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  1. What do you think of Williams's non film work?

    And in Schifrin's case, it's vastly better and more interesting than his film music, ca. since the mid-70's.
  2. How so many people can get so worked up about one second of music is beyond me; that the (long) end credit suites after ESB got progressivley worse (the one trend TFA thankfully stopped) is an entirely different matter.
  3. This and the end title segue from 'Star Trek II'. 
  4. What do you think of Williams's non film work?

    I forgot that Goldenthal once was a film composer.
  5. The 2015 IFMCA Nominations

    Right. Still, apart from A. I. i would have nominated only Intrada stuff.
  6. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    It doesn't contribute much and what does isn't even from the score. Whatever dramaturgical ideas Sakamoto et al. may have had, in its final form there just is too much mood mongering going on that remains depressingly vague about anything. Though with the whole movie being such an odd duck of a Charles Bronson movie trying to be artsy, the score is the least of its problems.
  7. Without having anything to add about transitions i always found the handling of the proceeding scherzando in the '77 'Star Wars' ('Throne Room' from 01:46) the most sublime and maybe, Williams' best Korngoldian miniature apart from some of 'Hook's duel stuff. He abandoned the rapid, dancing approach after that (it got more stately from ESB onwards) and it's the one reason i kept the old LP's version instead of upgrading it with the vastly better sounding Gerhardt recording.
  8. The 2015 IFMCA Nominations

    Not one Intrada title made it for the Archival Releases' nominations. That's a big WTF moment.
  9. What do you think of Williams's non film work?

    Also, did any contemporaries even try? I only know of Rosenman (who was the most prolific of the silver agers) and Bernstein did bits and pieces of chamber music or a concerto here and there. Some stuff may be forever hidden in closets.   Interestingly, apart from Don Davis of the recent crop only Powell rose to the front with an amibitous non-film music work (who would have thought?).
  10. Jerry Goldsmith's best

    Yeah. Thankfully there are enough eternally bored dutchmen to play watchdog patrol on all these out-of-control threads.
  11. Jerry Goldsmith's best

    Lots of best-of lists say otherwise. 
  12. Jerry Goldsmith's best

    Point taken, but let's be honest with ourselves here: just because someone asks a very general question (with almost nothing aside his avatar to hang recommendations onto) and people respond with their usual assortment of bullet-point lists there is no furthering of any knowledge. Too much time here is devoted to just listing stuff and be done with it.    For debate's sake a starting point like 'i hate fucking ALIEN noise' makes much more sense, because that would start a real discussion about merits and music history and what have you. I don't for a single second buy that someone who has, one must think, tried Goldsmith music and didn't like it suddenly starts listening to esoteric cues from 'Capricorn One' and thinks 'Heureka!'    
  13. Jerry Goldsmith's best

    Maybe 'The Dress Waltz'...      
  14. Jerry Goldsmith's best

    I think most film music fans can be divided in two camps: the rock-solids, who prefer their stuff more conservative (orchestral, built on classical forms etc.) and the paradise birds who usually early on find their joy in strange musical hybrids often impersonated by early Goldsmith (say up to mid-80's) and Morricone and the likes. Nothing hipsterish about it. I love Williams for certain things he has a brilliant hand for but he bores me stiff in other departments. Goldsmith could do the traditional orchestral stuff but often his partitures became most stale when he worked in those forms (the early 80's excepted, both men shone in that period).   With this in mind i just don't think it's a wise idea to recommend the more outlandish works to someone whose big idea of film music is E. T. and 'Star Wars'.    
  15. Jerry Goldsmith's best

    'And i think all of you fuckers suck for always giving awards to the most simplistic, least challenging fluff but because i want you to like me, i will now write the theme from RUDY'