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John Powell's MIGRATION (2023)


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It sounds nice, although in that particular clip the music isn't quite as loud and centre (particularly when they break through the trees) as I'd have liked it to be.


I didn't go for Rio or Ferdinand so Powell's not guaranteed to hook me with animation, but HTTYD levels of quality don't come along every time.


Look forward to hearing it properly on album.

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8 hours ago, PrayodiBA said:

and one more long clip, you can watch here (It’s in Italian dub):




Anyway, beautifully typical Powell, with its long-lined theme (which presumably include A, B, etc. section like he always masterfully structures)


What I look forward the most is how Powell structurize the theme and concept of the music.

Just like in the second link video, you can hear the theme is arranged into many different iterations ala Powell.


And here is a recent Powell interview about his work for Migration:

^^ And true to that interview, based on the flying scene above, it does sound quite heavily classical music-inspired.


And lastly, based on the clips above, the movie looks surprisingly heartwarming for an Illumination production (Powell’s music further enhances it)

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Sorry for being such Powell nerd,

but here is another sneak peek of the score:


As heard in the Italian clip above,

there is one passage of music, that might be considered as "the family theme",

here I tried to specify it, hear and see here:


That theme,

can be heard in its glorious statement ala Hollywoodd classic score in this Cinemark trailer (the first 12 seconds), check here:



^^ I don't know whether the rest of the music in the above trailer is from the movie,

but nevertheless, this is shaping up to be the score of the year!


So hyped!


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Another new clip with score:



Certainly I was wrong before to put that first action track sneak peek over this scene.


And now, it sounds more unique. In line with the "alien concept" that Powell explained in the above interview.

So excited for the score, less than a month!


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A short, but clear sneak peek of JP’s score:


the theme featured in the sneak peek above is actually already heard in the flying clip released last week; hear it in this partcular moment below:

Another proof of genius Powell is at spotting and structuring

Based on many samples on the internet, this score has all the signs to become a 5-star score (at least for me). My expectation has gone through the roof!

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FYC tracklist:


1 Bedtime Story (1:46)

2 What Else Is Out There? (1:50)

3 The Flock Arrives (1:00)

4 Join Our Migration (3:30)

5 Open Your Eyes (1:27)

6 Uncle Dan (1:57)

7 Let’s Fly (1:51)

8 Heron Adventures (5:35)

9 Night Time, Day Time (3:07)

10 Fog World (1:36)

11 Central Park (3:04)

12 Chump (1:25)

13 Follow Me, But Not Too Close (2:58)

14 Meet Delroy (3:15)

15 Kitchen Key Caper (2:55)

16 He’s Coming! (1:58)

17 The Key to Regurgitation (2:13)

18 Migration Continues (1:50)

19 Eye of Doga (1:50)

20 Duck Heaven (1:52)

21 Chef at Farm (3:55)

22 You Need a Hug (1:48)

23 Helicopter Attack (2:11)

24 Hopelessness Tango (2:53)

25 Rebellion of the Winged (3:56)

26 Jamaica (3:56)

27 Migration End Titles (1:59)


TOTAL TIME - 1:07:37

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Couldn't resist - 5 tracks in and it's beautiful. The main theme is short but seriously memorable and plastered everywhere, and hopefully it's going to absolutely soar later in the score.


The Flock Arrives could go down as the best ever Powell cue under 60 seconds :whistle:


And Let's Fly is from the video above. Way more audible too.

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Five tracks in and I'm impressed. Just another nice, fun and wholesome Powell score for animation, with hints from everything from Ferdinand to Rio to Ice Age - even though the main theme reminded me a bit of the Flower Festival cue from Ferdinand.

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Oh cool, so we've still got 20 minutes to look forward to.


I just finished it. I think the first half is a bit stronger than the second - the main theme disappears for a bit, and only comes back really in full in track 17, iirc. Hopefully the actual album has more of it.


The action/chaotic music strikes me as a little on the generic side? I've been replaying a few moments as I've gone, but most of the last third or so wasn't amongst that. It's nowhere near the memorability of the HTTYD action set pieces, although Powell seems to be working with only two or three themes.

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Wow, this score is truly full of "Powell's 2008" sensibilities, which for me is among the best years from him (if not the best). How I quietly yearned for this style to come back; thank you! 🥺


In particular, overall both in terms of structure and the music itself, this score is most similar to Horton Hears A Who!, which coincidentally has been on my repeat listens lately. On the surface, that score seems like a constant zaniness and mickey-mousing, but upon closer inspection, each track is actually full of hidden gems and is in fact still within one cohesive conceptual structure. Hence the need of repeat listens.
So I'm certain, just like Horton, not many people will enjoy Migration, but Powell fans will automatically love it.


