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The Chronological Film Score Thread

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Here's just for those two releases:

P1/S12 - Will He Shoemaker? (3:18)
P2 - A Run on the Market (:50)
S1 - Remember Me (Ernesto de la Cruz) (1:49)
P3 - Sighs and Shine (:23)
P4 - Ofrenda Room, Vámonos (:56)
P5/S13 - Shrine and Dash (1:24)
S2 - Much Needed Advice (1:45)
P6 - Día de los Muertos has Begun (2:50)
P7/S14 - Miguel's Got an Axe to Find (1:17)
P8/S15 - The Strum of Destiny (1:20)
P9 - It's All Relative (2:40)
P10/S17 - Crossing the Marigold Bridge (1:50)
P11/S18 - Dept. of Family Reunions (2:46)
P12 - The Skeleton Key to Escape (3:10)
P13 - Dis-Guys Got Tunnel Vision (:57)
S20 - The Newbie Skeleton Walk (1:07)@
P14 - Backstage Sass (1:03)
P15 - Art for Art's Sake (:27)
P16 - Monkey Sí (:35)
S3 - Everyone Knows Juanita (1:15)
P17/S21 - Adiós Chicharrón (1:49)
P18/S22 - Plaza de la Cruz (:30)
P19 - The Bandas that Tie Us (1:35)
S4 - Un Poco Loco (1:52)
P20/S23 - Family Doubtings (2:29)
P21 - Taking Sides (:59)
P22/S25 - Fiesta Espectacular (:49)
P23/S26 - Fiesta con de la Cruz (1:23)
S5 - Jálale (Instrumental) (2:54)
S6 - The World Es Mi Familia (:50)
P24/S27 - I Have a Great-Great-Grandson (1:15)
P25 - The Family Showoff (:35)
P26 - The World is our Family (1:20)
P27/S28 - A Blessing and a Fessing (4:50)
P28/S29 - Somos Familia (2:25)
S7 - Remember Me (Lullaby) (1:09)
P29/S30 - Reunión Familiar de Rivera (3:08)
P30 - A Family Dysfunction (2:06)
P31 - Fanfarria de Frida (:36)
P32 - Be Frida Dance (:30)
P33 - Grabbing a Photo Opportunity (1:44)
S8 - La Llorona (2:45)
P34 - The Show Must Go On (2:36)
P35/S33 - For Whom the Bell Tolls (2:08)
P36 - A Run for the Ages (1:41)
S9 - Remember Me (Reunion) (1:13)
P37/S34 - One Year Later (2:32)
S10 - Proud Corazón (2:03)
S11 - Remember Me (Dúo) (2:44)
P38 - Cuckoo For Coco Credits (5:55)


Bonus Tracks:
S16 - It's All Relative (2:38) [Alternate Section]
S19 - The Skeleton Key to Escape (3:04) [Alternate Section]
S24 - Taking Sides (:59) [Alternate]
S31 - A Family Dysfunction (2:02) [Alternate Ending]
S32 - Grabbing a Photo Opportunity (1:47) [Alternate Opening]
S35 - Coco - Día de los Muertos Suite (5:47)


P is for the FYC promo, S is for the soundtrack/score.


There is still additional score heard on other releases.  That and more is shown here:


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In The Lego Movie: The Second Part where do these songs fit in:

1. Everything Is Awesome (with Eban Schletter) [Tween Dream Remix] (Garfunkel & Oates)
2. 5:15 (Stephanie Beatriz)
3. Welcome to the Systar System (Yossi Guetta, Esther Guetta & Fiora Cutler)
4. Not Evil (Tiffany Haddish)
5. Catchy Song (feat. T-Pain & That Girl Lay Lay) (Dillon Francis)
6. Gotham City Guys (Tiffany Haddish & Will Arnett)
7. Everything's Not Awesome (Stephanie Beatriz, Ben Schwartz, Alison Brie, Noel Fielding, Charlie Day, Nick Offerman, Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks, Chris Pratt & Richard Ayoade)
8. Super Cool (feat. Robyn & The Lonely Island) (Beck)
9. Come Together Now (Matt and Kim)
10. Hello Me & You (Superorganism)


