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  1. Which Cues Showcase JW's Use of Percussion?

    Also Werewolf Scene in PoA
  2. Video Game Thread II

    I traded Bloodborne. and yes I have PS+ So in diablo 3 I also wound up with 4 Billion gold pieces...(4 Billion!) in my 2 hours of online play yesterday. I think I might have accidentally joined a "game breaking" party that did the grind that normally would take months to do. I tried playing again today and my XP level bar did not move a bit despite doing a bunch of quests I think I'll stop playing thsi and go to my next game The Legend of Heroes, Trails of Cold Steel
  3. Video Game Thread II

    The problem is that the loot doesn't get better than legendary items, which I have a truckload of now. It's more a matter of picking which ones are the best for my character now I still don't know why I die so easily compared to the other players though
  4. Video Game Thread II

    So after finishing the main game I tried the multiplayer coop in Diablo 3 In the span of an hour I went up 750 levels and had over a 100 legendary item drops (you get about 1 per night in single player). All the monsters could wipe me out in one blow so I just stayed behind some other guys that killed everything for me, so I was basically doing nothing and reaping huge rewards So now I'm all powerful...but it doesn't seem to mean much since the story is over and I'm just going through randomly generated dungeons and I can still suck since everyone else is doing the work for me
  5. Johnny Williams - Gilligan's Island

    Lets just say it's not a top priority for an album release
  6. Video Game Thread II

    The world of gaming isn't revolving around Destiny and coop games Anyways, it's a bit more challenging at the end of chapter 3..I actually died while not paying attention. I'll see when I reach level 70 and only gear matters
  7. Video Game Thread II

    That's just a ridiculous way to design a game The main game sucks, but wait till you get to NG+
  8. Video Game Thread II

    Even the weapons aren't class specific.As I wizard it doesn't matter if I equip a Staff or a 2 handed sword, I just have to pick the one with the highest stats on it. I don't even get to do melee attacks with a melee weapon
  9. Video Game Thread II

    I'm about halfway through Diablo 3 and so far it's a pretty stupid game. It's not a real RPG and seems more like a game like "candy crush" where the only purpose is to get OCD people addicted to the loot system and mindless farming and grinding. I'm surprised this isn't a cell phone mobile game. The game offers zero challenge. I blast through enemies and bosses take about 10 seconds to kill. I didn't die once in the game and I've never seen my health bar go down since you instantly regenerate your hit points. I even bumped the difficulty setting to "expert" and it makes no difference. The enemies level with you so you are always the same proportional strength as the enemies, like Elder Scrolls Oblivion which I hated for that too I read that the the game only gets challenging once you beat the main story , reached the level cap, and unlocked the highest difficulty settings . The strict purpose of the game is farming gear I've played some similar looking games like Dungeon Siege 3 and Sacred 3 but at least those were difficult and you could get stuck at bosses and die a lot
  10. Video Game Thread II

    This is the first RPG I ever played and the first in a first person perspective
  11. The BFG THEMES Discussion

    there's too many false endings in that track
  12. Video Game Thread II

    Well they fixed Lichdom Battlemage.. a little too late for me since I finished it
  13. Video Game Thread II

    One series I've tried and can't stand is Disgaea. I quit after an hour...twice But I buy the yearly Tales Of and Atelier installments
  14. Video Game Thread II

    You don't have to be obsessed about it to like them. JRPG have cool systems and a unique feel. It's a good change of pace after you've spent a month in Witcher 3 lets say I don't own a Wii U, but I did end up borrowing a Wii just to play Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story I'm curious about Persona 5. That comes out on the PS4
  15. Video Game Thread II

    Anyways, you get that kind of stuff even in Final Fantasy, so if it offends you just don't play Japanese games at all