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John Williams receives the 44th AFI Life Achievement Award

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Yeah that line about the cheesiest electronic music was really confusing.  No idea what he could be referring to.


In principle I kind of agree that the music should have been much more prominent in the mix in many places. But that stuff about the recording sounding artificial is stupid.

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In that case, enjoy.     https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1gDnOnCxg2XTnkxelFYMlcwcVU/view

About time!     http://variety.com/2015/film/news/john-williams-tapped-for-44th-afi-life-achievement-award-1201612968/

In case some people never got to see it, AFI has started a playlist. Johnny's speech hasn't been put up yet but the last upload was 45 minutes ago so I assume there are more coming.  

Nice article by Jon Burlingame:


AFI Honoree John Williams Looks Back on Six Decades of Iconic Themes




He plans to begin work on Spielberg’s next film, “Ready Player One,” in November, and then next year expects to do the next “Star Wars” film. “If I can do it, I certainly will. I told Kathy Kennedy I’m happy to do it, but the real reason is, I didn’t want anybody else writing music for Daisy Ridley,” he quips.


Also, possible good news for those of us who like his concert music:



Williams may also compose a concert work [“for one of my favorite European artists,” whom he declined to name] this summer.


Edited to add Gregg Kilday article from The Hollywood Reporter:


Steven Spielberg and Fellow Directors Reveal the Stories Behind John Williams' Iconic Scores

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Thanks for all these (clips and stuff). I desperately hope I can get access to the whole broadcast at some point. I was supposed to have been there (had access to a ticket), but as I said before -- I couldn't afford the trip. A friend who was there is going to send me the concert programme as a "consolation prize".

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15 hours ago, Disco Stu said:



Op-ed in the LA Times about why the AFI awarding a composer is important.


I largely agree with the piece although this sentence struck me as a massive overstatement of Dudamel's contributions to The Force Awakens:




Funny because the main title never sounded worse than it does in TFA! 

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1 hour ago, TheWhiteRider said:

It does sound better than ever actually, but that's due to the excellent Hollywood musicians and the organic recording.

I think it sounds hollow and thin. 


All 4 previous film recording of the main theme sound better to be. The opening blast on TFA packs no punch at all. 

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The opening blast sucks but the rest is fairly decent.



Williams wrote the music for a lengthy and inappropriate love scene between Luke and Leia.
This was a sidelight to the “Star Wars” portion of the evening: Williams said he once wrote music for a love scene between two characters he figured were destined to get together — only to find out that he was misguided once Lucas began filling in the backstory and revealing family ties in the second “Star Wars” film, “The Empire Strikes Back.”
“I wrote quite a heated love scene, including a big climax, thinking that Luke and Leia were lovers,” he said. “And I found out two years later that they were brother and sister.”


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