Now I can't wait for the official release, especially the remaining 3 missing tracks!

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23 minutes ago, Richard Penna said:

Second entire listen and I enjoyed it way more - the themes are more evident and what's clear is that for the underscore/comedic type of material that other composers sometimes struggle to make interesting, Powell excels at making so interesting with melody and colourful orchestration.


The only thing I wish was here that isn't, is a suite of all the themes, with the main theme given the sort of glorious treatment that the Hidden World theme got.


The whole thing doesn't reach HTTYD levels, or even really CotW for the most part, but one of my top scores of the year? Hell yeah.

Did you add the three extra final tracks?

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Just listened to the whole thing, including the extra 3 tracks.


It's not as good as Powell's Dragon scores (not many animated scores are), but it's still very wholesome and a lot of fun, like a typical kids score from him in the mid-to-late-2000s.


The themes are great and, as @Richard Penna said, they only needed a longer suite where they could shine. 


Overall, if you like his Blue Sky scores like Ice Age 2-4, Rio, Horton Hears a Who, etc., you'll surely like this.

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23 minutes ago, Presto said:

Did you add the three extra final tracks?


Yep, and the song tracks too.


It's said a lot about Powell but true I think, which is that his animated scores are often better than many live action scores (HTTYD knocks the shit out of most of them), and this is one of them. On the whole I enjoy this more than DoD actually. Powell's just got a bit more spark and creativity on show.

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Film Music Reporter has the OST album's track list, and it is indeed 100% identical to the FYC album, just with the two songs added:




1. Bedtime Story (1:46)
2. What Else Is Out There? (1:50)
3. The Flock Arrives (1:00
4. Join Our Migration (3:30)
5. Open Your Eyes (1:27)
6. Uncle Dan (1:57)
7. Let’s Fly (1:51)
8. Heron Adventures (5:35)
9. Night Time, Day Time (3:07)
10. Fog World (1:36)
11. Central Park (3:05)
12. Chump (1:25)
13. Follow Me, But Not Too Close (2:58)
14. Meet Delroy (3:15)
15. Kitchen Key Caper (2:55)
16. Survivor (Film Version) – John Powell & Mon Laferte (1:45)
17. He’s Coming! (1:58)
18. The Key to Regurgitation (2:13)
19. Migration Continues (1:50)
20. Eye of Doga (1:50)
21. Duck Heaven (1:52)
22. Chef at Farm (3:55)
23. You Need a Hug (1:48)
24. Helicopter Attack (2:11)
25. Hopelessness Tango (2:53)
26. Rebellion of the Winged (3:56)
27. Jamaica (3:56)
28. Migration End Titles (1:59)
29. Survivor (Full Version) – Mon Laferte (3:03)




Since it specifically says Back Lot Music is only releasing it digitally on December 15th, it's still possible that LLL's $16.98 new movie title that didn't make the Black Friday deadline could be this.

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It's such a fun score!


It has shades of Ice Age, Ferdinand, Horton and Mars Needs Moms, but it's also still really it's own thing by added some really interesting stuff.


It's gonna be hard for HGW to win "The Battle of the Birds". Hahahah. Because this score is fantastic!!

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New video interview Powell explaining his work on Migration (along with panel discussion with other composers),

you can watch it here:



One interesting point from the video; the highlight cue What Else is Out There from the FYC album is actually played as the opening intro. That's great! Just love it when full audience gets to hear the score in its entirety in a moment like that (Just like Marvel with its credit). If that's also the case, then this brings back the beautiful approach that Blue Sky Studio did, by always showing opening credits (and that won't be surprising as both studio spearheaded by the current Illumination boss Chris Meledandri)


And another interesting bits is during the panel session; One thing surely palpable here is John Powell's seniority in observing other composers talk; especially when Daniel Pemberton excitingly shares his stories and experiences. You can see how Powell just silently listening with his face in his distinctive mocking-like smile. "Been there, done that many times", I guess what he surely thought 😄

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3 hours ago, Jay said:

Yeah I was shocked recently to learn Powell is 60. I dunno why I thought he was younger

Yeah he doesn’t look 60.

But I’m glad in that age, he now seems to enter his ‘renaissance’ period

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I listened to the OST album on Spotify this morning and I loved it!


This was my first time hearing the song as part of the album, and I liked that too!  I had assumed it was an original, new song, it was funny to realize it was a cover of the Destiny's Child song!


I look forward to seeing this movie to learn the context for the score.. though as I type that, I realize I wanted to do the same for Still, The Call of the Wild, HTTYD3, Ferdinand, Pan, HTTYD2, Rio, Mars Needs Moms, and Bolt, but never did!

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