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  1. Dark Souls/Bloodborne/Demon Souls Music Thread

    Well it's by Motoi Sakuraba, I like his music for the Tales games , Infinite Undiscovery and Star Ocean.But these are more cheerful games
  2. Dark Souls/Bloodborne/Demon Souls Music Thread

    Well, I'm a huge Souls fan but I don't really remember anything about the scores
  3. John Williams' The BFG (2016)

    at least we know it's recorded
  4. Video Game Thread II

    I bought Dark Souls 3
  5. I don't like the lyrics but I tried focusing on the underscore.. I think if we had the isolated orchestral score, we'd think it's better than most of his works from that period.
  6. Video Game Thread II

    well it's too bad it's 3DS
  7. I think it's a new piece. Why would they take an old fanfare and rename it?
  8. Video Game Thread II

    I finished Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Now there's another game on the disk....Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.
  9. Video Game Thread II

    still playing Kingdom Hearts 2.5
  10. Will John Williams score Indiana Jones 5?

    We'll see if he scores anything beyond the BFG
  11. The Force Theme Concert version (The Force Awakens)

    I'm sure Williams could write a great concert arrangement of the Force Theme That video is kind of like those Final Fantasy concerts loosely based on the themes I wonder if Williams has to "approve" it
  12. No Everytime Williams is nominated , threr's another score that attracts more attention for the wrong reasons
  13. he's not getting interrupted by music