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In Topic: Williams talks about The Force Awakens

Today, 01:05 AM

He forgot the film about the suitcase?

In Topic: Video Game Thread II

Yesterday, 03:52 AM

I made 2 more attempts on Vicar Amelia and got her on the second try...quite easily. The trick is sticking close to her because she can kill you instantly with several cheap attacks  if you go too far from her. I never stunned her or anything, just circled to her back and hacked away


I also upgraded the saw spear to +6 before

In Topic: Michael Giacchino's Jurassic World (2015)

Yesterday, 03:49 AM

The first cue is pretty fun, but the Williams theme at the end only remind us who's the better composer

In Topic: Video Game Thread II

23 May 2015 - 07:31 PM

I was lucky with the Gatling gunner. He fell down the tower and died.


I use the Saw Spear weapon but I just wasted 4 skill points in STR just to see if I like the Kirkhammer..and it's not as fast... crap. I also tried the threaded cane but I thought it sucked

In Topic: Video Game Thread II

23 May 2015 - 07:14 AM

Yeah, one you reach the bosses that are 10x your size, molotovs don't help much.

I'm assuming you beat the Cleric Beast and the priest?



I beat:


the cleric beast


blood starved beast

hemlock witch

the machine gun guy..not sure if it's a true boss


I have trouble with Vicar Amelia...got her down to about 1/3 heath at best