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  1. The Rebellion is Reborn vs. The Adventures of Han

    maybe it's because I like Rose's Theme so much I voted for RiR and I feel like the whole piece has a more "classic" Williams vibe to it. I could see it more on a Best of Williams compilation than the Han Theme. I just keep thinking how awesome it would have been to have something like this for Poe's theme
  2. Headphones

    Got the FIIO F9 Pros for 200$ Best portable earphone I ever heard and trump my old Shure SE 215. I'd say overall sound is comparable to the 1000$ Grado GS 1000i I use at home They were pricey so i hope they last at least 2 years.
  3. I prefer Rebellion is Reborn by a wide margin
  4. I meant the Darth Vader helmet I usually wear 24 hours a day
  5. I'm almost more excited about hearing the revised Han solo and the Princess in decent quality on the radio broadcast than the new Han Solo them
  6. well if the Williams recording is like a demo, and not even in the film, I guess were pretty lucky they included it on the c.d.
  7. "Williams actually wrote several short pieces, and the “Adventures of Han” theme that debuted in Boston (and which opens the soundtrack album) is a combination of two of them " It says Adventures of Han is 2 themes of several Williams wrote.... Again that Jurassic Park Jeep-like theme seems like another Williams theme to me
  8. again is the Williams track in the End Credits?
  9. what about "L-3's" theme , Surely that sounds like Williams
  10. did i mention i like Lando's Closet a lot. it's not impossible Williams helped out, i'm more and more certain of it. Like Powell handed the theme to Williams and Williams scribbled better notes over it
  11. I had to remove my helmet because they didn't allow it inside the concert hall oh yeah did anyone mention besides the new fanfare leading to the entracte, there is also a new piece similar to "searching for E.T. " that opens the second part before the movie resumes
  12. nah, the Williams track is better than anything else on the c.d.
  13. I was sitting 4th row center from the orchestra
  14. John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)

    I like the Love theme quite a bit (or whatever Lando's closet is) . Still think Williams might have helped on that But without Williams theme popping up every 10 seconds this would be a pretty bad score. I think Rogue One was much better in that regards