a time when Ridley Scott was still under the spell of Stanley Kubrick), I have yet to see a beautiful frame from The Last Duel.
  4. Don't worry about me, Joe. Going to the theater is not something I desire and this for a multitude of reasons. Are there theaters with perfect projection? Hmm, I don't see how 2K spread over a giant screen is better than 2K or 4K on my 4K OLED. Will it get better? Why should it? 99% of the audience doesn't see that what there are getting is a poor picture.
  5. I've seen nothing but theaters with crappy picture these last decades (we have two multiplexes here in Antwerp: Kinepolis and UGC). There was improvement for a little while but then they changed the projection system again (it's Laser Ultra now) and it was back to bad. I simply can't enjoy a movie when the picture has poor contrast. Sound never seems to be a problem. But IQ is much more important to me than sound.
  6. I once liked theaters, the real ones, not the concrete multiplexes of today that project video. But, in those days, a lot of things could go wrong with 35mm film ... Either the projection lens wasn't correctly adjusted, or the movie could get stuck and burn, or the film was projected too high or too low, ...
  7. Not yet. The plan is that movies like Dune will attract many new subscribers.
  8. Everyone who, like you, stopped developing at the age of 14. Of course, there are also horror movies for a more adult audience, but you don't like those.
  9. I value picture quality over screen size.
  10. Unlike you, Joe, I understand the logic behind monthly subscribers being more profitable than box-office. https://screenrant.com/box-office-vs-streaming-post-pandemic-success-failure/ Are you crying, Joe?
  11. No, I think we already talked about COVID long before that.
  12. Of course, that was his biggest inspiration. He just took the whole 'Western in space' concept a step further.
  13. You act as if JWFan didn't become more strict since the new rules, Jay. Threads about COVID, politcs and even climate were all locked without mercy and you threw away the key. Remember, a more strict regulation is exactly why Drax & Co left. Perhaps these topics were never allowed at JWFan, but we did discuss them.
  14. I don't see it happening because they were only interested in discussing topics that are no longer allowed.
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