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  1. LOVE the beat of silence in ROTJ
  2. Hmm what is The Telegraph referring to here (spoiler alert)?       Oh I misread empire as emperor--nvmd
  3. Which SW score has the best action music?

     I love Rolling with Grievous!  Although hate how it is reprised on the album version. 
  4. Which SW score has the best action music?

    Glad to see so much love for chase thru coruscating.  Anyone else feel similar amounts of love for General grebious?
  5. You mean one of Patrick Doyle's best musical moments ever?
  6. Ennio Morricone - The Hateful Eight

    Exciting he may win his first ever American award!
  7. I'd say Lincoln had a much better shot at winning than TFA.  It was to a critically adored, non-sequel, dramatic movie with a real shot at winning more "major" awards (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor).  There were no scores with obvious advantages that year (unlike, for instance, 2011's The Artist).  I'd be very surprised if TFA won.  It's rare enough for fantasy scores to win Best Score, let alone sequel fantasy scores (with RotK being the exception).
  8. Analysis - Battle of the Heroes

    Nice find on all those themes starting w the first three scale degrees.  Do you think that's jws way of indicating that the force permeates all aspects of the SW universe?
  9. What happened on June 27th 2007?

    We gotta alert box office mojo so they can add this to the list of records TFA has broken!
  10. Your Top Ten Star Wars themes...

    1) Han and Leia 2) Imperial March 3) Duel of the Fates 4) princess Leias thene 5) Luke and Leia 6)across the stars  7) main theme 8) anakins theme 9) battle of the heroes  10) rebel fanfare 11) force theme 12) droid federation March      I'm not including set piece themes, but if I did the arena and asteroid field would definitely make it in there, along with some others 
  11. I'll be crossing my fingers for a Dex's Diner reprise.
  12. Williams' Most Plagiaristic Cues

    So anything from TFA sound familiar?
  13. How Mutt's Theme should have sounded like?

    ^hey, that could structrally fit in the SW universe, ala across the stars/Luke's themes
  14. Rey's Theme – John Williams' Best Theme Yet?

    I maintain that it sounds like Night at the Museum: