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Zoom get-together? [Saturday, February 6, 2021]

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OK, a last minute attempt to get some people to join. In these Corona times, I'd like to meet some of you through Zoom.


I'm having an FSM get-togehter in about 15 minutes. If you're up for it, feel free to join.


The link is:





Hope to see anyone there. I'll keep the meeting open for 15 minutes, but if no one shows up, I'll close it. Worth a shot, now that I'm all prepped.

Zoom also gives me this info, don't know if you need it:

Meeting ID: 438 680 4511
Password: 4HnqgN


Karol, try again!

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His name is Thor, did anyone expect him not to get hammered?

I'm not participating in case it's another Bes' attempt to lure me into a sex chat.   Karol

From what I've read, everything about Zoom seems to have been crappy and insecure until recently. They claimed to use end-to-end encryption when they didn't (i.e. they claimed they couldn't see your streams, but they could). They had security holes were uninvited people could join conversations. Attackers could remotely force people to join meetings and activate their webcams, and hijack shared screens. For a while, the application would automatically reinstall itself when you uninstalled it on macOS.


Most or all of these seem to have been fixed now, but the number of security issues, and especially the false claim to support end-to-end encryption doesn't exactly make the company trustworthy.

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Thank you to thx99 and Nils, who I believe were the only JWFANers at the meeting on Friday. As usual, I drank too much (two bottles of wine and 7 beers), but I wasn't too annoying, I hope? We'll do this again at a later date. :)

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If any of you want to join what will be the LAST Zoom get-together (at least with me as host) untill the end of August at the earliest, feel free to chime in at 21:00 Oslo time tonight. You're all very welcome; it will be a mix of Maintitles and FSM and JWFAN. I realize it's the US national holiday today, but I'm hoping some have time. The link should be the same as in the first post.


I've even prepared a fun quiz for tonight! :)

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