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  1. Since when is that a badge of honour or quality in itself? Now wait for Abrams to correct that.
  2. He was a highlight for me.
  3. But that's a cop-out - you can end all discussion on such relativist standpoint. Basically it's just a movie, and it also was just a movie when ESB hit cinemas and there's nothing wrong with that. It's not made for a museum and also not too please every ardent fan and their often outlandish expectations (i also assume many of the complaints can be addressed to wildly different decisionmakers, since not for a second i believe what transpired is R. Johnson's 'singular' vision). It's not a brilliant film by any stretch of imagination but given what passes for entertainment - often in excess of 2 hours - at the multiplexes today i can imagine much worse. Even TFA was a passable watch, but i was really pissed off by its fearful denial of anything 'offending', which made for an OK-but-boring experience ('Rogue One' upped the ante, sadly).
  4. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Hadn't noticed this came out. Burwell wrote a beautiful, colorful orchestral score (small-scale, though) for...brace yourself...Winnie The Pooh (or, at least, its creator).
  5. Yeah. And it was competent but fucking boring. In between, the prequels - so it's a fair question what this elusive legacy is these movies allegedly carry that makes the new one so offensive.
  6. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Knowing Disney, it probably sickens them even more (together with probably 500 other fox entries).
  7. Works on both sides. Though the desperate handwringing and angry shouts are more funny. Dito. Though i guess a cannot even fathom how important these movies are for some here (masterpiece i would not even call ESB). I am just thankful for not being annoyed after handing over my 10€.
  8. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    The 70's are far ahead of everything else.
  9. At least we shouldn't applaud those delivering the exact opposite - though 'Rogue One' is the real offender in that regard. Patently awful.
  10. Let's wait for final box office returns. They speak the truth. Though that will probably not make Abrams any better as original dramatic filmmaker.
  11. But that is/was Star Wars all along. These are just movies, remember, and how anyone can claim with a straight face that a movie with silly shit like 40 minutes of Jabba's palace and another 90 minutes with an army of furry teddy bears (to single out the bleedingly obvious) is the pinnacle of space fantasy is really beyond me.
  12. Fans. The millstones round the franchises' neck.
  13. In a way, the goofiness, the grotesque and overbearing style, of the film might be Johnson's response to what is an impossible straddle between saga barrage, modern audience and blockbuster expectations and the promise of at least a tenth of directorial vision by Disney. He decided for a crude style mix and i make a case that he should be lauded for that - it's certainly more honest to the roots of the saga than the painfully reverent, cramped and ultimately boring TFA. I too don't agree with the Hux horseplay or that awful flat iron spaceship and probably at least 4 or 5 others things but if i get a more daring if silly movie experience out of it, more power to him.