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  1. Gameplay is almost identical to the first on ,which is also great Last year I played Valkyria Revolution and it had a different combat system
  2. SAE is still waiting for Superman so mine still hasn't shipped
  3. Delayed FFVX to play Valkyria Chronicles 4 first
  4. it sounds a bit too witches of eastwick-y And the for Galaxy's Edge the transition of the opening fanfare to the strings that follow sound basically the same as the edit in the official release
  5. I finished God Eater 3...a faster paced Monster Hunter style game Now I intend to play Final Fantasy XV with all the DLC's That could keep me occupied for a month or 2
  6. About Galaxy's Edge Did it include the opening fanfare, and is it incorporated better than the edit in the official recording
  7. did they print like 2 copies?
  8. Remembrances and Markings only available with pops, skips and crackles I what to know what happened to Han Solo and the Princess
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