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  1. Finished Stories,Path of Destinies .another short and free PS+ isometric action RPG It's a game where you have to choose the right outcome for the story in between levels. you end up playing the game 5-6 times while getting stronger until you reach the "true" ending. Combat was challenging...I got Game Overs many times Next I'll do a free DLC for Sword Art Online :Hollow Realization, a game I played a few months ago
  2. Video is back up for some reason I think the End Credits is the main theme reprise on piano only
  3. the more I listen to it the more I like it, and the more angry I get we don't have the music released This is the kind of stuff I wish we had more of in the BFG but didn't get
  4. It's instantly become the #1 most wanted unreleased Williams piece
  5. Play Dying Light if you want to play a zombie game
  6. I have a feeling we'll never hear the score alone
  7. I play other games too
  8. Last of Us was ok but overrated
  9. it's been 7 hours.Why hasn't this leaked already?
  10. I thought the whole movie was released today. What is that animation film made for anyways?
  11. sounds a bit like Flight and Technology from American Journey it sure does
  13. if you don't know who an email is from, don't open it or click on links in it.
  14. yeah, that was my initial thought but it turned out pretty good I also played Divinity Original Sin last year and that was isometric now I'm gonna start another one I got for free a few months ago :Stories:the Path of Destinies