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    fommes reacted to lairdo in IndyCast John Williams Specials - MIKE MATESSINO INTERVIEWED   
    I have tried for years to encourage this to happen. I know Joel McNeely would like to see them come out too. I would be willing to contribute money to the project. Alas, once the acquisition happened, momentum dried up. I am hopeful that Lucasfilm/Disney will move forward in line with Indy 5 and get these out. Beyond the 4 official releases, there are a few more score pieces floating around - but there is so much more. I cannot believe I did not keep a copy of everything when I was working on this stuff. Never occurred to me - but heck I was 25, so what did I know? 
    And I agree - Mike liking/loving these shows is a big plus! There is hope!
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    fommes reacted to TownerFan in “Prelude and Scherzo for Piano and Orchestra for Gloria Cheng and Lang Lang” (Williams premiere, Albany SO, 2021/22)   
    Btw, Gloria confirmed me that the piece is going to be recorded by the Albany Symphony next year.
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    fommes got a reaction from Bespin in Erich Kunzel and the Cincinnati Pops   
    I recently was on the look-out for a number of Kunzel/Cincinnati Pops albums I've had on my wishlist for ages, until I noticed that four of the albums I really wanted to add to the collection, were all in this budget box set:
    No booklets of course, and cardboard sleeves, but great to have these five collected in this box. Contains the following: The Big Picture / Vintage Cinema / Star Tracks / Three Choral Suites (Ben-Hur / Quo Vadis / King of Kings) / The Great Fantasy Adventure Album
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    fommes reacted to Gruesome Son of a Bitch in Indiana Jones 5 (James Mangold, July 29 2022)   
    Brutal couple of years, huh, Shorty? First Marion, then Mutt.
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    fommes reacted to Marian Schedenig in John Williams returns for Indiana Jones 5   
    I always thought The Speeder Chase sounds more like Indy than SW. I'm not the biggest fan of that cue though - I much prefer Journey to Exegol.
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    fommes got a reaction from crumbs in Indiana Jones 5 (James Mangold, July 29 2022)   
    Thanks for this. It will be broadcast on 14 May.
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    fommes reacted to Marian Schedenig in Don Davis' THE MATRIX (1999) - NEW! 3LP Complete Edition by Varese Sarabande coming June 2021   
    Say what now? If this doesn't get a CD release, the music publishing world has really gone bonkers.
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    fommes got a reaction from Bayesian in SPOTLIGHT ON JOHN WILLIAMS: A Prospero Classical CD release featuring new recordings of JW film music   
    More importantly, why does it have teeth?
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    fommes got a reaction from igger6 in SPOTLIGHT ON JOHN WILLIAMS: A Prospero Classical CD release featuring new recordings of JW film music   
    More importantly, why does it have teeth?
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    fommes got a reaction from Yavar Moradi in Jerry Goldsmith's FACE OF A FUGITIVE (1959) - premiere release by Intrada Records, March 2021   
    We need to tread carefully, maybe it's JW the guitarist.
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    fommes reacted to Thor in Jerry Goldsmith's FACE OF A FUGITIVE (1959) - premiere release by Intrada Records, March 2021   
    He, he. I know you jest, but he was 17 at the time and studied at the Royal College of Music in London. There was another jazz pianist at the time also called John Williams, but I think it's fairly certain this is OUR Williams.
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    fommes got a reaction from Jay in The Time Tunnel: Vol. 1 (La-la Land Records - March 16, 2021)   
    Yes but it has not arrived yet.
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    fommes reacted to Miguel Andrade in Tanglewood 2021 season to take place with several BSO concerts   
    The Boston Symphony anouced a shortned season with public for the 2021 season at Tanglewood.
    No schedule available yet, but Maestro Andris Nelsons will lead 8 of the BSO's expected concerts.
    Hope for the premiere of Williams' 2nd Violin Concerto is back
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    fommes reacted to Jay in SPOTLIGHT ON JOHN WILLIAMS: A Prospero Classical CD release featuring new recordings of JW film music   
    Anyone else besides me waiting for the entire album to drop before checking out any more tracks?
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    fommes reacted to Tom in Interesting Connections between John Williams and Audrey Hepburn.   
    Maybe the woman is screaming so much because she is afraid of Dracula.  
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    fommes reacted to Omen II in Eiger Sanction: Due for a Remaster?   
    Does your question refer to Earthquake or The Eiger Sanction, @crumbs?
    Almost all of the source music in The Eiger Sanction is by John Williams, the exception being a minute or so of Chopin's Nocturne in E flat major heard emanating from another apartment as Wormwood climbs the stairs prior to his killing right at the beginning of the film.  Most of the other source music (totalling about 12 minutes) is heard at Ben Bowman's ranch in Arizona while Hemlock prepares for his assignment on the Eiger, although there are also a couple of quasi source music pieces as Hemlock and Jemima get it on after he picks her up during a plane flight.  The source music is similar in style to much of the source music in Earthquake.
    I agree with others' comments that a presentation of the full score would be revelatory.  Not only is the OST a complete rerecording (as was the case with Jaws, Earthquake, The Missouri Breaks, etc.) but much of the brilliant music for the climbing scenes in the last third of the film is not represented at all.  Just one example is the music for the scene where the French climber Montaigne is mortally injured in a rockfall, a classic Williams action cue that can be counted among his best work of the 70s, in my opinion.
    Incidentally, most of the source music in Earthquake is by John Williams, although he cannot claim credit for the Hare Krishna chant!
    Candice Rialson plays an art student who tells Hemlock (Clint Eastwood) that she will do "anything" to get a better grade.  He tells her to go home and "study her little ass off"!
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    fommes got a reaction from Edmilson in Blizzard of Souls (2021) - Lolita Ritmanis   
    I agree! The original release was in 2019 but in the UK/US the release dates are 2020. It was also nominated for the World Soundtrack Public Choice Award last year.
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    fommes reacted to BrotherSound in The Force Awakens - Complete Score Breakdown & Chronological Order (Film Spoilers Allowed)   
    Right, that's the insert 9M85A “Luke Looks”.
    The film and album use a different insert, 9M85A New “Rey Looks”, as heard in 'Peace and Purpose'. They both replace the same section of 9M85 “Finale Part I”, so there should be at least three recorded versions of Luke’s death. We don’t know whether 9M85 Alt Insert was actually recorded yet, which is the insert that uses Luke’s theme, scored wistfully for flute and clarinet.
    The recording status is also uncertain for 9M85B and 9M85C. 9M85B “Between Luke and the March”, which is actually an insert with an insert, replacing a few bars of 9M85A, and including (as @Falstaftmentioned above) a possible reference to the theme from 'Holdo's Resolve'. 9M85C “Island to March” provides a different possible transition from 9M85A back into the Kylo's theme "march".
    Ok, everyone got all that? There will be a quiz! 😃
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    fommes reacted to Jay in John Williams albums by Philips Records (Boston Pops)   
    I finally got around to taking pics of my collection



    I'm gonna listen to and post my thoughts on each starting soon!
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    fommes reacted to Unlucky Bastard in The Official La-La Land Records Thread   
    Hand that man another Fiddler!
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    fommes got a reaction from bollemanneke in The Official La-La Land Records Thread   
    Let's hope the flood comes before Summer for Europeans.
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    fommes reacted to TownerFan in Announcing 'SCORE MASTERS: Celebrating John Williams & Jerry Goldsmith' (Online Event premiering Feb 8, 2021)   
    Thank you very much for saying this, pub. It was a lot of work, but it paid off well.
    I want to publicly thank Daniel Champion of Ipswich Film Theatre for reaching out to me out back in October with this idea of doing something together to celebrate Williams and Goldsmith. It was a truly splendid collaboration with him. I suggested to bring The Goldsmith Odyssey on board, as both me and Yavar were trying to find a way to do a joint episode of our shows and this looked like the perfect opportunity. As Daniel says at the beginning of the video, the original project was to have a dedicated strand at the theatre itself, with projections of Williams- and Goldsmith-scored movies, but Covid cancelled all those plans, sadly. We decided to go ahead nonetheless with this online event, which turned much more epic than we initially hoped. We were considering to have 2-3 guests, but as we started to throw ideas on the table, we reached out to people who we thought could be great guests and basically all of them said yes. It was really touching to see all these amazing people showing their love and respect for Jerry and John. We got the perfect mix of historical approach and fun facts.
    I'm very happy that we went this way and chose to post-produce the event. I offered my services as producer and video editor and took charge of post-production. I'm very happy that the final product looks nice and flowing. Another thing I really wanted to do was using cool pictures throughout that conversation and I'm happy to say that we were able to clear usage for every photo I used--I didn't want to google and steal pictures from all over the place, like many "content creators" do on the internet. The Newman family granted permission for many of the archival pictures and they were incredibly nice and helpful.
    I hope this will remain as a document for future historians and also simple fans who want to understand better these two giants of modern music.
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    fommes reacted to King Mark in SPOTLIGHT ON JOHN WILLIAMS: A Prospero Classical CD release featuring new recordings of JW film music   
    I found the track list!!!!
    Track 1: The Rise of Skywalker
    Track2: Fanfare for Michael Dukakis
    Track 3: Han Solo and the Princess (Revised)
    Track 4: The Lost World (Revised Concert Version)
    Track 5: Leaving Home (Oscar Memoriam Revision)
    Track 7: Irina's Theme
    Track 9: Celebration Fanfare
    Track10: Song for world Peace (Revised)
    Track11: Double Trouble (Orchestral)
    Track 12: Bridge to the Past
    Track13: Fanfare for 10 years old
    Track14: NBC News Rodeo Theme
    Track 15: Were Lookin Good
    track 16: A Toast
    Track17: Galaxy's Edge Symphonic Suite
    Track18 :The Rise of Skywalker Medley :Rey Trains - Lando Arrives- We Fight Togheter
    Track 19: Suite from A Timeless Call
    Track 20: Dear Basketball
    Track 21: Vienna Philharmonics Overture (World Premiere)
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