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  1. King Mark

    Anyone else fat?

    I said that about myself
  2. King Mark

    Anyone else fat?

    160 pounds for an adult man is not fat. I weight 170 which is a few pound over what I'd like but if I went below 160 I'd look sick . There's a difference between fat and not being thin as a rail
  3. King Mark

    The Netherlands

    I agree .Compared to the rest of the world noting happens in Quebec except snow in the winter No deadly/venomous animals No natural disasters (earthquales,tornadoes...) No unstable political or social situation Almost no terrorist attacks
  4. King Mark

    New JW Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Music!!

    if this was an unreleased Last Jedi cue or we only got a bad cellphone recording with sound effects this piece would have instantly shot up everyone's most wanted list
  5. King Mark

    Video Game Thread II

    Looks terrible. I can't figure out for the life of me why you guys are still obsessed with these outdated Zeldagames. It's like some weird Nintendo fetish
  6. King Mark

    Favorite movie to feature Bryce Dallas Howard?

    hmm, not crazy about here
  7. King Mark

    The Netherlands

    First thing I thought. I hope Stefancos is not xdead
  8. King Mark

    Why do some people dislike movie quote posts?

    They should be in a sub-forum of the Tolkien Central !
  9. I thought I had this in itunes or something but no I think I used to see this c.d. in stores back in the 90's but never got it because it was too short or not in my priority list. That's why it seems familiar yet I don't have it
  10. King Mark

    RUMOR: John Williams plans to retire in 2019

    I was worried he wouldn't make it to Indiana Jones 4 way back then .Now were getting a hew SW score in 2019
  11. King Mark

    RUMOR: John Williams plans to retire in 2019

    I still think this rumor could be true
  12. King Mark

    Your current audio equipment..