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  1. Please Varése, remaster this so that it doesn't sound so digitally shrill.
  2. Islands in the Stream (FSM): Rio Conchos (FSM): The Ballad of Cable Hogue (Varése Club): Lonely are the Brave (FSM): Warlock (Intrada): Aliens (Varése Deluxe): Probably a lot of others, too.
  3. Though he's right half-wittingly: there are dozens of FSM, Varése Club and Intrada releases on Spotify (since years now).
  4. It's fair. But since digital music collections i found a curious absence of oppression for music i don't like (or, in Williams' case, bores me) because i just don't put it in my archive. And say what you will about boring JW scores: there's in all of them at least one piece to keep. I think the only ones after 'Jaws' i virtually shut out are 'Stanley and Iris' and 'Missouri Breaks'.
  5. I have UNDER FIRE on not very often but whenever i do, i pray to the gods to bestow upon us another composer of Jerry Goldsmith's caliber.
  6. BR would have gang-raped for a box office take of 400Mio $.
  7. A dark bluntness only Bernard Herrmann could imagine - and while it has been rightly argued that it needed the Scorsese remake to do the music justice, i think it still can barely hold the raw power of it. A great terror score still in search of the right picture.
  8. It sure is. Though i'm not sure if your and Stefans retreat into simplistic one-sentence declarations is proof of that.