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  1. 'Link' is actually a nice rubbish thriller. Much more impotent JG movies out there ('Link' i could finish, 'Mom and Dad save the World', 'Rent-a-op' and 'Not without my Daughter' were a challenge).
  2. The Navy Seal guy wasn't that bad.
  3. I have not seen KONG: SI but i will staunchly defend 'Godzilla' and - up to a pint(meant point) - 'Jurassic World'. The first one has given me back faith in the term 'cinematically' (as far as big blockbusters go), the second one while much cheesier is at least competently entertaining. I will watch K:SI on Prime or something when it comes out but if it's comparable i will not complain.
  4. Even with the woes of Finasterid against him! What a guy!
  5. The tagline 'Heads will roll' sprung for there.
  6. I have lost interest then. Erdogan, save our daily news!
  7. Whoever stated flatly he can't? He just isn't convincing in most roles outside a shrinking comfort zone. In those where he is, he's great. Playing with fire..
  8. Glorified cameo=feasting on 40 year old glories. That's not exactly a big achievement.
  9. You're not a movie superstar with 70. You are either a character actor by then or in glorified cameos.
  10. Ford would agree but i always found him a retching presence in stuff like 'Morning Glory'. He looks like a robot who's programmed to fake 'crusty old geezer' moves. And it's the same kind of performance in '42'.
  11. It is one of those 'unnatural' Barry melodies that took me some time to appreciate (whereas the John Dunbar Theme is the kind of dim-witted Ten Tenors tunes that starts to sound embarrasing after a while). Still, the love theme that is a muted presence in the score is hands down one of the best Barry themes of its ilk and together with the Two Socks and the wide heroic indian theme the only really bearable stuff from this overrated simpleton of a score.
  12. Realizing that real-life politics isn't monopoly?
  13. Neill is a vastly better actor than Harry...that's why he turns up in stuff like this.
  14. I was interested in the merging of euro/asian idioms though it didn't really happen (the stark mood i still appreciated). The Szymanowski is probably an unfair comparison, since Van Dieren is basically an unknown while Szymanowski's piece is rightly registered as one of the best works of the first half of the century.