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  1. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    It actually does not. The score revolves around a dark, appropriately so, theme that isn't even featured in the suite:
  2. With so many middling to mediocre entries i would considera Top 10 excessive...
  3. Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    Captain America Civil War - 13 minute suite
  4. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    You are still required to immerse yourself in JNH's 'Huntsman' score. As i said, it may take some time but half of that album is a keeper and will stay with you (especially the more lyrical writing).
  5. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    In light of the really awfully/muddysounding 'Journey to the Line' production from Zimmer's concert, i put on the album again - not the session tapes i acquired years before but the old album. It's afiligree exercise in stillness and that one theme at the tail end of the cue above still rates as one of Zimmer and crew's best (who knows who wrote it...).The only thing lacking is the Fauré paradise music (for obvious reasons) but other than that it's a wonderful album and has- for this composer - an unexpected depth especially in its divised string and woodwind writing. Also in light of the concert a friend urged me to listen to 5 concert suites from 'The Dark Knight Rises' (not on the official album), a score that i find drab and insufferable. When all's said and done, it will have been a Zimmer-heavy week...
  6. The Classical Music Recommendation Thread

    The music notwithstanding, the kvetching austrian pedant that Bohm is makes the whole thing outrageously entertaining, for native speakers anyway.
  7. But that's better than a lot of Elfman latelywhere you don't even havethat.
  8. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Two great old-style themes, middling underscore that is an exact match for the naive Leanwannabe movie. When the big Star Wars-tutti finish rolls by you know how a Williams shoulder shrug sounds like. Another one from that middling category is thex-th unctuous ode tothe fucking greatness that is the US of A, 'The Patriot',one i like considerably more. It has the same old-school yearning - that only Williams and Horner could ever muster in that unashamed-but-sinceremanner - and while it's all a bit cheesy which seems mandatory if you are working for Roland Emmerich, the cheese actually is entertaining in a way the boring solemnity of 'Saving Private Ryan' & Co. only could dream of. The maestro here has some fun with his brass section that undergoes some deft polyphonic variations (i. e. 'Preparing for Battle', 'Martin vs. Tavington') and the score features oneof his best 'popular' love/family themes that seems simple but harmonically is anything but. The mixture of dissonance(cf. late 90's works like 'The Lost World'), the quasi-olympian colonial 'ballets' and the lush and elegiac material makes 'The Patriot' maybe not top-tier Williams (it really is too slight and superficial for that) but you don't mind when it's on. When suddenly 'The British Grenadiers' faintly plays in the background of 'Facing the British Lines' it almost appears as if he had some fun writing it - and why should that be a bad thing?
  9. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Wait, i look around maybe i still have my copy...;)
  10. Judging by your playlists that seems hard to believe.
  11. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Though there isn't much that we don't have already. 'Jumanji', uneven as it is, has also some recommendable parts. For fans of Klimek & Tykwer (sans Heil): their newest collaboration after 'Cloud Atlas'
  12. Exactly. Bespin's wording just sounds a bit ignorant. Neither the music nor its use are blatantly tied to a bygoneera, it sounds a bit idiosyncratic (as is expected with Morricone anyway).
  13. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Give the latest HUNTSMAN and MALEFICENT a spin then (if you haven't already). There are some great shades of that in both - though they are of course no match. Goldsmith and Horner (i exclude Williams for the obvious reason he didn't do animation) really brought the genre to its current standard. I invested myself in some of the lesser-known Horner animation scores after his passing and apart from 'Pagemaster', i always had a soft spot for this: Clearly Horner but there are at least 4 hummable themes and ripe 'nature' sound that is just lovely.
  14. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    I really do not like Rosenman's score and concur with 'Watership Down' but it still is more of a british-tinged classical score. The Goldsmith has that special 'you're about to watch a great Hollywood fantasy movie'-feel, a torch that Horner and others took over later.