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  1. I got this game called The Technomancer. It's somekind of RPG that takes place on mars
  2. yes, the main sophie's theme is great..but it's never developed into a full version. We only hear teasing snippets of it
  3. I'm towards the end of Star Ocean, Integrity and Faithlesness It's too bad the story was supposed to be a lot longer and epic, but they cut it due to budget constraints. All the gameplay elements like the crafting system was obviously made for a game that was supposed to be much bigger. I still enjoyed it despite the bad reviews and most of the negative points I've read were exaggerated. I've managed to stretch it out to 45 hours so far by doing everything but the reviews said it was about 20 hours long. I find that mainstream reviewers have little patience to explore the systems in place in a JRPG and just dismiss them as a bad idea or too complicated. Most of the reviews focused on the A.I. of the characters being bad,but there was a skill system which you had to figure out and use properly for the A.I. to work properly. It's a bit the same situation for a game like The Last Remnant which I enjoyed a lot
  4. My vision for the future of music is rather bleak. Not content with having removed the headphone jack from audio devices , Apple will eventually remove all internal storage from their music playing devices, FORCING you to use the cloud or streaming services (because Apple likes to force things upon you whether you like it or not). That's when companies will start regulating everything you can listen to on your device and you can kiss goodbye to listening to "rare files" on a portable device
  5. I didn't like the film
  6. Can a hard drive break or data get corrupted it you don't use it and it's sitting in a drawer? every few years I buy a new one and try to put everything on it so I have multiple drives now the one I'm using on my PC is getting old so I should replace that one too I'd never trust online storage with some of the rare music files we have, just in case they start checking everything for copyrights and stuff like that
  7. I think it had all the building blocks to be a classic, but the themes aren't developed enough to be really satisfying. The score always seems to be building on something without ever getting there so no, it hasn't really grown on me
  8. this arrangement I like the best:
  9. the last one works,thanks I don't like it as much as some of his previous arrangements
  10. now I really want to hear the whole thing
  11. Ah ,the guy at the store told me I couldn't so it looks like he lied to me. I bought a third party PS3 controller just in case but I guess I'll return it