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Jurassic Shark

What will the title of SW Ep. IX be?

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Star Wars: The New Jedi Hope To Return A Strike Back To The Empire


Star Wars: The Phantom Revenge Attack of the Sith Clones of Menace


Star Wars: The Force Jedi Awakens Last*


*Episode IX cancelled due to lack of interest ;)




On 16 January 2018 at 10:23 PM, Jurassic Shark said:

Star Wars: The Adventures of Mutt


Didn't realise Lucasfilm was planning a shared SW/Indy universe.


Indiana Jones and the Adventures of Jar-Jar

Indiana Jones and the Heroics of Luke and Han

Indiana Jones and the Fun with Rose and Finn*


*Rated R

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In the spirit of less obscure Williams:


Star Wars: War Fathier

Star Wars: StarCamp

Star Wars: Moncalamari

Star Wars: HyperSleepers

Star Wars: Seven Years in Ahch-To

Star Wars: The Accidental Gungan

Star Wars: Empire of the Twin Suns

Star Wars: Jaw-as

Star Wars: John Wayne and the Nerf-herders

Star Wars: The Supremacy Breaks



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