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  1. Hayley Atwell No Longer Interested in Playing Doctor Who
  2. Hayley Atwell Reveals What We Could Have Seen In 'Agent Carter' Season 3 Sigh.
  3. I'm a firm believer in watching live action films in their original language with subtitles but yea, I don't mind with animated films especially as you say the Miyazaki Disney dubs are all wonderful and made with care.
  4. Yea he was the roommate from England that could actually get laid
  5. Second single from the album is synth poppy too
  6. Do they even notice the visual upgrade? Why upgrade them?
  7. Are you serious or are you joking? It's Daisy Ridley in both pictures, Richard!! And didn't I teach you that you can right click on an image in Chrome and choose Search Google For This Image to learn who people are?
  8. So I suppose I should review the concert! The evening began with Keith Lockhart coming out to thank some of the sponsors, then left the stage again. After the rest of the musicians filled in, he came back out to another round of applause, and just got started right away! One thing I appreciated was that the screen was 2.35:1, it wasn't like a standard screen they use for everything that could have black bars based on what they're showing; The image filled up the entire screen perfectly, which was nice! One thing I didn't like was that they put subtitles for all the dialogue on the screen. They do this at some LTP concerts I go to and I don't really understand why; People are there to hear the music, not the dialogue, and are fully deaf people actually going to music concerts at all? The image quality was terrific; I assume it was either the blu ray, or the 2K master used to make the blu ray. Jaws Titles I had forgotten how quickly the movie starts! And that meant the music started right away too.... And sure enough, like clockwork, as soon as the first 2 notes of the shark theme were heard, the audience started laughing. So odd! And the abrupt ending of the cue is more apparent in the live venue, when we suddenly cut to the beach kids, and the harmonica and guitar playing. The First Victim First time they had to really make sure they were synced to picture and it was perfectly done. The music really amped up the scene, as kind just when you're smiling and having a fun night out, you're reminded you're really watching a horror movie! Remains On The Beach One of those short, subtle cues you barely even register is there when watching the film, but with it being played loud in concert I really took not of how effective it is at increasing the dread that Brody is feeling (Typewriter Chord) This was not restored for the live presentation The Empty Raft Around this point in the film I was really admiring Spielberg's direction, the whole beach scene with Brody eyeing the false alarms as different people come up to him was so well done The Pier Incident The cue starts with Brody flipping through the shark books which I found incredibly effective and not anything I noticed when watching the film before. By the end it switched over to the Wild Shark Theme, they didn't restore Williams' original intentions. Father And Son Another cue I never paid much attention to when watching the film, but I actually found to be one of the most effective, here! The whole scene is so adorable, and the music is so unlike most of the rest of the score and it was played really well; Possibly it was so noticeable because the scene has no dialogue. Really liked this. The Alimentary Canal This was restored and I am SO glad it was! It really increases the tension and dread, it goes well with the moody atmosphere. Really cool. Ben Gardner's Boat Marcy jumped when his head floated into frame, which was awesome. These two cues in a row were a super fun blending of atmosphere visually and musically The Montage The Boston Pops pulled off the quirky nature of this cue quite well! Added some much needed pep to the proceedings. Into The Estuary Don't remember much about this one Out To Sea / Intermission Break I figured before we arrived that this scene and cue would end the first half of the concert, and lead into the intermission break, and I was right! What they actually did was, begin the cue where it's supposed to, covering the great shot of the shark jawsbone over the window, the boat taking off, and the wide shot that shows it sailing out of see, but then the picture faded to black before the shots of them chumming the water, and so the music actually transitioned to a "new" intermission break - it was made up of some bit of some other cue I couldn't place at the time. Anyway, this was a perfect pot to place the intermission; It makes it so everything pre-intermission is the movie about the chief of police at odds with the mayor of a beach community when a series of shark attack happens, and everything after intermission is 3 guys out at sea on an adventure. Time-wise, it makes the first "half" of the concert more like 1 hour, 15 minutes and the second "half' more like 50 minutes, but that's perfectly fine. Score wise, it puts 12 of the 28 cues in the first half and 16 in the latter, but that's also fine. The intermission break was met with a round of applause and everyone filed out. We were having a great time so far. I'll post about the second half of the show in a bit!
  9. Koray download the ARMS Global Testpunch, you can play the game free certain times over the long weekend to know if you want to buy it
  10. The Beatles, Phase 1: Please Please Me / With The Beatles / A Hard Day's Night / Beatles For Sale The Beatles, Phase 2: Help! / Rubber Soul / Revolver The Beatles, Phase 3: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band / Magical Mystery Tour The Beatles, Phase 4; The Beatles / Abbey Road / Let It Be
  11. Yup great points all around; The shots in the opening like with Jimmy against the brick wall were great, as was the boom mike sticking out of the car. I loved the little montages of Jimmy trying to switch over to being director guy. It's kind of odd that Jimmy hasn't invested money in a better car by now, though it is funnier television this way
  12. I've known him since Undeclared
  13. Looking forward to hearing it It's available to pre-order on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071S2G1D3