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3 hours ago, Stefancos said:

What do you think of Gimme Shelter, Richard?

Ok, I've had my sight test: no significant change. Phew!



Gimme Shelter is, without doubt, among the Stones' finest. Easily top 5. It's just that a lot of the Stones' songs are used inappropriately. What's a song about war got to do with building a car? 

Oh...I see...a metaphorical war. Ah, yes, very good (sigh). Still, it's a good song, and I hope to see the film when it arrives on the islands...in March.

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1 hour ago, Quintus said:

Anyone heard of some new Brad flick called Ad Astra coming out? It's another stab at space sci-fi.


Dude, the trailer for it was just posted literally two posts before your question

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