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  1. You want Americana? This stands firmly entrenched in the top 5, IMHO. Written before WIlliams was even born.
  2. The signature riffing, touches and licks of Williams are here. A cohesive theme is still missing though and that is sad. Nothing to take from the theater, except *nothing*. And 3:51 to explain a point that was done in 1:32 in STAR WARS is a bit indulgent. Sooner or later, ALL good things come to an end.
  3. You know, The JAMES BOND Franchise was scored by more than just ONE composer, and THAT was DURING the Franchises continual run, from the beginning! John Barry started BOND, but he wasn't always there, for successive BOND movies, because, maybe he didn't WANT to work on JUST "Bond Movies" forever. Ever think about that?
  4. Oh REALLY? Without solid proof on YOUR end? WOW! I thought that the members on THIS board, were much sharper than you....
  5. Starting here: And then compare to the scene in THE PATRIOT, where Benjamin Martin, visits his wife's grave. I'm sorry that I couldn't pull up the JW cue through YouTube, you all have the DVD of THE PATRIOT to refer to! Discuss.
  6. Expanded to TWO CD? Really? Based on a two note "ostinato"? Bitch, PLEASE! THREE things I never got from JOHN WILLIAMS. One-JAWS Two- CE3K Three- 1941
  7. Is THIS to be recorded in LA also, in "pieces parts?" And if it IS, then WHY does "Modern Technology" PRETEND to know WHAT it's "talking about" in terms of an "orchestra" or WTF? THE FORCE AWAKENS was recorded with an LA Orchestra. And IT was met with derision and rightfully SO! I mean, YOU have ALL this money to spend on the VISUALS, yet, hey "I love LA!!!" YET , the producers of such, in THIS day and age, could NOT come up with an appropriate "REVERB" setting to at least TRY to approximate the legendary LSO's recordings of PREVIOUS STAR WARS recordings? I can FAKE the LSO, with just my TINY KIT! And through ALL of this, WE want to go to MARS??????? We don't have the money, or the inspiration........F*ck MARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And really FUCK DISNEY!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't CARE anymore!
  8. Why would "synth stuff" be complicated for John Williams, especially in the arranging department? "Cantina Band Theme" anyone?
  9. Without the FATHER, then the CHILDREN don't have a chance in hell. STAR WARS for soundtrack. STAR WARS and EMPIRE eternally mixed for best movie.
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