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  1. New Netflix Anime series. Music by Ryuichi Sakamoto.
  2. It's very watchable and it doesn't glorify Dahmer, creeps or serial killers! I guess most critics are still too much entranced by Strange Things 3 or Obi Wan. Sigh ... Well if this is what you want, then Modern Love is exactly what the doctor ordered. You can watch it on Prime!
  3. The Netflix miniseries is pretty good with an impressive Evan Peters playing Dahmer.
  4. He was good under the direction of Peter Weir. I wouldn't have mind if he only worked Weir.
  5. I use the FiiO K5 Pro (not the newer ESS) in my MIDI setup because it has a very good fast Asio driver. It's a good device. Powers most headphones. Don't really use it as an pre-amp out because there's some computer interference through my headphones when there is a RCA cable attached.
  6. When I first saw the movie I wanted to strangle her.
  7. Never heard of and it received 10 Emmy Awards?
  8. For me the nuclear plant was the star of the show and the only thing that made an impact on me. The investigation and cover-up that occured in the following episodes was okay, but emotionally, dramatically and artistically, it was nothing new or major.
  9. Watched the trailers, don't know what to think of them. Lots of Rock 'n Roll music standing in the way of atmosphere.
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