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  1. i have no idea what this mix thing is everyone is talking about, but maybe it contributed to me not instantly liking the score (as much as usual)?
  2. There's no fucking credit for Ross for any cues in the Live Concert program all the descriptions are attributed to Williams
  3. NO.We all know from years of analysis that's not true You haven't budged from that position since 2002 and systematically have refused to look at any evidence proving otherwise because you don't like the score
  4. why do you still even bother to listen then
  5. For fuck's sake Ross didn't compose most of the score to Harry Pottter 2 Why are you guys propagating lies like that as though they are fact and keep re-enforcing them
  6. God your like a broken record.You also keep saying your not really a John Williams fan and only like a few select score from 30 years ago
  7. At least in confirms were getting one but I'm not hearing any music. I just get a link to a picture.Maybe my region isn't working? *prays* it's not just the OST and lots of unreleased music or were screwed for many years
  8. So we basically have big dramatic Williams cues unreleated to the movie like a Biblical Epic. Very cool. It's almost like a free bonus i'm definitely including them in the chrono presentation and where's the 5 notes motif chants by that Indian crowd
  9. I feel this is just the tip of the iceberg when we start going into more details about the complete score
  10. Is all the source music composed by Williams? And is it adapted from themes by other composers?
  11. thanks, I might include some of these in the main program
  12. I finally listened to this. Lots of cool moments I don't think I ever heard before Does anyone have a list of the cues that WEREN'T on the OST or Collector's Edition? (completely new outside of bootlegs)