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  1. How much unreleased music on this? I thought the album had more music than the film in this case
  2. isn't Leia's Theme on the Deluxe Edition .Maybe they mean Han Solo and the Princess?
  3. Without disney we wouldn't have 3 new Star Wars scores
  4. it's not the first time Williams omits a theme from the OST PoA OST has no Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew theme Dracula OST doesn't have the Van Helsing motif RotS is missing the "troubled anakin" motif
  5. I've had the same cordless phone for 20 years, Panasonic shockproof KX-TG5439. Never had an issue with it . Changed the batteries once. Could possible last a lifetime Make sure the model you pick has NIMH battery , which are essential as they have no "memory" regarding charge loss. I've only had issues with batteries not holding a charge with cordless devices that have NiCA batteries (like a portable vacuum cleaner and electric toothbrush )
  6. it's not an online game...but the game takes place within a MMO I don't mind some games with Multiplayer like God eater 3 and Monster Hunter World though I do almost all of it solo. Or Dark Souls with the ghosts of people and messages helping you Black Desert is a MMO you can do most stuff solo, that's why I chose it.
  7. Hmm, I still don't like this Goldsmith score and not sure why exactly
  8. Williams probably composed an original end Credits suite that will be replaced by bits of score edited together
  9. When I saw it in the cinema I thought the music was mixed super low and came out of the front speakers only . Maybe it was just a bad cinema Same with BFG
  10. That's why session leaks are god sends. These legal rights issues are so complicated and greedy that I think they deserve that people download it illegally. It's also Williams fault for not pushing for a deluxe set at the time of initial release like many other composers do. I don't have iota of remorse or guilt that I did something wrong when I grab something like this. If it's released eventually then buy it, but it might never be so at least we have it. If only BFG and Tintin would leak too . (Or they did and I don't know anyone who has them)
  11. Now I'll play this JRPG .Sword Art Online :Fatal Bullet
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