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  1. I dunno, it can't be as powerful as the Ps4 if it's a hand held but if there's a decent selection of RPG's I might consider it, i'd like to see at least Xenoblade Chronicles X
  2. well the BFG Finale starts out with the "B" theme that leads into the main sophie's Theme
  3. yeah, I never expected Williams to write new music for this
  4. sounds great. where's the entracte music Edit: never mind found it
  5. I've finished Technomancer. like i said if you like Mass Effect you'll like this. The story was interesting and kept me guessing Now I move on to another JRPG...Atelier Sophie,The Alchemist of the Mysterious book
  6. The second season theme is the "real" theme to me. It's actually an expansion of the theme opening " Smith's Entrance" in the pilot episode The Reluctant Stowaway, and the "cliffhanger" music at the end of the Williams scored episodes
  7. the last half of the teaser trailer would have made a better ending to Hedwig's Theme Concert version
  8. Yeah it's pretty close. Too bad the recordings are missing
  9. lol, I did something similar a few years ago. If you use Hedwig's theme concert version to edit you have to slow it down though
  10. pretty cool
  11. Technomancer is cool. Sort of like Mass Effect with melee weapons
  12. I don't think anything in the second teaser is by Williams himself
  13. the "bootleg" version Williams played in a concert is way better