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  1. Video Game Thread II

    I recently played Link's Awakening for the first time and was amazed at how god-damn good it was, it incorporates a lot of elements of LTTP but is in an entirely new setting with an entirely new villain and was just brilliant the whole way through. The only problem is has is the limitation of a 2-button control; You spend half the game in the item menu choosing which item to map to each button. A new port that allowed you to use 6 buttons would be so worth it. Likewise, I recently began playing A Link Between Worlds (haven't finished yet) and it is surprisingly good; It's set in the same world as LTTP, though there are differences throughout, and a different item set. It's really great so far, a very worthwhile followup to LTTP.
  2. Shane Black was on one of the podcasts I listen to (Doug Loves Movies) and had this to say about The Predator
  3. Video Game Thread II

    LTTP is a masterpiece, introduced so many elements that have persisted through all the sequels
  4. Dude! JW could have another 20 years of scoring films in him! Don't say that!
  5. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

    She wrote the entire screenplay herself.
  6. Mad Max and Room are far superior!
  7. 17 Predictions For The Next 5 “Game Of Thrones” Episodes, Based On The Last 5 Cool stuff, basically talks about shots in the trailers that haven't been on the show yet and speculates what they might mean.
  8. Star Wars: Rogue One (Gareth Edwards 2016)

    Anybody want to photoshop a Rogue One OST cover from the bottom part (if you can cleanly remove Luke & Poe)
  9. So after seeing this week's episode, entirely on my own I came up with a theory that (spoiler-blocking anyway, even though its pure speculation) Anyways, just found this article now that has a pretty convincing argument for me being right CLICKY (spoiler warning: Contains information from IMDB and the "next time on GOT" preview for next week's episode)
  10. Star Wars: Rogue One (Gareth Edwards 2016)

    Check out this odd Episode 8 / Rogue One blended image It's for this: Names of the new stuff:
  11. It's possible there are unheard alternates that did use that theme and JJ asked for the rescored version that we have now.