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THE LAST JEDI - Disney Records OST

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I will be listening to it tonight and posting impressions in the appropriate thread(s)! Still can't believe I got it though! It's a 30 min drive and I arrived there 10 min before close. Just checked t

I found something on YouTube, I don't know it this is legit or not. Apparently Universal Music Africa (?) has uploaded a trailer for the soundtrack. Doesn't contain any new music, but I'm not sure about the video footage if it contains anything not yet seen in the movie trailers. The YouTube page also contains a weird link ("Download or Stream here") which takes you to another page where you can choose streaming between Apple Music and Google Play, but it seems (as of now) those links only take you to the place holder pages of those services. Maybe this was just posted too early, and there is nothing (except the trailer video) to see here, or even worse this is scam.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Trailer)


Place holder page for streaming links (?)


Edit: found another one: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Trailer), "short version, different music".


Please forgive me if this turns out to be spam or scam etc.


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We are not a piracy site. Simple as that.



1 minute ago, AzOutcast said:

Epcot had it! And now I have it. :D

Thanks for posting that!


Great, and congrats!

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