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  1. I thought that was exactly the situation.
  2. La-La Land's second September batch is up for sale 2016-09-27 Thomas Newman - Less Than Zero (1395 - 1,500) 2016-09-27 Various - Star Trek Enterprise Volume 2 (1397 - 3,000) Music Box Records' October titles 2016-10-03 Paul Misraki - Juliette et Juliette (102) 2016-10-03 Ennio Morricone - So Fine (101) Intrada's first October title 2016-10-04 Alex North - Cheyenne Autumn [2CD] (ISC362 - limited) Quartet's first October batch 2016-10-07 Julio de la Rosa - Smoke and Mirrors 2016-10-07 Fernando Velázquez - Ozzy 2016-10-07 Alberto Iglesias - Archipiélago: A Film Music Retrospective [5CD] La-La Land's first October batch is up for sale 2016-10-11 Blake Neely - Arrow Season 4 (1403 - 3,000) 2016-10-11 Mike Higham & Matthew Margeson - Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children (1413 - unlimited) 2016-10-11 Hoyt Curtin - Jonny Quest (1400 - 3,000) Dragon Domain's latest 2016-10-14 Brian May - The Brian May Fantasy Film Music Collection (DDR610 - 1,000) Intrada's second October title 2016-10-18 Mark Mancina - Haunted Mansion [2CD] (ISC364 - limited) Kritzerland's October title 2016-10-21 Nelson Riddle - Paris When It Sizzles (1,000) Quartet's second October batch 2016-10-21 Philippe Sarde - Reunion (L'ami retrouvé) 2016-10-21 Francis Lai - Frenchie King / Dust in the Sun 2016-10-21 François de Roubaix - Le Saut de l’ange La-La Land's second October title is 2016-10-25 Mark Snow - The X-Files (Volume 3) [4CD] (1370 - 3,000)
  3. Wow! Both awesome for donglover, but meh that every prequel must find a way to bring in EVERY freaking character Then again, it was clear in TESB Han & Lando had a history together, and Kasdan is writing so.... I have faith.
  4. Well yea, but that's the only way you can do both at the same time on an iPhone 7
  5. Preview? Like, commercials on the tv chanel? I don't have cable, so wouldn't know anything about that South Park 20x05 Douche and a Danish Pretty good advancement of all the storylines this week... member berries, TrollTrace, Gerald & Dildo Schwaggins, the digs on Danish people, Garrison as Trump not actually wanting to be president, etc. I liked that they brought in the real world stuff of Trump saying stuff about women as instead now being him doing a Dice Clay ish bit on stage, though seems like a missed opportunity that they could of had a news channel "uncover" some old recording of Garrison when he was a school teacher - or when he was Mrs Garrison (but that wouldn't really jive with him being their Trump surrogate). Cartman and Heidi continues to be good stuff, Them bring Force Awakens and JJ Abrams back into things was pretty funny too
  6. It's not a loose bookmark, its a ribbon bookmark attached to the spine http://www.musicoflotr.com/2012/07/ribbons.html
  7. South Park 20x04 Weiners Out Butters never disappoints! He was hilarious in this episode. The weiners out sequence during the national anthem was really funny. I also enjoyed Gerald and Dildo Schwaggins, but Gerald getting peed on was gross (but funny). Cartman and his girlfriend was pretty good too, but you know its not gonna have a happy ending (Cartman will never get one). No Garrison / Trump stuff this week, which was odd
  8. I enjoy the final three tracks here more than Ant-Man, but Ant-man as a whole is certainly way more original and fun than the rest of the DS OST
  9. It's at the bottom of Giacchino's 2010s output along with Zootopia. Monte Carlo, and Cars 2
  10. Michael Giacchino - Doctor Strange On first few listens (admittedly at work on crappy computer speakers) I wasn't too impressed - I enjoyed the first track, and the final 3, but felt the middle of the album was a long blob on unremarkableness. Those final three tracks are great though, no doubt - if there's any problem with them though, its that all three are long run-throughs of the main theme, so when played back to back to back it gets a bit repetitive. Probably would have been smart to move the baroque track to somewhere in the middle of the album to break up the less theme-based cues there. Another critique of the score is that its pretty mono-thematic. The main theme is fine, and plays frequently, but I didn't notice any other themes at all. There could be a theme in here for Rachel McAdams character, or Tilda Swinton's, or the bad guys - if there is, it wasn't obvious to me. I'm listening to it again now finally on big, good speakers, and appreciating it more. The recording and orchestrations are great, right now I'm enjoying the harpsichord in Post Op Paracosm
  11. Spare time? I remember when I used to have that!
  12. It's no masterpiece of writing, but at least I can appreciate the orchestration and recording now