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  1. I bought 256 GB and 128 GB USB keys at boxing day .I'll make additional copies of my MP3's and JW OST's in lossless
  2. I absolutely don't care about the CMIYC stuff
  3. the thing is Tintin's theme and Monica's theme don't exist as concert versions yet . I'd be the first one wanting a proper Tintin's Heroic theme concert version Sophie's theme is on the Hal Leonard suite I think it sounds like shit
  4. Don't.You never know when new material surfaces and you need older files
  5. Crap just realised it doesn't contain that awesome orchestral version of Getting out the Vote, so that's 5 wanted pieces missing The Lost World Concert Version Irina's theme A Timeless Call Getting out the vote Concert Version And also I wished for a standalone version of Sophie's theme from BFG the only thing I'm getting I really wanted is Marion's Theme
  6. people really play FIFA?
  7. it's the fault of people who were satisfied with playing 3DS or wii games .Now they think they can push underpowered consoles every time no wonder I thought the games looked bad, this thing is barely more powerful than the WiiU which is about like an xbox360 If nintendo made a normal console with normal controllers that has current hardware specs I'd buy it
  8. I used to look at movie posters or ads if I could see JW's name. I used to spend a lot of time in record stores flipping through the soundtrack section. That's how I found out he scored The Cowboys or The Reivers or Presumed Innocent I also got as subscription to print FSM in the mid 90's before I used the Internet
  9. I'm going to stop watching the news for 4 years
  10. Project Octopath seem like some side scrolling game. I don't play those Dragon quest XI isn't announced for western release yet
  11. if there's lots of exclusive RPG's I might get a Switch eventually .Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has my attention but the graphics seem a bit subpar compared to PS4 Is it even more powerful than the WiiU?
  12. it's weird that apparently nobody at JWfan ever saw Stan and Iris or knows if there's any unreleased music k.M. who saw a bit of on TV a few years back
  13. Hmm, these KEF Q100's are really good. Trying them out now. They actually meet my critical listening standards for orchestral music Detail is incredible, at least compared to the Polk RTI4's I had before i had to take out my PS3 out of the closet to play c.d.'s . The PS4 doesn't play them..which is really shitty if you ask me.
  14. crap i only ripped it in VBR standard