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  1. these games were good 20 years ago...
  2. I like it so far, it's a nice change of pace.Right now I'm just grinding to get that perk that makes your weapons last longer, because it's really annoying they break after very little use Final Fantasy 15 is delayed 2 months...
  3. until he tests positive for illicit substance sometime in the future
  4. They're mostly using Summon the Heroes in this olympic
  5. So far it looks cooler than Episode 7, with a bigger scope
  6. Great that it's confirmed, I was getting worried
  7. well ,I finished Trails of Cold Steel. It was super long at 130 hours. It was similar in structure to Final Fantasy Type-0, where the story takes place in military academy of a war torn country. Half your time is spent doing school stuff (side missions and talking to NPC's) and the other half is story related and takes place on the world map and takes you to a new city in each chapter. It was a very slow moving game but the story was interesting and the combat (turn based) had some difficulty spikes, especially bosses. Now I'm trying something different...Dying Light, a zombie open world game that looks similar to Dead Island. Anyone played this?
  8. Soccer is more of a re-mix of the original Summon the Heroes, BUT it has that new, kick ass 1 minute ending. My jaw dropped the first time I heard it. It's like Williams pulling all the stops with the orchestra basketball is overall a smoother and more melodic version of the theme
  9. I had a lot of trouble finding it n Canada
  10. The months seem to be passing by with no official word that Williams will be scoring it..I'm getting worried
  11. I thought the second version was a studio recording until I heard the clapping at the end. Quite a polite audience, not even one cough noise
  12. there's playing Imperial March during an olympic volleyball game
  13. well, it's pretty good! why isn't it on the OST?
  14. wow , I wasn't even aware of this