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  1. Who are your top 5 rudest JW fans?

    did I post something in this thread? Anyways 1-gkgyver 2-gkgyver 3-gkgyver 4-gkgyver 5-gkgyver
  2. it means "pirate it as fast as you can before we yank it away"
  3. Williams is probably unaware these Filmtracks Awards exist
  4. I realize I'm now old enough to be dead when that happens
  5. I really wish they kept Rey Run and the Caretaker scene in the film Is that the scene that's supposed to be before Rey leaves the island.? This explains why she left without sayng goodbye or thanks to Luke Plus we'd have clean in the iso score
  6. Video Game Thread II

    I haven't felt like playing a game for more than a few hours in the past week and the one I started is off to a slow start because I have to read online guides to try to understand the obtuse combat system. It's just one mechanic on top of a 100 other with incomprehensible tutorials and stat menus that make no sense
  7. I predict this cue will never be released in any shape or form
  8. the caretaker party has an AMAZING version of Rey's Theme that tops the training cue
  9. I read a rumor that apple will get rid of it's download section altogether further adding to my fears we wont control our music anymore. Is that possibly true
  10. In a way it's the only way we got a Last Jedi complete score without waiting 20 years but we have to pirate it. This "isolated score" is no different than downloading a leaked sessions. It's always been that way with film scores but at least we do it in partly legal ways. Buy bootlegs, search for leaked sessions (illegal) but own the c.d.'s that come out (legal) In the future we might be pushed to "totally illegal" or have no hobby at all .To those who are against any form or piracy on this forum...well have fun with your JW Spotify playlist of the "Raiders March" and Star Wars Main Titles
  11. maybe to them a 5 minute random video feature is the same as an isolated score. nobody cares except hard core fans
  12. this is what 's been terrifying me since those streaming services started.. I was afraid you could not own your music any more , and could only play it on specific devices, and whoever offers it could yank it at any time.So basically if you do it legally you have to live in fear they will remove this score at some point and you won't be able to listen to it ever again. No more "collecting" music and listen to it whenever you want, only what your streaming service makes available at one point in time with a membership needed to a specific service and device I fully expect makers of digital devices to STOP supporting "owned" file formats (MP3,AAC)within the next 10 years, meaning you won't even be able to play MP3's anymore unless your sitting on your PC at home and have some legacy and unsupported (or pirated) software running. .And maybe they will even block that in Windows 12 or something. Apple will probably stop selling files you can actually download, etc... I know I sounded paranoid when I said that 5 years ago when this started but it's EXACTLY what's happening. it's still not too bad but in a few years listening to our score collection might be a pain in the ass. Or maybe we'll revert to a world where you have to own a c.d. player again bought at specialized audio shops The fact they are slowly stopping to sell iPODS is proof this is happening
  13. I STILL hear somekind of lightsaber effect reverb at the end of Rey training with Lightsaber