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  1. Well at least it was our "luckiest" JW release in years.   77 minutes non repeated music OST and FYC promo a few days after
  2. I don;t know why I'm the only one bothered by it
  3.  with the clean videogame files the score is 95% complete   A fan edit is probably on you tube somewhere
  4.  In the film the music is interrupted by the various expressions of amazement of the actors..oooh,ahh, I can't believe it (with volume dips in the music)... They should have played the music only and just make the actor stare and not say anything   this stands to this day as my most ruined JW moment
  5. Well this is a chance to fix the bad mix and volume dips of Theme from JP in  the film (when they see the brachiosaurus)
  6. Video Game Thread II

    3 games lined up   Sacred 3 Hyperdimention Neptunia Victory Kingdom Heart 2.5
  7. Home Alone being released on Vinyl

    I wonder how many JWfans are into the vinyl craze. there sure seems to be a lot of releases lately   tried to make a poll but it didn't work   K.M, not a fan of this new MB version
  8. Video Game Thread II

    I've finished Overlord 2    
  9. Music wise: "the resistance" cue on the FYC in the film is probab;y the best single cue  
  10. went to the cinema and chose on the spot...Joy. it had Jennifer Lawrence so I figured what the heck.  It was super boring
  11. Scherzo for X-Wings

    Besides ANH it was never used much. A few short quotes in TESB and RotJ     Is it even used in the Prequel underscore?..I don't remember anymore
  12. Scherzo for X-Wings

    I think Luke's theme is actually "main Star Wars theme"
  13. Will John Williams score episodes 8 and 9?

    I think as long as he's able to he'll score them .The big question is how his health will be a year or 2 from now. 84 is starting to be really old
  14. Video Game Thread II

    I have to drag out older titles that have been sitting on my shelf for years   So it's Overlord 2 for now