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  1. King Mark

    What Are You Eating Tonight?

    At Costco they were selling big jars of Kraft Dinner cheeze powder...Craft Dinner powder! To sprinkke on anything! And it's a bit coarser than what comes in the KD boxes i just made a pizza with some of this stuff on it and it was delicious
  2. King Mark

    Video Game Thread II

    hmm what's that Disney game supposed to be anyways? Might as well wait for Kingdom Hearts 3
  3. King Mark

    Why is Windows 10 so unstable and suck so bad?

    I turned off most of the background apps I didn't need (and there's a shitload of them turned on by default) and graphical options for Windows Lets see if it helps in the long term it seems they went out of their way so you don't find the Advanced System Settings I run all my personal data (music, videos.....etc..) from an external disk so if the PC malfunctions it's not too much of a hassle to to get everything back running I managed to get all my itunes playlists and firefox boomarks from my old PC to this one. Again it's way more complicated than it should be. I had to write down the procedure because I don't think I could do it again from memory
  4. King Mark

    Video Game Thread II

    consoles don't work well if there not connected now Systems updates and game patches are always present
  5. King Mark

    Why is Windows 10 so unstable and suck so bad?

    So far 1)Lost the sound of the front headphone jack. Fiddled with all the possible settings and could not get it back 2) My monitor with HDMI has black bars all around the main image of the screen at 1080p . I haven''t found the settings to fix that so I had to plug it in with an old d-sub 3) itunes: an ipod has been detected but it could not be identified properly , so I could not upload music on it. Somehow it fixed itself after several reboots it's those totally broken little things that NEVER happened to me before that's freaking me out Everything should just work, but it doesn't until you visit countless help forums
  6. King Mark

    Video Game Thread II

    well, like in every RPG you have to grind levels, but the battles being real time action makes it a very different game it's probably the best looking JRPG ever though. I don't think the "cartoony/anime" look in videogames can get much better than that i'm playing on hard because the reviews said the game was too easy also there's no sidekick to solve every puzzle like the first game
  7. King Mark

    Video Game Thread II

    Ni no Kuni is a really beautiful game. Now it has an action battle system as opposed to turn based in the first one. Plays like a Tales game Soundtrack is fantastic control schemes suck so thank god for the PS4 system level button mapping (I've used it in 3 games so far)
  8. King Mark

    Why is Windows 10 so unstable and suck so bad?

    I'm tempted to do a re-format and erase all traces of Windows 7 in the process. Maybe starting completely fresh with Windows 10 might help i think windows 7 will stop being supported a year and a half from now, so i wouldn't want to revert it to Windows 7
  9. King Mark

    Why is Windows 10 so unstable and suck so bad?

    it has the specs of a gaming rig minus the graphics card...
  10. When windows 10 came out 2 years ago my mom's PC upgraded itself (without permission) to Windows 10. Afterwards it was crashing all the time (CRITICAL PROCESS HAS FAILED...RESTARTING YOUR PC). BSOD shit all the time. I had to revert it to Windows 7 and it has been fine ever since. Ok so maybe there was a problem with the early days of Windows 10 and now it's more stable? But now I have a new PC myself (inherited from a friend) that also had Windows 7 originally but was upgraded to Windows 10 .It's pretty powerful 3.1 ghz,8 cores whatever. I did all the previous 2 years Windows updates including the latest major revision of Windows 10. Ran fine for the past week but yesterday it shut itself off . CRITICAL PROCESS HAS FAILED...RESTARTING YOUR PC. Same fucking thing on 2 different PC's WTF? This never ever happened to me with Windows 7
  11. King Mark

    Video Game Thread II

    got Portal Knights (like minecraft with a story) for 10$ and Dark Cloud 2 (big JRPG from the PS2 days) for 5$ on PSN there's a tons of games on special on PS+ right now
  12. King Mark

    Anyone else ugly and unattractive and destined to die alone?

    People that are in relationships , or easily get into another one when it ends don't understand chronically single guys. Some people are good looking enough they get a girlfriend waiting at the bus stop and doing absolutely nothing. Others are extroverted and can easily strike up a conversation about anything . Others have tons of money. Or a combination of those factors. Anyways that group of people that easily get into a relationship don't have to try to hard. It just happens naturally and they don' t have to wait too long. I know which ones of my friends will call me 3 weeks after breaking up that they found someone new and are in love again. That is the way of things, the way of the Force. For other people it's a different story . I'm probably single because of something I lack. But after years of feeling miserable about it I stopped caring and try to enjoy life single and do whatever i want to do without having to report to anyone .i have friends so that's ok
  13. King Mark

    Williams Video Appearance at Capitol Fourth Concert

    I'm watching the rerun now oh well that was a semi crappy performance of the Superman Theme
  14. King Mark

    Video Game Thread II

    I'll have to put Fallout 4 on ice to play Nino Kuni 2 that I had reserved at the library.
  15. I visit JWfan every 5 minutes I don't remember a poll that was done one year before Solo came out and was meant as a joke poll at the time