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  1. South Park 20x03 The Damned Well, that's more like it - more consistent laughs this week, and the storylines all moved at a good pace. Seems the member berries are causing trouble, perhaps with a goal in mind - everyone is flipping sides on their presidential candidate of choice (Garrison is really funny as the Trump stand in). Everyone who left Twitter ("You don't just leave social media, you write a post about why you're leaving social media!") and actually hanging out in parks (which makes me wonder why they haven't done Pokemon Go yet). Kyle's dad has been found out by someone (I thought it was going to be Ike before he did), and the funniest laugh came at the end, Cartman's final line was hilarious
  2. South Park 20x02 Skank Hunt Started out pretty funny, with the supposed suicide actually being someone leaving social media, etc. Another really funny part was Mr Garrison's exasperation at having to listen to that one kid I also liked the supposed murder of Cartman actually being them destroying his video games But the main story of Kyle's dad trolling people and gleefully enjoying it was kinda not strong enough to hang most of an episode on. I suppose we're building up to something, so we'll see
  3. No... that's literally why I said "It's equally likely that" etc
  4. I think its equally likely that Giacchino was signed - but not announced - then had to drop out after he took on Rogue One, as it is that it went right from no composer to Zimmer
  5. The AV Club gives Crisis In Six Scene a solid C http://www.avclub.com/review/woody-allen-had-hard-time-crisis-six-scenesnow-you-243345
  6. So the tweet was wrong all along, then. Thread title updated! Then again, maybe it was going to be Giacchino, but he had to drop out after taking on Rogue One.
  7. Alex, the CD coming out on Howe Records has more than that that piece, its filled with other stuff too. See above.
  8. Hmmm, I'll have to check out samples of that one. I've never heard it
  9. I'm not a fan of them repeating the same end credits opening every time either
  10. Benedict Cumberbatch sings Roger Waters' parts of Comfortably Numb at a David Gilmour concert
  11. You didn't notice it when the crew arrived at the Yorktown space station?