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  1. Of course it's a Fairlight. Vangelis when he was 6 years old.
  2. Most people prefer The Wrath Of Kahn, it's more true to Star Trek. For some weird reason, ST: The Motion Picture wanted to be more like 2001: A Space Odyssey. Of course, just because it's slow doesn't mean they have achieved that goal. The AC1 unit
  3. So can we safely assume that Copland invented the Western (The Wild West) music? Or was he merely copying some unknown composer and who died a poor man? Besides Rodeo, here are two more contemplative piano renditions from Our Town that I absolutely love. Conversation At The Fountain Soda (Our Town) Story Of Our Town (Our Town) That's right, Philip Aaberg is the pianist who played with Elvin Bishop (Fooled Around And Fell In Love).
  4. Angel Heart is too much of a Mickey Rourke ride. Don't remember Jacob's Ladder.
  5. What I mean is, in the end, they are both amusement park rides. If Marvel gets replaced with Avatar movies or some other big expensive CGI spectacle, nothing will have changed, IMO. While I'm not a fan of the Avatar ride, I did enjoy some of the Marvel spectacles. But, yeah, it's been a while since there has been a good one.
  6. Marvel or Avatar ... what's the difference?
  7. No Razzies for Prometheus?! I can no longer take that award seriously.
  8. To understand why, you probably have to watch the movie.
  9. Yes, the first 10 minutes.
  10. There was something about the direction/style that I really disliked, how the child acted and how she kept saying "mommy" with her big Disney eyes while looking into the camera. My reasoning for not watching any further is that I don't think I can like a movie of which the first 10 minutes are so disagreeable.
  11. I loved The Assassination Of Jesse James but I couldn't watch more than 10 minutes of Blonde.
  12. Listen to the bass, Richard! You have to wait for it.
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