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  1. Very 'Iris'.
  2. Home Alone, obviously.
  3. @Marian Schedenig In Audition i don't see a problem.
  4. Cameron is the closest modern Demille impersonation we got.
  5. I prefer this one.
  6. Rather, they just erased the tapes to record new stuff onto it. Same thing but still...
  7. He understood all too well!
  8. Inacceptable!
  9. The cues mentioned are not that interesting anyway. No biggie.
  10. OK. I'll come to the wedding. Only when food is good, though and the couple reasonably attractive.
  11. Thanks guys. Will do. Finally it's not a place in downtown or Venice. Everything is easier to reach from them hills.
  12. Nah, 'Narcos' is Latin America and it's a different ballgame than your usual hostile US megacities.
  13. Thank you very much, i already did the Disney Concert Hall and The Last Bookstore last time but will gladly try out the rest! I got free tickets for Universal so i will go this time. Three times in L.A. but no one ever was willing to go to Disneyland & Co. As for transport, i always rent cars in the US. Maybe it's time for Uber but it sounds like a lot of things could go wrong, eh..? To do what?