Here's the score tracklist:

1.    Your Sister / Catchy Song
2.    Main Title (The Lego® Movie 2: The Second Part)
3.    Apocalypseburg / Green Hornet
4.    Apocalypseburg
5.    House Tour
6.    A Shooting Star
7.    Run
8.    Door Slowly Closing
9.    General Mayhem
10.    Triple Decker Couch
11.    No Real Heroes Left
12.    I'll Show Them
13.    The Systar System
14.    Introducting Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi
15.    Did You Say Wedding?
16.    Emmet Saved by Rex / Circular Stairway
17.    Rexcelsior Tour / Crank the Warp Drive
18.    Heading to Planet Sparkles
19.    Emmet and Rex
20.    Alien Jungle
21.    Heck Town
22.    Duplo Brickyard
23.    The Man of Bats Welcome
24.    Fresh Nightmare
25.    Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi & Batman Falling In Love
26.    Lucy Fights Mayhem
27.    Introducing The Wedding Party
28.    Emmet The Hero
29.    The Fight Continues
30.    What Did I Just Do?
31.    There I Was
32.    You're Weak / Brother Gives Heart
33.    Rex Vanishes

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On 11/30/2018 at 2:42 PM, FunnyML said:



I once made a more detailed list with orginal cue titles in case you wanna take a look: LINK

Do you have timestamps on where C, B, and A are?

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The Accidental Tourist:


1. Main Title (02:33) 
2. Macon Alone (04:42) 
3. Trip To London (01:55)

10a. Rose and Julian (0:00-0:40)

5c. Fixing The Plumbing on a Rainy Afternoon (2:09-end) 

10b. Rose and Julian (0:39-end)

5b. Fixing The Plumbing on a Rainy Afternoon (0:46-2:12) 

4. The Healing Process (05:10) 
5a. Fixing The Plumbing on a Rainy Afternoon (0:00-0:49) 
7. Wedding Scene (02:51) [technically an alternate "Main Title"]
8. Back With Sara (04:04) 
9. Bedroom Conversation (04:33)
11. A New Beginning (03:27) 
12. End Credits (A Second Chance) (03:13) [same as track 6]

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Does anyone have a chronological order of War for the Planet of the apes including the original album, the for your consideration, and the recording sessions? 

If so it would be greatly appreciated. 

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Anybody come up a chrono order for Avengers: Endgame?

This is what I have so far:



01 - 01 Totally Fine 0:41-end (not entirely sure about 3:00-end)
02 - 02 Arrival
03 - 03 No Trust
04 - 04 Where Are They?
05 - 01 Totally Fine 0:00-0:41
06 - 05 Becoming Whole Again
07 - 06 I figured It Out
08 - 07 Perfectly Not Confusing
09 - 08 You Shouldn't Be Here
10 - 10 Snap Out of It 1:18-End (Rename to "Test")
11 - 09 The How Works
12 - 12 One Shot


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Here's the chronological order of the tracks released from Doom Patrol:
KK=Kevin Kiner's website, KB=Kiner Brothers website



KB Doom Patrol Main Title Mockup

KB Doom Patrol Main Title



KB Paraguay 1948
KB Test Flight
KB Cliff Car Accident
KB Robotman and Jane
KB To Stay Or Go
KB Leaving the Mansion

Donkey Patrol

KB Cloverton Chaos
KK Only Cliff Stays
KB Robotman Yells At Donkey
KB Cyborg Will Stay

Puppet Patrol
KB Last Memory of John

Cult Patrol
KB Cold Shouldered Rita

Doom Patrol Patrol
KB Police Pinatas

Hair Patrol
KB Niles The Hunter

Frances Patrol
KB Here's To Bump
KK Carry To Porch

KB Doom Patrol End Credits


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