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  1. Not until Godzilla vs Kong is released.
  2. Why is that a disqualifier? Who enforces this?
  3. Oh those Guardians Hey, just on that point before, if Breaking Bad isn't for me, then who the hell is it for? Why the exclusivity?
  4. Why is the show Fox and the movie is Universal?
  5. He wanted both types of music equally represented.
  6. Christ, that's huge! I have the one on the left and he takes up the whole shelf already.
  7. I bet he won't even put a jump scare in! Lame
  8. She's gonna blow him away! Come on! Let's go! Come onnnn!!!
  9. I watched the movie first, dismissed my misgivings as having not seen the TV series. Then later I binged the series and movie together on blue laser and was annoyed that not only the same frustrations persisted, some things were even worse! The series and the movie don't really bridge together seamlessly, rather it feels like the movie just starts out doing its own thing. I'm amazed it's the same bloody writer/director.
  10. It was a bit of a frustrating watch.
  11. I didn't mind Firefly really. Quirky little sci-fi adventure show. But the movie feels too disconnected somehow, I'm not sure who the baddies are meant to be, why that black guy is after something, why they go to that planet with all those dead people, etc, etc. Nice David Newman score though.
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