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  1. Me neither even though I'm really impressed with what Williams came up with. Hearing a street musician play it makes you understand how strong it really is.
  2. Good news for A Quiet Place fanatics: https://www.giantfreakinrobot.com/ent/a-quiet-place-part-ii-all-we-know.html The sequel opens 4 months sooner than planned!
  3. This explains you undying devotion to DVD!
  4. Spielberg: You give me money so I can make a movie about myself and I'll give you another Indiana Jones movie. Money people: Deal!
  5. Spielberg sees the franchise as an assurance to get other less commercial projects made.
  6. What made you want to watch this? You can see from miles away that it's garbage.
  7. Hopkins with dementia sounds like Oscar bate though ...
  8. Actually, unlike you guys, I care about history, architecture and art. Did you know they never found what caused the fire? He only cares about Confederate buildings and monuments.
  9. We tried that too but gave up after 10 minutes. Zack said he never had this much fun with making a movie.
  10. 'Anti-OLED Samsung' is close to ordering millions of OLED TV panels from LG Display: https://www.theverge.com/2021/4/9/22375179/samsung-electronics-lg-display-oled-tv-panels-quantum-dot-qd
  11. It's been two years ago already. Time flies so fast!
  12. Anyone else hates this too? Show me your spaghetti monster!
  13. The leading horse is whiteThe second horse is redThe third one is a blackThe last one is a green
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