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  1. I saw it it was good when you start going into ruins and reading logs
  2. Dark Side Beckons (RotJ) Yoda lifts the x-wing (ESB) When Harry Potter wins the quiddich match in HP1 "ouch" moment at the end of E.T. Visitor at Himmel Street The Book Thief End of Appearance of the Visitors in CE3K Bringing them Back in Empire of the Sun Rescuing Sirius PoA End of Map Room in Raiders when the light beam goes through the medallion Main titles Superman when the Superman logo appears That moment in Jaws when the shark first passes by the Orca (B theme of the Jaws theme with the harps) Barchiosaurus appear in JP (but movie mix is not that great) Poseidon Adventure Main Titles Spacecamp Computer Room The Spark in Last Jedi End of Plowing War Horse Tennis Game Witches of Eastwick
  3. I have it in my shelf .Porobaly play it after I finidh Outward and Kingdom hearts 3
  4. Still enjoying Outward but I have a copy of Kingdom Hearts 3 from the library to play next. Better brush up on my KH "lore"
  5. well he listens to his own music a lot when he does his concerts
  6. I think they release them as fast as they can once they get all the approvals, just in case someone changes their mind
  7. if you haven't played the first one go play it got this for free on PS+ this month I never made it past the TIE bomber level
  8. Haven't made my list yet but starting the thread. make 2 lists one xbox360/PS3 to Present the other for before those times (Wii games would count as post xbox360 and put PC games in appropriate era) xbox360/PS3 -Present: 1-Dark Souls 2-Dragon Age Origins 3-Dragon's Dogma with Dark Arisen expansion 4-Infinite Undiscovery 5-Fallout 3 6-Valkyria Chronicles 7-Horizon Zero Dawn 8-Atelier Rorona, The Alchemist of Arland 9-Tales of Berzeria 10-The Last Remnant Barely didn't make the list: Star Ocean The Last Hope,Borderlands 2, Resonance of Fate, Bayonetta, Kingdoms of Amalur, Risen3, Elex, Mass Effect 2,Nier Automata, Divinity 2 Ego Draconis, Divinity Original Sin, Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel, Gravity Rush 2, Far Cry 3, Kingdom Come Deliverance, Monster Hunter World,Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim, Persona 5. Prexbox360/PS3: 1-Ultima Underworld 2:Labyrinth of Worlds 2-Ultima 7 :The Black Gate 3-Worlds of Ultima:The Savage Empire 4-Neverwinter Nights with Hordes of the Underdark expansion 5-Final Fantasy X (I played the remaster but I'll put it here anyways) 6-Might and Magic 7-Eye of the Beholder 8-Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 9-Shadowcaster 10-Wing Commander I missed the PS1-PS2 era
  9. At least almost all the important non Indy-SW expansions got out before this if we get the The Patriot then I would be satisfied.
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