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  1. Well, I haven't read the books, and Ive posted my thoughts on every episode...
  2. We finished the series last night. The show absolutely gets better as it goes along, though its never great by any means. Occasionally funny and that's good enough for a casual watch. The biggest flaw I think they made was spending 8 hours in this world and only barely hinting at the larger picture - ie, why their parents died, what the secret society is, etc. I completely understand that they don't want to reveal everything in the first season when they knew 2 more were practically guaranteed, but shit, give us SOMETHING to make us want to come back next year. As for the score, I thought that the Chris Bacon music in episodes 7 and 8 was EASILY the best music in the entire season! They actually let the score be loud, interesting, and take center stage in some montage sequences there. He should score the rest of the series!
  3. Oooooooooook, let's return to discussion about the Jurassic Park set in this thread now. Wojo and Stefan, you guys can continue your conversation elsewhere thanks.
  4. Not sure what threads you are reading, I've seen tons of praise for this score on this board over the years.
  5. That doesnt excite people these days. I'd be prepared for another dark take on Trek from the new show.
  6. It's best not to think about the details and just enjoy the ride. There's a far bigger paradox in BTTF 2, namely that their future selves shouldn't even be there when they go to 2015 since they "disappeared" in 1985.
  7. Stefan, why do you think sheet music in John Williams handwriting is an indication William Ross wrote the score? Are you suggesting he mailed it to JW to rewrite in his own handwriting?
  8. Correct. I suppose his main and end title cues are basically the concert arrangement for this score. I've begun writing thoughts for the Last Film You Watched thread, but haven't posted them yet. Yes and no. It's nice, but heavily flawed. She was actually not feeling well and went to bed early the night it arrived, so I watched it alone.
  9. Unbreakable is easily my favorite Shyamalan film
  10. Mark Mancina - Twister (La-La Land) The new album is brilliant! Perfect sound quality and awesome music program. The bonus tracks are completely non-essential (I don't care for that particular Van Halen jam), but the 49 minute main program is just awesome from start to finish. The choir sounds great!
  11. I don't have any quotes to add, but just wanted to say that @ET & Elliot you are welcome to change the thread title to something more appropriate / in line with the previous 5 titles.