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  1. actually the Prague recording is pretty good
  2. yes, but I consider these different cues. For the Main Titles the intro made me think it would be amazing
  3. The OST one is not the true concert arrangement This extended version was recorded by the Prague orchestra and Williams played it several times at concerts
  4. I think it's one of the best cue opening by Williams ever And when I first heard it I thought it was going to lead into the most amazing Williams Main Titles/theme ever But it breaks into a dance number...I was very disappointed .I was like wait..bring this music back!
  5. King Mark

    JURASSIC PARK - Live to Projection Concerts

    it's coming to Montreal. My friend is buying tickets so I'll be attending this My true dream is TESB in concert though
  6. the Star Wars re-masters is the biggest dump ever taken on JWfans
  7. King Mark

    Kickstarter for Trumpet Concerto, with Williams conducting

    they are basically having this " kickstarter" to "re-master" the old bootleg of the Trumpet concerto
  8. yeah there's music you hear with no context you know it's Williams I remember "knowing" the theme from Amazing Stories was Williams even if his name wasn't in the credits or "knowing" the last 30 seconds of Dice and Roll in Solo is Williams before it was confirmed
  9. I remember when I got the JP OST in 93 I found the first half of the album great and the frantic action music of the second half not so much. It's like Williams had completely changed his style from we'd known him for. Actually Incident at Isla Numbar is the only action cue that's very 80's style Williams and sounds very different from the rest of the action cues
  10. hopefully after all the HP,Indy amd Star Wars scores are done
  11. how long did we wait for E.T. Botanicus
  12. Same can be said about Silvestri of late. his Avengers and Ready Player One did nothing for me
  13. Valerian didn't leave much of an impression on me either except for a track or 2 I'm not a Desplaty basher. some of his stuff is very good. Monument Men, Unbroken, Benjamen button, shape of water.... but all his block buster style scores I've been very dissapointed and he can't really write action music
  14. Judging by Harry Potter it would suck Desplat generally sucks at blockbuster scores .He's good for more intimate movies
  15. King Mark

    Do you own a camera? If yes, which one(s)?

    Just bought a Nikon A10 . It was cheap(100$) but takes decent pictures. most importantly it takes AA batteries so it you leave in a drawer for a few months the batteries won;t be dead when you want to take a picture I tend to avoid buying ANY electronic device ,appliance or power tool with rechargeable batteries if I can.