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  1. It's a guilty pleasure for me.
  2. Awesome! Also, JW needs to stop creeping on Daisy Ridley.
  3. I love JWs use of non-percussion instruments in percussive ways. A great example is the muted brass near the beginning of General Greivous from ROTS
  4. 1) Titanic 2) Star Trek II - Wrath of Khan 3) Field of Dreams 4) A Beautiful Mind 5) Bicentennial Man 6) Casper 7) Avatar 8) Braveheart 9) Apollo 13 10) Star Trek III: Search for Spock
  5. Black Sunday is also full of angst
  6. After a first listen, really enjoyed it. The main theme is one JW's better ones in recent years. I think I like it more than any of the new themes in TFA. "Sophie's Future" is gorgeous.
  7. "Sierra Leone, 1839 And The Capture Of Cinque" from Amistad
  8. Isn't the adventure continues the end credits of tintin? If so, shame on us!
  9. Olympic fanfare and theme, Harry Potter suite, swing swing swing (in jazz band), Cowboys overture, summon the heroes, and a suite of JW music including Star Wars main title, Cadillac of the skies, jaws theme and Fhe Land Race.
  10. Definitely one of JW's alltime greatest cues/themes
  11. so did anybody listen? Is it online?
  12. LOVE the beat of silence in ROTJ
  13. Hmm what is The Telegraph referring to here (spoiler alert)? Oh I misread empire as emperor--nvmd
  14. I love Rolling with Grievous! Although hate how it is reprised on the album version.