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If Williams could re-score any film in history.

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First I'd pick a movie I'm interested in ,which is not Out of Africa.Then it would have to be really Epic.

I'd like to hear what he's have done with a big 50's Epic,like The Ten Commandments or Ben Hur.Or Lawrance of Arabia.I would also have liked him to score Lost in Space (the movie),so he could adapt his TV scores to his big orchestral sound.Or maybe Lord of the Rings.

And of course Goblet of Fire


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Now there's a time to drag out my most perverted dream: the wet-T-Shirt-Contest for film composers.

You take some high profile films, say 'LotR'. 'Mask of Zorro', 'Titanic' and 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. Then you hire unbeknownst to each other Horner, Williams, Goldsmith, Morricone (random selection, obviously we know the outcome of two of the aforementioned Horner scores)...and at the end, the filmmakers can select their favourite score....


Apart from that, my only real unfulfilled dream is the 'LotR' trilogy scored in 1982 by Jerry Goldsmith.

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Titanic.  ROTFLMAO

That would probably be interesting. There would definitely be a lack of bagpipes, but I really wonder how much the albums overall success would have been altered. Would there even have been a pop song at the end of the score?

I always thought James Horner's score was a rehash of John Williams's Far and Away. Even the movie Titanic itself reminds me of Far and Away at times.

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Cameron wanted Williams for Titanic.

I doubt there would have been a song.

Cameron didn't want one. It was Horner who went out on his own and recorded a demo of My Heart Will Go On, which convinced Cameron.

- Marc, who wonders if Titanic would have been so succesful if the song hadn't been played on the radio over and over and over and over and over again...

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Or - staying with the Toto connection - Legend.

I'd love Williams to do more orchestration for the movies - let us not forget that he is an Oscar winner in that discipline too how much better would The Phantom of the Opera have been with Williams orchestrating and perhaps at the helm? Maybe he would have had the good taste to sack half the cast too!! Not that it wasn't a great movie, just could have been better....

I'd also love him to re-score James Whale's Frankenstein......I know he wouldn't be the first to try it, but the other attempt I heard was......poor.......

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