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  1. Agreed, if you watch the DC and just press the chapter skip button as soon as the colony sequence starts, you're watching a pretty sweet cut of the film.
  2. Ah, cool, yup totally agreed. Self-parody is a good way to describe the silly depths the later seasons got into.
  3. Breaking Bad covers from Walter White's 50th birthday in 2008 to shortly after his 52nd birthday in 2010. Better Call Saul begins in 2002, but its unclear how much time has passed from the first episode until now, and its also unclear how far beyond 2010 (When Jimmy goes into hiding) the Cinnabon Manager Gene scenes we've seen are taking place in. EDIT: Holy poop, this wikia page says his birthday is September 7th, same as me!
  4. Oh come on now, the first season wasn't that bad. Actually presented a decent murder mystery, and had some good world building. It all went quickly to shit after that, though. I gave up on Outlander after we watched the first few episodes together. Just not a show for me. You didn't miss anything by giving up on Girls, the main characters all remained insufferable narcissists until the bitter end.
  5. Well I suppose we'll get two endings, right? The main narrative (color scenes) will end either before Walter's 50th birthday (BB pilot), or we'll see the events of seasons 1-2ish of BB from Jimmy's point of view, who knows really. And the future narrative (black and white scenes) will continue on from where we are now (Jimmy passing out) into who knows where ; as mentioned it could include a resolution to Kim and / or Chuck storyline, or something else. Probably something that will tie into season 4 or 5 storylines.
  6. Basically : ILM took on too many projects in 1989.
  7. A five-studio tug of war has broken out over James Bond.
  8. The album from 1989 is pretty good but the 2008 version is really superior in every way.