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  1. And already people have moved on from him. How disloyal!
  2. Lucas looked into the future and put a Marvel joke into TESB: HFFG.mp4
  3. Disco wants all movies to be Marvel.
  4. I agree, based on the type of humor, it feels like Villeneuve is trying to be Marvel (or at least he's trying to appeal to their audience).
  5. There used to be a time when the name Jordan Peele meant something here.
  6. I counted 2 jokes in the new trailer. Chen will not be pleased. After all, Dune isn't a comedy.
  7. I didn't like this character in the first film and this prequel is about him! Cool poster, though. To be fair, I did not like any character in Army Of The Dead.
  8. Not during the first act, which is very good indeed. I can't do anything with the rest of the movie. Everyone said to avoid the DC and so that's what I did. I only have seen the TC. Incredibly promising debut from Richard Kelly but he never did anything good after DD.
  9. Predictable crime drama with a light touch. Good performances. 6/10
  10. Waiting until the world is normal again, I suppose? Why doesn't Spielberg cave in and give it to Prime or Netflix already?!!
  11. You watched all of them?! I gave up after 20 minutes.
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