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  1. Agreed, I haven't played all the latest in the minis series, but DK94, Mario vs DK, and March of the Minis are all excellent!
  2. Guys we still need to raise a lot more money to keep things running here. I have a collection of extra film score CDs at home I don't need. This weekend I'll find them and post a list of what they are. Everyone who donates $10 or more will be entered in a raffle and I'll pull names from a hat and you'll get a free CD, shipping on me. I'll dig out the CDs soons!
  3. OK, now that we've tried @toothless's logo for a few days, I've put @Bespin's up to try that one out. Feel free to keep additional entries coming in folks!
  4. Star Trek: Beyond After One Month at the Box Office: Well-received, But Not Profitable
  5. Oooh this is brutal
  6. Take this Star Wars talk to General Discussion please!
  7. Between 2008 and 2012 or so they seemed to go in and out of print, but since then all three have been completely out of print. Doug occasionally posted to his blog that they weren't out of print but simply out of stock and would come back, but they never did, and he eventually stopped posting about them all together. Until that tweet!
  8. Hey @Doug Adams Is there a change you think that a reissue announcement might be coming this year? I am hopeful that perhaps the parties involved wanted to wait until the new Blu Ray set was announced before announcing a new music release. With that arriving on October 4th, maybe an announcement could happen soon? I somehow forgot that you said earlier this year, that you worked on them last year: So hopefully they are almost ready to be released!
  9. If this isn't authorized, it should be removed from Spotify!
  10. Donkey Kong '94 is awesome! And led to a nice series of spin-off games (Mario Vs DK)
  11. I miss Joey's yearly box office threads. And Joey in general
  12. Definitely meant to be comedic! Yes, all around! Man, do I LOVE this score! And film! Love her delivery of "and I hate YOU"