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  1. She listened to a lot of Stravinsky and Penderecki shaping her performance.
  2. Honestly, i can think of better ways of spending my time than to listen to action music from JPIII. It's really best left in the movie.
  3. One of Otto Preminger's never-ending talkfests from the 60's. It's not as bad as 'Exodus' and 'The Cardinal' but it comes close. The model ships also looked rather bad, right?
  4. It's technically superior to 'Jurassic World' but still i enjoy this score much more. It's one of the very few recent Giacchino's where naive homage and pumped-up blockbuster sound really gel.
  5. And for a change it's not a dismal failure: M. Night Shyamalan’s “Split” has turned into a horror hit with a surprisingly strong $40.2 million in its opening weekend at 3,038 North American locations.
  6. You raise a key point here: rocky transition period, future generations...but people, be it voters or politicians, don't live by promises of a faraway paradise (catholics excepted) that may take a 100 years to enter. And we now live in much faster moving times of which twittering presidents are just one symptom. But it's tangible now that things are gonna change more rapidly, not just because of Trump but because economic hits will come with greater regularity (especially with Trump policies, of course). And you can take all your basic beliefs about human rights, they are not gonna feed people. And as soon as that variable enters the equation you can pretty much forget about all those lofty ideals: first food, then ethics. THAT much is certain.
  7. Shot by reactionary forces from within! A Martyr!!
  8. I am really not a fan of musicals but i have seen a lot of classic ones (forcedly as a child) and some recent stuff like 'Chicago'. One thing i hand to MGM: they knew how to make them and frankly, i'd rather watch 'Show Boat' or 'An American in Paris' 50 time before i would watch La La Land again:
  9. As i said previously, the disadvantages of a profit-oriented capitalist society lay bare in the US today: you may find the idea of living in China, Russia or an Iraq under Hussein an unspeakable horror but i'd wager you find as much people there that, if asked, would find their own way of living under strict regulations by an omnipresent government much preferable as those who want a free market system built on a separation of powers and checks and balances. The one they have, they know and can deal with. The other one presently does not exactly is paramount example of stability and well-being for the society at large. I don't take sides here just trying to get you out of your very us-centric drift. The problems are eerily similar. Also this new liberal slant in western societies is in place since the end of WW2, really. That is an awfully short time historically. And that's the great tragedy: you may preach tolerance and implant new standards by political means but you cannot not fight 1000-year old prejudices and bigotries by decree.
  10. But again: why do you feel so certain that you - meaning a US-centric view - have all the answers to what people living in vastly different societies with often diametrically opposed religious beliefs need? I am not saying you do not mean well but from my point of view, it's an awfully arrogant statement. It's like going to your neighbor's house painting the walls pink because you like the color better. I think nothing i said is actually a theory, it's for all to see in plain sight. And i don't think a lot of what we are talking about is an organized conspiracy. Again: cui bono? Who's to profit? Ask yourself this question when you enter these big, world-spanning discussions and it will make it much easier to find the pro's and con's of another view or something that is presented to you as 'universal truth'. Most of these supposedly rock-hard truths are to be taken with a grain of salt and have to be questioned time and time again. But it comes at a price: fun fact is that 10 years after the wall came down a lot of east germans very vocally complained that the west they got wasn't what they bargained for - what the hell is a 'freedom' good for when you don't have the money to buy stuff? And it's also in the former east where the new radical streams from left and now right first formed. The old cold war propaganda (lead forth by Bush jr.) about powers of evil vs. the blessings of freedom are pure propaganda and do not really answer the tricky question why so many people, at least here in Germany, much more prefer safety over personal freedom? (no country in the world is as insurance-driven as we are) Russia was a backwards monarchist-run agrarian nation before it was hastily plunged into a revolutionary state. They were oppressed under the Czar and they were oppressed under Stalin. And you know what? Most russians still prefer a firm and strict centralized government that runs things for them. You may have gifted them 'democracy' but it took 10 years to sort out the post-soviet chaos and what is now? A new Politbureau like in Brezhnev's best times with an autocratic leader and all the old structures intact. And that's not a conspiracy that's just how a lot of Russia still functions best (US propaganda will of course tell you how all russians are oppressed under Putin's bet).
  11. I use the car when the weather is too heinous but generally if your distance is not over 8 or maybe 9 miles per trip, it's easily manageable in 35 to 45 minutes. I have jobs at varying places so i go the long distance from april to november and shorter trips (3 miles) all year. In big cities like Berlin parking is a huge problem and it costs a lot of money, too. It just isn't feasible to invest money in parking when you can go by bike and keep fit this way as an added bonus.
  12. That's for sure.
  13. And much better than the so-so 'Stanley and Iris' (the theme is nice as usual but the rest of the short underscore nothing to write home 'bout). The 70's Universal scores like 'Eiger Sanction', 'Pete'n'Tillie', 'Earthquake', 'Dracula' or even Thor's eternal 'Story of a Woman' and 'Daddy’s Gone A-Hunting' would be much appreciated.