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    fommes reacted to crocodile in Official Danny Elfman Thread   
    I created a playlist of concert and stage works of Danny Elfman for my own pleasure. It features:
    Serenada Schizophrana (entire album)
    Rabbit & Roque (entire album)
    Violin Concerto (entire album)
    Percussion Quartet (from Third Coast Percussion album)
    Cello Concerto (from streaming/radio live performance)
    Iris (entire album from Cirque Du Soleil show)
    Percussion Concerto & Wunderkammer (entire album)
    Total of 5 hours and 45 minutes of best Elfman music out there (at least this century).
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    fommes reacted to enderdrag64 in Star Wars Alternate Takes Thread   
    Update on this: it's actually much more complicated than I originally described, all three sets are inaccurate to the film performance edit.
    The 1993 set has an incorrect take from 1:00-1:30
    The 1997 set has incorrect takes from 0:00-0:19, 0:56-1:00, 1:19-1:30
    The 2018 set has the correct takes everywhere, but transitions between them at the wrong point leading to a missing second at 0:59, this missing second can be recovered using the 1993 set
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    fommes got a reaction from JTN in Top 5: Director Series   
    The Age of Innocence
    Taxi Driver
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    fommes reacted to scallenger in BuySoundtrax Re-Releasing David Arnold's Godzilla On October 17th, 2012   
    Speaking of Godzilla, looks like there is a new re-release of the Godzilla David Arnold score from BuySoundtrax? Like before, it is a 3-CD set. But the Bonus Tracks on the page listing seem to have 2 NEW bonus tracks that wasn't on the previous 3-CD version? However, they aren't seen on the back cover. Could this be an error?
    New tracks are bolded by me:
    12. Logo #3 (0:19)
    13. The Beginning (no choir) (3:34)
    14. The Boat Gets It (alt.) (1:11)
    15. Footprints / New York / Audrey (alt.) (0:51)
    16. Evacuation (alt.) (2:43)
    17. The Garden Gets It (alt.) (3:03)
    18. Big G Goes To Monster Heaven (alt.) (4:32)
    19. Godzilla (Solo Piano) (2:41)
    20. Gojira (Album Version) (2:47)
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    fommes reacted to AOP in John Williams conducts Filarmonica della Scala, Milan, Italy, 12 December 2022!   
    Hey guys,
    Been a while since I posted here, but I just thought I’d drop by to let you know of a soundtrack concert report site that I started recently. I’ve actually just posted my report of John Williams in Milan! Here’s the link:
    You can also find these reviews (previously posted by me on JWFan):
    JW in Tokyo
    Boston pops tribute to JW (Tokyo)
    Thanks for looking 😎
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    fommes reacted to Thor in Quartet Announces: HEIDI/ JANE EYRE (2CD)(John Williams) Remastered and Expanded   
    Poor Heidi. First stuck in Frankfurt, and now Leipzig too. Will she never get to the mountains?
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    fommes reacted to hp_gof in Alexandre Desplat conducts the Wiener Symphoniker 1.3.2024   
    No cameras spotted (and that is a shame, I was hoping at least for a recording on Stage+ ) but the microphones were actually visible above the stage. I'm just wondering whether they were recording the concert or just simply hanging there as permanent equipment of the hall.

    Source: Wiener Symphoniker fb fanpage
    The concert was AMAZING!!! The best AD concert I have ever been to (London 2014/Kraków 2019/Vienna 2024).
    I prepared a quick analysis of what tracks were used in each suite (overall almost 2h of music!)
    1. Godzilla (Godzilla! / Godzilla's Victory / Back to the Ocean) - 6 min.
    2. Pelléas et Mélisande - I. Comme un oiseau pourchassé - 8 min.
    3. Pelléas et Mélisande - II. Ils regardent la lumière - 5,5 min.
    4. Wes Anderson's Suite - Fantastic Mr. Fox (Jimmy Squirrel And Co. / High-Speed French Train / Boggis, Bunce, And Bean / Canis Lupus / Kristofferson's Theme / Stunt Expo 2004 / Great Harrowsford Square) - 9 min.
    5. Wes Anderson's Suite - The Grand Budapest Hotel (Mr. Mustafa / A Prayer for Madame D & Last Will and Testament / Canto At Gabelmeister’s Peak) - 4 min.
    6. Wes Anderson's Suite - The French Dispatch (Obituary) 3,5 min.
    7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1: Obliviate / Sky Battle / Fireplaces Escape / Detonators / Destroying the Locket; Part 2: Statues / Broomsticks and Fire / Courtyard Apocalypse / The Tunnel / Dragon Flight / Lily’s Theme / Showdown) - 13 min.
    8. The King's Speech (The King’s Speech / My Kingom, My Rules) - 4 min.
    9. The Shape of Water (The Creature / Five Stars General / The Shape of Water / Spy Meeting / The Escape / Rainy Day / Watching Ruth / Elisa and Zelda / Without You / Overflow of Love) - 21 min.
    10. Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio (Carlo's Theme / Spazzatura / The Pine Cone / Big Lies / Resurrection / Saving Geppetto / Pinocchio's Choice / Ciao Papa) - 15,5 min.
    11. The Imitation Game (Carrots and Peas / Crosswords / U-Boats / Mission / Alone with Numbers / The Headmaster / End of War / The Imitation Game / Alan Turing's Legacy) 15,5 min.
    12. Girl with a Pearl Earring (Griet's Theme) - 4 min.
    13. Eiffel (Valse d'Eiffel) - 3 min.
    What was so special about this particular concert, in my opinion?
    1. Golden Hall itself, of course  and the fact that he was probably the third film music composer playing there after Williams and Hisaishi.
    2. Desplat played some of his recent scores like Pinocchio, French Dispatch or Eiffel, which was refreshing. I never spotted Fantastic Mr. Fox suite in concert before neither.
