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  1. Just found out that the San Diego Symphony will be giving performances of the Horn Concerto on April 27 and 28, in a program that will also include two works by Sibelius. https://www.sandiegosymphony.org/performances/danzmayr-conducts-sibelius/
  2. KingPin

    Williams' manliest most testosterone-fuelled music?

    Men of the Yorktown. It’s right there in the title.😜
  3. KingPin

    Hal Leonard Signature Editions

    It was only a matter of time... The Adventures of Han: https://www.halleonard.com/product/4492354/the-adventures-of-han?subsiteid=1 Han Solo and the Princess: https://www.halleonard.com/product/4492295/han-solo-and-the-princess?subsiteid=1
  4. KingPin

    John Williams scores that use the organ?

    The Hal Leonard Signature Edition scores for Suite from Jane Eyre and “Men of the Yorktown” from Midway include parts for organ.
  5. KingPin

    Williams' scariest music?

    It almost sounds to me like an actual whistle (like a police whistle) but that the player is only lightly blowing just enough air to create the wind effect without producing an actual tone.
  6. This flute version has been around for a while. There’s a YouTube video of Williams conducting it with the Boston Pops in Japan in the 90s, and I’ve been to at least one concert where it was performed.
  7. I thought this piece sounded great!
  8. “With Malice Toward None” and “Han Solo and the Princess” both sounded amazing.
  9. Is anyone else reminded a bit of the Esplanade Overture?
  10. KingPin

    RIP Margot Kidder

    About 9 or 10 years ago I met Margot Kidder at Comic-Con and she was so extremely sweet and down to earth. She was at a booth signing autographs (she signed my Superman DVD insert) and she was asking every fan which state/country they were visiting from because she wanted to track and get an idea of how far people had traveled to go to the convention. May she Rest In Peace.
  11. KingPin

    Works where JW quotes himself

    Dry Your Tears Afrika being quoted in both The Patriot theme and in the “Civil Rights and the Women’s Movement” Part of The Unfinished Journey stands out for me. Also the Land Race from Far and Away being quoted in the first movement of The Unfinished Journey.
  12. He introduced it as Han Solo and the Princess, but made no mention of the fact that it was completely reworked. He went into his anecdote about having originally written Leia’s Theme as a sort of love theme for Luke and Leia not having prior awareness that they would eventually be siblings. He then basically said that as the saga unfolded that the actual love theme was the one for Han and Leia (or something to that effect). The Glasgow performance was pretty spot on based on what I remember from the San Diego concert.