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  1. I was kind of hoping since the score changed hands from sony to disney, someone might have been able to leak it in the process
  2. no he doesn't mention if he wants to share it
  3. likely a fake leak again, but one of these days it might be the real deal...
  4. I think the whole tourist thing on stage was scripted. How could they allow those strangers on stage without going through security?
  5. I interpret it as the last remnants of the Death Star disappear
  6. that's too bad. I liked Affleck as Batman. He might quit now
  7. I missed the Best Director award. Did Mel gibson get some applause or did it look awkward when they read his name for the nom?
  8. ok, well that's sad for the presenters then, since they were made to look foolish. Even Kimmel seemed mad at Beatty
  9. yeah I kind of missed that in the confusion
  10. did they bring out another enveloppe to Warren Beaty or they really gave him the wrong one?
  11. Probably the last time Warren Beaty gives out an award
  12. well that's an Oscar moment for history