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  1. I think I received it. Have to fetch it at the post office
  2. I had 2 ebay packages of collectibles from Europe recently and the tracking number doesn't work in canada .I just got the packages even if the tracking said "item cannot be found in our systems"
  3. Video Game Thread II

    This is the year where the most games I want to play came out
  4. Video Game Thread II

    Now I'm playing Mass Effect Andromeda
  5. Video Game Thread II

    I played a few hours of Ark Survival Evolved, and it's a Minecraft type game with no story. I'll move on to something else
  6. THE LAST JEDI Trailer 2 MUSIC discussion

    not Williams. Movie looks cool though . I have a better feeling than the first trailer
  7. Video Game Thread II

    Ok, finished Valkyria Revolution. Now i'm gonna try ARK:Survival Evolved.
  8. I'm confused . i thought the didn't play Botanicus since the 90's .And why are all these new videos poping up with better sound than the ones that were posted before . Only 2 weeks ago we only had barely audible stuff and now I don;t think the synthy version of E.t.s theme on the e.T. planet is by Williams
  9. Video Game Thread II

    isn't is limited by the PS4 hardware? You have to fill a lot more space with graphics than a TV screen . Maybe those great looking VR games will be on the PS5 but now I think a VR Dark Souls game might be possible Far Point is pretty linear and you mostly walk forwards but there should be an easier way to go back than to physically turn around and face the direction where you want to walk forward. Maybe a separate camera control would ruin the illusion of the goggles though .Not sure how an Open World would work
  10. Video Game Thread II

    Well, it seems to work. I had no problem walking around and shooting stuff exactly where I aimed. So now they need to improve the graphics and the depth of the games. Fallout 4 should be interesting for the graphics to match normal releases it may take a few years though
  11. yes, I've followed all of them over the years and they ALL suck except this one . This is something I've been waiting years to see .Might go buy a second one in case one of these days it falls on the floor and one of the wing tips break (although it feels a lot more solid than standard model plastic) There was a 300$ Code 3 replica that was nice but it was a lot bigger
  12. I got this new Hallmark X-wing. Seriously there's never been a good small replica of a X-wing but finally this one is amazing. It measures about 5 1/2 inches long so it's not tiny,but not too big either .There's weathering and the paint applications are awesome like a small model painted by a pro
  13. Video Game Thread II

    I tried Farpoint on a Playstation VR demo. I was actually pretty impressed .It was the first time i tried a First person game on VR andi It actually works pretty well .They got the basics right and I can see how it could be applied to make more complex games and even RPG's