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  1. what was wrong with your box? edit: ok I saw ..pretty bad I just got an email they sent me the replacement disk
  2. King Mark

    Video Game Thread II

    Hmm, tried Monster Hunter World and HDR doesn't look great so I left it on normal https://www.reddit.com/r/PS4Pro/comments/94pqpw/isnt_hdr_supposed_to_be_more_vibrant/ Assassin's Creed Origins looks great in HDR, but it took me an hour to figure out you have to adjust the HDR settings in-game as the default was too bright and washed out
  3. I wrote them through their online form. Is there a better way to contact them?
  4. I just sent them another message. I'm pissed they didn't bother to reply to the ones I sent. It was during the holidays maybe they forgot
  5. King Mark

    Video Game Thread II

    also got a copy of Darksiders 3 from the library I'll try monster Hunter World first but I didn;t like the one on the wii i mean shit synth mockups that sound like I'm playing on a NES
  6. King Mark

    Video Game Thread II

    The you deserve to get your Harry Potter John Williams Collection set replaced with midi mock ups
  7. quick response to thread title: none
  8. King Mark


    wow some guy with the last name Castro running for president. why do democrats have candidates that have 0 chances based on their names alone
  9. King Mark

    Video Game Thread II

    whew finished Dragon Quest XI .145 hours. Basically the "post game" is essentially part of the game and continues the story to get the True Ending...so it wasn't really post game. Overall it a huge game with an epic story and it feels like a journey I started ages ago. The battle system was a bit simplistic in the first half of the game but it gets more hardcore as the game progresses .In post game the game doesn't hold your hand at all and you have to figure things out.That part of the game really made it shine.I kept getting clobbered by the final boss until I found out you had to remove it's shield by a stupid gimmick I still deplore the Midi score (since orchestral versions of the game music were recorded for a c.d. release) and 8 bit sound effects to make it feel retro just for the sake of the nostalgic fan base of the series . it felt really out of place with the beautiful graphics and a gigantic error on the developers part
  10. King Mark

    Video Game Thread II

    well I was playing Dragon Quest XI , the image is noticeably improved on this TV in 4K but I figured out it's not HDR because when I put Assassin's Creed Origins the TV specifically tells me it's in HDR. I did have to tone down the TV's brightness on that one because the default HDR setting was too bright..but it looks drastically different from my old TV. Too bad I don't have Horizon Zero Dawn anymore But I have Monster Hunter World and Final Fantasy XV to try
  11. King Mark

    What kind of TV do you own?

    yeah I hate that too so I'll adjust the settings in consequence. I think it's off by default on this TV though. There is one motion enhancer that doesn't add soap opera effect and makes moving objects and text smoother. On my old LG TV I had to set TruMotion with Judder at 0 and Blur at 10 Overall the most stunning image quality difference is for 4KHDR videogames (with PS4Pro), BluRays look better especially dark scenes (probably because the native contrast ration is way better on this Sony than my old TV ) and regular 1080i cable TV looks about the same as my old TV ( so getting a 4K HDR TV JUST for cable TV would be a waste of money) I haven't tried 4K netflix yet or ultra blurays
  12. King Mark

    What kind of TV do you own?

    I hate curved screens Got my TV Sony HDR TV today. Picture is amazing I'm convinced I made the best purchase of all the non-oled TV's out there
  13. King Mark

    Video Game Thread II

    well games look incredible in 4K HDR for sure Switching image between my old TV and the new one .HUGE difference .So if you have a PS4 Pro and sticking with 1080p your really missing out
  14. King Mark

    Video Game Thread II

    well I've seen Netflix in 4k and it looks amazing