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  1. The Force Theme (See my signature )
  2. 24

    24 has always been one of my favorite shows, also the later seasons 7 and 8. Of course you have to switch off the brain from times to times (like in virtually all action movies). For me, 24 always had a unique mix of thriller, action, drama and politics sprinkled with honest and true family dynamics mainly between Jack and his loved ones (His wife, daughter and girlfriends). Then you also have the equally unique realtime aspect. It's true that in later seasons there is a lot of repetition and seasoned 24 viewers couldn't be surprised that easily anymore. You just anticipate certain plot twists. Nevertheless, the enjoyment for me was and is still there, because the mix of all these elements is still just so damn good. Of course i don't overanalyze and accept certain weaknesses and stupid plot holes. Also honestly the music of 24 is a real highlight, at least in the first eight seasons. Sadly it's about 90% library and electronic and only 10% real instruments. Sean Callery really did a great job to create a number of themes and action riffs/motifs and be creative, even though he had limited budget and time. In terms of impact, his music elevates many scenes from good to great and also creates highly emotional moments in combination with Kiefer Sutherlands fantastic acting. Take for example his "family theme", which is used to great effect in many moments of Jack and his Daughter and/or Jack and his Wife. He dropped the ball a bit for season 9 with only one significant new theme for Heller in the stadium and a bit too much undescript action music. This sadly continues at least in the first two 24 legacy episodes. Proper action riffs/motifs are missing so far and also the new "main theme" is too generic for my taste.
  3. Ah okay, i thought i read that somewhere on a trek site years ago... Can you point out some cool appearances of the voyager theme in the episode scores? I only know the main title and end title arrangements.
  4. Is it true that Goldsmiths Voyager theme was only used in one actual episode score apart from the pilot?
  5. 100% agreed. For me War Horse and PoA are his best scores since 2000!
  6. For me number one must be Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. It's in my top 3 list of JWs best scores and absolutely deserves a complete expansion.
  7. Incredible news, Jurassic Park is an all time favorite and The Lost World a holy grail among the Williams scores without proper expansion!!! I will order it today or tomorrow, probably from LLL directly even if the shipping cost seems a bit expensive. But this is something i gladly pay to support LLL directly for this and all their other wonderful JW releases. Now fingers crossed for proper Potter expansions. What would i give for a complete PoA. Another holy grail removed from my wishlist of JW expanded scores Prisoner of Azkaban (Expanded) Starwars Prequels (Expanded) The Lost World (Expanded) War Horse (Expanded) The Patriot (Expanded) Far and Away (Expanded) Return of the Jedi (good sound quality / Expanded) Indiana Jones Quadrology (Expanded)
  8. The scene with Edmure and Jamie was probably the best Jamie scene since the season 3 bathtub moment. Tobias Menzies as Edmure was sorely missed since season 3 and he again delivered a great and nuanced performance as Edmure (now all the more hardened and grown up). Let's hope that Riverrun/Edmure still plays a role in the future seasons. The Blackfish sendoff was ok, it wasn't really necessary to see his end in battle... By the way how AMAZING were the Riverrun sets and CGI work. This is surely one of the best looking locations in the whole series. Even custom built siege equipment and the Lannister Frey camps. And many people keeps saying that the director of these episodes Mark Mylod is a sort of a hack because of the (admittedly horrible) Arya stabbing, recovery and chase scenes. Nevertheless apart from that he overall did a great job in my opinion, especially with all the Riverun stuff and everything concerning the hound in episode 7 and 8. These scenes were really really well done starting with this amazing montage with the reveal of the hound... Many of Mylods "bad" things are probably more script and story problems.
  9. I'm more lurking nowadays but still here and what can i say, season 7 sounds really promising. Season 6 was a great season in my opinion and really managed to close out or continue a lot of older story threads from previous seasons. Concerning older story threads i especially liked Edmure Tullys and the Blackfishs return (Riverrun sets and CGI was beautifully realized) as well as everything with the Hound.
  10. Spacecamp is a very good score which i really enjoy. It is in no way one of JW worst scores. The BFG samples sound great. I'm really looking forward to this surely magical score. I also love the colorful orchestration.
  11. I want to continue my search for the best John Williams tracks of each of his music types/styles (Action Music, Adventure Music, Downbeat/Sad Music, Romantic/Love Music,...). If someone would ask you for a John Williams playlist of his best Upbeat / Positive / Feel Good music, which tracks would you choose? My random order of John Williams best Upbeat / Feel Good music would be: 01) "Journey to the Island" (From Jurassic Park) 02) "Space Camp" (From Space Camp) 03) "To Charleston" (From The Patriot) 04) "Throne Room and Finale" (From Star Wars) 05) "Return to the Village / Raiders March" (From Temple of Doom) 06) "Rouge City" (From Artificial Intelligence) 07) "Jim's New Life" (From Empire of the Sun) 08) "The Flying Sequence" (From Hook) 09) "Short Round's Theme" (From Temple of Doom) 10) "Olympic Fanfare and Theme" (Comissioned for the Los Angeles ’84 Olympic Games) 11) "Follow Me" (From Always) 12) "Doctor, Lawyer, Lutheran" (From Catch Me If You Can) 13) "Main Title" (From Star Wars) 14) "Entry into the Great Hall" (From Harry Potter 1) 15) "Arrival in New York" (From Home Alone 2) 16) "The Open Sea" (From Jaws 2) 17) "Banning Back Home (Film Version)" (From Hook) 18) "Snowy's Theme" (From Tintin)
  12. The Force Awakens

    A good but disappointing score. I share the criticism some of you brought up. Rey's theme is great, very versatile and gets developed a lot across the soundtrack. I also like most of the old theme appearances ( Force theme, Luke, Han and Leia, Leia, Rebel fanfare and the Imperial March) and its orchestrations. The action music is problematic in its anonymity. Why is the recurring action motif / Finn's motif appearing almost always in the same orchestrations. The other problem is the lack of engaging themes apart from Rey and Poe's themes. I don't dig the March of the resistance. Kylo Ren's theme is solid but not developed enough. Finn's theme seems to be the above mentioned action motif. Then there is the anonymity of the First Order. Why isn't there a first order theme? A missed opportunity for a catchy and classic JW march. All in all sadly the weakest of the Starwars scores... my ranking 1) TESB 2) TPM 3) SW 4) RotS 5) RotJ 6) AOTC 7) TFA I really hope JW returns for Episode VIII and IX. Even though this score wasn't as good as expected it is better than everything else which was composed this year.
  13. Can i buy the lalaland releases (Home Alone, Braveheart) also from the intrada store (Jaws 1 and 2), cause i don't want to pay shipping to Europe twice?
  14. Congrats, all the best to you and your wife!