    3. He also prepared completely new, extended suites from his trademark scores (Godzilla, Imitation Game, Shape of Water). He played almost half of the Imitation Game and Shape of Water albums (!) He usually plays the main themes from Godzilla and Imitation Game and 7- or 12- minutes long suite of The Shape of Water so he really did his best this time.
    4. I think that for the first time he had a choir on the stage (not counting Hollywood in Vienna 2016 cause he was not conducting). A children choir in Fantastic Mr. Fox and at the end of "Ciao Papa" from Pinocchio gave me goosebumps.
    5. He got a standing ovation and was very moved, I have never seen him like this before (and I always sit in front rows ).
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    fommes reacted to ChrisAfonso in Omni Music Publishing Updates   
    I visited the Schott Music store in London this week - nice to see that they stock some of the Omni books on location  
    Bought Wrath of Khan, and made sure to express my interest in them carrying more Omni editions in the future!
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    fommes reacted to Luke Skywalker in The Chronological Film Score Thread   
    Triton's song "Impossible child" would go between Ursula's Potion and Eric's decission.
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    fommes reacted to Jay in Jerry Goldsmith's INCHON (1981) - 2024 Intrada 3-CD Complete   
    No he said "finest Jewish families". "Jewish" was muted when it hit home video.
  11. Haha
    fommes reacted to Mr. Hooper in Star Wars: John Williams Original Handwritten Music Manuscript for the Opening Auction   
    Finally! Vindication for all of us who refer to movie music as "songs"! 👍
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    fommes got a reaction from bollemanneke in Hans Zimmer's influence on himself   
    That's because with The Dark Knight what he was really doing was prepping himself for Frost/Nixon.

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    fommes reacted to Jay in 2023 IFMCA Awards   
    OK that is wild to see my name in the nominees list.  Wow!
  14. Haha
    fommes reacted to crocodile in Jerry Goldsmith's INCHON (1981) - 2024 Intrada 3-CD Complete   
    You know, I was this close of making a joke about this when they announced some Goldsmith. 😆
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    fommes reacted to Ricard in JWFan turns 25!   
    JWFan was born 25 years ago today! 
    Hard to imagine back then that the site would still be up and running two and a half decades later, let alone that the Maestro would still be active after having composed nearly thirty more film scores and a similar number of concert works, as well as conducting over 200 concerts including Vienna, Berlin, Milan and Japan!
    Dozens of his film scores have received perfect releases during all this time, providing fans with the confidence that many more will come in the future, while maintaining and further enhancing the collective appreciation and admiration for the music we all love and which will remain with us for the rest of our lives.
    The analysis and discussion of his work has reached such level of comprehensiveness and detail, that our forums have become an essential reference for fans and scholars, while fomenting the creation of fascinating projects that expand and deepen the study of the Maestro’s oeuvre and contribute to increasing its appreciation by future generations who, without doubt, will continue to ensure that his name is in the place it deserves in the history of music and cinema.
    Thank you, Mr. Williams, and thanks to all those who have contributed during this time to make the site such a wonderful place. Here’s to 25 more!
    PS. The following quoted post, written for this thread 10 years ago, provides a short summary of the origins of the site:
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    fommes reacted to crocodile in The official Alexandre Desplat thread   
    Of his action/thriller scores, my absolute favourite is Hostage. The CD has been out of print for ages and the score is absent from streaming services but here is a small taste:
    And yes @fommes TGC is still among his finest.
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    fommes reacted to Faleel in What Is Better Than Jaws The Collector's Edition Soundtrack?   
    It has several cues recorded as written, as opposed to the film/ost recording dropping bits.
  19. Surprised
    fommes reacted to Jay in The Legacy of John Williams (Website & Podcast)   
    The final performance edit of Hedwig's Theme has 38 intercuts between 14 different takes 
  20. Haha
    fommes reacted to Tom in An Evening with John Williams and Yo-Yo Ma: One Night Only at Carnegie Hall (February 22, 2024)   
    But this version is cadenza-free.
    And now for the Freudian joke of the day: I wonder if Williams fascination with Ma and Mutter is not some sort of Oedipus thing.  
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    fommes reacted to BrotherSound in HOOK Ultimate Edition - MUSIC Discussion   
    Confirmation that the Julie Andrews version of Childhood does exist, but that she declined to have it included.
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    fommes reacted to Miguel Andrade in Ecoutez le cinéma John Williams release - The Legend of John Williams 20CD box set   
    "Come Tuesday" was newly recorded for this set and was a private song Williams and the Bergmans wrote for the late Barbara Ruick.
    Also, a few songs were never available on CD/digitally, just on vinyl. And the disc 20's previous released stuff came from all over the place, most surely there will be something one didn't already have.
    As for the Sinfonietta, this is actually a new transfer from the original master source, instead of using the Japanese transfer from some 15 years ago.
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    fommes reacted to thx99 in 2023 FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION studio sites (featuring music)   
    Apple Original Films
    Napoleon (Martin Phipps) [20 cues, 49:19]  
    Kudos and great job of sleuthing to @Imperivm for finding this!!  It is rather strange that Sony still doesn't have anything posted for it, and even more so that Apple does but is not advertising it on their site.
  24. Sad
    fommes got a reaction from enderdrag64 in Michael Giacchino's LOST (2004-2010) - live concert tour in 2024   
    Apparently Varese would make a video teaser if they are just releasing a vinyl edition of something already on streaming and CD.
  25. Really Sad
    fommes got a reaction from Edmilson in Michael Giacchino's LOST (2004-2010) - live concert tour in 2024   
    Apparently Varese would make a video teaser if they are just releasing a vinyl edition of something already on streaming and CD.
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