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  1. I think it didn't really work out in the Batman example (except for notoriety by sheer penetration), it sounds like half-assed Wagner done on a garage synth. The most recent example where i found the drawn-out main theme wonderfully shaped was JNH's Huntsman.
  2. The Batman one is awfully random really, but i give it a C for effort. A great little signature is Tom Newman's marimba piece that opens 'American Beauty'.
  3. Probably his beloved Zimmer's But a great simple idea that is really only a hook but characterizes the movie is Goldsmith's rejected 'Alien Nation' score (really only two chords with pitch bended):
  4. While John Barry didn't exactly wrote short melodies, he had a knack for coming up with great signatures. Jerry mustn't even be mentioned.
  5. Like with most Morricone's and Delerue's it's best to sample all that stuff on compilations. As for Johnny, i inevitably prefer stuff that isn't 'Star Wars' or 'E. T.' - my best blockbuster bets are the big slave children march from 'Temple of Doom', the grail theme(s) from 'Last Crusade' & the love theme from 'Superman' and then 'Cinderella Liberty' (wonderful blues-tinged tune), the end credits from 'Jaws 2' (marvelously constructed hymn) and probably a baker's dozen of such themes.
  6. With reservations. A) it automatically rules out less 'romantic' approaches that are just as valid B) the chance for a fuck up is bigger: the longer it becomes the more chance you have that you don't like part of it. That being said, i always found this flowing Delerue piece the perfect embodiment of the kind of melody you describe; it just never seems to end!
  7. #they don't make 'em like this anymore
  8. Plus, flights are really cheap. And Las Vegas is a must-see.
  9. Messy sex (also: 'Hollow Man', 'Peter Proud').
  10. Trust me , San Francisco - LA via Route 1 is the thing to do. Nothing against Kansas, Colorado and Utah but it's like 2,500 miles and is it really a good idea to squander your vacation for 8 hours per day on a bus?
  11. Totally impossible. I'd fly to Las Vegas, rent a car there and would go to L.A. via San Francisco over Route One (the famous ocean road). That alone is quite a program for the 2,5 weeks.
  12. The triple meaning hidden behind an enigma that is supposed to be 'A. I.'s ending has been a running joke on this forum since the mid-2000's.
  13. I think that's a bit of a simplistic reading - and not of Spielberg's movie but of people's reactions. Knowing Spielberg's penchant for catharsis and Williams' own reading of the scene (he told Jeff Bond so in an interview round 2002) i am afraid that 'not be further from the truth' might backfire. But even if it is all true it hardly is the audience's fault if a filmmaker isn't clearly communicating what he wants to say. And if Spielberg, not the most intellectual of filmmakers, films a scene that looks like a commercial and graces it with a sweet unambigious musical cantilena on the soundtrack it's hard to find much evidence for all this supposed bleakness.