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  1. the music file can't be ripped as such, the only option is a recording in real time of the score made by a soundcard on a computer If your against illegal downloading your out of luck
  2. only RotJ will slightly benefit from this ..maybe.But we don't get Dark side Beckons
  3. yeah yeah we say that every few years. Oh it's the 35th anniversary they HAVE to release the expanded Prequels blah blah blah
  4. Remasters of the First 6 Star Wars Soundtracks Coming May 4

    this is fucking horrible and discouraging news..after all this time of hoping. i would have even gone for a remastered 2. c.d. ROTJ but they managed to fuck it up by making it the 40 minute OST just how long has is been already? At least the iso score for TLJ mitigates this emotionally right now (but not really because it can be considered a bootleg) ..But this is probably a freak one off thing that will never happen again
  5. well we had a slight glimmer of hope when the rights passed from Sony to Disney. Now it's the same shit all over again. Either they have no clue whatsoever or they're laughing at us at this point Like they were re-issued already 6 months ago....
  6. oh, so were going backwards instead of forwards.
  7. I'm curious about Return of the Jedi .is it the 2 c.d.. one or the 40 minute album?
  8. Who are your top 5 rudest JW fans?

    did I post something in this thread? Anyways 1-gkgyver 2-gkgyver 3-gkgyver 4-gkgyver 5-gkgyver
  9. it means "pirate it as fast as you can before we yank it away"
  10. Williams is probably unaware these Filmtracks Awards exist
  11. I realize I'm now old enough to be dead when that happens
  12. I really wish they kept Rey Run and the Caretaker scene in the film Is that the scene that's supposed to be before Rey leaves the island.? This explains why she left without sayng goodbye or thanks to Luke Plus we'd have clean in the iso score
  13. Video Game Thread II

    I haven't felt like playing a game for more than a few hours in the past week and the one I started is off to a slow start because I have to read online guides to try to understand the obtuse combat system. It's just one mechanic on top of a 100 other with incomprehensible tutorials and stat menus that make no sense