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  1. Reducing the amount of shit blown in the air and our atmosphere can't be a bad thing, global warming or not.
  2. 'Ultimatum' is the best.
  3. It's terrible enough that i did but i didn' get this reference at all. Well, than it fits, i suppose.
  4. I saw it yesternight while on a business trip in a boring city. Apart from the usual nuisances - weightless, silly action sequences that go on forever and make absolutely no claim to involve you in the fate of any character involved - the whole story with the villain seems to have been written by someone 8-10 years old, it's so scatterbrained. While not every writer can have the taste and erudition of Nicholas Meyer, a bit of intelligence and understanding of what makes drama tick isn't too much to ask for, no? Didn't understand the photo stuff with the old crew. Isn't that the new crew? Or has fan service completely taken over now?
  5. There's a lot to like about Schickele's 'Silent Running' score - great eco sci-fi by Doug Trumbull - but Joan Baez's hippi-ish indicting 'protest' song takes the cake: set to images of men destroying humanity's last forest on Bruce Dern's space station it should turn even the most heinous BP CEO a greenpeace activist.
  6. Please. Koray is absolutely right, it seems like a battery of writers concocted this without consulting with each other. The monster stuff was dreadful, they should have stayed with the 'Fury's concept of the telekinetic children. 'Subversion' of clich├ęs this certainly wasn't.
  7. But why? Is anyone besides Disco Stu here and elsewhere not in possession of those (perfect sounding) session tapes? New Wintory:
  8. THE BFG is a godsend in that respect (though it didn't manage to to outgross even 'Beyond's opening day).
  9. It is a weak score. Just like the movie.
  10. It is a very good film based on a Maugham novel about the relationships of three british people in Cholera-ridden Shanghai of the 20's. It's not perfect but Desplat helps immensely in giving it a mysterious sheen that works for the setting but also the woman's discovery of her inner self. Another one you might fancy: